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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mwhmwh Posts: 1
    Hi -

    Could you please tell me what additional charges were added to this price? Does this price include the destination charge? I am helping my mom, who lives in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida and is elderly, purchase a car. We are thinking of the same configuration as yours, but would add the convenience package, because she wants the adjustable power driver's seat. (Coupling this with alloy wheels seems silly.)

  • There was sales tax (about 9% in Seattle, value of trade-in is not taxed), B&O (Business & something ... Operating?) tax which the dealer passes on to the customer, document fee, and tag/title/licensing fees for a total of $17.3k ... no additional destination charge.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We had very good luck with Lou Bachrodt in Coconut Creek, a suburb of Pompano Beach. It's a little west, on 441. We dealt directly with the internet guy, who was very professional when we bought our 3s. E-mail me if you need the details. As of this afternoon, they seem to have a very nice supply of 6's in stock.
    My kid's a senior up at Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire. How far away are y'all from there? Will be up there in June for graduation.

    The Sandman :)
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    You can also try Gunther Mazda. There probably a little closer to where you are.
  • tim15tim15 Posts: 10
    I was looking used Volvos for my daughter, and ended up buying a leftover 2005 wagon with the 6 speed automatic
    transmission. The car also has front, side and curtain
    airbags. Sticker was 24650.00 I paid 17900.00 after rebates. Did I get a good deal, or could I have done better?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Was at the dealership Monday morning while the 3 was getting some warranty work and sat in a new 6 in the showroom. What fantastic seats! Due to an auto accident last year, my neck and back are in very bad shape, it's difficult to drive most of the time. But the front seats felt wonderful to my aching body. For that alone I'd consider buying the 6 for our next car. Simply amazing seats!

    The Sandman :)
  • hsphsp Posts: 13
    Hi all,

    I am looking for MAZDA6 i with manual trans. I am in Poughkeepsie NY. Any one had a great deal with dealers in NY or NJ? How much will be a good target price to deal?

  • miasmalmiasmal Posts: 5
    I'm in North/Central NJ, looking to replace my 02 Maxima SE. The S Grand Touring pretty much matches the specs of what I have now. What I deem to be the upgrades from my current car are 18" wheels, moonroof, and leather seats. I need the 60-40 back seat split for my several skis. I could use the AWD/Mazdaspeed6 but I can't drive stick nor do I want to. Looking to pay cash.

    Using CarsDirect pricing ($24,059 for regular options) I threw out some feelers by email to several dealers. Got one reply quickly for $23,550.

    Just want to know if I should be looking to negotiate harder for a lower price considering the time of the year. What do y'all think.
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    Any good dealer recommendations in the Washington, DC area, especially Northern Virginia? I am looking to leave my 1998 Volvo S-70 for a Mazda 6 with the 4 cylinder- classy looking, very sporty, better mileage and (I sincerely hope), fewer maintenance issues than a Volvo.
  • davie00davie00 Posts: 1
    What is the maximum I should pay for the vehicle below? It is being sold at a dealer. I'm guessing it is new. Canadian prices please.

    2005 MAZDA 6 SPORT GS V6, 4dr, Sedan, Blue, Manual, FWD, 3.0L, Cylinder 6, Gas, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo, Anti-Lock Brakes, Anti-Theft, Bucket Seats, CD Player, Cruise Control, Dual Air Bag, Fog Lights, Heated Mirrors, Keyless Entry, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Seat, Power Windows, Rear Defroster, Side Impact Air Bag, Spoiler, Sunroof, Tilt Steering, Traction Control, Mazda 6 Sport liftback, 220hp V6, GRX pkg., Moonroof, Side Airbags, 8-way power driver's seat. Asking price is $27,450.00
  • Fairfield County CT--Looking to buy 06 Mazda6s Grand Sport hatchback 6 cylinders, 5spd manual. Everywhere I look I'm getting dealer invoice of $25,572, but both dealers I'm speaking with tell me that my numbers are wrong. Does anyone know the straight dope?

    Best out the door price I'm getting with rebates, taxes, tire tax, inspection, destination charge and title (everything but DMV) is $25,742. If dealer invoice is actually $25,572 and destination is $560 and dealer incentives/rebates are $3,250, factoring in CT sales tax I should be paying $24,254 if purchased at invoice. Is my information correct? Does anyone have an opinion on where I should end up on this car? Many thanks.
  • Does anyone know what I can expect in trade-in value if I trade in for another Mazda?

    The car is a 2004 Mazda 6 S hatchback automatic...has 17300 miles on it...exterior gray...excellent condition

    I am going to negotiate the price of the new car before I tell them about the trade
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    are you factoring in the mazda ad fee that mazda charges on every car in your region? Does the dealer charge any dealer fees?

    Plz clarify the $ that rebates plus dealer discount? The reason I ask is the vehicle incentives are not $3250 but $2500 if you finance thru mazda credit.
  • Rebates are as follows: $1,000 customer cash, $1,000 dealer cash, $500 for financing through Mazda, and a promotional $750 rebate to all NY area dealers because of the NY Auto Show. The ad fee is about $365 but I thought I could get around that going elsewhere. Nevertheless, what do you think a fair bid for the car should be?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    ok..I wasnt figuring in the auto show incentive. Thats a nice bonus for attending the auto show!! The key to the best price will be finding the car you want in stock at your local dealer. If the dealer must do a swap to bring in your car from another dealer it changes the cost structure for the dealer substantially...I suspect if you find the car in stock and offered around invoice you should be able to wrap things up.
  • eifukueifuku Posts: 2
    Just bought a base Mazda6i from Mazda in Escondido, CA who are always advertising the 6 at steep discounts. I wanted something simple and I got it.

    2.3L w 5 speed manual. Options were sport grille - $100, side airbags/curtains - $500 and CA emission - $100. Total sticker price was $20,370. Discounted price was $14,277 which includes the $2000 rebate. I passed on the $500 MAC financing discount since the rate was 8.9% and I had an E-loan check at 5.75%. Out the door price was $15,760.

    Buying experience was painless. They didn't even give me the hard sell on the paint sealant but I think that was just because it was Sunday evening near closing
  • I ended up getting the Mazda6s (6cyl/5spd) Grand Touring 5 door hatch from Colonial Mazda in Danbury, CT. I got it essentially at invoice and added the door guards and compass with homelink. No navigation. With the $3,250 in rebates and dealer cash, my out the door cost with CT tax was $25,250. I'm financing part of it in order to get the rebate, but I'll roll that into a home equity line immediately. Very easy buying experience--no hard sell and very little resistance to my negotiating.

    As for the car, it looks fantastic: Tungsten grey, 18 inch alloys, leather interior. My last car was a Volvo 850 sportswagon with 180K that went 0 to 60 in about a minute. While I was buying the Mazda more for value than performance, I'm still a little bit disappointed with the "zoom zoom" in 1st and 2nd gear. It doesn't get off the line like some of the more performance oriented cars that I have driven like the Audi S4 or even the Acura TL. Nevertheless, in 3rd gear it seems to hit its stride and can really move.

    I have no idea what peoople were talking about regarding the turning radius--a complete non-issue.

    I also have no idea if there are any squeeks because I always have the Bose 6cd changer or radio on. Anyone who doesn't like the sound from the system just didn't figure out how to adjust the fader.

    My two small children had more than enough room in the back seat and liked having an air conditioner that really worked.

    Aside from the red interior dashboard lighting with is simply a personal dislike and the lack of automatic headlights (can't even leave in on position), the car's fantastic. It's been a week and I have received a number of compliments. Interestingly, I have not seen another car like it on the road that I travel on. For me, that's a nice plus!
  • dudette3dudette3 Posts: 45
    Do you guys think the rebates will increase anytime soon? I assume as the end of the model year gets closer, they will need to move them off the lot?
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 47
    how much do you think i can get this car for? i think the msrp is around $23k...
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 47

    are you saying you got the mazda6 i manual for 14,277 + ttl for a total of $15,760? that's phenomenal... the invoice for your car is 19008 (incl dest)... less $2k rebate brings their cost to 17008... how could they go another ~2700 lower than "invoice"... am i missing something or do they just discount that much?

    i'm looking to get an equally amazing deal if possible for an auto hatchback i sport as in my previous post...

  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53

    Got mazda6i + AT + SABs + Mats + Wheel Locks for 16600 after rebate of $3000 ( 2500 cash back + $500 Mazda Finance )
    This price includes the price of $100 for CA/NY emission also.

    Extra fee was $50 for tire service + doc fee

    I also had a trade which i got for kbb value of condition " good "
  • tmen56tmen56 Posts: 5
    Hi Everybody
    My wife and I just purchased our barnd new 2006 6i Sport 5-Door at Biggers Madza in Elgin,Ill on Monday of this week. Biggers sold us the car at invoice minus $3000.00 in rebate money.
    The car is just great fun to drive
    Dealership was great to deal with plus our salesman gave me a FREE Hat
  • eifukueifuku Posts: 2
    That price is correct. Mazda of Escondido has been advertising agressive teaser prices on the base model 6 sedans. I don't think the other versions are discounted to that extent but check the Saturday avertisements in the paper.
  • mensamensa Posts: 7
    Does your price 16600 include tax, title and lic.? I live in SJ CA. How is the power and how well does your AC work? I heard about the AC not working well on the mazda 3
  • msandalismsandalis Posts: 20
    Hey all,

    I am interested in a MS6 and the dealer has one demo with 9,000 kms (yep, I am in Canada). It is cloth and the MSRP is $36,000 (the one I actually want - base). What do you think the dicounted price should be? Any special approaches I could take to get the best price.


  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53
    The price does not include TTL.
    The power is OK , handling is good. AC is good for me.
    I came from mazda3s > The ac was bad in mazda3s but good in mazda6i.

    my mazda6i has ATX + SAB
  • cschneider3cschneider3 Posts: 39
    Hi All,

    I just recently purchased an Onyx Black Mazda 6 S Grand Sport with automatic transmission, Satellite Radio, Wheel Locks and a 7 year 70,000 mile warranty for $23,600. This included the 2,500 rebate with 500 off for financing through Mazda Credit.

    So far, I'm loving the Mazda 6, it's fast and there are not many Black Grand Sports with Black leather interior in my area. This car is definately 1 of a kind and the price I recieved wasn't shabby either (at least in my opinion).
  • ncgullncgull Posts: 13
    Had intended to buy a Mazda3 hatchback, but after getting a Mazda6 as a rental when my Malibu was in the shop (AGAIN), I decided THAT was the car for me. Lawd a mercy could it GO. Handling is sports-car material. May not have all the luxuries of some brands, but it was quite nice for me.

    After pricing them on the site, however, thought I'd never being able to afford one....

    So...I went to a local dealership, and test drove the 3's (sedan and hatchback) and they rode rough and felt "tinny" compared to the 6. Still, I asked the sales idiot about getting a hatchback with a sunroof, "We don't have time to locate a car on a busy weekend -- I'll call you Monday or Tuesday", I WALKED OUT. I was SO ANGRY at his attitude, that I went down to the Enterprise lot where I remembered seeing a 2005 6 online. l(My credit union works in tandem with Enterprise and I get some great discounts as a member.) The one I'd seen had JUST been sold, but they couldn't do enough to help me locate the car I wanted. So...I secured a 2005 s, AT, 20k miles, power seats, side airbags, alloy wheels, sunroof, for $17k. Pebble Ash. It's being transferred from another state and will be ready Wednesday.

    I also got an incredible extended warranty for three years (as long as I plan to own the car), and believe I'll be very happy. :D
  • cellneuroncellneuron Posts: 22
    Got a quote for Mazda 6I + autotran+ side airbag for around $17400 OTD. Is it a good deal?

  • ncgullncgull Posts: 13
    For a NEW one, YES! Enjoy it! :)
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