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Mazda3 Hatchback

revkarevka Posts: 1,750
edited April 2014 in Mazda
on the Mazda3 hatch/wagon, please post it here. Thanks!

Host/Hatchbacks & Wagons.


  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Might be a good idea to link it to the Mazda3 in the Sedans or Future vehicles board (forgot where it is).

  • I talked with a national Mazda rep here at the Nashville car show a couple of weeks back. He explained the Protege/Pro5 are in their last year and are to be replaced with the new Mazda3 late this fall (Nov/Dec 03) as an 04 model. The new 5-door might be called the Mazda3 SportWagon and would likely be offered in two styles--standard and a performance package (similar to the 6) with 17s, body kit, etc. The SportWagon/5-door would have the 6's 160hp 4cyl while the regular 3 would have a smaller engine. The dash architecture will be like the 6's, with the t-shaped plastanium, etc. I love the Pro5, and more hp with improved shifting and cornering based on the 6 will be incredible. Any similar news? This is the first I have heard about the car ANYWHERE, so any news to share is good.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "The SportWagon/5-door would have the 6's 160hp 4cyl while the regular 3 would have a smaller engine."

    I hope this is not true....
  • eteaetea Posts: 30
    Mazda P5, 130hp(2.0L) 17k USD (20,2k CAD)
    Mazda 6, 160hp(2.3L) 19k USD (24,3k CAD)
    Mazda 6s, 220hp(v6) 21,6k USD (28,2k CAD)

    Mazda3, basic 130hp(2.0L) 17,5k US
    Mazda3, sport 160hp (2.3L) 19 k US

    1) Wouldn't make any sense for the Mazda3 sport package to be the same price than the Mazda 6, no?

    2) Would that imply a price drop in the basic Mazda3 package?

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    going to carry over the same 2.0L are they? Not that it's a bad engine, but it's getting kind of old.
  • eteaetea Posts: 30
    I have no idea, I'm speculating over price / packages..

    If they offer the 2.3L 160hp on the basic package, I'd get it. 17" wheels is a bit too much...
  • The guy I talked to said the regular 3 would keep the existing 130hp engine, but we can hope they at least make some refinement if not hp changes. I agree it's OK, but getting tired.

    The 5door will definitely be in the same price category as it is today, but I'm sure slightly higher given the bigger engine, etc. The 6 will add both a wagon and its own hatchback within the next year or two, so differentiation is important--he said they definitely want to keep the 3 5door the younger-market car, so it will still stay affordable. All versions of it should have the 160hp engine, regardless of wheel size or other package options.
  • eteaetea Posts: 30
    that's good news then!

    I'm looking for a Mazda3, 5 doors, with the 160hp engine... but probably 15" alloy wheels and basic package.

    Just looking for as much info as I can! We'll be my first brand new car, after a 1988 dodge caravan, 1988 toyota tercel hatchback (still owning it) and 1994 toyota tercel 4-dr (sold)

    I hope it is as good as the P5 :) Thanks for your news!

    I hope the picture I have is close to the production one (we'll find out in march I think?), it matches the spy car shots at least!
  • will not use the xisting engine in the Protege and P5. MAzda has a new family of MZR four cylinders that will be used in the M3 - including the 160HP 2.3.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Mazda has new 1.8 (?), 2.0 and 2.3L I4 engines. The smaller ones and some diesels are already offered in Mazda6 outside of NA.
  • eteaetea Posts: 30

    Official Mazda3 hatch, according to several persons:

    IMHO, I really really really dislike it..

    Wish it would have been like this one:

  • eteaetea Posts: 30
    mdaffron "Mazda3" Feb 14, 2003 10:45am

    (Un)fortunately, lot more going there..
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    I believe that discussion is linked to both the Sedans and Future Vehicles board, so it's getting a little more exposure. If people want this one linked up, they can send the Future Board host (Kirstie) an email. Thanks again for the information. Talk later. ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host
  • This latest "official concept" image goes along with the info I've heard/read about the car. I saw the same guy from Mazda (the mid-south regional corporate rep) at a dealer yesterday who reiterated the intent of the car to be a cross between a 6 and a Vibe. That makes the back windows/C-pillars in this image about right. Although they're not my favorite (why would you want to copy a Pontiac, even if it is a Toyota), the overall stance is tough. Our "sportif" version, as this official release calls it, should get the larger 2.4 I-4 to differentiate it from the normal 3. Let's hope. Still targeted for Nov 03 US launch--anything new on that front?
  • eteaetea Posts: 30
    So far, it looks like January, from what I've read.. But I hope your dealer is right! :)

    Can you check the two pics I posted above? Is the rear accurate? I can't stand the hatch... it is too european to my taste..!

  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Let's wait until we get a 360 of both cars before we pass serious judgements.

  • The two silver AutoBild pictures look extremeley photoshopped--esp on the hood and hatch--hence the REALLY BIG Mazda logos. Notice BOTH wheel styles from the 6 are shown here--are there really TWO entirely different prototypes out there being "photographed"? Doubt it. Although it looks a little airbrushed, too, I would trust the official release more than those more photoshopped ones.

    We WILL have to wait to pass final judgement. I like the "official" one except for the back window, but I could live with it.
  • wongpreswongpres Posts: 422

    "CEO Charlie Hughes says most of the ad budget is going toward three product launches - the Mazda6, which replaces the 626 and Millenia; the RX-8 sports car, due this summer as a 2004 model; and a third new vehicle, which he declined to identify."

    The 3rd vehicle being the Mazda3 around the December timeframe?

    As an aside, Autobild reports that the Mazda3 will go on sale in Germany in Oct '03.

    I still think that we (as in Canada) won't get it till calendar year '04.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    correct me if I'm wrong but I read that the new 2.0l engine will not be equipped with the variable valve timing (VVT) as in the case of the new 2.3l and the 3.0l V6 on the Mazda6.

  • mikusmikus Posts: 109 not add "aero" cladding as part of "Sportif" package. Make it totally separate. You have already uglified american Mazda6 enough. And please, bring CVT!

    And what is up with Peugeout 307 styling?

    Now I just have to wait: either Matrix with 2.4 (I hope on this), or Mazda3 with 2.3 Yeah!
  • wongpreswongpres Posts: 422
    They're starting to work on the packaging for the Mazda3 now. Here's some preliminary info:

    4-door sedan:
    - 2 models, Mazda3i and Mazda3s (like the Mazda6). 2.0l (148hp) for the i, and 2.3l (160hp) for the s.

    5-door wagon:
    - only one trim with the 2.3l engine
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    148 and 160 HP?

    That's a lot for a small car.

    Tee Hee! Can't wait to find out more :)

  • bpwpr5bpwpr5 Posts: 9
    I wasn't aware that the 4-door would get the 2.3--where is this info coming from? It would make sense, but I don't know if it would continue to be Mazda's volume leader given the obvious price difference between the two engines--how many new "Proteges" could they sell at that elevated price? Nonetheless, I hope what you say is true! The 2.3 for the 5-door is almost a sure bet, though.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I wonder what 2.0l engine that is. Anyone know if it's the Zetec?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    YOU'RE asking that, malt?

    Now, I'm going to leave before the flaming starts. ;)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I'm curious...where do they get a 148hp 2.0l from?
  • wongpreswongpres Posts: 422
    From my understanding, the 2.0l for the Mazda3 is the one from the European and Japanese Mazda6 (and a variant of this engine is also in the MX Sportif showing this week in Geneva).
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    This engine - 2.0 L - is from the new Mazda designed Duratec HE family as it's being called in the Ford products (displacing 1.8, 2.0 and 2.3L).
    It's available in the European Ford Mondeo and Mazda6.
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