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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    The antenna is perfectly adequate, but if not connected, there is terrible reception of AM. (FM does not use the stubby.) I figured this out when my cat started gnawing at the stubby antenna, and I unscrewed it...and then the radio had no AM reception. Wrapped it in duct tape and put it back. Try unscrewing it, clean and dry the threads, and re-insert it tightly. If that is not helpful, there is a part referred to as the "AM amplifier" which could be faulty. Hope this works. JB
  • jjl62momjjl62mom Posts: 1
    I am in the process of researching to purchase a 2006 SL AWD Murano. Reading up on the problems and recalls almost make me leary of my decision even though I love how it looks! :confuse:

    Should I expect to have trannie problems by 36,000? Have they corrected the gas tank and cover issues on the 2006 model or should I check under the Murano before I buy? Help!! I would appreciate any info you can pass on. JL
  • If you really like it, but are leery due to some of the comments on this site, buy the extended warranty and you'll have what you want and any worrys will be covered by the warranty. I like my 04 (12,+000 miles) but I will pick up the extended warranty before my 36 months are up 01-2008. One more very important point, Buy From A Reputable Dealer. That seems to be a lot of the problems addressed on this site. Poor Service. Find a "Good Nissan Dealership"!!!!!

    Good Murano Shopping, Hunting.

    Silver Murano
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    baldwin 3, if i lived in a very snowy area, i might not have the shield installed. here in florida, its more of an issue of wind noise and appearance. i like the idea of the rubberized undercoating, which probably provides some additional protection. even before the plastic shield was installed, i didn't worry about the tank being punctured. a very unlikely problem. i monitor several other mesage boards for other cars i own, and i have to say, that other than for the tps and alternator, the murano, and i have one of the very first ones, have been pretty reliable. i balance the few problems with the handling, acceleration, braking, comfort, etc, and i have a good perception of the vehicle. i may have spoken too quickly about thinking about another mfg, as they all have their issues. look at the 2003-2006 toyota highlander with some sort of transmission hesitation problem. for some of those souls, there is real anger. rr70
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    does anyone have this "problem". after turning off the car and removing the key, the display screen comes back on and stays on for a few seconds to perhaps a half to 3/4 a minute? it started after the seat frame was replaced on my car a few months ago. so far, no apparant prolbmes related this this. thanks. rr70
  • nikeshoxnikeshox Posts: 4
    Hi, I have a 06 Murano SL. I have been hearing the squeaky noise coming from my brake pedal too. Just wondering how did yours got fixed?
  • ctxctx Posts: 50
    I have not had mine fixed yet but did take it in because the Service guy thought it could be fixed with Silicon lube. Well no such deal. So I have to take it back and leave it for the day. Haven't gotten to that yet but will be this week. I did read on another forum that the entire pedal assembly will need to be replaced though.
  • Thinking of purchasing 2006 Murano S AWD. Torn between many of the issues seen on this discussion and other boards (Yahoo etc.) Is gas mileage as bad as people say? Are noises bad as people say?
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Re the tank shield. Saw one in a parking lot, the really sleazy black shield hangs down vertically from the floor board in front of the tank, W/ a 90 degree return flange that really makes it show up as a "cheap fix" in comparison of the factory installed shields. Every poster should call the Nissan # and demand that the factory installed shield be the one to be installed instead of this piece of c**p. Insist to talk to the manager of the department who O K ed the design. The # is 1 800 647 7261. A group effort is the way to tell Nissan how unhappy the MO owners are with this shield.
  • ctxctx Posts: 50
    Don't be scared.. Murano is an awesome car. You know the issues so buy extended Warranty if you must. Mileage is average.. My 2006 is quiet as anything. Don't get too wrapped up in that stuff. Why do you need AWD? My Touring cost 31K and I LOVE the bells and whistles.
  • so who could look at or fix that problem if you didnt want to bring it to Nissan? Anyone who is able to perform service on a car?
  • I have the same issues, and have had my car for a couple of months. I have an SL 2006. I called the dealership and they initially told me it was a station problem. I called yesterday and they told me to bring it in today but I was not able to. I would like to have someone else look at it other than Nissan but dont know where to bring it.
  • Chances are its not random, its a 'feature' of your key fob! If you are parked relatively close to where you sit, and your key fob is in your pants pocket, the buttons will get pressed against something. If you press and hold the unlock button, your windows will go down. If you press the panic button the alarm goes off.
    I've been parking farther away from my office and I don't keep the key fob in my pocket any more and I haven't had any more windows / alarm incidents.
    I've been searching for a key fob guard of some sort, but in the mean time I keep it on a badge clip in my shirt pocket. Another fix if you're wearing only shorts, keep nothing but the fob in your shorts pocket so theres no chance a button will get pressed.
    Pretty stupid design, I think.
  • So I gather from the lack of ideas in the forums that there's really nothing that can be done to improve the horrible FM Reception? Reception is easily half what it was in any other vehicle I've driven. Might there be an adjustment near the antenna outlet on the back of the radio to 'tune' the antenna? What about a coil to increase the apparent wavelength? How about a longer antenna? That would destroy the cute look of the stubby antenna but do you want cute or do you want music?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Two thoughts: I believe, but am not totally sure, that the stub antenna is AM only, as when I remove it only AM falls away and FM is fine. The FM antenna could be elsewhere, such as in the window. Why don't you take it to the dealer, park it next to another 2006, and let them hear your FM and then turn on the new one to the same station....that should be the proof. I live in the Calif mountain boonies, and FM can pick up San Francisco 180 miles away...Just a thought.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    well, you really should trust your servicing dealership - and if you don't change to another. part of it is being well prepared with information before you speak with the service writer, relating what is happening, listening to questions, responding while being assertive but not pushy or dramatic... you want to be communicating confidence that they'll find and correct the issue.

    it isn't normal, and they know this. if they know you know this - they'll not attempt to pull the "it's the station's pumps" line on you a second time.

    i don't know your vehicle, but my impression is, a Nissan center will have all the information and parts to do the job so give the dealership the opportunity to show you they know what they are doing. you can ask your friendly mechanic what they'd do. hey - your car is under warranty right?

    this situation can be tricky. it most likely is because air is not being displaced from the tank at a rate equal to the fuel which is being added.

    it could be the tank, but more likely is a crimped filler tube (goes from the cap to tank), or an issue with the vent solenoid/valve or the lines going to the vent valve.

    be clear about it not being a station pump issue. i presume you fill up at more than one location with more than one brand and experience it no matter where you fill. if so, tell them this.

    good luck.
  • duke28duke28 Posts: 5
    I called Nissan Corporate to report this recurring problem. I am on the third gas tank in less than 2 months of having the car and still having problems. Sometimes it works, other times it stops and gas splashes out. They told me I should hear from them by tomorrow as to how to proceed. I really like the car, but I'm tired of the constant issues filling up. The dealership originally told me it was the gas stations I go to and they made me go to the gas station by the dealership that they always use. It happened there too. Then they were confused. They then said it may be the way the tank is designed and that I may have to "work with it" in order to pump the gas. I don't think so.....
  • Can you let us know what happens? I am scheduled to bring my Murano in on the 29th for a repair on the same prob...I dont want to waste my time if they are not prepared to fix it the first time....this is a very annoying problem.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will bring all of this to their attention when I bring it in, nicely of course. If my dealership corrects the issue I will be sure to post the manner in which it was repaired. ;)
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    when you have to partially remove the handle from the filler hole, or if you have gas slashing back, you have an issue which i believe besides representing an inconvenience issue, it represents an environmental and safety issue combined.

    duke28 - did you try another dealership?
  • nikeshoxnikeshox Posts: 4
    My 06 Murano's brakes squeak after sitting for a few hours. Usually after sitting for a few hours first time I pump the brakes when backing up it makes a loud squeaking noise. My dealer says it's normal and by design. Has anyone encountered same type of problem?

  • I have an '05 and I have the same thing. It is not really a squeak but more of a rubbing noise. It happens the first couple times I brake while leaving my complex then it goes away. It just might be moisture, especially if you live somewhere warm. The breaks get hot, then when you stop , they sweat from the heat and humidity so it takes a couple of stops for them to lose that water.
  • sinlaysinlay Posts: 2
    I have a Murano SL 2003. Recently, the Service Engine light came on. I checked the gas cap and it seemed to be ok. Does anyone have any problem like this?
  • sinlaysinlay Posts: 2
    Any Murano owners have the same problem? Mine came on a few days ago. The car seems to run fine.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    "seems to run fine" is the operative word. when our vehicles throw a check engine light, they have been designed to bring something important to our attention.

    ignoring it is not advisable.

    if it were me, if putting on the gas cap tightly and going through a number of start cycles (i'm not sure how many but you can google it) the light does not go out, i'd bring it to autozone to have the codes scanned. i'd then research those codes, and i'd bring it in for service, unless the codes and what the research turned up proved to be something i could tackle myself.
  • duke28duke28 Posts: 5
    I ended up bringing in the Murano to the Nissan Dealership Service dept. for the third time on Tuesday. I was trying to put gas in the car on Saturday and was only able to get $2.22 worth of gas into the car. Gas spilled out of the tank all over me. I ended up driving right over to the dealership and the Svc Mgr rode with me to the gas station to help me get gas into it. He FINALLY said that this is really messed up. So, I ended up dropping of the car yesterday and they are goint to document everything and I am filing for the Lemon Law. They suggested I do so as well. Nissan Corporate never called me back until yesterday and the person who called was new and said they are working with the dealership to see what's going on with it. So all in all, I'm still in the same situation.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    this is definitely a safety situation. a vehicle's gas filler tube / gas tank is not supposed to spill fuel all over the vehicle or you, the ground...nowhere.
  • aymanzaymanz Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Murano . Since I bought the car i have been facing the same problem the A/C cooling and bad smell . I have been trying with dealer to admit the problem , but each time they come up with different excsue . Did anyone face the same problems ?? :mad:
  • I have had the same thing. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but when I start my car and the AC kicks in it has this musty sweaty smell, sort of a gym locker room smell that comes out for the first minute or so. I didn't think anything of it, but now knowing that I am not alone I want to find out why. What is the problem with the A/C cooling that you get?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    you might wish to try running your unit with the A/C off for a period of time before shutting down the vehicle. perhaps you could ask your dealer if there is any obstruction / debris in the evaporator pan which is allowing water to sit for an extended period.

    check also that your floor mats (front and back) and even the material in the trunk are not wet.
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