Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair

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From reading the Nissan Murano Message Board, I see that many owners are experiencing some problems with rattles, popping noises, etc. If anyone is experiencing these issues (or others) with their Murano please post the problem and solution, if any.

I am experiencing a lot of rattles throughout the vehicle. Front driver's window/door and passenger’s rear door rattle, popping sound in the rear of vehicle and dashboard squeaks. Test drove a different Murano and aside from a minor rear noise all was fine. I will be bringing the vehicle back to the dealer so they can look at it and hopefully fix these annoying issues. I will post a follow-up message, hopefully with some solutions so others on the board experiencing the same problems can get them fixed.



  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    The only noises I have on mine is the popping sound somewhere behind the front row of seats. Don't know if the problem is in the rear row or all the way in the back. Eight hours at the dealer was unsuccessful at finding it, so it will be going back in sometime this week.

    I'm guessing the problem I have with CDs skipping is simply a bad unit, and the dealer agrees and has one on order to swap it out.
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    I have an SL-2wd. White, loaded with everything except DVD. It has 2275 miles. There is one apparent rattle coming from the passenger side rear door panel towards the front top of the panel where it meets the shiny black plastic door trim. There is nothing faulty, it's just the two plastics chaffing making a rattle. I put a small rubber shim between the door panel and the door and the rattle stopped. So, I removed the shim and put clear RTV silicone into the space between the door and panel and wiped off excess. It hardened and no more rattle. The silicone can be easily removed if door panel
    would ever need to be removed in the future.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    How would you describe the sound prior to your repair? The sound I'm hearing is a popping or knocking sound, distinctly plastic. To hear it, take the cover off the driver's side rear stowage compartment, revealing the empty stowage cavity. Then tap the bottom of the cavity sharply with your fingernail or a pencil. That's what the sound in mine sounds like, except I can't tell where it is coming from. The sound I hear "pops" just once per bump, so I wouldn't characterize it as a rattle....
  • heronheron Member Posts: 10
    gust334: It is more of a plastic popping then a rattle. Try pushing on the top front of the passenger rear door panel lightly and see if it elicits your sound. Use your thumbs. If you had the radio on you could not hear it but if you were trying to have a conversation with a passenger it was apparent. Originally, I thought it was in the front seatbelt retraction mechanism . You could only hear it on bumpy roads, not on the interstate or smooth roads. The clear RTV did the trick. Let me know.
  • buck80buck80 Member Posts: 1
    Picked up my Murano last Thurs. Like it very much after 2 Explorers. Much tighter, quicker and more fun to drive. Have a few rattle problems and that popping sound in the rear when I would go over a bump. Was fiddling with the spare last evening and lifted up on it and it popped loose from the undercoating in the bottom of the wheel well. Did the same around the outside of the spare and it continued to make that popping noise as I pulled up on it. Put some weather stripping under the spare and on the top side of the spare between the Bose unit and the press board cover that goes over the spare and no more pop. Not sure which one fixed it but its gone. Let me know if it helps you.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    heron, thanks for the idea, but it doesn't seem like I can get any noise pushing on that portion of the door trim. I can see a small gap, which is what I presume you filled with the clear RTV.

    buck80, I've previously had both the press board cover and the plastic tray completely removed and still had the popping sound. I'll investigate the area around the spare, but my recollection is that when I first got it, I couldn't budge the spare. Thanks for the ideas, I'll try it.
  • nissmurnissmur Member Posts: 1
    Our SL AWD has not emitted any rattle (yet) from driving over New York City bumps and potholes. However, the day after we took it last week, we've noticed "clunk" and "bang" noises from the front suspension as we went over potholes and bumps, even at slow speed (5-20MPH). We've owned an '01 Pathfinder SE before, and it never exhibited any of these. We took it to the dealer but with no resolve. I've tried airing-out tire pressures from the prescribed 33psi down to 29psi. That didn't make much difference either. Has anybody experienced this on their Murano?
  • mmmsmmms Member Posts: 25
    My lease is coming up at the end of the year. So I pose the question to those who bought the "Murano", would you do it again? It looks good on paper comparing to Passat wagon, Volvo XC70, Highlander, Pilot. Appreciate feed back.
  • kyim67kyim67 Member Posts: 13
    By reclining the rear seats as far back as possible on my Silver FWD SL, the hollow popping sounds (whenever it goes over bumps and pot holes) disappeared from the rear area.

    As to the question, would you do it again? Definitely!
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    I've had my Murano AWD SL since Feb. 1st and I would definitely buy it again if it were Jan. 31st. I had 5 Subarus (4 Outbacks and 1 WRX) until the Murano and while Subaru is a fine car too, I sit higher in the Murano, it has more fun gadgets, and is a more luxurious vehicle.
  • baataboombaataboom Member Posts: 23
    I would also purchase again. We bought an SL AWD with Leather, Premium, VDC, Nav, etc. And would do it again. In the end we got a very good price. But I would probably go to a different dealer the next time.

    We've owned Infinitis in the past and loved the treatment. So far, I've been disappointed in the afterbuy experience. Maybe that's just the difference between the brands.

    We do enjoy the vehicle, though!
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    In hindsight, I think I should have insisted on the dealer eliminating the popping noise before I accepted delivery, but we all assumed it was just something loose near the spare tire. See Murano discussion #775, 849, 905, 1027, and 1062.

    However, I am now pretty happy with the vehicle itself. If a building collapsed on mine, insurance paid the loss, and I was out shopping again, I'd head back to the Nissan dealer to see if they could do any better on the price this time. And I think I'd get the all-weather mats and the splash guards installed, too.
  • sunbu95sunbu95 Member Posts: 17
    the lower few inches of my Murano windshield is wavy-distorted. This is noticeable on steep hills, like my driveway. Maybe not a big deal. I dk if I should have it replaced on warantee or let it go. They (Nissan)keeps obsessing about my satisfaction questionnaire, so I have to decide. Any thoughts? Jim
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    Point it out to the dealer so that it's noted on the car's record and then I'd wait for a few thousand miles (right up to the expiration of the bumper to bumper warranty if it doesn't bother you to much).

    One of the few complaints that I have with Missan vehicles is that the front glass seems to be "softer" than it could be?

    I've replaced both of the windshields on my Maximas (one at 150k, and the other at about 35k) due to lots of chipping and marks from all of my highway driving.

    Then of course I suppose it could be my fault from the way I drive.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Hi Sunbu95. The windshield in my Murano is also distorted down low and by each corner. It bothered me quite a bit at first and still does if I look out the windshield down low very near the pillars while moving. Glad to hear someone else also has that problem (I guess). I will definitely mention it to the service dept. like dklanecky said to get the problem recorded and then fixed at a later date but still under warranty.
  • xrayminxraymin Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone experience with warning lights re. ABS, VDC, AWD, & SLP all come on at the same time? My wife's new Murano has done so twice now without other apparent problem with driving. Local Nissan dealer cannot figure out the problem nor a solution. It seems to occur with driving in slushy/snowy conditions. The lights will remain on despite improved road conditions or shutting off the ignition. The dealer is recommending replacing mother board of ABS module.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    I haven't experienced that problem, but those systems are all inter-related so the dealer's advice sounds good.

    Have you checked the pressure in all four tires manually, to ensure they are all at least 33psi and under 44psi when cold, and that they are all within 1-2psi of each other? Weird tire inflation can confuse the ABS, VDC, and AWD systems. (What is SLP?)
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    SLP is the Traction Control System, related to engine management, VDC, AWD system. I agree with Gust 134 in that you follow the dealer's advice.

    The best benefit of following the dealer's advice is that you've just gotten a major piece of the potentially most expensive area to work on repaired.

    This repair gives you a "partner" in the performance and diagnosis of any future issues related to any of the these systems.

    I always play "dumb" whem making a "first" visit to the dealer for repairs. Let them show you how smart they are with their diagnosis and let them make the suggestion as to what will fix the problem.

    Then if anything doesn't work out as they expected, their guilt will sometimes get you much further down the road quicker and at a lower cost to you.

    Since your still under the bumper to bumper warranty, your decision is easy.
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    I have the murano sl awd but cant understand how AWD functions if it goes off after 19 MPH. after 19 MPH you get front wheel drive. with awd off all the time what type of drive do you get..

    Re: door locks....I locked myself out of vehicle 3 times with the engine running. When driving the vehicle i lock all doors. when i stop for gas i open driver side door and the locking nob automatically opens up, but when i push the door open i accidentally close the nob. I thought the locking nob should automatically open but it doesnt. When using power door locks everything is fine. does anyone else expoerience this problem.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Allow me to attempt to clear up your misunderstandings of the Murano and AWD (and hope that I do it right). The AWD Murano (for fuel economy reasons) is "normally" in front wheel drive. When it senses slipage in the front wheels, it sends some (50%?) power to the rear wheels automatically. You don't have to think about it.
    It just happens.
    In case you ever get stuck or are starting out from a slippery place, you CAN lock the AWD Murano in AWD BUT this locking feature self-defeats after 19 m.p.h. and the Murano reverts back to front wheel drive. If I've misstated anything I'm sure others will clarify.
    As to locking yourself out of your vehicle THREE times already, may I recommend some behavior change on your part, a stronger vitamin, or perhaps the hiring of a chauffeur?
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    when i enter my 2003 murano i lock all the doors and start the ignition. when i stop for gas i leave the engine running and pull and push my door open but i inadvertently push in the locking knob and close the door, thus locking me out. Shouldnt the locking knob revert back to the open position ( such as when using the power door locks). I have been driving for 40 years and this never happened to me before. Is it me or the vehicle.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    If you've been driving for 40 years, wouldn't you think that you would have learned not to leave the engine running while refueling? I mean, those signs have been on the pumps since self-serve started to catch on.

    In addition to the safety concerns about leaving a vehicle running when the pilot is not seated in the pilot's chair, why would you want to waste expensive essence of dinosaur while you are refueling? If you were in a ultra-frigid climate and the engine had a reasonable chance of not starting again if you turned it off, then you would have a reason. Are you in northern Alaska?

    With respect to your question, your car unlocked the door for you when the door opened, you locked it again, and then you closed it. There are thus two possibilities:

    (1) You are inside the car, and therefore you changed your mind about getting out.
    (2) You are outside the car, therefore angry.

    Since the car can't tell the difference (between you being inside and you being outside) and since every action it took was to save you from your own intelligence, that leaves you and you alone to blame.

    Doctor, it hurts when I do this. Then don't do that!
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Could not have put it any better myself!
    Barryg1 needs to make some behavior modifications!
  • uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    I think you are being a little too hard on the above poster. You'd have to work very hard to lock yourself out of my current vehicle (Honda Accord). In fact, I'm not sure it is even possible. I think you can only lock the driver door when it is shut. However, a number of Murano drivers at the Nissan enthusiast site are reporting that they have locked themselves out. So, more than one Murano driver has had this problem.

    On the other hand, leaving your engine running while putting in fuel is not a great idea...
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    But if I don't leave the Murano running while I fill up with gas, the battery runs down (on my cell phone) and I lose the important call which I'm also making while I fill up the vehicle :-)

    Just kidding, but I actually did see a "person" doing this the other day. I just got back in the car and drove to the next gas station!

    Can you say, KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    My thanks to uncledavid for telling me I'm not that crazy. You are right, Honda will prevent a lockout with ignition running. As for the other Murano drivers reporting that they have door lockout well its easy to see why. Especially if you drive in winter climates where you are all bundled up. The slightest arm movement can lock you out. As for shuting down the engine when you get gas I say that is easier said than done.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    I use the ignition key myself to shut the engine down when refueling.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    I have found the trick is turning it counter-clockwise, and the engine stops all by itself shortly thereafter. If you turn it counter-clockwise far enough, you can then extract the key from the vehicle and take it with you, too.
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    ha ha....what happens when you go over a can or bottle.. You stop open the door run out to see if theres a flat. Oh right, you shut down the engine first....Of course....
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    re: shutting down is harder than it seems....for those who may lack english comprehension it refers to the mental not physical aspect of shutting down the engine.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    It's illegal in most (all?) states to leave the engine running while refueling. It's definitely not a safe practice.

    It's also not a safe practice to hop out, start filling up, and then get back in the car - it's rare, but there have been a couple of instances where static created by sliding in or out of the car has ignited the gas fumes.

    I guess everyone knows not to fill up the lawnmower gas can in the car too? (put it on the ground first).

    Steve, Host
  • cb70cb70 Member Posts: 226
    when I get to work. I have a mental problem with that! I wonder if I can get disability or at least some time off to compensate for this malady?
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    In addition to all the other good reasons (like it's the law and your own safety when refueling.), when your vehicle is stopped or parked, as in your driveway, and the engine is running, your gas mileage is ZERO M.P.G.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    If a road hazard is unavoidable, prior to the Murano I would find a safe place to pull over and shut off the car. If that place happened to be roadside I also activate the hazard indicator.

    Now with the Murano, I keep going but I tap the tire pressure monitor button occasionally for the next couple of miles to see if the pressure is dropping. If it isn't dropping, I don't need to stop. I like this car!

    I would think that somebody leaping out of a car yet leaving the engine running, so that they can put their head down under the vehicle to check the tires, is a wonderful candidate for a book I've seen called The Darwin Awards.

    barryg1, I have no idea what you're trying to say about someone not having the mental capacity or English comprehension to shut down a vehicle. My thoughts are that if somebody doesn't have at least that capacity, I don't want them to have the privilege (e.g. driver's license) to be operating a motor vehicle on the same roads that my family and I are allowed to use.
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    I dont think you people seem to get it...This all goes back to the original problem of locking yourself out of the Murano. I have a 2002 volvo s60 and it is impossible to lock yourself out of the car when the engine is running. The Murano is not that forgiving. The Murano makes you think and if you make just one mistake you will have a lot of grief. I was merely giving an example when I said you hit a bottle or some object and the first thing you would do is swing open the door and just outside to see the problem.This is when you get in trouble.

    PS.... the local dealership reports 8 problems like the one I mentioned.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    Like the Infiniti G35?

    Infiniti G35 Programming Possibilities:

    Door Lock/Unlock (with single click on keyfob)
    Mode 1: Unlock left front door only
    Mode 2: Unlock all doors

    Anti-lock Out (prevents locking keys in car)
    Mode 1: Master door lock switch can activate door locks w/ key in ignition
    Mode 2: Master door lock switch cannot activate door locks w/ key in ignition

    Dome Lamp Timer
    Mode 1: Interior lamp comes on when left front door is unlocked
    Mode 2: Interior lamp does not come on when left front door is unlocked

    Retained Power (Amount of time windows and sunroof will operate after turning off ignition)
    Mode 1: 45 seconds
    Mode 2: No delay (Will not operate after ignition key is turned off)
    Mode 3: 2 minutes

    Auto Light On (headlights turn on as it gets dark)
    Mode 1: Factory setting
    Mode 2: Lights come on sooner than factory setting
    Mode 3: Lights come on later than factor setting
    Mode 4: Lights come on later than Mode 3

    Head Light Battery Saver (applies when headlights left in “on” position, not in “auto.”
    Mode 1: Shuts lamps off after 5 minutes
    Mode 2: No time delay (headlights turn off immediately)

    Headlamp Illumination delay (time headlights remain on after exiting car when headlight is in the “auto” position)
    Mode 1: 45 seconds
    Mode 2: No Delay (lights turn off immediately)
    Mode 3: 30 Seconds
    Mode 4: 1 minute
    Mode 5: 1 ½ minutes
    Mode 6: 2 minutes
    Mode 7: 2 ½ minutes
    Mode 8: 3 minutes

    Hazard and Horn Reminder Mode (key fob allows you to choose between modes 1 & 2, but there are 4 others)
    Mode 1 (C Mode): Lock = 2 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 2 (S Mode): Lock = 2 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 3: Lock = 0 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 4: Lock = 2 flash, 0 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 5: Lock = 2 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 0 flash, 0 horn
    Mode 6: Lock = 0 flash, 1 horn /// Unlock = 1 flash, 0 horn

    Remote Auto Locking Function Mode (Doors automatically lock after exiting car)
    Mode 1: 5 minute delay
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1 minute delay

    Remote Panic Alarm Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: .5 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1.5 seconds

    Remote Trunk Open Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: .5 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 1.5 seconds

    Remote Power Window Down Operation Mode (activates when button on keyfob held for approx. __)
    Mode 1: 3 seconds
    Mode 2: Function disabled
    Mode 3: 5 seconds
  • zaurlzaurl Member Posts: 1
    How lazy can you people be.....??? First of all, Nissan did not foget to include this feature, it was most probably done on purpose for saftey reasons, particularly at gas stations based on incedents that caused fires in the past when people left their engines running while puming gas. All you have to do is open the window open before you come out of the car, so you can open the door from the outside if anything - you dont even have to hold the button anymore to open or close the window....remember? :)

    This should be the last thing to be considered a problem.
  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    "The Murano makes you think and if you make just one mistake you will have a lot of grief."
    Well, Nissan, get your act together! A car that requires conscious thought to operate? How unfair!
    Teach 'em a lesson barryq1- sue their sorry socks off. Thought should NEVER be required to operate a product in the US!!!
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    has anyone locked themselves out of the murano with the engine running. please respond.

               thank you
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    barryg1, I amend my thoughts to further include that if somebody doesn't (or chooses not to) think, I don't want them to have the privilege (e.g. driver's license) to be operating a motor vehicle on the same roads that my family and I are allowed/privileged by our State to use.

    If your local Nissan dealership has sold to 8 other people that don't think when operating their vehicles, please provide your zipcode so we can ensure we never visit that area of the country.

    div2, you're hilarious!
  • uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    I think there is something important getting lost here.

    I definitely don't agree with the idea of pumping gas with your engine running nor can I remember the last time I left my car running without being in the driver's seat.

    BUT, that said, there shouldn't be anyway to lock the door from the outside with your keys still in the car. That is just a prescription for lock-out. It is not at all unsual for somebody to get out of the car and accidently leave their keys ont he seat (not smart- but also not unusual).

    My Honda will not allow me to do this and neither should the Nissan.

    I also fail to see how a car allowing a driver to be locked out while the engine still running could be conceptualized as a "safty feature." It is bad design. Pure and simple.

    The Murano is, on whole, very well designed. This is just one example of a ergonomic gotcha.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    IF it IS that easy to lock oneself out of the Murano, we should all be cognizant of that fact.
    I always thought people who locked themselves out of their cars were, well, stupid, until guess what? Yup, I did it to myself in an old VW Bug at a car wash. Then I saw the event in an entirely new light!
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    To all you doubters about this problem, ask yourself this question....

    Would you lend your Murano to a friend or relative and not tell them of this potential problem( assuming you would lend out your car)

  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    If one is locked out of the vehicle with the engine running and opens the door with the valet key, will that trigger the alarm.
  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    Somebody report this to NHTSA- Before one more innocent driver is victimized! Nine people have already been locked out! When will this horror end???
  • uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    Well, I think the point is that there is a relatively minor (but potentially annoying) ergonmic snafu that could be improved in later versions of the Murano. Not a big deal in otherwise impressive package, but still worth taking note of.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    Hypothetically, you live in a rural area and you arrive home one night with your young daughters in the back. As you approach your mailbox you notice a package underneath it, so you put the car in park but leave it running, as you open the car door to retrieve the package. As you pull the door handle open, you see somebody coming at you from the dark behind the mailbox with a knife. You immediately hit the lock lever with the same hand that is on the door handle and pull the door closed, to buy yourself precious seconds to put the vehicle in gear and get some distance from the attacker while s/he fruitlessly hammers the knife on the vehicle exterior. Unfortunately, barryg1 was successful in his class action lawsuit that div2 sarcastically suggested and the car obligingly unlocks the door, permitting the attacker to simply pull the outside door handle and open the door. Fade to black.

    OK, so in this thread we have established that the fact that the door does not unlock when manually opened, manually locked, and manually closed is an ergonomic snafu for people who don't think where their hands are when they are in a running vehicle. And it can just as easily be a safety issue if you're about to be carjacked. The more creative folks here can think of any number of scenarios in both areas.

    The point is, trading off even the remotest possibility of having an extra safety feature in a crisis, against the inconvenices caused by somebody being clumsy or stupid, is an easy one for me to make. In my opinion, the Nissan engineers made the right choice.
  • barryq1barryq1 Member Posts: 10
    The question remains... can you open the car with the valet key if you are locked out, ignition on,without triggering the alarm.
  • gust334gust334 Member Posts: 75
    The question remains... can you open the car with the valet key if you are locked out, ignition on,without triggering the alarm.

  • jedyejrjedyejr Member Posts: 2
    It seems that most of the traffic has been positive re: Murano. However, I have had an bad experience. First, let me say that I am in love with the concept of the Murano, and even after all of my issues, I still think the Murano and FX35/45 are sporty AND practical.

    Anyway, upon delivery of my Murano in February I have had significant alignment/balance issues, a stress crack in my windshield, and a faulty fuel-gauge. Additionally, I have experienced the same popping or rubbing noises others have experienced.

    To make a long story short, the alignment/balance had been taken care of. The windshield has to be pulled from the assembly line and the faulty fuel gauge still needs the part. I have complained to NISSAN Consumer Affairs and told them about my issues. I told them that I have been dissatisfied with the quality of my Murano and that I propose one of two options. Return my vehicle with no penalty to me, or I would be willing to purchase the higher quality FX35 or FX45, if they would make up for my loss on the Murano during the trade. Guess what - they turned down both. They told me to go through the lemon law in my state.

    So, now I believe that NISSAN really doesn't care about me as a customer and is acting pretty silly when it comes to my second offer.

    Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated because after nearly three months I still have a stress crack in the windshield, a faulty fuel gauge and a car company that doesn't want to be reasonable.
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