Buzz coming from engine....

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Hello! I bought a 2005 Accord Hybrid with 92k on it almost 3 months ago. 4 days in, I hear a noise coming from under the hood. Sounded like when you were a kid and put playing cards in your bike spokes. Kinda of a buzzing, werrr sound. Also transmission lights started in indicate a problem. The dealer thankfully took the car back and had a new transmission put in.
I still hear the sound. It pretty much only occurs on the first cold start of the day. Very rarely does it not make that sound. When I open the hood and put my hand on the engine, I can feel it coming from the top of the engine.
The dealership mechanic says it should sound that way bc it's a hybrid, special engine, yaddy yah....
Anyone else experience this or know if it's an actual problem? The noise is gone after the initial start up and it gets a little warm


  • race9zrace9z Member Posts: 2
    This noise goes away after the initial start of the day
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    Hard to say from this distance with with so little information---if I were in your shoes, I think I'd try to find aother '05 to compare it to. If it's a "hum" I wouldn't be too worried but if it's a rhythmic clicking I'd pay more attention to it.
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