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  • I have some great memories of my first car, a red 1966 T-Bird with the regular roof with rear quarter windows (not landau). Bought it in 1975 (I was 19) from the original owners, with 106,000 miles on it. It was a 428-4v and had the towing package. Rear fender skirts and was just a gorgeous car. I always got a lot of complements on was a real eye catcher. Not too many dating memories as I was in college at the time and needed most of my money for school (and gas!), plus I was a little shy and dorky at the time. But I sure had one of the best looking cars around! Paid $750 for it and it ran like a champ and was faster that all get out. Black interior with the rear seats that curved around. Was just a super car. Dash on the car was like a jet fighter! Had to re-build the carb on it (leaking gas pretty bad), and it ran better than ever after that and got 18MPG on the freeway going 65! Not bad for a 428. Had it for about a year. Drove it to Idaho (from S.F.) for a summer job in a lumber mill and had all my earthly belongings packed in it. I remember having to wax it about once a week as the red paint kept oxidizing in the hot Idaho sun! (the original owner had a cheap red repaint on it from Earl Scheib I think--looked good when buffed out though!). Sold it for $850 when I needed some cash for college a year later. Last I remember seeing it was when the new owner was driving away and he was taking a left turn and seeing the cool sequential turn signal. I remember thinking that it looked beautiful driving down the street just at dusk and wishing I didn't have to sell it....then it was gone forever more. I really missed that car.
  • This car was great. I think I paid about $1200 and it had 90,000+ miles when I bought it. My Dad did not want me to get it...should of listened to him. I think I spent about $800 in major maintenance every 1000 miles for the time I owned it. But sure wish I had it back now. I actually learned to drive in a 1960 Mercury Comet Station wagon. Now THAT is a car I would like to have now. I traded the Cougar on a 1974 Ford Galaxie 500 and I saw it around town later. Some kid had bought it and look like he wrecked it, since it had a different colored fender on the front.
  • I bought this one in 1988, my first summer in the US. I paid $300 for it, ran it for three months, then sold it.
    I had never experienced automatic transmissions before (too expensive to run in Ireland), but after three months it didn't feel quite right to me.
    Still, I had a buyer. I warned him that it sounded a little off to me, but he drove it around for a few miles and said it was fine. He gave me $600 for it, took it home, and I went back to Ireland a few days later.
    We had a mutual friend, who told me he drove it into NYC and lost reverse gear in a parking lot. He got it home, by which time it was slipping a lot in Drive too, and parked it on the street.
    He then proceeded to buy a transmission for it, which he left sitting in the back seat.
    After the winter snows had melted, the local authorities noticed that the previous Fall's leaves were still piled around the car, and towed it.
    That was the end of it, and to this day it's the only car I ever made money on.
  • Great little Car! Bought it from my Mom for 200 bucks, when I was 16. Only a six banger, but it could move. Really reliable car, but it was noisey!
    That's why I like Ford's,they are much quieter, at least they used to be. I guess GM quieted their product down a lot now.
    Had it until I was 18. Let somebody drive it and he turned it over. Me and three other guys were in the car, nobody got hurt, but I had a lot of explaining to do. That was back in the sixties, and from that day to now, I never let anybody drive one of my cars!
  • I guess i am using an "older" car as a classic here, but its one I wont forget. My first car was a 1979 chevy caprice 2-door. It had a 350 with a 4-bbl., automatic (of course) and that big wraparound rear glass. I bought the car the summer before my senior year of High School in 1994. It had belonged to a neighbor who had used it as a "work Car" so that he wouldnt have to ding up his brand new 300ZX at his office parking garage. It was the typical 17-year old project car. I immediately bought a cherry bomb muffler with chromed exhaust for it (wanted to use up all of the power coming from that low-power highway cruiser engine) from RS Strauss. Bought a chrome valve cover and air cleaner cover dress- up kit from JC Whitney. I yanked off the shift knob from the column and replaced it with a bored-out 8-ball (from the local billiard hall, I feel bad about taking it now). And with the $250 commision I had recieved from helping my cousin sell his Jet-Skis I took it to the local "el-cheapo" body shops and had a metallic green enamel job sprayed on. Last but not least, I bought a set of IROC rims for it from the salvage yard (with tires). My faux-street-machine was not that quick, but it throbbed, which is what I wanted at 17. The big IROC wheels rubbed the wheelwells on hard turns, but it was OK by me. All together I paid $1800 for the car and all the crap I slapped on it. It lasted me from that summer to two weeks after graduation, when I detonated the 350 motor trying to race a Mustang GT (stupid, I know). Not wanting to spend all my graduation cash trying to rebuild it, I junked the car and bought a fairly clean Audi. Its been Audi and VW ever since, and I am NEVER turning back. But every now and then I think back to the old phony-musclecar and smile.
  • In August 74 I paid $300 for a 63 Impala 4 door hardtop 327 with a Powerglide automatic and dual exhaust. It wasn't in the best of shape but it got me to school everyday. A lady ran a stop sign and bashed in the right rear quarter panel. I traded it in 1975 for a 71 Camaro.
  • kmagkmag Posts: 98
    the one based on the Pinto. Bought it for $1200 in spring 1979. White, 4 cyl, 4 speed, basic 2 door coupe. What a piece of crap by todays standards! 22mpg, slow, bad handling-it was like a shrunken LTD. Seats were black plastic-hot as blazes in the summer, especially with no AC. I traded it in on a new Dodge Colt in 1981 and got $400. I saw it about two years later, smoking, the back suspension collapsed but still going.
  • My first car was purchased new by my parents in 1970. I bought it from my mom when I was 17 and paid $1100. It is the Cobra model of the fastback Fairlane and is Black Jade Metallic. The 428CJ was incredibly powerful, especially for a 17 year old; I never lost a race! Well, I kept this car and, after years of neglect, completely restored it in 1997. For me, this car is as close to a time machine as it gets! When I drive it, I swear I flashback to when I was 17!
  • hok1hok1 Posts: 8
    This is an incredible, but true story. I had a Honda Civic that would not pass inspection because
    of rust underneath. (PA inspection) It was sold to junk for $250.00. The junk dealer sold it to a Floridian wholesaler for $500. The wholesaler sold to a retailer in Puerto Rico who in turn, sold this same car for $2000.00. Maybe I am naive, but this really surprised me!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Ah, a good lesson in Supply and Demand....big Supply of rusty cars in PA, low demand. No cheap cars in PR, big demand.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    So what did the florida wholesaler get for it :-)
  • My first car was purchased from a coworker back in 1978. It was a 1971 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport, Silver with black stripes. It had a 454 with mechanical lifters (425 HP stock), a 4:11 posi rear end, and a shift-kitted TH400 tranny. I was going in the Army after high school, and I was just killing time with my job, so I spent my college money on this car ($1700) and got it professionally repainted and all rust removed ($700). It would turn heads and smoke the tires on command. I LOVED that car, complete with AM/FM/8-Track and a pair of Jensen Triaxials.

    After going in the Army, my sister hit on hard times, and she needed a car. My Mom was scared to death of my Chevelle (she drove it once or twice and hated the way people always wanted to race). My Mom and Dad asked if they could trade my car in for one for my sister, with the promise they would help me get a NEW car when I got out of Army schooling. I foolishly agreed.

    My parents traded my car straight across for a Datsun B210 for my sister (remember the gas crisis?). I ended up getting a new 1978 Toyota Celica GT (another great, fun car), but I never got over the Chevelle.

    I finally bought a 1970 Chevelle about 6 years ago, and it sits in my garage, waiting for warmer weather. Its not as awesome as my original (which today would be worth $$$$$), but it turns heads and tires all the same.

    Thanks for listening.....
  • spokanespokane Posts: 514
    First car with 425 HP! I needed several years to accumulate that much HP ... and it was probably spread across my first five cars.

    Tough luck, txmarko, you may never be able to work back up to the level at which you started. I knew there had to be something good about my starting with that tired 80 HP Studebaker.
  • Back in 1970 some guy bought a '63 plymouth fury sport convertable for his daughter. Fixed it up real nice- she went past her curfew and he put it on a lot- $150.00! I stumbled across it on my way to buy an old chysler for $300. White with red interior. 318 engine with push button trany.Learned to change the oil and the starter on that car (almost as often!). would love to have it back. My wife to be took out 50 ft. of guard rail on I-89 with it. No damage to her. They knew how to build 'em.
  • fjw2fjw2 Posts: 15
    I didn't know how to drive then, I just knew one day I'll buy me an MG and cruise just take off. My neighbors fixes and sell cars. MG was what one guys was driving in high scool.

    But when I met my first boyfriend at 19, and finally got my first job, he taught me how to drive and went car shopping. I was attracted to the 'danger' look of the '67 Fastback Mustang, so I bought it for $900. It was the same style that Steve McQueen drove in the movie 'Bullitt'. I drove it from Oregon to California three times, and back. I watched the odometer went to 000000.
    It was amazing! The only thing I hated about the car was when I drove my mom to work, I have to warm it up for a long time while I sat there shivering in my fur coat!

    My husband was having problem with the car after we've had it for three years. He sold it for $300 to a guy who collect classics but couldn't get it to run for a couple years. (We were lucky to be able to drive it there to get the money, but we were in touch with him after it was sold and he told us he couldn't get it to work, still.)

    Every time I see a turqouise Stang out there, same style and color, I get depressed. Now that I have so much money, I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A NEW ENGINE and fixed it up good.

    Our 8th car is now a yellow '00 BMW M Roadster. You KNOW WE'LL BE KEEPING THIS ONE FOR LIFE!
    My husband and I have to agree that we drive it every other week, and take turns! He doesn't get angry if I have lunch or have an affair, but he gets really pissed if I drove it when it's not my turn! I guess, it's like your first love, you will never forget your first car.
  • hok1hok1 Posts: 8
    Sorry, never found out what the dealer paid. This car had a great exterior and well kept interior. (the rust was all underneath) I still can't believe that this happened. (I'm so naive)
  • mmcswmmcsw Posts: 29
    283cid 195 hp V-8, three on the tree, manual everything. In the engine compartment there was the engine, battery, radiator, and NOTHING else. Paid $200 for it 1976, then put a $300 stereo in it. Well you got to have your priorities straight.
    Sold it to friend for a $100 when I joined the service. The frame was rusted out in the area of the transmission crossmember. If you let the clutch out too fast the engine would torque ever and the fan blades would hit the radiator shroud, still ran good though.
  • bigm1bigm1 Posts: 10
    The Good - 1963 Ford Falcon - 16 years old and purchased my 1st car from a little old librarian. 260 V8 with a 2 sp automatic. Great looking car - Black with a white convertible top and a red vinyl interior. Immaculate shape when I sold it 1 year later to my sister since she needed a car and I wanted a manual transmission. After several fender benders, she sold it to a body guy. He re-leaded the areas that needed repair (no bondo), and rolled it several years later when it had +100K.

    The Bad - 1965? BMW 1800 - I've only seen 1 other. This was a 4 door, but I had my manual transmission. A friend of my fathers helped test drive it. He was into racing and taught me to heel/toe. Big mistake - I thought this was the way to drive all the time. This car was a mechanical nightmare. When it ran, it was great, but that never lasted for more than a few weeks. It had a 6 volt electrical system and not many mechanics back then had metric tools. Blew fuses consistently. Parts had to be flown in from Germany and cost way too much. Wouldn't start when the weather was anywhere near freezing. Finally blew the engine. Dear old Dad bailed me out of that one. He paid to get it fixed (used 1600 engine, brakes, exhaust, etc), and then quickly sold it. Probably lost more on that car than any I've ever had since.

    The Ugly - 1971? Pinto (1st year they made them)- Ugly mustard yellow color, but a wonderful car. Cost $2,100 new with the 2000 engine and the optional disk brakes. Installed an 8 track in it. Ran the heck out of it. Had a lot of friends with Pintos and we called them our racing Pintos. Never had a mechanical problem. Drove it on trips all over the country. That car gets a lot of bad press, but my friends that had them still talk about them affectionately.
  • johnedodjohnedod Posts: 4
    My 1st car was a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, given to me by my older brother who had it for a parts car. It was yellow, 383 with automatic on the column, and had been hit in the front end. Went to the junkyard, got a front clip, (black) and proudly drove this thing to school every day. Eventually painted it red with black stripes ('cuda style) and put a slap stick shifter with console in the floor. Kept it for awhile, then traded even with my brother in law for a 1968 mustang 289 automatic.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    First car I inherited from my Dad was a '56 Karmann Ghia. It was lavendar and white (it was originally my sister's car). Two weeks after having it resprayed Coronado Red (that gorgeous deep red they used for Corvairs) I got into the marbles at 70 mph and rolled it.

    First car I bought myself (to replace the KG) was a '57 DeSoto convertible with the huge fins and 330 hemi. Really cool car. When I left home to go to college I sold it to another young guy who promptly drove it into a tree. I think he survived without a scratch (the car and tree didn't).
  • sgaines1sgaines1 Posts: 44
    This was mine. Bought it in July of '96 for $1700 off an old guy who was getting cataracts. Texas car, so almost no rust. Drove it to MD with no problems except for a dead battery. It started to take a lot more work after that. It was a beautiful car, lt. blue with dk. blue interior. Low slung, outrageously long, and so comfortable. Most of the modern conveniences, a/c, am/fm, power windows, cruise control. Most people either mocked the 'ghetto cruiser' or offered to buy it. I did get mauled by some stupid woman who pulled out into rush hour traffic, and left a huge black scar all the way down the passenger side, crushing in the door. I never got around to fixing it because... It had a 451 Cleveland which ran on 7 cylinders for a little over a year until I paid $2500 for a valve job and head replacement. Of course, right after that the camshaft warped and machined out the bottom of the engine on the Beltway. Sounded like a coffee can full of bolts, and looked like a scene from some war movie with coolant streaming down my window, and steam coming out from under the hood. It sat at my mechanics while he looked for a new engine, and I eventually said the hell with it, and used the wreck for a trade in on a '96 Bonneville. I did have him take off the front panel (grill,headlights, etc.), which is in my bedroom.I felt like I betrayed it by not taking care of it, but $8000 in just under 2 yrs. was way beyond what I could put up with.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    Yeah, those old guys like their Cadillacs!

    Those old Mercs were cool, and some were seriously fast. My buddy had a Merc station wagon he used to humiliate kids with.
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    My first car was a 74 Roadrunner,one of the very last ones made before they got really ugly and slow.I ordered it in April of 74,and it finally,after a Green Satellite Sebring was sent in June,it arrived with a bunch of the ugly '75's in mid September.It was supposed to have a 440 in it,but it had the good 360 instead.
    It ran ok,but not right,the dealer found out it had the wrong fuel pump on it,and once they changed it,it ran good.Eventually,I did some stuff to it,and it ran a 13.97 at the strip.It also broke the weak Duster rear end in it.A 8+3/4 was swapped in,and my problems were over.
    After 4 years of it,I stupidly traded it in on a 77 Dodge Power Wagon,a total piece of trash.It was a never ending parts eater.
    I had someone run the VIN for me,and it said the car was still around.It was registered in a pretty hi buck area of town,so I had a friend go and drive by,since I don't live there anymore.He turned on to the street,and it was coming towards him.He said it looked perfect,and rumbled pretty loud when it passed him.
    He followed it to a strip mall,and asked the guy who got out about it.It has the 440 now,with leather interior!Its still silver w/red stripes,and has big wheels and tires.The guy had finished restoring it about six months ago.
    Damn,I wish I had it back...
  • wildponywildpony Posts: 1
    My first car was (after learning to drive in my Mom's plymouth voyager with broken struts, and them an 86 Lincoln town car)was a 1990 Mustang GT convertible in red with a black top. It was all stock and I fixed it up pretty nice.
    I still have it, but that's probably b/c I'm only 19 and between the loan/insurance/gas and parts, I'll be paying it back for the next ten years. Well, that and, it'll always be my baby...=O)
  • 98monte_ls98monte_ls Posts: 117
    A 1974 Olds Delta 88 coupe inherited from mom. I got rid of it in 1985 with over 100K on the odo, I think 114,000. I traded it in the dealer, so it is probably recycled as a tin can by now. I doubt it is still around.

    It had a lot of rust on the bottoms of the doors and rear quarters, but ran strong with the "Rocket 350" engine.

    I'd love to own a convertible version of that car because they're very rare today and classics.
  • mcsapmcsap Posts: 15
    I located a 70 Coronet 2 door with a toasted 383 sitting in a back yard in Greaty Falls, MT while there in the USAF in 1979. I looked all over town for another big block, any big block. At a foreign car dealer at the maingate to the base was sitting an old 72 Dodge Monaco Highway Patrol Car. The paint was bad, weeds were grown up all around it, there were old diapers on the floor. Under the hood I found a mice nest in the carb. The dealer said it had been sitting at least a year and the A/C had been taken off. We got some starting fluid out and in a few minutes had it going. I paid $250 for the whole thing and towed it away.
    We towed the Coronet in, junked the 383 and inserted the 440. The Coronet 2 door red ext, white interior shined up real nice. The car idled so rough (cam as I found out) that the mirrors were all but useless. No other mods, showing 92,000 on the Monaco clock she ran great and as I pulled out I quickly realized someone had also put a rock hard shift kit in it. It just banged from one gear to the next with "fury"!
    At 5 to 6 mpg I had a Mopar that was really too fast. Gas was 60 cents a gallon and I loved to leave the base and cross over the big white line off of Gov't property and just dump it. Every time I came back I was doing a nice 25 mph on base. What a car. I sold it to pick up a Cherry 66 Fairlane 53k from the original owner 289, which I drove home to PA in 2 days. Those were the days.
  • jresjres Posts: 69
    My first car was a 69 volvo 142. I inherited it in 82 and had it for about a year. It had no power steering, but it did have a huge steering wheel which gave the driver plenty of leverage and I often had people amazed that I could parallel park using only one hand.

    We finally gave it up due to escalating mechanical needs, we traded it to a friend of mine for a complete set of the Ian fleming James bond books. He had it for another year or two before it completly self destructed.
  • 1984
    it was in the Junkyard by 1990

    I've driven 4 cars in not even two years
  • My first car was a '62 Nova with the 6 cyl engine I got in '71, one cold night the accelerator pedal fell through the floor pan.Put a piece of plywood in the hole & it was good as new.(Hay that's what new Corvettes are made from). Car got fried in a fire though. Next was a '65 Impala sport coupe,white with red interior loved it 'cept one day my 2 speed turned into a 1 speed & I sent it to the crusher.
  • ksm1ksm1 Posts: 17
    My first car was a 1969 Mustang Sportroof (fastback). I bought it for $1,100 in 1980 when I was 16. I don't think there was an exterior panel on that car that did not have a scratch or ding in it. The interior was great as was the engine.

    One of my memories of that car were that the heater/defroster did not work so this car would fog up on the inside requireing me to drive and wipe the windows at the same time. As I couldn't wipe the back window from the drivers seat, backing up could be interesting! Once on a foggy morning I backed out of a parking space ... into a police car. I rolled down the window, heard laughing and almost died when I saw two cops rolling with laughter. They waved me on my way.

    I sold the car after three years to my sisters 16 year old friend. Her parents immediately had the bodywork done and a repaint etc. She, however never checked the oil or anything and it died a quick death in her hands.
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