Discolored cover on climate control panel

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Just noticed that the "clear" plastic cover for auto climate control display on my SL is turning brown in a few spots. It is noticable over the bars for fan speed and the temperature readout on driver's side.
Anybody else seen this problem?


  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Took it to dealer and no problems. I didn't see one either and my wife said the brown was gone (she had seen it before).
    SUNGLASSES. Not 100% sure, but we think it is the brown tinted sunglasses we frequently wear when driving.
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    Any idea whether there was a thin plastic covering over the plastic...er, covering? Guess the dealer would have been crowing about fixing it though if that was the case. Odd one!
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Will check that out. SA didn't even look in the car since the problem wasn't there when I took it in. Not wearing sunglasses that day.
    It's amazing what dealerships fail to remove on cars when they receive them.
    Back in '75, had a Datsun B210 and the "bright" work around all six windows was discolored in a couple of months. Service person forgot to remove the plastic covering used during shipment. They peeled it off and looked great - for a B210.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    Pet peeve of mine is to see people get a phone or tablet made with Gorilla Glass and then cover the screen with plastic. Kind of like putting plastic seat covers on your couch. But I digress.

    The usual "miss" with dealer prep is to adjust the tire pressure. People wonder why the new car they are testing is riding like a truck.

    In this case, maybe the prep was overzealous and someone spritzed the display with something that clouded it.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    It's the sunglasses. It shows up on the white bars for fan speed in the display.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 215,948
    stever said:


    Yup... that's what does it.

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