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GTI Driver's Option

xathrasxathras Member Posts: 4
edited May 2015 in Volkswagen
sorry if this has been done before. I searched and nothing seemed to answer what I needed.

I have a 2015 VW GTI and love the car. I got in January and was under a lease purchase, 36 monthly payments and then option at end to purchase. I noticed on a recent credit report that instead of just the 36x monthly payment like my VW Jetta lease that it has the full price of the car on it. When I logged into VW credit I notice the account type shows as Drivers Option vs Lease this time.

Is it one in the same .e.g. Monthly Payments and decide to purchase at the residual. If i decide not to purchase there is no commitment and can walk away (no cost), get a new VW (negotiate new lease) or pay the amount.

Thanks in advance


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    edited May 2015
    This isn't a lease, this is a purchase contract with a balloon payment and some flexible options. Here's a forum that explains how it works:

    VW's Driver Option Explained

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    MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 242,562
    What state is this? You may have been given this option to help save on the sales tax obligation ....

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