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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • 10 bucks says you need a "transfer case shift control module", otherwise known as a TCM. There will be a code stored in your computer if the TCM has failed, or the technician will tell you thet there "is no communication" with the TCM. The part lists for about 250.00, and the dealer shouldn't charge you more than an hour labor. I work in the parts dept of my local Chevy dealership, and I just had to replace the TCM on my 02 TB 4WD. Also, a bad TCM could VERY negatively affect your gas mileage, as it could be shifting into AWD or 4WD without your knowledge as you drive. My mileage decreased by about 25% until I had my TCM fixed. Good luck!
  • I would like to know how message 188 resolve her problems with GM in order for her to get a new transmission for only 250.00 dollars. I just experience the same problem as she did and I would like to see if I can get some advise from her. Please let me know.

    I have a call in to GM and I am at a stand still right now. I would just like to know what words you told them that may help me out in getting the deal that you received.
  • I would like to know what exactly you told GM in order to get the great deal you received. I just experience the same problem you did and I did make to the call to GM and I am just at a stand still. Is there any advise you can give me? Thanks
  • cbaileycbailey Posts: 3
    I explained to them sound I heard and the behavour of the transmission. I told them that through research I believed the sun gear was the issue. They didn't acknowledge they knew what the sun gear was, but they kept recommending that I take it to my selling dealership. I did and I told them the same story I told GM rep. The dealership dove into the tranny found it was the sun gear, then they called GM and brought the offer to me.

    From what I have read online & experienced, it seems that having an understanding dealership that values your past and possibly future business is key to getting a good deal.
  • I had to have the tranny cooler lines replaced last summer.They were rotted. Anyone else have this problem? Or could it be just from my harsh winters. 2003 TB 66,000 miles.

    I just started having a problem when shifting from 2WD to A4WD. It sounds like the u-joint is going to fall apart. No problems in 2WD or in 4HI.

    At what point will GM have to do a recall? It seems like there are a multitude of problems with TB Transmissions.

    THanks in advance.
  • jworkmanjworkman Posts: 27
    I posted a message waaay back about my tranny lines....the exhaust actually burned a hole in mine.

    I recently replaced the trafer case control module on my 02 TB LT 4WD after getting stuck in a PARKING LOT this winter. I was not very impressed with the 4WD capabilities of the TB....seemed like the 4WD would engage for a second, but then slip 4HI or LO. Replacing the TCM made a WORLD of difference in 4WD traction, and fixed the crummy mileage I had been getting for a while too. I believe the faulty TCM was engaging AWD at highway speeds without my knowledge.
  • rll3rll3 Posts: 1
    My tranny went out and I replaced with a used tranny and it didn't work. I was told that sometimes the computer won't recognize the tranny. I disconnected the battery and reconnected didn't make any difference.
  • I bought mine used in 2003 with 26000 miles, and just traded it in for a 2007 Honda Civic. Saving $190 in gas, alone, each month.
    I loved the truck at first, but right before I traded it in at 80000 miles, I began running into a slew of problems (tranny, ball joints, AC working sporadically, half the fan speeds did not work, multiple replacements of tail light bulbs (after recall fix,) 2 new water pumps, fan clutch.....ugh. I was glad to be rid of it for $700 more than I owed. I have owned two Fords that had 120K+ miles when I traded them in, and a Isuzu Trooper with 190K miles when it finally died. What happened to GM vehicles, I'll never know. I certainly won't be buying one again, however.... :sick:
  • shannonvshannonv Posts: 1
    I just replaced my 4wd switch not too long ago and the switch itself was only $25. All together to have the dealership fix it was $120. Like you I have had alot of recalls done on my 2004 TB, but luckily the 4wd switch was the first problem i've had.
  • cubbycarrcubbycarr Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 TB 2wd and the transmission is having problems at only 50000 miles. Also the fan clutch and O2 sensor had to be replaced. My auto starts out in 2nd gear and at highway speeds it won't stay in overdrive. It hunts for the right gear. My dealer thinks it's a valve in the transmission. It's going to cost about $1600.00. After reading all the other replies on this site I think it's a manufacturer defect.
  • twebbtwebb Posts: 2
    How many miles did you have on it?
  • twebbtwebb Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer with 65,000. I really haven't had many problems other than the recalls and normal wear and tear. But my fan clutch went out and I am not even sure what that does but I do know that GM didn't offer any assistance other than the service manager gave me a 10% discount as a goodwill jesture. I know parts wear out but when I read that they updated the part so that it won't break then that tells me there is a problem with the original. Also, the reason they couldn't offer any finacial assistance if because of the age of the car and the mileage but best of all because I didn't have my oil changed at the dealership. Well I know how my dealer ship is and it takes an hour to get a oil change there vs 20 minutes at a jiffy lube and what does one have to do with the other. The car was running perfect when I got my last oil change so whether I took it to the dealership or not the fan clutch would have went out but because I didn't take it there I was penalized. I did contact Chervrolet customer service and put in a case and when they checked back in they basically said the dealership doesn't feel we should give you assistance. Now the kicker, it cost $910.00. Like $350.00 for the part and 3 hours of labor at $110.00 per hour, I live in Ohio not California. Then on top of that the $153.00 for the diagnosis which the girl who checked us in said she thought it was the fan clutch. I know they have to be sure but does it take 1.5 hours to hook it up to a computer? The $110.00 is explained because I am getting a GM Certified technician, well whoop t do....someone with a Masters Degree doesn't get paid $110.00 an hour. So that's my story good luck to all those who come apon this problem. It sound like a jet engine and won't shift properly, maybe you can by pass the diagnosis charge. T
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    just got back from the dealer with the exact same repair-and it does sound like a jet engine that won't shift properly. luckily i purchased the extended service contract so i just had to pay the $100 deductible but my contract also paid out $750 for this repair. the only other problem i have had is the hub bearing went 3 months ago but that was also covered. mine is also a 2002 2wd-just under 65,000 miles.
  • wags2wags2 Posts: 7
    Why don't all of us Trailblazer owners just park these Pieces Of Crap vehicles and tell gm to take there warranty's and get bent.I am going to do this this week.
    I have replaced the trans at 34000 miles "never towed anything with the truck prior.Fan clutch junk and now the 4wd selector goes blank after 3 months not selecting 4wd and then you have to disconnect the negative for it to remember it is a 4wd. :mad: :( :D
  • 4x4dman4x4dman Posts: 2
    If your still out there, I think I lost a Sunshell on my 2000 4x4 S10 Blazer. Rev and 2nd gear went out. My question is can I install a trans out of a 2003 4x4 Blazer with low mileage? Are they that much different? They look the same but what about internals. I can get it for less than a rebuild. I know junk yard books indicate 2000 only and 2003 only but has anyone tried to interchange them??
    Thanks ! dman
  • snowstorm1snowstorm1 Posts: 11
    I own a 2000 envoy and at 115,000km/68000 miles the tranny gave out, I took it to my tranny man and he said look around my lot there was 2 blazers and a chev van there, all with the same problem as me. he said that gm does know about it but have only fixed the problem themselves in 2006 or 07 when they went to the 100000 mile warranty. he buys aftermarket parts that are hardened which he used to do himself before they became available. a total of 1500 bux later and the tranny is great now
  • 4x4dman4x4dman Posts: 2
    Thanks for your quick response. Now I'm at a crossroad... Do I rebuild the 2000 tranny for $1500 or use the 2003 tranny w/ 5,000 miles on it (for $500 + my labor). It looks the same (bell housing bolts,electrical connector,) but I don't know if they are compatible? Would you mind giving me your tranny man's name and number? I sure need some expert advice.
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    Out of these thing of from hell i am tommorrow i have been lied to about my tranny for 6 times in a row wait 7times i just cannot take it anymore from anyone man its that bad. I have bit the bullet and i am going to take my lumps i traded out. I cannot just keep being at the dealership service every weekend i cannot do it.And guess what the warranty expires on the 29th its not even worth it they lie to you about what's wrong and think in august i would have been on my own. It was not worth it and it is not worth it. And now i will not have to folks if you can do it trade out and get out and buy japan made autos at least you guys can say CONSUMER REPORTS DID NOT LIE.
  • I have a 2003 Trailblazer EXT that the fan clutch is now going out too. Imagine that. It has 38,000 miles on it. I have already taken GM to court on the car stalling all of the time, and electrical problems. The rear windsheild wiper wont work half of the time, the rear ac controls have been replaced once and still dont work, the break lights keep going out, "the wires under the dash burnt up", the fuel solnoid replaced, etc etc etc, I paid almost 40k for this piece of junk. I too am in ohio and drive probably about 10 miles a day if that. I have had all work done by the dealership including oil changes. I was told it will cost me $900 dollars to fix the fan clutch. I think we all should contact GM together. I am printing off all of the complaints on , listed under trailblazer clutch fan and contacting GM again. This is pathetic that GM would ignore this huge of a problem!
  • I have a 2003 LS 4WD at 68k miles - Ihave an intermittant issue with a hesitation between the first and the second gear. The dealer says they can "tear into it" at my cost until they find something "wrong" then go towards the extended warranty.

    I also noticed the rear windshield wiper blade came on by itself twice, the 4WD switch will not go into 4Lo and the battery gauge seemed to move on its own both in park and driving - anyone else experience the same thing?

    What should I do about tranny? Ext Warranty expires in 6k miles.
  • Lost our tranny last week. (no reverse, 2nd, and 4th gears) Sun gear failure was the cause. Saw it myself on the bench at the dealer. Only 31,000 miles, but out of warranty on time. They worked with us to replace with new GM transmission for around $2150. This is a little lower than a local, trusted shop wanted just to overhaul it. My wife drives this vehicle, never towed, never stuck, rarely in 4wd. Too soon to lose a part like this. Has anyone had luck getting GM to cover repair in full out of warranty?
  • yes i had same problem and i did get them to cover it in full and give me a warranty on it up to 72,000 miles i believe......i dont remember my post number but you can read all the details of my post. maybe you can get to them by searching taluhlabelle12
  • dsasdsas Posts: 1
    My 2003 Trailblazer EXT has had the clutch fan replaced twice, rear windshield wiper problems, tail lights were replaced however not always working, and now the transmission sounds like its about to go. Whining sound like its in low gear. Dealer said not under warranty, so I'm going to be stuck with a big bill. Just 37000 miles, garage kept, never towed anything with it. Oh & its rusting too!! the dealer said for it to be under warranty it has to be rusted completely thru. Very disappointed with GM!!! Deb
  • Hi, I have a 2003 trailblazer. When I want to take off and I step on gas, the engine makes noise and doesn't go fast. It is the same noise when you press on gas while on P.

    When the car goes about 50 ft or when it reaches 20-30 MPH, everything goes back to normal.
    Some people told me that I need to replace the transmission fluid filter and oil. Others told me that my transmission is bad. By the way, this happens only 30-50% of the time.
    All this started about 3 weeks ago. Please help. Thank you
  • I lost my Tranny 2 days ago.. 2002 ls with 85000 waiting for cost estimate...let you know what I find although I think we all know what it is...I noticed the lose of power prior to but thought was from plugs...
  • It looks to me as if you all havee een relatively lucky getting the miles you have out of your Trailblazers before the tranny problems. I have a story to tell about mine.

    I was being listed for a doule lung transplant at a hospital about 50 miles away from my home. My 2004 Dodge 1500 was about 2000 miles from becoming out of warranty. So, we decided we needed to have a new, reliable, warranteed vehicle so we would not have any problems during my upcoming MAJOR surgury and lengthy hospital stay. We got the 2007 TB SS in mid-January, I got called for my surgery on January 31. I was hospitalized for 15 days during which my husband made daily trips to the hospital for visits. I was discharged after 15 days, and had to return for a bronch/biopsy 5 days after my discharge. On the way to the hospital our transmission BLEW UP while we were doing 75 MPH on the interstate in major traffic. My husband was able to get it to the side of the interstate and we had to have it towed to our dealership. Barely 2000 HIGHWAY miles on the TB, and we figured out we had made the worst mistake of our lives. NEVER a problem with the Dodge, and I wish to God I had kept it.

    The Dealer absolutely refuses to replace the tranny with new; just put all the old parts in a new case, even though all the fluid had blown out on the interstate and we know the parts had to have sustained damage. But we are stuck. Nothing we can do. Even took it to another dealership to see if they could help, they refuse to touch it saying our dealer had already made a decision on it.

    We have since had to have the vehicle back to the dealer 3 times because the tranny was still leaking.

    I loved the SS when I drove it off the lot, but now I can't stand to even look at it. I keep waiting for it to blow up again, this time probably while I am driving, and I'm not as good a driver as my Husband, who was also a mechanic for 20 years.

    We have called Chevy directly and they are of NO help in resolving. We want a NEW transmission, as the old parts HAVE to be damaged. No luck. We have contacted the State as the first step in lemon law process. But even if we are able to get out from under this vehicle, we don't know if we are going to be able to get our money back, and we certainly won't get my truck back, which I loved.

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • ... but it has been the worst nightmare. I have owned 7-8 vehicles, ranging from the very worst (Vegas and Pintos) in college to what I thought was one of the best - my 2002 Trailblazer. I fell in love with it the moment I drove it. It's been a nightmare ever since. My transmission did go a few months ago. The sun shell or some such thing. Chevy coughed up all but $400 - even though it was no longer under warranty (57,000 miles) - but the transmission was just REPAIRED - not replaced. Two weeks later the cable fell off that hooks the transmission to the drive shaft. That was rusted, too, but the dealer never touched it (I have yet to believe that's possible) when they worked on the transmission. Not only all this in 2007, but this year alone I've had to replace the ignition switch, the front wheel hub assembly, a cracked fuel filter (and I'd already replaced the fuel filter at 30,000+ miles), and now just Friday - the transmission coolant lines. My driveway was covered in reddish, oily grease. I looked underneath the front and I could see fluids pouring out and all over the underside. One transmission coolant line had completely rusted through and the ohter was bad. Replace those and flush the transmission? $432. Every time something goes wrong (every month or so) I say "Do I cut my losses" or do I keep it because I now have about $40,000 into this car. It makes me sick.
  • Well, I just experienced the "sun shield" disaster. Cost me $2700 to fix. AAMCO originally wanted $3440 but got them down to $2700 when I said they were more expensive than the delership. Called GM but at 81,000 miles they won't do anything. Even if I had taken it to dealership I doubt I would have gotten anything. I started to hear a clunking sound several weeks ago and I figured it was my u-joint going. Maybe if I had reacted sooner versus thinking it was a u-joint I could have save some bucks. When it ent I was backing up my driveway, heard a loud bang and then there was no more reverse. Made a whining noise also. Had it owed the next day. They told me I did not have reverse and second gear. It is fixed now. Did not want to let the car go. Just got it in Feb. 07. Purchased it from a co-worker at 63,000. She never towed and was a conservative driver so I figured it was a good bet. This was my third blazer and will probably be my last. I will look at a Highlander next. My 85 blazer lost the transmission at 115 miles and my 96 went to 145 miles with no trouble. Both of my previous blazers had prior owners. Go figure. I can't get rid of it now - too much invested. I want to also contact the government. Anybody got the address?
  • I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XLT and had similar problems with only 4000-5000 miles. First occurance was leaving a sporting goods store. Started car and engined reved, put in drive and car would barely move. Drove 1/2 mile at 3-4 miles per hour. Pulled over and called tow truck. Turned off for 10 minutes and restarted, ran fine, drove home. Next day, wife ran early errand and returned home. Went to leave again and could not get car to start, completely dead like no battery at all. Called dealer to tow in. Tow driver tried to start, no juice. Got to dealer and the car started like no problem. Left at dealer and called every day for 3 days. They said they were atarting several times a day and had no problem until 3 day. Replaced ignition switch. Took home. Following week, lights and gauges went goofy while wife on road. She called me and I told her to call service manager while driving the car to them. They replaced ignition switch again. Wife went to pick up and car would not start. They replaced a wiring harness in the tailgate and put in a 3rd new ignition switch just in case. Car has run OK the last 3 years. Had to buy new gas tank when fill neck broke loose and flooded garage with fumes and some liquid when tank was full. Took to my mech because warranty was up on miles. Took tank to dealers service manager and showed him. He had seen cracks before but not broke all the way, but offered no help. I left it with him and stated I was thru with GMC PROFFESSIONAL ENGINEERED TRUCKS. Won't buy GM or GMC brands again.

    Good luck.
  • Hi my transmission went out Mon. I can still drive it but it makes a strange noise & reverse is totally gone. My mechanic told me I need a new transmission. The estimate is $2500. Mine is the 3rd 2002 Trailblazer he has had in there in the last three weeks. they al have the same problem. Of course my extended warranty ran out 3000 miles ago. I spent 2 hours on the phone today. First with the Chevrolet Consumer Helpline. No help there except she did give me the toll free mumber for the NHTSA ( I couldn't believe it)(1-888-327-4236). I called them. They told me there had been a recall on it for the transmission on Feb 25, 2003. They sugested I call General Motors corporate headquaters & gave me that number(1-800-462-8782). They checked & said my vehicle had been sreviced for that warranty. The gentleman I spoke to there asked a lot of questions. He is suppose to be checking on the history of problems with this car & my mechanic & has promised to call me back in 2 days to let me know what if anything they are going to do.He admitted they will probably recall them eventually but untill then I will probably have to pay for it & then be reimbursed. I documented everything about my conversations with everyone. Hopefully these numbers will maybe help you or someone else.
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