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  • and the vehicle should cost less, should. However, the vehicle is not worth as much either. And, at the point you can be sitting saying "well, I don't know if this is the right time to get vehicle A, because there is an all new vehicle B coming out, but they probably will be selling for too much."

    Buy sooner and start enjoying sooner.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,386
    I contacted my local dealer (BMW of Manhattan) requesting further information on the X3. He said in an email that they will be getting an X3 for display sometime this month. I don't know if this is true of all dealers or because BMW of Manhattan is owned by BMW NA. He said they do have literature and invited me to come down and take a look. I just may have to take him up on that offer.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    i'll be working full time in manhattan/hoboken from the 17th... finally done with the west....

  • I stopped in one of the BMW stores in Cincinnati today to find out more in person - had previously called as I am in need of new wheels before the end of year.
    Was told by the salesperson that they were notified that the X3 will not be available now until 2/1/2004 as they have had a production problem and will not have the number of vehicles (40K) they wanted to launch available 11/28 as is posted on the BMW USA site.
    Anybody else heard similar???
    I was hoping to hold out to the end of November, but cant as I need to spend some of the small business tax break the republicans gave us! Was hoping that this vehicle would bridge the gap between the Lexus 330 and MDX - size/handling/style which it may, but too bad not until too late...made me wonder if I wanted to buy a first year production car, even if its BMW...
    He was however, happy to show/demo the X5 which is a little larger with a larger price point than I wanted...
    Anyone else with any info?
  • Hi All,
    I received the same info from my dealer in South Florida: Car can be seen the day after Thanksgiving, however he also said they were going to show it at the Miami Car Show. He invited me in to test drive and send me one of the preliminary brochures. It was not detailed, but alluded to certain packages and standard features, I'll reserve my judgement until I see it.
  • junowjunow Posts: 4
    The web site is up.
  • Spoke with our dealers again yesterday - the demo x'3s will be available 11/28 as advertised --HOWEVER, they are being built in Germany and not Austria - they will not be for sale, and no X3's will be available for delivery until 2/1/04....
    Apparently the Austira plant is not ramped up to cover the need...
    Any dealers out there who can confirm, or have other info??????
  • Got the same info from my dealer, however he said there were some early production units available in January. I think I would wait until things get going before I plunk down my $40K. Also, limited options/colors on the early units.
    US debut is at the Miami Car Show starting this week, demos available the week of Nov 24.
    Does anyone have any advance info on the option list yet?
  • Hi All,
     Punch up and every thing is there. Click on "build your own X3" and then the options and costs are added up. Have fun.
  • Full report listed on
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751

    Hey anybody with a keyboard can say anything these days and make it seem either important or like the truth. Not that edmunds does, but the internet makes everybodies voice seems like it has some importance. As in the print style of journalism, it had to be one had to earn their credibility first, the same goes for the on-online sytle of journalism.
  • jjmanjjman Posts: 77
    looks like the reviewer came to that test drive with a bad attitude. He complimented the ride then said the ride was bad. I can't say I like the reviews from independent websites. They can clamp on some small shortcomings and make them look big
  • That is one biased review. He seems to be almost mad that BMW makes "tall sport wagon", X5 and now X3. I don't care whatever X3 is called, SUV or SAV. People who buy these vehicles like them because of much better handling compared to traditional SUVs, better ground clearance compared to wagon, styling (which is subjective), and sitting tall (better visibility). This (X3/X5, Infiniti FX35/45, Porsche Cayenne, Cadillac SRX) is a new genre for cars. For some people, it is just wrong and for others, it's just right.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    I have a hard time believing BMW can make a car that drives badly. Probably the X3 won't be able to handle rough terrain, but it's not really designed to handle rough terrain. The suspension is tuned for paved roads.

    I'm more concerned about the interior. It looks like cheap plastic from the photos. I just hope they use better materials in the actual production models and don't go cheap on the interior like they did on the new 5-series.
  • I do feel the article is a little bias. My wife has a MDX and she enjoys the SUV with 3 roll seats and can take the kids around town. She does not care too much about the handling and fun to drive. I drive a RAV4 and like the handling, small body, agility and high seat. My 17 year old drives the 323i and loves the performance and maneuverability. My point here is it depends on what you are looking for. I am looking for X3 as my next car because of fun to drive with high seats, but not to haul kids around town and need a lot of space to travel with my kids with a car full of luggage. X3 seems to be a good choice but after reading about the interior quality, I am a little concern and need to see it in person.
  • jjmanjjman Posts: 77
    It all depends upon the test drive, if it drives anywhere as great as the 3 series (and edmunds review says it does) and the interior isn't cheap (has to have soft touch plastic) then I am willing to put down the cash. I was already thinking about getting a 330xi anyways but with heated steering wheel, power folding side mirrors, panorama sunroof, all that utility and a navigation screen that can be used as a tv all for the same price I have to at least give it a test drive to be sure. It is an awsome deal though
  • A great deal here may be in the unpopular "lease" idea.

    With a new BMW creature like this, residuals are going to be very high for a while. One of the rare times leasing is a good idea for anyone interested in the X3.

    Heck, if the X3 3.0s remain as rare in supply & high in demand as the MINI Cooper S for a few seasons, it'll prove easier to turn a quick profit than it would be to lose money selling one to pay-off the lease.

    Put 0 or next to nothing down, get a 60 month (longer if possible) term with 12k mi./year (less if possible); & sell it in 6-12 months for next to no loss.

    Just to say... BMW introducing a new vehicle is rare and certain customer benefits present themselves.

    If you're wanting one now, but believe it is better to wait for the 2nd build-year of a new vehicle, leasing one will let you get in & out of one easily, early-on.
  • jjmanjjman Posts: 77
    actually if anyone wants to wait they can do the european delivery and save a couple thousand
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    it appears the cargo capacity is larger in the X3 than in the X5. bmwusa site also lists the cargo area (with seats up & UNDER the cargo cover) as 33 cubic feet. Is that possible? If true, that seems like a cavernous space UNDER the cargo cover. The X3 is about the same dimensions as a CR-V, and I don't think the CR-V has close to that amount of space under the cargo cover. Maybe from floor to ceiling it would.
  • I went to the Miami Auto show last week and and saw the X3 in person.
    I have been a big BMW fan for many years and was eagerly waiting for the X3.
    But I was very disaponited with the X3. It has too much plastic materials on the exterior and inside.
    The bumpers are big (like the Xterra) and are in black rubber. Inside the X3 looks a bit funky but cheese. And the base MSRP is $30K for the 2.5 engine. It looks like a RAV4.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    i was afraid of this when i saw pictures of all the hard plastic in the interior.
  • mkarpmkarp Posts: 22
    I have been reading that test drives will be available starting Nov. 28. Does anyone know how to find out what dealers will have an X3 on that day? I can not believe that every dealer will be given an x3 this early since they will not be offically available to purchase until feb. 04.

    I also would like to know if dealers are taking orders? if they are, can anyone tell me what type of turn out or numbers they have been seeing?
  • I just returned from an auto show, and had an opportunity to examine the X3 in the flesh. It was impressive.

    We have an Audi A6 Avant (2002 wagon) and are looking at alternatives. Frankly, my intention was to gaze at the 3 and 5 series awd wagons (of which there were none), when I literally tripped over the X3.

    It was black, with the 3.0; well optioned, it was a bit over 40K. Candidly, I will tell you that I am, by disposition, anti-SUV. However, this vehicle drew me in.

    First, my impression was that space utilization, especially behind the rear seats, is far superior to the X5. It was that serious flaw that caused me to write off the X5 a few years ago (having a Newfoundland. and a daughter causes one to prioritize). The interior does not look cheap. Audi interiors are, in my opinion, the only ones to rival Lexus; consequently, I think my standards are reasonably high. It does not have too much plastic content. Indeed, the choices of interior trim are substantial. Even the rear seating is adequate. Also, the vehicle is available for test drives. I intend to take one.

    By the way: If it is of any interest: my wife, who is on her second Audi, was very intrigued. She might even let me buy her one, after a 1/2 day test drive.
  • Local dealership brought in a 3.0L X3, test drove it yesterday, here's my impression:
    - I currently have a RAV4, cargo dimensions are similar to the RAV, width at the wheel wells is 38", width at opening is 44", with front seats at a normal position and rear seats down,you could fit cargo about 66" in length.
    - never test drove a BMW before but I recently test drove the new 2004 Acura TL, handling and performance of the X3 was very close to the sedan.
    - some comments about the use of cheap plastics, it all depends on what you are use to and your preferences. All vehicles these have cheaper looking plastics, but the X3's plastics do have texture to make them more pleasing to the eye, but they are hard plastic.
    - overall I would say the standard interior is acceptible for a near luxury vehicle, if you like wood its optional.
    - interior room in the front and back is more then the 3 Series as a comparison.
    - I test drove on snow packed roads and the X3 handled the slippery surfaces very well.
    - when you addup the options, i.e. power seats, automatic climate control, parking control, heated seats, automatic, the price approaches that of the Mercedes ML (that another story!)
    - I'm most likely going to purchase one!
  • jjmanjjman Posts: 77
    hopefully not all the plastics are hard, but I also hope the drive is as good as the 3 series.

    I think the 3- series interior is getting kinda old anyways so the x3's interior at least looks new
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    How does the interior look without the Premium Pkg? Does anyone have a pic?


  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    I got to sit in and play around with the X3 at the SF auto show. I thought it looked modern in the Z4 kind of way. My wife, who prefers softer looking interiors with more wood, hated it. Despite owning nine BMW's in my life, they aren't designing them for me like they used to.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    So would you say the cargo space, UNDER THE CARGO COVER, is more, or less than that of the trunk of, say, the TL?

    Did your dealer have the price list out? Is the price structure of the X3 close to that of that 330ix? Fully-loaded X3 would top out at about $60K CAD?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
  • I have been putting off a purchase of the Infiniti FX35 for several months as I awaited the arrival of the X3. Having been a BMW driver now for the last 8 years, I am very partial and want to keep driving BMWs. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in the X3. Doesn't mean I still won't buy one.


    1. Too much plastic. Yes, what I've been reading here is true.

    2. Solid door feel is not there. The doors seem thin/hollow. I miss the true sound/feel of a BMW wrapping me up tight.

    3. The passenger cupholder is about the cheapest thing I have ever seen in a BMW. Except for maybe the cupholders in my 99 5-series!

    4. Price, when you start building a complete car.


    1. Looks sharp.

    2. Lots of cargo room for a midsize SUV.

    3. Surprisingly lots of interior room for both front and rear seat passengers.

    4. Assuming the drive will be close to 3-series like.

    Must await lease prices and test drive to make the final decision!
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