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  • harplayrharplayr Posts: 70
    I use the Aux input mounted in the center armrest. That way I can plug any audio device into the car.
    The sound is excellant.
  • beemcitybeemcity Posts: 50
    Is the aux input standard or an option?
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    Does anyone know ALL the changes/upgrades that will happen to the 2006 model year?
  • motorcity3motorcity3 Posts: 72
    Hello everyone. I know that this subject has been discussed, but I was wondering if anybody has any updates or any new information on possible creaks coming from the door areas. I bought a 2005 X3 2.5i at the end of April and I started hearing creaks about 5-6 weeks later. I am not very pleased, especially being a returning BMW owner, having a lot of faith in BMW solid build quality. I currently also own a 2001 325i, which I have been driving a bit over 4 years now on very bumpy Detroit-Metro area roads. Whoever lives here knows what I am talking about. I have not heard a creak or rattle in my 325i yet. So I as wondering is this a real problem, or is it something that will go away? It sounds more like rubbing and it is not very loud, but will become very annoying very soon.

    Thank you.
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    This is copied and pasted from another thread going on at another forum for the same complaints.

    "It's the door seals.

    Go to your BMW dealer and ask them to read a SIB 51 07 04
    which tells them to clean the flock covered door seal
    that is on the doors top edge - clean it first
    with BMW Silicone Remover and
    let it dry . Then apply
    Cabaflo lubricant to the flock covering
    on all four door seals. No additional
    treatment is necessary after this
    application - such as drying,
    polishing the roof...etc

    (thanks to Creighton @ BMW of Demerest)"
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .page 91 of the new Car and Driver magazine.

    The new X5 is the slightly bigger brother of the X3. The new X5 is the "spittin' image" of the X3.

    Likely to cause attraction in some and revulsion in others, the new X5 simply carries on the "fresh" (that's one word for it) look of the X3.

    It took a little time for it to grow on us, but the X3 (without the contrasting bumpers) has become quite handsome to our eye (my wife and me is the limit of the word "our" at this time.)

    Of course I think the real looker is the new Audi Q5 -- same issue. :shades:
  • adamwadeadamwade Posts: 4
    Had my X3 3.0i (6 speed manual, premium package - black w/beige leather) for just one week now. I was surprised to get 22 mpg my first tank, with half city/hwy. I kept my shifting max to 4,000 RPM for breakin considerations.

    For anyone considering an X3, I got mine at Irvine BMW, CA for a steal - $399/month lease 3 years, with zero down (only DMV, first months payment and refundable security dep. = $1250) MSRP 39,600$
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We too feel we got a screaming deal at $581 per month, 3yrs 15K/year. $250.00 down, sec dep+first mo.

    MSRP north of $46K. Jet Black Gloss/Terracotta, virtually all options.

    Love the look -- the new X5 pictured in the new C&D even has the X3 sport package wheels.

    Of course, we still don't like the unpainted bumpers that DO SHOW in any color other than black.

    Dealer claims new X3 will be fully painted!

    Let's hope so.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please post about your deal over in BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience (like Adam did - thanks!). Or maybe you did and I didn't go back far enough; you got it in early May, right?

    And congrats to all the new owners.

    Steve, Host
  • idagornidagorn Posts: 5
    I agree that painted bumpers look least for a short time...until you park downtown for the first time that is; and then you wish you'd black plastic ones. Remember the days when cars had side protections on their doors? even small cars built for city driving seem to have lost them; or when they haven't, their protections have been...guess what? PAINTED!
    by the way why is it that in the US quite a few American Males seem to regard the X3 as a Woman's car?:-)
    and -once more- go diesel (204HP, tremendous torque and 31/32mpg, and a clean engine!)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I don't know who thinks the X3 is any gender's car -- but don't say that to the owner of the BMW store here in River City. His personal driver is an X3.

    Maybe his feminie side is showing -- nahhhh.

    Especially don't tell my wife she is driving a "woman's car" -- she, I'm sure, would diagree with that on so many levels.

    Finally look at the new X5 (pg 91 -- as I recall -- of the new C&D): spittin' image of the X3. Can't imagine BMW would produce a "look" of their SAV that would be anything other than gender neutral.
  • idagornidagorn Posts: 5
    glad you didn't take my remarks about the X3 being a woman's car too seriously; I just noticed reading the messages on the forum that it was the kind of car that seemed to appeal to many American women while here in Europe you will hardly see one being driven by a woman; is it because the average European male is too macho or the average European female too timid ? :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    or the average European female too timid ?

    Not a chance! :)

    tidester, host
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Regarding that gender thing: I drove a (actually two) Miata for four years. I'm 6' 2" & weigh more than the tables say I should, but enjoyed the car a lot -- comparable to my '65 MGB. Somewhere in there I learned that the Miata was considered a "chick" car.

    Oh well.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Over the years there have been cars and trucks and other things that have somehow made it to be labeled this or that gender -- the Nissan Pulsar (in hot pink) is the ONLY one that I am dead on certain was a "chick" car. My wife's boss, not female, had one of these things, in hot pink. I guess it was his wife's or his kid's car -- but, so what -- he had no doubt about his gender and the car worked just fine.

    It did, however, look a bit goofy to see a gray haired man in a suite get out of the thing.

    My wife (who kept her name when we got married -- and I kept mine too) rails on and on about "dude" or "chick" or "guy" or "gal" this or that. She loves stick shifts, likes Black Gloss German cars, collects high end pens and wristwatches and is a lawyer. Although of slight build, she is also a marathoner and takes no guff from nobody.

    I just find it odd and sometimes funny to think that the X3, for instance is thought of as a "female" car -- look out when the new X5 hits the streets -- it is the spittin' image of the X3.

    You know what? I'll bet the reason for the gender pigeon holing -- the X3 -- as a woman's car has to do with the fact that it can be configured to be REALLY CHEAP (price-wise with the 2.5, stripped, etc.) May I be struck down for saying this but perhaps the "stay at home ____ home maker" gets the "mom" or "dad" mobile and the X3, cast in that light (low cost, but still able to wear the badge) fills the bill.

    My wife's "high zoot" $47K X3, however, is a far cry from the strippie in the paper for $29K.

    It's all from one's perspective.

    I really have grown to like and respect the X3 for being fun, competent, darn near luxurious and "tossable" (at least with the Sport Pack and 3.0 w/stick shift).

    There, one of us feels better. Oh, that would be me. :shades:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Interesting perspective, Mark, but I've always thought the X3 got the chick car label (probably unjustifiably) because, one, it does have "gentler" styling compared to the X5. Because the X5 and the X3 are quite similar in appearance, I think a lot of people view them as a "matching set", "his and hers" SUVs, so to speak. In that sense, the X5 would certainly be the "male", and the X3 the "female". And two, because it is less bulky, with a lower step-in height, it does attract a larger proportion of female buyers, again, compared to the X5.

    Probably the only true "chick" SUVs, amongst the upscale brands, are the Freelander and RX330. I can't see any self-respecting male actually buying one of those for himself. :P :blush:
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    Okay now.....I have both a Freelander and the X3. The Freelander has about 4 weeks left on the lease and I've had it for over 3 years now. If I told you I was going to go on an un-mapped off road trail with nasty rocks, mud filled rutted out holes, downed trees, etc, etc......which do you think I would take? That's right, without hesitation I'd take the Freelander. I didn't really appreciated it's toughness until I got the X3 but that Freelander is rock-solid though!!! Would it go everywhere that a Discover or Jeep Wrangler does....not without damage but it will go much farther than most people give it credit for. MUCH farther. Believe me, I've taken that Freelander through some terrain that I would not even dream of taking the X3 and I never got close to pushing it to it's limits.

    The reason that I got the X3 was because the Freelander, and Land Rover in general, isn't as reliable as I'd like them to be. And they are ungodly expensive to maintain. I paid way more money than one should over the 3 years and that's with just regular maintenance. If I had to pay for all the other problems that were covered under warranty there would be a lawsuit in the works. There is no question that the X3 drives better, handles better, is built better, feels better and is pretty much in a different world than the Freelander. But if you're going to say the Freelander is a "Chick SUV" then it better be one bad-@ss chick.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    " ...then it better be one bad-ss chick."

    LOL! Yes, probably chicks from the Prairies, where men are men, and some of the women are too! :P

    Seriously, I know the Freelander, despite its appearance, has loads of off-road abilities. But so does the ML, or the Pathfinder, or...., and we all know how much off-roading those vehicles are subjected to.

    It's just that I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a Freelander driven by a guy. I think they appeal to women because they are small, easy to park, and makes a bit of a fashion statement because they are, afterall, still a Land Rover, albeit a 5/8th scale one. (The underpowered V6 probably is another factor in it being not as attractive to guys).
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    "The underpowered V6 probably is another factor in it being not as attractive to guys"

    That it is, I will agree there! Which is another reason why I like the X3 so much. But anyway, over at a good majority of the Freelander forum is populated by guys. Personally, with the people I know that own Freelanders it's about a 50/50 split. AH, who cares anyway! All problems aside, I enjoyed my time with the Freelander.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    " I enjoyed my time with the Freelander."

    That, of course, is the important part -- that you like it. My opinion no doubt is a generalization based solely on personal anecdotal observation. Happy motoring!
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    (anybody else think the search function here is useless? although the search terms box says search in this discussion, the actual search actually goes thru the entire site and I always have to stop it after several minutes of finding nothing.)

    I was looking for this post to thank jimbob533 for the pointer to 51 07 04.

    Took delivery on an 05 X3 a couple of weeks ago and thought it was falling apart.

    On anything but a glass smooth road surface, it rattled and creaked like a buckboard.

    Ran across jims post and when I was able to get into the dealers, after the 4th holiday, I suggested that those issues might be contributing to the problem.

    When I picked up the car, the service notice indicated that all they had done was apply bulletin 51 07 04.

    The difference is amazing.

    No rattles or squeaks...period.

    thanks for the heads up....
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Hey mark, lurking here at your suggesting!

    question to those with Sport option: Is the ride as bad as advertised? I have read a few reviews and most was very good except that the sport x3 was very bad ride quality. Car and Driver mentioned it as one of the silliest vehicles in years, and the worst riding BMW ever! Not to take it all with a grain of salt, but those are pretty harsh words!

    While I can appreciate a sport ride as being harsher than its more tame counterpart, is it that severe?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    although the search terms box says search in this discussion, the actual search actually goes thru the entire site and I always have to stop it after several minutes of finding nothing.

    No, the actual search is confined to just this discussion even though the message reports it's "searching over two million items." I just did a search using the word "creaking" and it took a few seconds displaying results only from this discussion.

    The "Advanced Search" option will let you narrow down your search.

    tidester, host
  • rob34rob34 Posts: 58
    I just picked my 3.0 with sport yesterday. I asked the dealership if they checked the tire pressure and they said yes. Wrong. I checked it right away and all tires were at like 44 PSI. The manual says 32 front, 35 rear. I lowered the tire pressure to those levels and it rides great. I don't find my car to be rough at all, even over bumps. It's exactly as it should be. All, check your tire pressures, and if you still think it rides to harshly, perhaps you should get a town car or something.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    My wife and I are NOT experts in ride quality. But we've had dozens of German cars over the past 30 years. We currently have three in our garage right now -- the X3 we have is a 3.0 Sport, Premium, Cold and a bunch of other options to crank this little puppy darn near into the Luxury Performance Sedan class of vehicles.

    I can tell you that the 2003 TT coupe rides rougher and is fairly noisy.

    My wife's 6spd manual X3 with the all season 18" wheels and tires that come with the sport package "normally" is very quiet, controlled over all kinds of surfaces and rides very well. It is somewhat firm. But, having said that, so is my new Audi A6 which has 245 x 40 x 18" tires and the NON sport suspension.

    The ride quality of the X3 is, IMHO, a product of 2 things (well, maybe 3) -- the wheelbase and the stiffness of the X3's chassis (#3 could be spring rate, but of the three, I vote for the wheelbase and chassis stiffness as the main contributors.)

    On a washboard road (and there are darn few of them) the ride is more choppy than on normally smooth roads (and there aren't too many of these either), but that would be true of almost any car unless it had a very long wheelbase and an active suspension.

    You may or may not like a firm suspension -- the X3 is a BMW, a car based on the 3 series Bimmer.

    In its normal guise, the X3 rides, IMHO, worse than the one with the sport package. I think it may be a combination of the seats, the upgrades that go with the Premium part of the deal, the minimal road noise and the precise turn in that goes with the Servotronic option.

    Yes, the early early reviews of the 2004 X3 proclaimed it was too harsh -- but by May 2004 BMW had implemented an upgrade or change or whatever you want to call it that addressed the rock hard, near brittle feel of the first 6 month's worth of cars to come off the assembly line.

    It is, based on our experience -- with THE largest volume BMW in Ohio -- difficult to find many examples of the X3 equipped with the combination of packages and options that seems to put this car in its absolute best light.

    We have test driven X3 3.0's standard and sport (with both stick and auto), X3 2.5's with stick and auto but not with sport. We have driven cars with and without the Premium package and with and without the upgraded sound system, etc etc etc.

    The BMW X3, with the above as a backdrop, is very sensitive to how it is configured. It is an absolute chameleon car/SAV.

    I would go so far as to say this car can be luxurious/comfortable, sporty and utilitarian -- and you can make it be all three at the same time. In our experience with what is normally for sale at a dealer, the normal course is to "pick two" -- usually the one that seems to have been omitted from in-stock inventory is luxurious/comfortable.

    That's our story and we're stickin' to it! :shades:
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    IN many ways you describe our beloved Allroad!

    I will add it to my list.

    Did you ever consider the FX35 or the lack of a manual throw it out of contention?

    Its not as refined, but its an unusual ride a few years ahead of its time.

    Any expectatoins for 0-60 with new 255 hp engine? Should at leaset be sub 7 seconds!
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    Does anyone really love the big sunroof??
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Count us as fans of the sunroof!
  • mjpollackmjpollack Posts: 1
    I would be happy with it, except that it has been incredibly problematic ever since I got the car (2004 X3 2.5i). It has leaked repeatedly, and the repair ATTEMPTS have always left something else wrong with it. It leaked, then it gurgled, then it rattled, then it leaked again, now it rattles again and the wind deflector binds. I have been fairly discouraged by the whole thing.... I don't expect that it is over either. In one year, the car has been in for repair about 12 times.

    There are things that I like about it, but I can guarantee that when my lease is over, I will no longer be an X3 driver.
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    I'm "iffy" on the sunroof. Yes it's huge and has several different positions you can put it in but I think it's more for the back seat people to enjoy. The sunroof seems to start pretty far back. Further back than my previous 2 vehicles that had sunroofs. I guess this is due to the aggressively sloped windshield. Add to this the fact that I am a pretty short guy (oh woe is me) and have to sit closer to the dash the sunroof almost starts right above my head. Well... not quite but it sure seems that way. For me, it's hard to notice when it's open unless the sun is shining directly on me. So I don't get to enjoy it as much as most people would.

    That being said I would still get the sunroof if I had to purchase it all over again. It's one of the things that sets is apart from the competition. I have had zero problems with my X3 so far but I've only had it for 5 weeks. I'm hoping it stays that way.
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