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  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    One, no, two small pet peeves: regardless of the fact that we added almost $11,000 of options to this vehicle, we had "assumed" two things were "standard" that are not.

    #1 Homelink
    #2 Alarm system

    Homelink is $425 for the PART plus some labor charge. Ouch. Get Servotronic for $250 and use your garage's small remote and live with it. But damn, at this price point and "class" no homelink? What were they thinking.

    No alarm system. What you get is the equivalent of "the threat without the teeth" -- you get the appearance that you have an alarm (the red upsidedown gumball machine on the rearview mirror). Truth be told that is probably enough most of the time. Of course when we mentioned the lack of these items we were told they could be purchased. Yet the dealership told us that even if the car were to be violated that it would be unlikely it could be driven and since it came with On*star (aka BMW assist) that GPS tracking could find the car were it to be ripped off.

    Believe it or not, I was more upset about the Homelink thing. For $36,000 (base) this remains, as noted, a small peeve.

    Sorry I can't answer your question, otherwise.
  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24

    Any news/update on your mileage experience w. the X3?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I knew the alarm was not standard, but the lack of the Homelink I did not know. Yes, you're right, surprising, Lesser cars have them as standard.

    But you mean the red gumball (or clown nose as others have affectionately referred to it as) flashes even if there is no alarm installed?

    Actually, FWIW, the immobilizer would probably stop most thieves from driving your ride away. The alarm would help in maintaining possession of your digital camera, toll booth change, and stash of CDs.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    To answer your original question pertaining to the Aero kit. One X3 at the NYC auto show was so equipped in Blue. And again only opinion, the car looked completely different, more aggressive, and gave it that finished look most people as stated by Mark above, wouldn't recognize. I personally wouldn't want one without the entire body cladding included being painted. If your considering leasing one equipped with an Aero I do not beleave the kit can be residualized., but another poster or dealer may need to confirm this. The new model among other changes I've been informed will have the body color trim. The only item I haven't been informed of is what extent the interior will be upgraded and if the styling will change slightly, more in line with the new 3 and 5, most call this ugly, I happen to find it appealing.

    The standard alarm, does not protect the contents as you have stated. The transponder key would prohibit about 99.9% of car thieves from actually stealing this vehicle. Any alarm added aftermarket for security of contents, simply go to a reputable shop, not your dealer to pay double.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Thanks for the info. It would indeed be good news if the '06 X3 comes with the body-colored trim.

    Problem with going with an aftermarket alarm is finding a good reputable installer. Most shops seem to hire kids that look like they're just out of high school. :sick:
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The clown nose does NOT flash. This feature, to my eye, looks "as if" there is a security system.

    We're now at 1300 miles. Trip for the MD weekend from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh and back.

    Mileage seems to be improving, readout now says 20.6 AVG miles per gallon.

    Took the back road -- US 22 -- past Zanesville OH, hilly.

    Never went above 80mph whole trip.

    Be heading west later today, back to Cincinnati. Will keep monitoring.

    Three people in the car, 2 Shelties + luggage and a case of beer.

    Navigation system is wonderful. Sirius is wonderful -- finally heard a repeat song on "the Vault" Steve Miller Band, "Seasons."

    The X3 remains comfortable, competent and impressive. Apart from my two minor peeves (above post) this car is a blast.
  • cptshakmancptshakman Posts: 2
    We had a trouble light come on in our 540iAT on Friday morning that indicated a problem with the self-leveling suspension and I had the wife drop it off at the dealership around noon (we've had a bunch of mechanical problems with the 540 and it is nearing the end of its' warranty, but damn is it fun to drive!).

    She picked me up an hour later and declared that she wanted to trade in the 540 for the X3 loaner. The loaner is a 2005 X3 with about 2,300 miles on it and a MSRP of $39.7k. It is a white (yuck) 3.0, with the premium package, heated seats, and privacy glass.

    I am interested in hearing from anyone who has ever bought a BMW dealer's loaner vehicle and I have the following questions:

    1. Overall experience with the vehicle compared to buying brand new?
    2. Cost savings over MSRP?
    3. What is a reasonable price to pay based on the mileage on this one?
    4. The dealer has 5 other X-3s on his lot - 3 of which that we would consider buying. How much can I expect them to come off of MSRP for something they already have?
    5. If we order a new one (like we did with our 330CiC, what is the build time running these days?
    6. How much under MSRP seems to be reasonable for one that we have built at this point in the model year?
    7. Anyone have any insights on the changes for 2006?

  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    There is a school of thought regarding loaners and demos. That is you offer the dealer a price in-line with the usage. That is .15 cents a mileage and a couple of thousand from the price you would have been able to negotiate on a new vehicle.

    That is once you drive it off the lot the vehicle immediately loses about $3K and then you deduct the mileage. .15/mile * 2000 miles=$300 dollars. Total deductions $3,300 dollars.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    My problem with demos and service loaners, is that the dealer will rarely discount them enough over a new one, to make it worth buying..

    Plus, the warranty clock is usually already running....

    I find that for the minimal extra discount, I would rather have a new one..

    On another note, if you consider leasing, the X3 3.0 has a great lease program in place right now.. If your driving needs encompass anywhere between 10K-15K miles per year. that is the way I would go.



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  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    "Three people in the car, 2 Shelties. . .and a case of beer."

    What's not to like? Hope you had a pleasant holiday in your nearly-new ride.

    Several of us are awaiting your comments on the other non-Audi vehicle, and the clock continues to tick down. . .
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Is it possible to do a trade-in, but instead of buying the new car, lease instead with no money down? I think with most, if not all, jurisdictions, when you trade, you only pay the sales tax(es) on the difference, but I'm not sure if that's workable when you are leasing the new car.
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,350
    I have had my 2004 X3 2.5 since September 04. With about 6,000 miles the gas mileage is 20 m.p.g.(U.S.), in 50/50 city highway driving.
    I was skeptical about how much better a BMW could be, when you can buy fairly competent cars for almost half the price. However, I have changed my mind, it is worth every extra penny - and I don't know why anyone would buy anything else but a BMW (especially an X3) if you can afford it.
    By the way, I don't have an alarm but the clown nose blinks when the car is locked.

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Do you have auto or stick? Do you find the 2.5 adequate power-wise? Which aspect of the X3, in your opinion, makes it worth the $$$? (I'm guessing it wouldn't be luxury, nor ride comfort)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . . Wheeling to Cincinnati, via Dayton, OH airport: 1 stop for gas. Route almost all interstate. Speed average 68mph. Max speed 80mph. Mileage 24.8. My wife informs me that she had never reset the mpg computer, prior to this. I reset the computer when we left eastern Ohio/Western PA/W Va area.

    First mileage 20+ new mileage 24+. This was a trip, my wife drives about 36 miles per day about 28 on I-275 loop around Cincinnati.

    We are NOT displeased with this milage, and it seems to be improving all the time.

    Perhaps we have low expectations -- but this is NOT a light weight vehicle.
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,350
    I got my 20 mpg with an automatic. I think it is worth the dollars because of the smoothness of the engine, the handling, the safety features, the overall feel of the car. A major part of the charm of the X3 is that it doesn't have a phony luxury look that I think you get tired of very quickly. The dash and seats are not fancy, but they are beautiful in their simple but perfectly designed way. Instruments are easy to read and use, seating is high with great vision, and it is done without all the phoney chrome and useless gadgets.
    The ride is also enjoyable, quiet and smooth enough without the soft spongy ride you get in a big luxury boat. I was out of town and rented a Taurus - soft spongy ride, total lack of feeling in the steering, an instrument panel with fancy curves that looked like they were trying a little too hard, poor vision front and rear, seats with very little support.
    I didn't even try a 3 liter because it's $4,000 more in Canada and I found the 2.5 was fine. When I test drove an X3 I didn't want to take it back to the dealer. My wife has a 2003 Mercedes C230 which I like a lot, and it has more luxury and a smoother ride, but hey, it doesn't have the same thrill as the X3.

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I agree with your assessment of the X3. Of course, people have differing opinions, but my thoughts are in line with yours.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    You can certainly trade a car in, lease a new one, and not put any of the money from your trade into the new deal..


    $20K value of trade
    $12K loan balance on trade

    $12K amount of check dealer pays to lien holder.
    $8K amount of check dealer pays to you.

    The lease deal on the new car works like any other.. You are under no obligation to put any of your $8K equity into the new deal.

    The sales tax thing might work differently depending on location. If the tax on the lease is an upfront amount, which is then added to the cap cost, you may be able to get a credit against that, if it is a difference state.

    But, some states might not allow a credit, because the title will be in the lessor's name, not yours... And, if it is a state where the monthly payment is taxed, then I think you would be totally out of luck.

    I've got no experience or anecdotal evidence of anyone doing this.... The states where it is most likely to occur favorably, would be states like Texas or Illinois, where they tax the entire value of the new car upfront, even on a lease. But, I've never even read of an example from there..



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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    This might interest you: Vehicle Sales Tax Questions

    tidester, host
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,350
    Hi kdshapiro. Another reason to like an X3 is this. Look at a 10 year old Buick or Intrepid, Taurus or almost any American car (a few hold their looks, such as most T-Birds or a 57 Chev, but not too many). They get dated and look like an old piece of junk.
    Now look at a 10 year old BMW, Mercedes or Jaguar. They look as good as a new one if not better than a new one. These cars have simple intelligent designs that are always in style.
    Glad you like your X3 too!

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I didn't realize you're from Canada. Are you sure the difference is $4K? I had priced out both a 2.5 and 3.0 on the BMW site and I thought the difference was only about $2500. But perhaps that may depend on how you load the cars 'cause I recall the 3.0 comes standard with certain features that I would have to add as options on the 2.5.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The sales tax part may be the deal-killer. As you know, when you trade, the dealer gives you more or less wholesale value for your trade, but (in a purchase scenario), the sales tax credit would make the deal viable. But as you pointed out, in a lease, you don't get title to the car, so you likely would not get the sales tax credit. So to avoid getting killed financially, you would have to sell privately, and then go lease the new car. But I hate selling privately! :cry:
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Here in the US, but I would suspect there MIGHT be some correlation to Canada, the 3.0 is "of higher value" than the 2.5. Here is the way it works -- TODAY -- using the lease cost as an example. Apples to apples configuration the 3.0 X3 has a lease cost about $19.99 higher per month than the 2.5. For the differences in power alone it would seem to be worthwhile. Now, of course, I have no clue how this may or may not translate into cash cost differences -- but the current deal seems skewed to make the 3.0 much more attractive ($).

    Perhaps BMW is subventing the lease -- but, if that is so, it would seem an almost compelling reason to examine the leasing option before paying a lump sum of cash.

    When we drove a 2.5 (auto) it was barely able to get out of its own way. I would suspect the 2.5 with a stick would be acceptable. Furthermore, the new X3's (they begin building them in July don't they?) will have the new 3.0's engines that are BOTH more efficient and more effective (better mileage and more power). My dealer thinks the new X3's will retain the body and add the new engines and offer a 6 speed steptronic (probably no SMG). I would think, using the Audi A4 3.2 as my guide, that the concerns I have with the 2.5 and 3.0 for that matter with the 5 speed steptronic, would be completely eliminated.
  • vjohnsonvjohnson Posts: 4
    well that person wasn't paying very close attention because he/she mixed the reply back to two separate posters.

    i am the one with 1300 miles and 99% city driving that posted originally. but i was not the one that said "On the Highway I've average 25 mpg at 60 and 24mpg up to 75mph." On the hwy so far we have only gotten 13-14 mpg.

    anyway, we're still getting HORRIBLE gas mileage in the city. we average only 17 mph and in stop and go city driving we only get 11.4 mpg. i'm hoping to take it on a short road trip soon to test the hwy mileage. if it is still bad we're planning to make a stink at the dealer - again. would have never bought the car if we'd known it would be this bad in the city...
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,350
    Hello bodble2 and anyone stunned with the difference in price between the 2.5 and 3 liter. Yes, it could come down to $2500 because there were extras that would be optional with a 2.5. I did test a 3 liter before I bought and it is great if you really need or want the extra power. After driving our 2003 C230 Merc and my 2000 Jeep Cherokee this has lots of power - and hopefully better gas mileage!

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    BMW Canada is offering 2.5% and 3% lease rates on the X3 2.5 & 3.0 respectively, for lease terms up to 39 months. Plus, there is (currently) a loyalty discount of .5%. And residuals on low-mileage leases would be up around 60% over a 39-month term. So yes, definitely, if I were in a position to acquire an X3 today, I would be looking at a 39-month lease rather than straight purchase.

    What's stopping me? My TL is barely 1 year old. I would take a huge hit financially on it any way I slice it. I also happen to be still smitten by the TL's styling, power, and toys. :shades:, which I can't duplicate in any X3. The rattles, and slightly squirrelly steering I can do without. :mad:

    Secondly, if I buy an '05, and the '06 comes out with more power, and body-colored bumpers, I would kick myself. :sick:
  • Thanks to everyone who offered their insights on my questions! The numbers did not work out right on the loaner as it had too few miles on it for them to be motivated to sell at this point. Interestingly enough, our sales advisor (2nd purchase from him) told me that our's was the second X-3 that he had sold after someone asked to buy that particular loaner.

    We wound up buying a brand-new one instead. It is a 2005 X3 3.0 with the premium package, heated seats, and privacy glass. It is silver (matches our 2002 330 CiC) with black leather. We're taking delivery on it today.

  • burgermacburgermac Posts: 35
    Can anyone tell me if they've experienced a problem with the radio/telephone? I attempted to connect my bluetooth phone to my X3's stereo through the mfg's discovery process using the provided Bluetooth access key and it seems I have crashed the system- the display indicates "phone" and I cannot use any of the stereo functions. I have tried re-discovering the phone many times, turning the phone on and off, as well as turning the stereo on and off. I have even removed the radio and telephone fuses, started the engine and turned everything off again before re-inserting the fuses, and it still will not work. I realize that this is a rare problem (bluetooth phone, etc.), but I am sure SOMEONE out there is using the bluetooth feature and may have run across the problem. Help please! :mad: :confuse: :mad:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Is anyone familiar with the tilt sensor function of the BMW alarm? Will a false alarm be triggered if you park on an incline, or does the tilt sensor monitors only a change to the car's angle? In other words, you can park it on a uphill, or side slant, as long as the car's position doesn't change while parked and armed?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I believe you should take yourself and your X3 (and your BT phone) to the dealer and get it sorted out.

    During the delivery process, our dealer did the phone, Sirius and Sat Nav set up and "trained" my wife and me to use these systems.

    Her Ericson phone and my Moto phone are both set up to be recognized by the X3's BT system. It depends on who's phone is on if we both get in the car at the same time as to which address book gets loaded into the X3's system.

    Works like a charm, tho.

    Couldn't make the new Blackberry with BT work, however.

    The dealer should make this right for you.

    And, at no charge.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The dealer will make this right for you -- in fact that should have been done during delivery.
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