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  • djx3djx3 Posts: 1
    Hey there folks,
    I'm a new member from Montreal. Changing my 2001 Acura MDX for a X3. Have ordered a blue 2005 X3 3.0. Expected delivery date is end of May. Have been reading everything I can get my hand on with regards to X3. Recent article published in Montreal says that BMW is expected to introduce diesel models in 2007. On Europeen market, most BMW's (except two models) are produced with diesel. I think BMW will recognize the great opportunity of the north American market.
  • rob34rob34 Posts: 58
    I can't decide between the 2 colors. If money was not a consideration what would people out there choose. i could hardly tell the difference seeing the colors in person but maybe it was the light. Will one look better over time? Any thoughts would be great.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We first ordered the Sapphire, then when we were about 20 feet from the car, which was parked next to a Jet Black version, we said, the difference in look was minimal, and it wasn't a no charge option. So, it was a no-brainer.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I like the Sapphire, because of the metallic paint.. It just looks better to me, and also doesn't seem to show dirt as well.. but, you'll get a bluish-purplish look sometimes, depending on the light.. I like that, but some people don't..



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  • ccdbbccdbb Posts: 18
    The dealer in NJ is promoting 05'X3 3.0 for $299/mo at 10K/yr with $3500 cash down on top of bank fee, 1st payment, tax and deposit. The sales person reconfigured the payment structure for me as following,

    For 15K/yr, upfront payment $1965 ($450 deposit,$261 1st year MV fee, bank fee and 1st payment), $453/mo including tax. The vehicle available is in Grey Silver Metallic, with heated front seats. Not sure if it has Steptronic.

    Can one of you lease experts let me know if this is a good deal or I should be able to negociate a better one even without this promotion?


  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Someone else willing to take this? Without knowing the MSRP (at least) -- it is hard to say this is a good, OK, great or not good deal, sorry.

    Our deal was 15K/yr; 36 months; $250 down; sec dep of $600 and first month payment (including Ohio tax) of $581.00. Plus 35 additional payments of $581 of course and theoretically getting the sec dep back.

    MSRP was $46,350 or $46,550 as I recall, I don't have the paperwork in front of me. Oh yea, this was for an "ordered" car -- the deal, so says the rep was better because we ordered it, since there would be no "floor plan" costs. It sounded -- like it was a reasonable concept, and besides they didn't have the X3 3.0 with all the stuff my wife wanted anyway.

    Point being we need to know the MSRP to determine the quality of this deal. While you're at it, can you get the cap cost reduction (the discount) too?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You might want to post that over in BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience.

    tidester, host
  • rob34rob34 Posts: 58
    I love music so I want the best stereo possible regardless of price. I read that the X3 upgrade is a 500 watt Harmon Kardon system. I ordered it. Will I love it? Does it sound great?

    What does DSP offer? Or what is it?

    Is it true that you can't get the BMW factory installed Ipod adapter with the upgraded system? That's what is says on
  • ccdbbccdbb Posts: 18
    Thanks for the comparison. Here is what I got from another sales person today. He suggested I put in all the options I want and order it.

    MSRP: $40755
    Offered price $38755

    $2211 opening cost include 1st payment, security deposit of $500, doc fee, tag fee, acq fee. For 36 mo term with 36K mi, residual is 62% off MSRP, money factor is 0.012. Monthly is $499.

    I feel I could ask him for at least another $500 off the offered price. Do you think that's reasonable?


    PS I did post in Prices Paid & Buying Experiences but under the title Re: any comments on the BMW lease deal listed in the incentive section?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    This sounds like a great deal IF the miles would be 45K rather than 36K. As you state it, it seems a tiny bit too high considering your upfront money.

    We are probably talking about relatively small differences, say on the order of $20 - $25 per month, as a guesstimate. But worth fighing for, methinks.
  • Hi, a few days ago I took delivery of a 2005 X3 3.0i steptronic, and am generally very happy so far, but I have been doing some highway driving and have noticed a background "drone" that appears between 100 and 110 kph (I live in Canada, sorry - roughly 62-70mph.) Above that, it goes away.

    Doesn't seem to matter what gear (I have tried this in M4 and M5 as well) but you do have to be on the gas, and appears to be coming from the back of the car. It's not loud, but loud enough that I noticed (not on the test drive though.)

    My first guess is that this is from the exhaust and is the "irritating drone" mentioned in many reviews, but I was a little surprised that a) it stops after 110kph and b) that it's connected with speed and not engine revs - I really have not heard this at other speeds (at least below 130kph - I am running in, after all.)

    So, anyone have any insights on this one - is it normal and I can stop caring, or do I need to shout at someone?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    My wife's new X3 ordered just 7 weeks ago -- made in Europe, not "located" in the US -- has arrived.

    I would not have believed a car could be ordered, built and delivered from Europe to the US in 7 weeks.

    We are impressed.

    We pick it up in 3 days -- our scheduling difficulties not BMW dealer's.
  • ccdbbccdbb Posts: 18
    I just ordered mine today. The dealer told me it could take up to 8 weeks. I guess they were right from your experience. For me, after all the excitement from picking all the colors and options as well as finding out if the deals was good enough, a 7-week wait seems long. But I am sure I will be excited again when I get it.

    Did you get a production number and track it on the BMW website? Was that helpful?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We didn't even try to track it -- we were expecting a 12 week wait. The final final wait will be 7.5 weeks from order to drive away!

    We picked up the Sony Ericson T637 phone last night -- anything anyone care to comment about this phone and the BMW bluetooth arrangement?
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    You guys are lucky. When i ordered my x3 3.0 in november 2003, it took 3 1/2 months of waiting before i can drive it. fyi i still love the car.
  • ccdbbccdbb Posts: 18
    I just noticed in the X3 accessary catalog, the bike racks for X3 don't look very convenient. You either have to take off the front wheels and secure the bikes in the cargo space or lift the bikes up to the roof. There is a rack that goes to the back but it doesn't look so steady ($398 for carrying two bikes). Otherwise, you need a towing hitch which cost even more.

    I have a very steady rack which was for my previous Explorer. It goes into a square socket at the tail of the truck. I would like to know if this can still be used on the X3 somehow.

    Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.

  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    I give the premium system a B+. Decent bass response, reasonably dynamic sound, a bit harsh in the treble. DSP means digital sound processing. It allows you to choose between church, jazz club and rock equalization settings. I find this feature mostly useless except on rock material that is not recorded with a full sound.
  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24
    Do you have a feel for whether there was a premium for a "custom made" X3? Did you have any special/unusual combination of options?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    It is possible to get a better price on an ordered car due to the fact that the dealer gets some benefits and costs savings that may not accrue to a car that he/she orderes for "inventory."

    The car we ordered was both not in the system and certainly not on the dealer's lot.

    2005 X3 3.0 6 speed manual

    Jet Black Gloss/Terracotta Leather/Birch Wood Trim


    Cold weather

    Audio upgrade
    Servotronic steering
    F+R Parktronic
    Sat Nav
    Sirius Radio
    Xenon Adaptive lights
    Chrome Tail pipe tips
    Accessory Floor mats

    ~ $46,000+ MSRP before discounts.

    $250 cap cost reduction (we prepaid for the Servotronic in cash after we struck the deal)

    Up fronts:

    Sec Dep+First month (left a deposit to put the car on order in this amount)

    36 months / 15,000 year BMW lease

    $581/mo (tax included)

    There are several additional options and accessories that I am sure could drive the cost (MSRP) to over $50K easily.

    The dealer had quite a few X3's on the lot -- none with sat nav, for instance and if they had sport, they had a black interior, and -- you get the idea.

    So, we negotiated our deal, put our money down & filled out the credit app -- and 10 minutes later we had a deal and a "promise" of a late May early June delivery.

    We pick up the car tonight at 6:30PM -- 7 weeks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Hey.. I drive right by there at 6:20PM on the way home.... I'll honk my horn as I go by on I-71... ;)


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  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We'll be sure to wave if we hear you!
  • harplayrharplayr Posts: 70
    "I just noticed in the X3 accessary catalog, the bike racks for X3 don't look very convenient. You either have to take off the front wheels and secure the bikes in the cargo space or lift the bikes up to the roof."
    Actually I have the interior bike rack, and am very happy with it.
    Just put a quick release on the front wheel, the wheel will come off and go on in seconds.
    This option was one of the main factors in my decision to go with the X3.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .took delivery of my wife's X3 last night. Including the set up of bluetooth, Sirius, programming the BMW Assist and learning to use the Sat Nav system, the delivery took 2 hours and 2 BMW delivery people: one knew about bluetooth and sat nav, the other went over the entire rest of the car and Sirius and we drove off into the sunset.

    First impressions after 70 miles of driving: very smooth, quiet, nimble, Sirius radio is fantastic -- the bluetooth system works as advertised and it is so cool to start the car and have the sat screen auto rotate up and open and display a moving map (set to 1/2 mile range).

    This thing feels like a car -- remembering we have premium, sport, 3.0 and 6spd manual (and upgraded audio).

    I have personally driven 18 of the 70 miles and the thing is dangerously easy to run along in 6th gear at 80 MPH with the Sirius radio filling our heads with music.

    Almost a car in terms of handling -- perhaps because it is a bit taller than a 3 series the word "almost" must be underscored.

    The sport, 3.0 engine and 6spd manual, too, probably contribute to the car-like feeling. It feels every bit like a sports sedan -- and if I had never driven a BMW or Audi sports sedan previously I would probably think this was THE best handling car ever. My exuberance is only slightly dampened, though, by my sports sedan experiences. This is a very nice "car."

    More impressions as time and miles pass.

    The delivery was pretty cool -- car had a ribbon on it when we pulled into the dealership. Gloss Black, Terracotta leather and a lime green bow -- a Kodak moment for sure.

    My wife is grinning from ear to ear.

    Now, what excuse can I come up with to drive it?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    My wife is grinning from ear to ear.

    That sir could be two of the biggest problems with the vehicle.

    1. That stupid BMW grin and,
    2. Trying to pry it out of her fingers, (assuming she doesn't hide the car keys) when she's not driving it.

    I did not get the same feeling when I test drove the M35. No ear to ear grin.

    Good luck on working out your future. :P
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    "The delivery was pretty cool -- car had a ribbon on it when we pulled into the dealership. Gloss Black, Terracotta leather and a lime green bow -- a Kodak moment for sure. "


    And - we will see a pic posted here?
    - Ray
    Thinking the Lime Green Bow might be a bit over the top . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • motorcity3motorcity3 Posts: 72
    Hello everybody. I think I had read something about this and I believe that I am having the same problem. It has been exactly 7 days after we picked up our 2005 X3 2.5 and all of a sudden, the keyless entry stops working. The funny thing is that it will work when I am standing right behind the car. I move a couple of feet away towards the driver's side or anywhere else and it stops working. After praising BMW quality to my in-laws and many other people who are hard core American car buyers (by the way I live in the Detroit area) I will be forced to eat my words. Shoot!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have taken three Infinitis out for test drives -- two x's and one non-x (M35).

    Frankly, I had the grin on all three of them, even though I ended up ordering the x -- one of the cars I tested was Liquid Platinum with the Bourbon interior, which is what I ordered.

    Sure the car has an automatic, but so does the Audi, my second choice -- and the BMW 530xi for another $10,000 over the M might have been a contender -- but I just can't find the $10K.

    And fuggetabout the STS, at $63K with AWD.

    For that money, I'd go with the Audi A6 4.2 even with the autotrans.

    But at this point, if I'm gonna pay much more than $50K, I'd better be able to get a manual transmission.

    Getting harder all the time. . .

    Sorry the M didn't do it for you.

    1% thinking a second X3 would not be at all hard to live with. . .

    There that's passed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats on the new arrival!

    Maybe you can do us a favor and copy your purchase details to the BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion? Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Terracotta leather... that must be stunning!! Congratulations...


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  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Day 3 300 miles.

    Stunning is right for the terracotta interior with the sport seats.

    Biggest pleasure -- Sirius and more specifically Sirius channel 16 "the vault" -- we took a drive today to Columbus -- what a pleasure.

    Car handles like a CAR.

    Car rides like a sports suspension equipped CAR.

    Car handles like a BMW -- check that, I do not have enough experience with BMW's to be that broad.

    The X3 handles like an Audi -- but it has less understeer and body roll.

    It is darn near a $50K car -- it is NOT a $50K car based on my Audi experiences.

    It costs -- to lease -- less than a $50K Audi by almost $200.

    My wife's TT was $709 per month the X3 which cost more is $581. The TT was bout $4K less than the X3.

    The X3 almost would qualify as a LPS as far as I am concerned.

    Underscore the word ALMOST.

    It is still an SAV, I have not lost my mind, completely.

    With a 6 speed manual and the prem and sport options, this thing is Premium that is for certain.

    Sirius sat radio is -- thus far -- amazing.
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