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  • whchanwhchan Posts: 5
    My '05 3.0AT has ~5500 miles on it.

    80% city: 15 mpg
    80% hwy: 18.5 mpg
    100% hwy at 60 mph: 24 mpg
    100% hwy at 65 to 80 mpg: 21 mpg
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Does the Sport Package, with the 18" wheel/tire, actually lower the ride height, resulting in less ground clearance? That may be a problem since the X3 is already a bit of a low-rider, by SUV standards, as it is.
  • higginshiggins Posts: 4
    1...salesman said it could be added...found out AFTER it could NOT
    2...Have owned BMW for 10 years + my wife's 321 at present...NEVER had problems with interence on security keys
    3. wind noise did not show up on test drives...assume roof vents were as good as they have been on ALL my other BMW's. This one is made of cloth, not metal...a little tough to deflect the goes through the cloth!!
    4. didn't comment on rear vents but did on cup holders which two dealers agree they have all kinds of complaints and repairs.

    Yes, the horse is out of the barn without some given features accustomed to by a long time BMW customer...but that is not the question...I bought it and being a loyal BMW customer did not think X3 security keys would be any different, nor wind noise and of course, could not know that the transmitter was not available.

    Anyone who hasn't purchased something and later found out it did not deliver all the things you are told and assumed.
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    I can't say for sure if it does or does not reduce the ride height but I can say that the ground clearance on the X3 is higher than my current LR Freelander which has all the off-roading capabilities you can ask for.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Ground clearance is to the lowest point.. This is usually the axles on an SUV. Since the 18" wheels have the same centerpoint height as the 17" wheels, ground clearance shouldn't change..

    I don't know if the sport package has a lower ride height, but if it does, it would show up in approach and departure angles, not ground clearance..

    For a car, with front spoiler/air dam/side sills, this might not be the case... But, I'm pretty sure it is for an SUV.



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  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I guess looks can be deceiving, 'cause to me the X3 seems to ride low, almost like a Forester, so I'm especially surpriesed that it actually has more ground clearance than the Freelander. I guess the Freelander must have some low-hanging components.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Car has 1,000 miles on it in just over two weeks.

    Seems to be much more powerful and the gas mileage has improved (we fill it up less often to do the same driving, no stats yet).

    The ride can now be said to be smoother, not that it was ever "not smooth." But so many folks thinks this thing is clunky or rough. It is smooth and firm -- controlled over pock marked pavement.

    Note: I believe the sport suspension calibration is both stiffer than the stock set up and about 20mm lower than stock (which would be about three quarters of an inch lower, maybe two thirds of an inch).

    I believe there are several changes that sport carries with it, springs and sway bars, seats, steering wheel and for all I know different struts/shocks/dampers.

    There is almost no jounce with the sport set up -- I can imagine that on a true "wash board" road this could be quite "entertaining." We have no plans to go off road or at any speed whatsoever on any road that could be called wash board.

    It has been decades since I have been on such a road -- nowdays we just seem to get permanent pot holes (thanks to our wonderful -- and underfunded, perhaps -- ODOT).
  • haakonhaakon Posts: 24
    Thanks for the update -- we were wondering what you thought of the X3 at this point & we hadn't seen any new informative postings from you...

    When you have the stats, let us know what you think of the mileage (city and hwy).

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Without taking a tape measure to it, and just eye-balling it, does the X3 with Sport Package look lower than one without?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    It could be an optical illusion due to the 18" wheels, but it appears lower -- but I don't know if I could see 2/3 of an inch if my life depended upon it.

    I have not profiled two versions one sport and one not side by side. I have been trying to find a write up where there is some statement pertaining to to springs being both stiffer and the ride height slightly lower -- all I have found thus far are articles decrying the car for being "too rough" for the journalist at that moment (typically pre May 2004 -- the suspension was recalibrated after that).
  • vjohnsonvjohnson Posts: 4
    Does anyone drive 99% city? We do and still we are only getting 11.5 mpg. The computer is not incorrect. The car has about 1300 miles on it at this point and I am just wondering how long the "break in" period is supposed to last. The dealer said this was likely the reason for the poor mpg.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    The dealer may be partly correct.. But, you really do 99% city?

    I would expect a little better than that, but not a lot.. I had a 330xi for a loaner one time... I reset the computer for just running around town, picking up the kid from school, running to the grocery, etc.. Never got over 35 MPH for the whole day.... computer gave reading of 13.8 mpg...

    If you want to test it.. Take half a day, and run a couple of hours down the freeway and back, and see what you get... If it is near 20 MPG, then you'll know it is where and how you are driving, and not the vehicle.



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  • roentroent Posts: 3
    I drive 99% in stop and go boston traffic. I average 10.8 - 11.5 mpg. On the Highway I've average 25 mpg at 60 and 24mpg up to 75mph.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    On the Highway I've average 25 mpg at 60 and 24mpg up to 75mph.

    If 99% of your driving is in the city and you have 1300 miles on your vehicle then you have only put on 13 miles of highway driving. I don't think that is adequate to get a valid measure of your rate of fuel consumption on the highway.

    tidester, host
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    I just love it when people pay attention.

    So few do that many get away with much.
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    OMG!!! Are you guys being serious? Is the mileage really that low in the X3? Between 10 & 13mpg!?!?!? My current Freelander gets about 17-19mpg in 99% Stop/Go city traffic. I have an 11mile commute one-way but I hit 19 traffic lights along the way. The Freelander has a 2.5Litre V6 so I can't imagine that it would be THAT much better than the 3.0 V6 in the X3. I certainly hope not! My X3 arrives in 3 weeks and now I'm getting scared that the mileage is more than I bargained for. I've heard so many reports of people getting between 15-19mpg in the city that now I'm beginning to question why there is such a huge difference.
  • bmwx3gjgbmwx3gjg Posts: 1
    I have ~600 miles on my 3.0 x3 automatic that I recently purchased (avg speed ~30 mph) and the computer reads that I am getting 18.5 mpg.
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    Looked hard at the X3 yesterday. The lease opportunity is so attractive. .0010 for a money factor and aggresive dealers. I just wish I liked the styling more. For a buying experience, if you are interested....NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me if they opted for the aero kit or even seen one. I want to know if it looks to pimped out or does it add a masculine look to the car? It drove awesome, but then again it is a BMW.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I know what you mean about the current tempting lease rates and deals, but is it worth forgoing the extra 30hp in the new 6 next year? Plus the new model year may bring other upgrades. I think body-colored bumpers like the ones on the X5 will go a long way towards making the X3 look more upscale.
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    Here is a link to a review that used a Flamenco Red X3 with the Aero-Kit. I think the kit is a big improvement over the base bumpers but I have a hard justifying the extra $2,300 USD. Some owners have also had the standard bumpers painted with good success and that looks pretty good as well and a much cheaper alternative to the Aero Kit.
  • rallygirlrallygirl Posts: 7
    Hey has anyone had a problem with their rear windshield wiper blade breaking off. I just recently noticed my rear wiper blade is gone. Mind you I have had my X3 for just under 5 weeks. The plastic clip was still was in the main body but the blade and holder were gone. I have seen two other X3's with missing rear wiper blades. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing. :confuse: Or have you looked lately? :blush:

    Best Regards, :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The kit doesn't look half bad. A bit pricey, as you've mentioned. I still think the best is the X5 setup --- leave some black plastic in the bumpers to make it look more rugged.

    BTW, that's a Canadian article, since the references to prices are Canadian prices.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, there must be a black market for used BMW wiper blades :mad:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Have you been through an automatic car wash? The one I use, puts a sleeve over the rear wiper... I noticed when I used the gas station auto wash, my wiper would be standing straight out, when I got out of the wash... (not on an X3, though).



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  • rallygirlrallygirl Posts: 7
    Nope, Hand wash only. Thanks for the input. If I ever do go to an auto wash I will be sure to have a sleeve put on it. :)
  • rallygirlrallygirl Posts: 7
    Maybe so, in my area. Wiper bandit. :P
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I put a review of the X3 including comments about the "look" here about 10+ days ago.

    In sum, I will tell you (all) that the X3 in stock trim ONLY looks dressed up in Jet Black or the pearlescent black color (which for $450 is virtually impossible to discern from a distance of 10 meters if both the black colored cars are side by side and clean -- my meaning, the pearl black is nice but it seems to me to be too subtle for the bucks).

    Our $47,000 X3 3.0 is chock full of options:

    Sat Nav
    Sat Radio
    Premium Audio
    Xenon Headlights
    Integrated Bluetooth phone (there's a better use of $450 than the black pearl paint)
    Servotronic steering (a must have and it is only $250)

    Our X3 as equipped above has the Terracotta leather interior and with the black paint and the gloss shadowline trim that comes with either Premium or Sport packages plus the bigger and dressier wheels and sport steering wheel. The look of this car is "almost" fully dressed for a black tie affair. The bumpers are flat black and the paint and trim is gloss black, but the contrast is so subtle it doesn't look as half baked as some of the other colors what with the rubber bumpers.

    Painting the bumpers will be about $1200 USD (I had this treatment done to my 2003 Audi allroad and the bumpers were about this much and the fender flares were another $425 -- the X3 flares don't need to be dressed as they are nicely integrated IMHO.)

    If you don't mind Jet Black and are willing to get the Premium and Sport packages, you will probably be about 95% OK with the dressed up look this combination imparts IMHO to every casual eye and probably 80% of the rest of the population would not notice the bumpers not being coated in Jet Black or Pearl Black paint -- and you can save your $1200 or $2500 for the body kit (which does look nice in blue and red, if you care).

    The sport package does improve the look with the wheels alone.

    This is a bit of a stretch to have an "imaginary" dress up via buying the thing in black in the first place. But that was the color my wife wanted in the first place. We drove a white one and you're correct it just looked a lot cheaper with the obviously unpainted bumpers.

    All I am suggesting is to consider the look (if you can tolerate black paint) as described above, before you write off the X3 as the ugly duckling of the BMW bunch. The vehicle now at 1100 miles gets better every day (we have the stick shift which may mitigate your concerns about the extra 30HP somewhat too, since the 6spd manual version is noticeably more quick and nimble (and controllable) than the 5speed "a hunting we shall go" steptronic.)

    Then there is the issue that if you MUST have an auto, the new version will come not only with the extra juice under the hood but with a 6speed auto or 6speed manual which should make both the shifters and the shiftless grin from ear to ear.

    Of course the deals on the current crop -- even if custom ordered, built and shipped to the US -- hard to pass up.

    Our $47K MSRP X3 with $250.00 down (long story) is $581/mo including tax fort 36 months @ 15,000 miles per year.

    This thing drive VERY much like a new 2005.5 Audi A4 (which after 27 Audis in our garage is all I have to compare it to, not that I'm unsure it would compare favorably with other Bimmers.)

    Great vehicle, great value, great fun.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I know what you mean about the black paint blending in well with the black bumpers. But I have had 2 black cars before. What with the dirt, fingerprints, swirl marks, I said never again!.

    I suspect the sweet deals on the X3 will not continue into next model year, whereas the deals for X5's will only get sweeter. That, I think, will be where the tough decision is -- whether to go for a vehicle on its way out but offers more bang for your buck. But if they don't stick the new 6 in the X5, then I would only consider an X5 4.4 if I go for an X5, and that would likely tip the scale in favour of a fully-loaded X3 3.0. (I hate to have to buy the stupid panoramic moonroof in order to get Premium Pack though. I think moonroofs are a waste of time and money, but especially on an SUV :mad: ).
  • robertvrobertv Posts: 33
    Moonroofs are stupid? Can you please share your opinion on this in more detail? You're probably first person I've ever heard of that not only didn't like them but thought they were stupid. I think the moonroof in the X3 is it's best feature (with the exception of the "Six").
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    mark, you seem to have bought every option including the kitchen sink, but I don't see the security alarm in your list of options. Did you get one? If not, why not. If you did, how do you like it? Can I ask you one thing in particular? Does it only beeps/flash light on the first push of the remote button? In other words, say, when you're unlocking, after the car is unlocked by the first push on the fob remote, the lights wouldn't flash and it doesn't beep no matter how many more times you push the unlock button?

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