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  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Go online to and click on services...

    don't go through the "build" routine, just select the vehicle you wish to purchase.

    You will recieve an email from the dealer's Costco appointed sales rep and then you can go in and see the Costco price and the factory invoice.

    I understand that the ED discount is in addition to whatever deal you strike with the dealer.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    designman -- "pmor... If you have any doubts just buy Chrysler 300 and fire up a stogie. Problem solved.


    pmor -- I told a friend that I was going to check them out, and he said, "What? That's a chick's car!" After that, I started looking out for them on the roads, and I have noticed that the majority of X3 drivers I've seen are women. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area...anyone else notice this? Or is my friend nuts? (OK, I know he's nuts, but is he right?

    Pmor, isn't SF the one place in America where a man can drive a chick car, wear chick clothes, wear chick makeup, and no one will even notice?
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    ROFLMAO. Where you been man? I can’t dilute all of this car seriousness alone. I need some support ;-)
  • Hello Everyone, my wife and I are expecting a child in April 2005, I was wondering if anyone out there has put in a child seat in the X3 and if they had any problems doing so? I am assuming all the X3 models would be able to handle one, but if there was anything specific I should avoid, etc, please let me know!

  • Thanks for the link and the warm wishes., I will take a look at the link. Enjoy the X3, I love the ride, it gets better by the day.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 103
    I have installed a child-seat and a booster seat in the X3.....there are no problems with the installation.

    It has Automatic-locking retractors on all passenger safety belts which aid in the installation of child seats and also has Isofix (Hard-Latch) attachments.

    The tether for the child-seat is towards the fore cargo area and I think you will lose a little cargo-room between the tether and the back of the seat.

    You can position the child-seat in any of the 3 positions on the back seat.
  • 5000 mile report:

    Taking the car in this week to fix the passenger window that seems to have died.

    Other than this - and a cup holder that had to be replaced, so far so good. Still an enjoyable car.
  • -Loving this car, drive it whenever I get the chance, even though fuel economy (around 18.5 mpg)) on a mixture of freeway/city driving isn't what I was hoping..

    -Everything working fine so far, couple of design things hope that BMW fixes in future:

    1. Need some sort of signal if trunk door is open
    2. On steering wheel, there is no way to switch between radio/cd
    3. Cupholder way too small (small gripe!)

    -Ride can be a bit bumpy, but I don't mind this one bit most of the time. Handles like a cat..

    All in all no major grips so far, besides the fact the rims get dirty very easily!
  • Turns out the passenger side window failed because the connecting pins came loose and the electric wasn't getting contact? That was the explanation from the dealer. It was a quick fix though. And during the half hour it took to fix it, I luxuriated in the BMW Service lounge watching CNN on a plasma screen, drinking coffee, eating a complimentary Krispy Kreme and checking email at the computer station. LOL.
  • saugataksaugatak Posts: 488
    Hey Designman, I've been REAL busy at work. I was actually back in NJ visiting the parents for the weekend.

    My sister's hubby just got a massive raise and he celebrated by leasing her a 645ci convertible which I drove all weekend.

    I'm going to the 6 series forum to voice my opinions on that car. I'd love to hear your responses.
  • corralcorral Posts: 58
    I have a 2004 x3 2.5 with a defective passenger side airbag occupant detection sensor. The sensor turns on the passenger side air bag off light and a red air bag warning ligh on the dash. Is this common? The dealer said the part is on back order and will not be in for several weeks or months, They claim everything works well and not to worry and won;t rent me a car. I am very displeased with Bmw and theeir customer service.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    i got my ipod integrated to my x3 today. as they were checking the x3 for any concerns from the manufaturer two things turned out. it was the heated seats and the controller or the computer in the engine(im not really sure). they said that these are just minor problems and didn't really specified whats wrong. does anybody know anything about this?
  • Your mentioning about the ipod integration is interesting, as I have an ipod and was wondering what options exist besides getting an auxiliary input installed. What did they do for you and how much did it cost?
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    $326.36 for parts and installation (with free carwash...hehehe).it's worth it. but if you have a nav system, forget it.
  • Is it just called the ipod integration package?? That must be cool, now you can use your X2 controls to navigate through your Ipod.

    Anyone have any other connection experiences, as to what works well, maybe a less costly option?
  • The iPod connector cost me $135 and installation was $40. I think your stealer took you for a ride!
  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    Hi all, on my 325xi, when I use the steering wheel controls for my radio, I can scan between all 12 preprogrammed FM stations. On my X3, it scans the 6 preprogrammed on the current FM holder (ie FM2 vs FM1) I have to manually hit the FM button to scan the other 6 stations...
       Is this the norm? just wondering, thanks
  • bmwnabmwna Posts: 32
    Check your email for our offer of help. If you prefer, you can call us at 800-831-1117, and please mention Reference #200433800354 so that we can help you more efficiently.
  • I dropped a down payment on a new 05 X3 3.0 loaded to the max today. And I realized that heated side mirrors was not available. Not even on the cold weather package. Surprisingly only the X5 offers them. Very strange since my 1995 325i has them?? Did BMW engineers miss an e-mail or something?

    LOL, anyway can't wait for it to be built, I might be able to drive down to Austria, and get a plant visit the days my car is being built and catch a glimpse at it.

    Jan 28 is all of a sudden to far off!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    Are you sure they don't have them? Maybe they are standard, so not listed in any option package? My 3-series also has heated side mirrors, and I assumed all current models were the same...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • better check again, i have looked everywhere and can not find then as a extra, like i said some one must have missed a meeting, and forgot the mirrors. this is not so bad in a fair weather climate region, but scraping mirrors to go to work can be a nuisance for a $40K SAV.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We say heated mirrors come standard:

    2005 BMW X3: Reviews & Specs

    Steve, Host
  • I looked at and drove an 2.5 X3 on Sunday. As a previous owner of a 99 323, I was really looking to like it. However, I have to say that I was not tremedously impressed with the X3. It seemed nicely put together but there was definately a lack of punch in the low end of the torque and it oddly had a lot of road and wind noise. I really wanted to like it but don't know whether I would want to fork over $10k more than a better equipped Outback, which in the 2.5 turbo variant is much more fun to drive. Can some owners set me straight?
  • brihambriham Posts: 33
    I think it's got a bit more to it than the Vitara or Sportage. It's more like a 330 in an suv body.

    Check it out: asp?affid=
  • Thanks Steve I still cant find it in the book but on a spec sheet made up by my dealer i found this:

    OK one more day down till 28 Jan
  • Anyone noticed a problem with their gas gauge? I've gotten into the car with the gauge pegged at zero with the yellow light on, only to watch it slowly rise over a few miles, or, seen it slowly drop after a few miles. This can be extremely distressing if I haven't re-set the trip odometer after each fill-up.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    The answer.. hills....

    Does yours have the OBC... check the miles to empty.. If it gets down to 50, get to a gas station asap...


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  • This is my first SUV, but I noticed that my rims get this black residue on them fairly quickly and it's hard to remove, even though the weather has been icky, is there a chance any of this residue is from the brake pads?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    Yes, there is a chance.. a 100% chance.. Get some P21s wheel cleaner, or buy the stuff at your BMW parts counter (expensive).

    I don't really wash my car all that often, but I clean the wheels weekly... If you leave that brake dust on, it will eventually mar the finish on your wheels..

    (It might look bad, but that is what it takes to get great brakes.)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    That the gas gauge in most new cars is driven by an ECU. For many years manufacturers have struggled with the non-linearaity of the fuel gauge tank sensors and this would be a way to solve that and many other problems...hills, etc.
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