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  • Yes, the interior has been discussed here in detail, and bottom line is to go with what you like and what is important to you. There are many options in the SUV segment.


    For myself, I happen to like the more “rugged” interior of the X3 vs. the more “plush” interior of the Lexus and some others. I put the X3 through some hard use like my large dog, skiing, construction sites and biking. I would be terrified to use a Lexus like I do my X3. Above all else, handling and X-Drive were critical in my choice to by the X3. I just plain enjoyed driving it more and felt safer.


    I don’t knock Lexus owners (my sister-in-law has one and loves it), as it targets a different demographic, and is a quality vehicle in its own rite. Just not for me.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Lexus would put a decent AWD system, rear torque biased of course, in the RX330, say a clone of the one BMW uses.


    Or even the one from the Ford FreeStyle.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    On the transmission replacement, I'm convinced that dealers often replace them when they are simply too lazy or incompetent to debug minor problems. I also think they use large jobs like this as a load-leveler when their warranty work is slack. I can find no other explanation for why they fight against doing some warranty repairs tooth/nail, but then suggest unneeded repairs on a visit a month or two later.


    Example: I brought my ML320 to the local MB dealer complaining that it was difficult to get it to kick-down to the lowest gear in some situations. I'm pretty sure that they simply needed to fix/replace the kickdown switcn on the gas pedal linkage - I could feel that it was sticky and reluctant to make contact through my foot.


    They called back a day later saying that they couldn't get the transmission to show "acceptable numbers in their computer" and it needed total replacement. It happened under warranty, so it was free, but except for this minor problem it was performing flawlessly. In fact, the new transmission doesn't shift as smoothy.


    - Mark
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    In BMW's case.. they have to call BMWNA and get their opinion on just about any covered repair..and approval for anything major.. So, I doubt it is laziness on their part... I do know that BMWNA does not want them tearing down a transmission for diagnosis.. Many $100s in labor costs.. and then still have to pay for a replacement..


    Honda replaced the transmission in our '01 Accord as well.. I really think it is the manufacturer that pushes it..


    Our BMW was in for the service-engine-soon light.. No apparent problems.. no fault codes showing.. They replaced the mass airflow sensor.. I noticed on the service paperwork, that they had called BMWNA, who recommended the replacement.. I guess if they can't find anything wrong, then the sensor that reports the fault is just assumed to be the culprit..





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  • Kyfdx, you are correct about them having to call (in this case email) BMWNA. When I picked up the X3 yesterday, the service guy said "problem solved." I was in a hurry, so I did not have time to question him, but I got the distinct feeling they had (at least through BMWNA) identified a problem even though they had earlier said they could not duplicate it.


    In the end, they treated me very well. Provided me a brand new loaner for four days. I now have my X3 back, and it drives like a dream.
  • I hope other X3 owners with DSP can help me. Are you able to retain different DSP settings for different sources? The owner's manual says you can, but my car won't do this. I want DSP off for radio but on for CD; but when I change the setting, it changes it for all sources.


    I had the dealer look at this, and they told me they fixed the problem (said a key setting had been turned off, and they turned it back on). But this didn't fix the problem, and when I called them back on it, they told me the owner's manual was wrong and you couldn't save different DSP settings. By the way, the owner's manual says you can also save different bass and treble settings, and I am able to do this.


    This isn't a huge issue, but it's just kind of a pain to have to manually change the settings, since you have to go through so many button pushes to change DSP. I'll probably end up leaving it off, if I can't save the settings.


  • Does anyone know if you can special order the X-3 with sport seats, but WITHOUT the sport suspension?? Bad back...need the support, but do not want the more harsh ride. Any other seat suggestions, i.e. Recarro orthopod retrofit, etc.? Thanks! Also, best price over invoice on a 2005? $1000 should do it this time of year, but I haven't seen a post.
  • enjoyenjoy Posts: 1
    Iam a satisfied owner of an X-3w/a 3.0 ltr. without a sport pkg - I have a BACK problem and was not comfortable with a std interior - I purchased a premium pkg that comes with Leather

    and FULL LOMBAR SUPPORT ONLY WITH THE 3 LTR. THIS SUPPORT IS NOT A WHEEL ADJ. IT IS OF THE AIR BLADDER TYPE - this was in the 04 that we own it was standard in the two front leather seats - it is the perfect solution for ME, my wife complains that the adj. that I made was not good for her so I simply re-adj. her seat - the adjustment is not easy it appears to work on the

    curvature of your spine at 4 points you can increase or decrease the pressure - takes some

    work to get it rite I am a happy camper at this

    point. the instructions are in the book it takes some work. also make sure that it still comes with the 05's . Good luck.
  • Thanks, I appreciate the input. I really like the additional pelvis support (sides) of the sport seat, but perhaps the inflatable lumbar will do the trick. BMW's (I have an X-5), tilt rearward and all you can do is lower front of cushion. Ideal posture is to have the back part of the lower cushion, slightly higher than the front. I'm also looking into having a custom auto upholsterer, retro my existing OR new seat if I go with the 05 X-3. Great handling with the same engine and tranny of my X-5, but 700lbs!
  • Folks, I was wondering if there was anything I should do to the x3, if i am going to be out of town for a few weeks.. it will be sitting in the garage, otherwise, but anything special that needs to be done?
  • jeff33jeff33 Posts: 22
    I recently started using the BMW Visa to purchase my gasoline, as the points are supposed to be doubled for this use. Can someone tell me if there is a catalog of merchandise or a website I should access to see what is available? Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Our long term X3:


    "Immediately staff members began to rave about the X3's quick responses; its substantial feeling on the road, which is unusual for such a small vehicle; and its gutsy inline-six engine"


    Long-Term Test: 2005 BMW X3


    Steve, Host
  • I need some help. I'm buying a new 2.5 X3 today or tomorrow. I have two options:


    Option 1: MSRP on this is $30,300. With automatic trans, moonroof, heated front seats and privacy glass, plus all fees, suggested price is $34,470.


    Option 2: MSRP is $30,300. With automatic trans, moonroof, foglights, xenon headlights, on-board computer, navigation system and privacy glass, plus all fees, suggested price is $37,205.


    A few questions: 1. How much can I reasonably get each car for? 2. The 7% profit that is made on cars - is it from MSRP or suggested price?

    (I'm trading in my old BMW for this, but will negotiate a separate price for that. Just want to know the facts on straight buying first.)


    Any help appreciated.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please don't post the same message in multiple discussions. Thanks.


    tidester, host
  • sorry. had some problems.
  • Hi All,


    I think I have identified a small weakness in my X3. To update, my 3.0i is now 6 months old with 7800 miles. It has not been to the dealer since purchase, and has done most of everything I have asked it to do. However, the performance of the Pirelli STR tires in snow can be a bit troubling. Driving on snow covered roads seems to make the DSC work overtime. I don't mind this so much, but in deeper snow (>3") the tires pack up easily which makes the entire car shift sideways when launching. This can be a little nerveracking if you are trying to start off on a hill, or in places where deep shoulders are right next to the road.


    It's not much of a problem really, but it could easily be cured by a set of snow tires. Has anyone purchased snow tires for their X3? What kind did you choose, and what wheels did you use? Also, are there any other other tire/wheel combinations that can be used without compromising the car or warranty?


    Other than this, the tires are fabulous on dry and wet pavement. The X3 in general has been great, even while trailering for several hundred miles. Gas mileage is still pretty good. If I take it easy I average about 21, while if I drive it a little harder it drops to about 19. Since winter hit, mileage has dropped about 1 mpg on average.


    No squeaks !!!! (mine is sans moonroof)



  • I have almost 14,000 miles and will be going in for my first service within 3 weeks. This vehicle has never been back to the dealer yet in a year and I can not say that for any other vehicle I have ever bought. My only complaint is gas milage of about 16.5 to 17 around town but it does very well on the highway at about 24 mpg.

    I have the sport package and it handles great. My wife thought we had run flat tires but it does not but she ran one when it was flat so $300 for a new Dunlop Sport 01.
  • ski2ski2 Posts: 1
    Purchased a X-3 in July 04 and took European delivery. Traveled for 3 weeks thru 5 country's and experienced the same howling noise at 70mph like someone blowing across the top of a bottle. I called Munich ,where we accepted delivery, and they said that they made note of it and to discuss the issue with our dealer Stateside. The dealers service department claimed no knowledge of such a problem and furthermore would not road test the car because the problem occurred above the states (NJ) speed limit !! I at times do 70mph and this problem definitely exists. My next step is to work through the Owners Circle. All other aspects of this car meet my expectations. TX Ski2
  • I recently test drove the X3 and am interested in purchasing one! The dealer said that they did not have any special financing options and were selling the X3 close to the sticker at this point. Of course, I realize that all dealers are going to tell you this......but can anyone tell me when the best time to purchase is? Does BMW have any special financing or discounts during the year? I am in the Houston area.....


  • YMMV, but I bought mine 2 weeks ago for 1k over invoice (3.0, pp, h-seats, h-s-wheel, xenons, sat prep).
  • does anyone know if 3 carseats fit in the back. i have a britax front facing, one booster without the back, and the same booster with its back. i haven't have any time to actually going to the dealer to try them on. i know these three seats will fit in an impala. any thought? thanks
  • Just to confirm...I brought back 2 BMWs from Germany to the States and the warranty DOES rollover to the U.S. 4yr/50K miles deal. No worries...I've had mine in for some routine stuff and it was in the system. Just make sure you register it with BMWNA before you come back.
  • Just had my '04 X3 into the dealer for a leak...turned out to be the steering system (not the best thing to have leaking). They kept it for about a week awaiting parts, since the vehicle is so new (according to them). Anyway, just noticed that it is still leaking...anyone else experienced a leaky steering unit??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    ashley1... jeffkiel got a good deal, and that shouldn't be too hard to achieve..


    You can look up invoice prices here on Edmunds or on KBB.. Or, figure about $2000-$2500 off MSRP..


    The better value is the 3.0 model... They have made automatic and moonroof standard without any corresponding increase in price...


    Check out the X3-prices paid forum..


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  • It has been 2 long months but my 3.0 will be built next week, got the VIN# today, so time to go to the bank and settle-up with the dealer. NLT 2 wks delivery time from Graz Austria to Kaiserslautern Germany, and I will be rolling hopefully by 4 Mar.

    I will be getting the the following dealer installed options: chrome exhaust tips, alarm, side running boards, european Nav DVD, roof railing cross pieces, and matching roof box. Anyone have any tips on taking delivery, a cheat sheet, list of the key coding options



  • ab1ab1 Posts: 7
    Hi all,

      I got my X3 3.0, no options last December.

      Sorry for the long post. I am just too frustrated.


      So far I noticed these quality issues:


    1- Washers for rear and front wipers were switched. Washing rear window when wiping the front. I want to the dealer, and it was a matter of flipping two wires. But the fact the BMW did not check for such thing before shipping the vehicle is alarming.


    2- When I roll up or down any window, another one opens at the same time. Ex. if I roll up the driver's window, the driver's window goes up, and the rear right passenger's window goes down. This is very alarming if this happened without me noticing. A car wash can end up as a nightmare if you coming in unaware that one of your windows is open.


    3- I hear a cracking sound when pressing or releasing the brakes at low speed. The sales person told me that was because the car was new and it will go away when it breaks in, but it still has the same problem.


    4- The remote keyless entry does not work all the time. I could not find a pattern. When I first bought the car, the dealer said it was because we were too close to their building, and said something about having special devices that are affecting it. I did not buy what he said, but I thought that the keys might not have been charged. It has been two months now, and both keys are well charged. And the problem still comes up every now and then. I could not detect a pattern to report it to the dealer yet.


    5- After a car wash, it seems that water leaks inside the door. Even after the car dries out, if i roll down the windows and roll them back up, they come out wet.


    Other than these issues, the car is fun to drive. The handling is awesome. It has been making 15.1 mpg in town roads. I do not speed or push the car hard when starting at traffic lights. Usually driving 40-45 mph. Average speed is 30mph.


    Overall, I am very disappointed with BMW, I am not fan nor am I a foe for BMW. I was only looking for a good car. I was willing to pay a premium for that, but I don't think I got what I payed for.


    These wiring issues are not too big a deal. But what I am afraid of is if I have a crash on the driver side. I do not want to right passenger airbags to deploy instead.


    That was my first BMW, and it is could be my last.
  • Thanks for the advice!
  • dbthdbth Posts: 9
    I am interested in a new x3 with navigation.It appears that in my initial search that most x3 are shipped without the navigation.My preference is White with Terracotta leather, premium and cold weather and the navigation.Will I have to special order and if so , is the european delivery the way to go?

    Also any feedback or experience with the ipod interface.

    On pricing I have seen $399 lease with $2500 down advertised for 3.0 with premium and cold weather package(Manhattan BMW which is corporate owned).I currently driving a 98 528 (original owner)and have not shopped for a car in quite some time and any help is greatly appreciated!!
  • I am so sorry and surprised to hear about your experience with the X3.


    I bought my 05 2005 X3 3.0 in January and have had the best buying, driving, quality, engineering experience I have every had with any car. It is just outstanding!


    I hope BMW makes this right with you. Don't give up on BMW...
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