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  • Amen! They are expensive, but to get the best value in the X3, get the 3.0. You get more features for the buck. I agree with you though... when spending this much for a car, thrifty is not in the vocab....get the options you want! If you can't afford the fuel, get a less expensive car to begin with.
  • I had a problem with noise but they did not fix it to my satisfaction. To really not hear the noise I have to have the radio on or close the sun roof visor. The latest problems I have with my X3 is the passenger window motor and the passenger air bag sensor. The window would go up and down after I pressed the button for it to go up. The air bag deactivated light stays on even with a 250 pound man in the seat. Am I the only on with quality control issues? I know it's the first model year, but aren't these technologies in other vehicles as well?
  • Hi Board: six months and 6,000 miles in, and a very odd thing happened: picked up the car at the garage and it was vibrating wildly. Like bad timing and uneven idle. Drove a few blocks, pulled over, turned the car off and re-started, and it went away.


    I wouldn't have thought anything of it, except the garage attendant said they noticed the same problem on someone else's. Not a good vibration.
  • My 2004 just rolled over to 10,000 miles...and the moment it did, I noticed the passenger side airbag light is still on even though there is a passenger in the seat. I played with the buckle. It went out. Then the red airbag indicator on the dash display now stays on all the time.


    Here's the deal. This is probably an annoying sensor malfunction. BUT how am I supposed to be confident in other sensors that pertain to the advanced X-drive systems, the Hill descent system etc if something as innocuous as the air bag lights are screwing up already???!!!


    I read where "fiddell" has had the same problem. What has been the solution so far?
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    I also had the Pirellis on my X3, and purchased a set of Dunlop M3s that I had mounted on the original rims. I live in rural Massachusetts, so I consider snow tires a must in the winter.

    The M3s are excellent in the snow, and their driving characteristics in all other conditions are also very good, especially considering that they are snow tires.

    Responsiveness, dry and wet grip, resistance to hydroplaning: all excellent. Ride comfort: at least as good as the Pirellis. Highly recommended.
  • ab1ab1 Posts: 7
    Fiddell, you are not the only one with QC issues, please see my post above.
  • bmwnabmwna Posts: 32
    I’m with BMW of North America, LLC. I’m sorry to read about these problems with your X3. If you want our assistance, please phone us at (800) 831-1117 or email us at, and mention Reference #200504900419 so that we can help you more efficiently.
  • Since purchasing my X3 last fall, I have jet been able to open the sunroof while driving. The glass in the sunroof rattled and vibrates so badly, that it sounds like the glass is going to either fall out or shatter at any moment. I have to always close the sunroof and just open the ventilation for satisfaction. I have been meaning to it in for a checkup, but as of yet, haven't had time. Also, the sunroof shade/cover rattles and makes an annoying noise when opened all the way, as if it is banging on something while I'm driving. The rattles and noises in my X3 almost drive me insane sometimes. I also have a creak underneath the driver's seat. Has anyone else noticed the sunroof glass problem, or the other creaks? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The BMW X3 is made at a non-BMW factory in Austria. What a joke!

    The black bumpers SCREAM cheapo.
  • jeff33jeff33 Posts: 22
    Dear xkss: Your hatred of BMW's is easily seen. It is your prerogative. Your definition of a joke, and your opinion on bumpers, however, are not facts, but opinions. To call them facts is incorrect. I'm sure what "facts" you know will be much better appreciated on the Pontiac (that quality machine!) talkboard. People buy what they like. This is already more than your posting is worth.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Magna Steyr in Graz is highly regarded and respected in the automotive supply industry and builds to the specifications of its clients. I recommend relegating one's political diatribes to a more suitable forum.

    tidester, host
  • Here's some "Facts".
    I actually own a X3. After 1 year and 20,000 miles, it is a "Fact" that this has been the best built and most trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. This includes the "German Built" 325I that I traded in.

    As the great Joe Friday would say...Just the facts mam.
  • You must have a different X3 than I do. I have had many problems, noises and technical. I wish I were as lucky as you since I do enjoy driving mine when it's not at the dealer. I'm still waiting for my airbag sensor which is on national backorder. It's been 10 days and now I was told it won't be here until March 2nd. :(
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    Well, our experience is the same as yours after 1 year and 12,000 miles. Our X3 is the most trouble free car we've bought, and the list includes 4 other BMWs and 3 Honda/Acura products.
  • ab1ab1 Posts: 7
    I have the same problem. I actually thought it was a design artifact, not a defect.

    Has anybody been able to drive @50mph with the moonroof open without the rattling?
  • I am not an expert, but EVERY suv that I have owned with a sunroof has this same issue. I think it has something to do with introducing standing waves since the air enters the car through the roof, hits the back door, has no where to go. You just need to crack the back windows slightly to give the air someplace to go and it stops.
  • Sorry to bother you, but I'm seriously considering buying an X3 3.0 and I'd like someone to tell me what fuel milage I can expect in city and highway driving from their actual experiences.

    Appreciate your help.
  • Hi Slingshot,

    I have a X3 3.0 AT and following is a brief summary on fuel milage so far after ~3000 miles:

    - 100% pure highway at ~65mph: 24.5mpg
    - 80% hwy: 19 mpg
    - 20% hwy: 15 mpg
  • Had our X3 3.0 about 5-6 months. Love the car except for one continuous problem. At least four to five times now the key or I should say either key will not unlock the doors. One time my wife had to climb through the rear hatch(the only door she could get to open manually with key) to unlock the front door. Dealer said it was an RF problem that BMW has not come up with a fix yet.
    This answer is just not acceptable. There must be a way to filter the interference? Anyone else with same problem?
    Did contact BMWNA yesterday waiting for reply.
    Appreciate any help.
    New to this forum hope this goes to the right place.
  • [quote]a little tidbit for the few of you that have experienced poor or no remote key operation.

    Visit your dealer and tell them about your key problem and also tell them to look up BMW bulletin SI B 66 01 04 to cure the problem.[/quote]

    This is from another board. I believe it involves changing the rear view mirror, and having the antenna for the remote there.

    I have experienced occasional problems in very specific locations where the remote on the key doesn't work, however I was always able to manually lock/unlock the doors with the key.
  • corralcorral Posts: 58
    I have the same problem as do many other people. Is Bmw handeling you well or putting you off untill parts come in in several weeks?? Be cautious about putting a passenger in the front seat as there is a ? about weather or not the airbag will deploy at all. Bmw told me there is a system default that will deploy in any crash. But the light clearly claims pass airbag off. Read my posts 1548, and 1556 and 1621,1622,1623,1624. Let me know how it all works out.
  • We just purchased our 2005 X3 3.0 last Sat.My wife seem to noticed a bumpier ride than the 01 Nissan Pathfinder we traded in (she drives the X3, I drive 330xi)We didn't take sport package.She kept insisting that the ride is so bumpy she has a headache and nausea after driving X3 from work.She drove my car a week before the X3 arrived and now compares the ride to my car which she likes much better, according to her a much smoother ride. Has anyone experience this?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    That's just the way it was designed--all X3's have a very firm ride. Sport Package models can beat your teeth out over bumps. Didn't you ever read any revies of an X3?

    I guess that's why people test drive cars--did your wife do that beforehand? There's no real problem with it, but compared to a Pathfinder or 3-series, I can see how the ride can seem a little hard, but it's just a characteristic of the design.
  • Of course we test drove one, for some reason it was not noticeable probably because our focus was in to other things in the car.I saw previous posts regarding tire pressure helping to ease harsh drive.Will it?Other posts said drive (harsh)changes after few miles is put in the car.I have about 400 km right now.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    The X3 ride is definitely on the firm side, but also check your tire pressures if you haven't already. They're way overinflated at the factory to avoid flat spotting during transit to the dealer and it is common for this to be overlooked in pre-delivery inspection. (Which is a sad statement about how most dealers don't even bother with the most basic mechanical adjustments before delivering a car.)

    I've had two new cars delivered to me with tire pressures nearly 20 psi too high.

    - Mark
  • We just came back from our dealer to test drive an X3 3.0 with 15,000km in it.It was a totally different car, smoother and not as stiff.Understandable because it is broken in.But the harshness of the drive I couldn't understand.Anyway we had the assistant shop foreman drove our car with us.He said that X3 are more sensitive to the road bumps anyway but he will definitely check the tire pressure and suspension for us when we get to the dealership,which he did.TIRE PRESSURE WERE UP TO THE MAX as Mark posted in #1717.They fixed that and we drove home. We're in a totally different car this time and a BMW which we always love. Thanks for all your input.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Glad this worked out. You've got a great SUV. I'd purchase a simple pencil tire-gauge at a local car parts store, put it in the glove box and use it once/month or so. Have fun,

    - Mark
  • Yeah, this is not the normal sound reverberations that a sunroof is prone to have, this is actually the glass slamming against itself when extended all the way back, not sure it's the same issue. I have experience the sound reverberations before with previous cars, not the same. Any other ideas? Anyone else experience this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    My first thought, when I get in cars with massive, over-size sunroofs (The X3 and the MINI come to mind), is that it has to be extremely hard to have that much open space and glass, and not have rattle or alignment problems...

    The roof is a major structural part of the car, that keeps the whole body together... Cutting that big of a hole, has to make it more likely to create problems...

    That said, I wouldn't order either of those two cars without it.... I hear of lots of problems with the X3 sunroofs.. and, I'm not that surprised... Hope they can fix yours..



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  • NP. Sounds like a real issue, then. Mine is tight (except for the helicopter sound) so I would think you need to have the techs fix it up for you.
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