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Cadillac STS/STS-V: What's New for 2007?



  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    The Chrysler 300C is not classified as a truck; the Dodge Magnum (with its flat load floor) is. Both vehicles' mileage figures (17/25 with the HEMI V8) wouldn't subject them to the gas guzzler tax, anyway.

     -- Mark
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    My Personal Assistant (!) said last week that pricing would be released today.

    Has anyone else heard that? Or anything different?

    - Ray
    Wondering what a V8, 1SG, NAV, HUD and a heated steering wheel will list for . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933

    It certainly includes lots of stuff (Sat Nav, heated and ventilated front seats, Xenon, Limited Slip, Performance Brakes, etc) - most all I would want, but . . .

    And, as Mark said, this puts even a V8 RWD 1SG over $60K.


    - Ray
    WOW. . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    Where are you finding the pricing???
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Please no boos or hisses, yet. . .blurb in new Motor Trend magazine about a Chrysler 300C AWD SRT-8 -- 425 or 435 HP, more sport, more lux stuff -- wanna bet it will NOT exceed $44K?


    The Cadillac may be too expensive.

    I think I'll go back to Audi and still keep my eye on the new Acura RL.

    Perhaps Cadillac will just add AWD to the CTS -- one of my employees just got a CTS, and it is REALLY nice, and not even a CTS-v.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    "Where are you finding the pricing??? "

    Since I had been told that the official pricing would be released on the 10th, I contacted my local dealer. Clueless.

    So I sent an e-mail to my (?) Caddy Personal Assistant requesting only two things: 1SG pricing and HUD availability.

    I expect that it will be on Edmunds and KBB - and on the Caddy web site shortly.
    - Ray
    Remembering when I could buy a pretty nice new (whole) car for $13K . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I tried to find pricing info but it has not been posted yet.

    I did find a site with all of the options.
    I am not at all happy with how Cadillac has bundled these options.

    They have debundled options on both the CTS and SRX in response to criticism.

    But haven't here.

    Looks like you can't get the "Sport" package without buying the full on 1SC package(V6)

    Can't get the 18" wheels on the V6 either.

    The wood trim that they have shown in all the pics is OPTIONAL!

    So I guess the base cars will have a sea of black trim on the center stack. Arrgh!

    Go back to ala carte ordering Cadillac!

    here is the site. - S/STS_V6_RWD/2005/options.html?STS_V6_RWD=2005&Cadillac=STS
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    “The Cadillac may be too expensive."

    Exactly what GM wants. They would like to move only 30,000 Per Year of the STS world wide, push Cadillac upscale, towards the $100 K’s and make for Buick to go for low price luxury. It may be a good way to do it. You know, when you see a Cadillac, you will know what those people paid for it….. That is the Idea
  • nbfc260nbfc260 Posts: 7
    Here are the prices that i got from my personal asst. for the V8

    standard V8 46,800
    1SE package 2,845
    1SF package 11,065
    1SG package 13,100
    AWD option 1,900
    Dest. Charge 695.00

    You need to get the 1SG Package in order to get the AWD option that is the only way to get AWD. Basically if you add up the V8,1SG,AWD and Dest. the vehicle comes out to over 62,500. If anybody has anything else regarding prices let us know.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,779
    Hell, I remember when I could buy a pretty nice new Cadillac for $13K.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    I HOPE that the prices reflected in earlier posts (e.g. ~60K for a sport equipped V8 STS) are NOT accurate. In my humble opinion, Cadillac does not YET have the bonafides to charge this much for this car. Recall Lexus charging $35K for their new LS in '89. May not have covered all their costs, but caused a huge interest in the car and with its now bullet-proof acceptance of this marque can charge full market prices. Caddy's have lost their premium status and will not regain it by throwing their new car out against established marques at equal prices (e.g. Lexus LS430, Mercedes E500, etc). Cadillac needs to underprice these brands at least initially so that they can ensure they bring in buyers. If the quality and performance hold up, they will easily be able to raise the price into competitive areas.
  • dutchmandutchman Posts: 1
    I visited my local Cadillac dealer today and asked when the 1st STS was arriving. The guy told me July and asked if I'd seen the final pricing (which he was happy to share - even gave me a copy to take with).

    I saw pricing for all seven V6 & V8 packages (3 V6 - Std, Luxury & Performance) and 4 V8 (same 3 plus a top of the line Prestige package which has everything).

    Here's the details on the V6s:

    Standard; MSRP: $40,995. Expected to account for 10% of V6 sales, 7% of total STS sales. Includes:
    - Stabilitrak
    -17" painted wheels
    - 5 spd auto stick
    - Express power windows (all 4)
    - 8 way pwr seats
    - Leather
    - Keyless access with pushbutton start
    - Remote start
    - Bose w/ CD & 8 speakers
    - Only a la carte option is Engine Block Heater

    Luxury: MSRP: $43,470. Expected to account or 60% of V6 sales, 42% of total STS sales. Includes above plus:- Memory settings
    - 6 disc changer
    - Heated front seats
    - Rainsense wipers
    - Homelink
    - XM Radio
    -Wood package
    - Only options Sunroof ($1200), 17" polished wheels ($600) & engine block heater

    Luxury Performance; MSRP: $49,560. 30% of V6 sales; 21% of total STS sales. Includes all the above plus:
    - Bose 5.1 surround sound, DVD & navi
    - Rear heated seats & heated steering wheel
    - Ventilated seats
    - Performance brakes & lmtd slip differential
    - Decklid spolier
    - Uplevel wood trim
    - 17" polished wheels
    - Sunroof
    - Only option is engine block heater

    The V8 started at $46,000 for base and went up to $61,995 for Prestige (which initially will be the only way to get AWD).

    Don't know about you guys, but with a CTS Lux Sport running $41-$3K, this seems like an incredible price for this vehicle.

    Sign me up!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    “I HOPE that the prices reflected in earlier posts (e.g. ~60K for a sport equipped V8 STS) are NOT accurate. In my humble opinion, Cadillac does not YET have the bonafides to charge this much for this car.”

    I believe that the prices posted are an accurate reflection of MSRP. What these cars will actually sell for, after discounts / rebates, who knows.

    Although I have not yet driven one, my sense is that this will be a very good car. (Whatever the opinions of the testers, once published, I expect to drive one or 2.) But even with the apparent success of the CTS-V, I am not convinced that many people will pay these prices for this car – yet.

    Caddy clearly does have a long established reputation. But it is NOT in the high performance sedan arena. Caddy deciding to go up against the best (the standards) in the world (today) like the BMW 5, the new A6, the MB E-Class, etc. is going to be difficult for many reasons, really – but for Caddy, there is the added problem that many people in the market for a sedan of similar specifications will not even look seriously at the Caddy, because it has not yet established an ownership base in this class. If the pricing is also perceived to be rather high for the value received, sales will be even more difficult.

    And decisions like only offering AWD with the V8 1SG will mean that the minimum list price will be in the $62K range. An AWD Caddy sport sedan may be of interest to some, but the number interested at that price is likely to be smaller than if base / 1SE V8s and V6s were also available with the option.

    More aggressive pricing, at least to start, would be one way to raise awareness and better balance the value perception. And then, pricing could be adjusted.

    We’ll see.
    - Ray
    No marketing wiz – but a potential buyer . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .in November 1996, I picked up my 1997 Audi A8 with the optional wheels and Peal White Metallic paint. MSRP was $71K. I essentially had a money factor of 0% and I got a 36 month lease which, as I recall was just south of $1000 month (no money down, Audi made the first payment, kind of thing).

    The car was very nice -- Audi did, however lower the price and increase the content over the next few years.

    I know there are a lot of Audi naysayers -- but at this time, Cadillac has about as much chance of getting me to shell out $62K for a first year STS as VW has of getting most of us to shell out $66 to $96K for a Phaeton.

    The Lexus approach, as I have heard it called, is to convince the market by offering value and then move the price point upmarket.

    The CTS seems like a pretty good car, maybe even a very good car -- the current other Caddys do not impress most Euro Premium buyers (and probably not many Japanese Premium buyers).

    To put it into perspective, the Chrysler 300C may prove to be a bad value (a year or so from now). But, itintially, the 300C Hemi with all options seems to be "according to others, who write this stuff for a living" a lot of car for the money (I've read reviews of the 300C that claim it feels like a car $10,000 more).

    The new Cadillac looks great and I might be a customer if I could order the V8, AWD and cherry pick an option or two to get the price (MSRP) in the low to mid 50's.

    I guess I'll just say "too much $$$ too quickly" -- and this coming from a guy who thinks the Phaeton (if leased) is a heck-of-a bargain compared with t Mercedes which is subtantially more $$ and is only RWD.

    I hope they, Cadillac, unbundles the options a bit, so that ordering AWD does not automatically add $11,000 - $13,000 in bundled options.

    Hey, maybe it IS the bargain of the decade -- the issue, to repeat, is that without any history, this is too much money. I'll stick with the Germans and possibly the Japanese. And, who knows, perhaps the 300C SRT-8 might be the "steal of the decade" if you can stand entering a Chyrsler dealership.

    At least the Cincinnati Cadillac dealers have learned how to "act" like the German Premium brand dealers. Not so the Herb Tarlicks that still populate Chryco dealerships -- plaid pants, white shoes and belts and all. . . .

    C'mon Cadillac, throw us a bone, let us order the V6 with the AWD option or the V8 without the kitchen sink!

    For the time being, Cadillac, your reputation (the one that you want) does NOT precede you.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    "in November 1996, I picked up my 1997 Audi A8 with the optional wheels and Peal White Metallic paint. MSRP was $71K. "

    From the Audi A8 forum, regarding availability of the SWB A8: “The A8 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $66,590.”

    Does this make the 2004 A8 at this list price 'a bargain' - relatively speaking???

    And with he new Caddy STS V8 AWD (1SG) apparently to be in the $62K range, does this mean that the STS will turn out to be a bargain?

    - Ray
    Rhetorical questions, I suppose . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Does this make the 2004 A8 at this list price 'a bargain' - relatively speaking???

    No, if you factor in the time value of money, I do not think it a bargain....
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Well, bargains are in the eye of the buyer, so to speak. I think the new Chrysler 300C is probably a bargain, ditto the VW Phaeton (have you seen the lease deals?). The Audi, so I read, compared with it's competition, BMW 7 and Mercedes S is perhaps the value leader since it is the LWD version (currently) and has AWD.

    The Acura RL, which I see is being presented "as if" it is in the same class as the Cadillac (July Automobile magazine, FWIW) and it will be maxed out at $49,650 w/SH AWD and a 300 HP [V6] engine -- bargain?

    Who knows -- my point is that the STS at $62,500 equipped the way I would want it, just got about $8 to $10K too high.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .I went to the Cadillac site, and built a V8 SRX w/AWD and performance luxury options. About $54K.

    What on earth makes Cadillac think the other $8,500 worth of stuff should be foisted upon the customer who wants, essentially, a V8 + AWD STS (which on the SRX is $1,900 -- that seems reasonable).

    The STS must "cost" about the same as the SRX, wouldn't you think?
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    I think what you pay above the reasonable price is the Brand mark up to shock and awe your neighbors as to how affluent you've become lately....
    If they are cruising around in a cheap Benz and you have an STS worth $62K, they will get the message..... At these prices, you are beyond bargain hunting, you are essentially buying prestige.... Lutz calls Bargains in this Segment, Mass Luxury will leather, he want to move Cadillac away from that segment and let Buick take it, Hence the higher prices Cadillac is asking for.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    Preliminary start-of-production prices.

    Base Model Prices
    Model...Model Description......................MSRP(c)...........Destination
    6DW29...STS V6 Luxury Sports Sedan.............$40,300.00.........$695.00
    6DC29...STS V8 Luxury Sports Sedan.............$46,800.00.........$695.00

    Option Packages
    1SA.............1SA Standard Package....................$0.00
    1SB.............1SB Luxury Package......................$2,390.00
    1SC.............1SC Luxury Performance Package..........$8,595.00
    1SE.............1SE Luxury Package......................$2,845.00
    1SF.............1SF Luxury Performance Package..........$11,065.00
    1SG.............1SG Premium Lux Performance Pkg.........$13,115.00
    PCR.............Premium Upgrade Package.................$730.00
    QAF.............Performance Handling Package............$795.00

    Additional Options
    K59..........Adaptive Cruise Control....................$2,300.00
    MV3..........All Wheel Drive............................$1,900.00
    V03..........Performance Cooling Package................$150.00
    K05..........Engine Block Heater........................$100.00
    29U..........Red Line Premium Color.....................$995.00
    98U..........White Diamond Premium Color................$995.00
    R8E..........Gas Guzzler Tax (w/MV3 AWD)................$1,000.00
    IL3..........Premium Tuscany Leather Seats..............$1,200.00
    U2K..........XM Satellite...............................$325.00
    CF5..........Express Open/Close Sunroof.................$1,200.00
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    "1SE.............1SE Luxury Package......................$2,845.00"

    Given that this is the 1st level package for the V8, any list of what options are included?

    No link I have seen specifies what this includes.

    Must be some of what is included in 1SF and 1SG - but $2,845 to $11,065 seems like a BIG jump to me. . .

    - Ray
    Curious . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    Plowed through the order guide – twice.

    Looks to me like 1SE includes:

    Memory Pkg – A45
    Heated Front Seats – KA1
    Heated Rear Seats – KA6
    Sound System – YQ2
    Leather Heated Steering Wheel – NR7
    Homelink – VG1
    Wood Trim (some) – B19
    Electrochrome rearview mirror w/compass – DD7

    Not a sunroof.

    Plus ability to order some additional options (sunroof) separately.
    But some (LSD) you still cannot order with ‘just’ the 1SE.
    Interesting. (Sort of.)

    But this is really still a guess.

    - Ray
    Still waiting for “Build My Caddy” / STS to be added to their web site . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    KBB shows EPA highway = 26 mpg for V8 w/3.42.

    - Ray
    Thinking that (at least) is pretty reasonable . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    Although Edmunds still does not seem to have pricing / availability (Caddy had not yet put it under ‘build your Caddy’ on their web site, either) according to KBB, you cannot order an STS without at least the 1SE package - $2,845. And my experience has been that KBB is pretty accurate.

    This makes the ‘real’, current minimum base MSRP for the V8 = over $50K.

    - Ray
    Not understanding this marketing strategy . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • This from GM's website
    2005 Cadillac STS luxury performance sedan will start at $40,995, including a destination freight charge of $695.
    4.6L Northstar engine with 320 horsepower and 315 lb-ft. of torque, will start at $47,495 (including DFC of $695.
    I think the prices are priced just right..Cadillac does not need to be looked at as a good value budget luxury car like Acura is....Any valet will just to a Cadillac before they jump into a bland Acura. So what if they seem pricey then don't buy. Cadillac keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,933
    I could have been more specific - I was referring to Options / Packages pricing and availability.
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • "It also have a bunch of industry first such as an adjustable screen and automatic high/low beam operation. "

    Yeah, Cadillac had automatic high/low beam back in what, 1955?

    My 1985 Lincoln Continental had it too.
  • " This is a marketing disaster and WILL NOT get BMW owners to trade in their Bimmers for Caddies."

    BMW owners won't trade in their Bimmers for Caddies because the Caddies don't have the blue and white rondel on the hood.

    BTW, CTS is outselling the 3 series these days.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    That feature was known as "Guidematic headlamps" and they indeed date back to the '50s. The problem with them was that they used a simple light sensor to determine whether or not to dim the lights, and in practice it didn't work as well as it could.

    The new system uses a computer sensor to make some judgements on whether or not an oncoming car is resposible for the approaching light, or whether or not it is something else. The system will hopefully have a fast reaction time than the previous systems.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Tacttown. It was great that Cadillac Choose the Vette Motor, The LS6 is one of the most and respected powertrains in the world today.
    Though its a Pushrod its also a very advanced engine. Its not the so called Small block of the 60's. Its completely redesigned and engineered with all the electronic wizardry of the new milinium....

    No wonder M3 foreign car owners are quickly dissapointed when they try to light a candle in the precense of the Z06
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