Truck keeps stalling

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I have a 2000 dodge ram Laramie 1500 5.2, and it keeps stalling. Ive replaced my fuel pump and filter, idal air valve. And replaced my air filter box because the back wasnt staying shut. And it fixed it only for temporary. Still having the same problem. Could anyone please help


  • tarzan5tarzan5 Member Posts: 3
    Ever discover the solution?
    I've got the same trouble.
  • unclehotrod13unclehotrod13 Member Posts: 3
    i found an inside fuel tank leak.. at top of lid on gas tank, when you pull it out, where fuel line meets the lid, is a plastic part, behind that is a rotted O ring.. i cut a sliver of fuel line and made an O ring.. runs good..
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    my father inlaw has a 88 1500 throttle body he drives it 8-10 mile when warm will stall cannot get it restated codes read 21 and 33 but not sure how to fix the code 21 will fire when cold sometimes any clues he has replaces fuel filter
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    code 21 is for an 02 sensor but that shouldn't keep the truck from starting, so I think there's more going on here. When the vehicle doesn't start--that's the time to test immediately for spark at the plugs and to test the fuel pressure. Another thing to look at would be the coolant temperature sensor, as it might be allowing the truck to run rich when warm. Lots of possibilities here---even a vacuum leak is suspect.

    Here's a VIDEO on how to test an 02 sensor.
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