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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The fuel economy of Honda V6's has always been good. I think maybe the TSX and TL are close in EPA ratings for a couple of reasons.

    First, the I4 in the TSX is in a fairly high state of tune (not to say that the TL's V6 is not) and can be a tad on the thirsty side when pushed. This is not to say that it's bad at all. I still get well over 30 MPG on pure freeway driving. You can drive it hard, or you can drive it sedately, the car performs well either way.

    Second, I think the TSX is geared a little lower than the TL, which would contribute to fuel economy also. It also makes the TSX quite spirited to drive in its 6 MT form. The AT version is geared a little taller, so may get slightly better fuel economy.

    I believe for the '06 TSX's such features as Bluetooth wireless will be available. I think memory drivier seating will also be available. These are things that were only available previously on the TL. Thus, the gap between the two cars has been closed a bit. The TL will still have a superior sound system (5.1 DVD). Both cars have very nice interiors, and which is better is mostly a matter of opinion.

    The TSX also gets a slight bump in HP for '06.

    The TSX isn't that much smaller than the TL, you're right, but its quick steering, and tight chassis make it feel more nimble and tossable, thus giving the impression that it's smaller. So, while it may not be dimensionally that much smaller, it drives that way.

    Bottom line, both are great cars, but the TSX may be a better value. Just my opinion.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • I saw the JD Power rating for the 2005 TSX and it's quite average, what gives? Actually, Acura was overall ranked quite average unless I'm missing something?

    I love my TSX regardless but why the mediocre ratings?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    That's what average means. Not spectacular or exceptional but predictable and dependable. To me Acura's are like Michelin tires, not the very best but good enough for all situations.
    Comparing the TSX to TL, I would say since the 4-cylinder has to work so hard it may not be as durable as the V-6 in the TL. Furthermore, the quality of the leather in the TL is much better than in the TSX. However, neither is anything close to the supple and refined leather in the RL.
  • ji4ji4 Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2005 TSX with Navigation, All Weather Mats, Wheel Locks, and Splash Guards for 27,700 .... The OTD price was 28,719... This was at Chevy Chase Acura... What are other people's buying experiences? Has anyone been able to do better in this area?
  • However, neither is anything close to the supple and refined leather in the RL.

    Neither is eithers MSRP.
  • Hey mhasan, I've never placed a ton of stock in the JD Powers rankings. I'm assuming you're referring to the Initial Quality rankings, which reflects problems reported in the first 90 days of ownership.

    I suppose it could be disconcerting that Acura has dropped, but the only experience I have is with my own TSX, and, except for one niggling problem, the car has been rock solid. That problem was the trunk release lever sticking in the locked position. It was repaired under warranty and, I believe, it was past the 90 day mark of my ownership.

    Initial ratings are fine, but since all those problems would be repaired under warranty anyway, how much do they really tell us? I don't know.

    I do know there was issues with rattles in earlier TSX's, so maybe that is part of the problem.

    Mechanically (drivetrain, etc.) my car has been perfect. How about yours? Any issues?

  • I want to thank everyone who have provided prices-paid data to this forum. It is invaluable information when preparing to buy a new car. And now it is my turn to help the next guy/gal.

    After considering the Acura TL, Acura TSX, BMW 325i, and Infiniti G35, I selected a 2005 TSX AT nonNav in carbon gray with quatrz interior. I bought the car last week from Sunnyvale Acura:

    $27,805 MSRP
    $25,399 Invoice

    Purchase vehicle for $25,649 + doc fee +Tax + License. Doc fee was $45. I did not have a trade-in. Odometer reading was 4 miles. Car included full tank of gas and wheel locks. Did initial contact via internet for test drive and request dealer quote. The car arrived ~ 3 days and took possession the next day. It was the easiest car purchase I have ever made. No hassle and no surprises. Love the car. :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Congratulations on your new car!!

    Seems like you did your homework, and got a great deal..

    Stick around and check out our other TSX discussions...

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  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    Purchase vehicle for $25,649 + doc fee +Tax + License. Doc fee was $45... Did initial contact via internet for test drive and request dealer quote.... It was the easiest car purchase I have ever made. No hassle and no surprises

    This is a very good deal indeed. I am very curious though, what was the dealer's original quote and your original offer and how much back and forth before settling on the final agreed price? Our Boston area dealer quoted us $26,300 but we did not counter offer as he low-balled us on the trade.
  • Actually, there was no back and forth. I wanted to pay around dealer invoice and asked the internet manager for his best offer. He came back with invoice + $250. This was close to my expectations and accepted it. I was prepared to check with other dealers in the area but I did not think it would be worth the effort for saving a few dollars (based on the discussions on this forum). Here in the SF Bay Area, many of the car dealerships are owned under a single large corporation. So there is competition among car dealers up to a point. I would have to go to Los Angeles area to have a chance to get a TSX at or below invoice, but then there is the expense to go get the car. Also, I had to obtain a car quickly because my daughter needed my other car right away.

    Anyway, this should be a good time to get a 2005 because the 2006s will be arriving around mid October. Check the inventory of dealers in your area and see what is available. The ones with the most cars on the lot will be motivated to sell them. Unfortunately, the TSXs come from Japan and seem to be in fewer numbers than the TL. One dealer in LA had 72 TLs and only ~5 TSXs in inventory. Also, nonNavs are fewer than Navs.

    Good Luck.
  • hi5kid,

    I know this might not be the right discussion but could you explain why you choose the TSX? I am in a very similar situation as you. I'm in the Bay Area and my 325i will come off a lease in 6 months and I am also looking at TL, TSX, 325i and G35.

  • Gas mileage, style, quality, value and not seeing myself on every other corner. I don't buy "common" cars. Common cars are very nice and a common because so. Also bang for the
    factor can't be beat. The three other cars you are looking at all cost at least $5K more. The TL is very nice but is too big for me and is also too common for me.
  • When I read your response, I had to reply because I'm also in the market for a new car and initially I considered the TL, G35 and the new 2006 Passat. I'm in the Chicago area & test drove the TSX on Labor Day and I liked it. :D I began reading the TSX forums to educate myself more. So far, the TSX is in 1st place of being my next car because I don't know another vehicle that matches up to its "value" ;) I've narrowed it down to the TSX for the same exact reasons as you did--gas mileage, style, quality and it's not a "common" car. I prefer NOT to have a car that you see at every corner. I'm interested in purchasing a 2006 TSX within the next 6 months because I decided I'd rather buy towards the end of winter instead of the beginning of bad weather. :shades:
  • asleepy,
    My decision to buy the TSX involved several factors. Actually I will need to replace another car soon, so I will be revisiting the performance sedan category again, which means the TL and 325i will be on my list (I may add the IS 250/350). The G35 just didn't excite me as much as the Acura or BMW.

    I went with the TSX first because I wanted a car for daily around-town driving, and a car my wife and kids could drive. So gas mileage, nimble handling, and sporty size were key factors. The TSX has those qualities and is well built. Dealer pricing was favorable but probably could get a better deal percentagewise on a TL.

    For the second car, I will want it to have a larger feel, especially for long distance travel, and a six cylinder engine. I decided to wait on this car because I would like to see if Acura will make an AWD version of the TL and maybe soften the ride a bit.. With regard to the newly redesigned 325i, I really like the car but was a little leary about buying one in its first year of production. So it was logical to wait and see how the 3 Series evolves and dealer pricing improves. Maybe next year, I will be going through this decision process again.

    Lets us know what you decide.
    hi5kid :)
  • Great minds think alike, I also test-drove a TSX on Labor Day, in Chicago. I've driven Saabs since 1983, because they're a good size car for heavy traffic and cramped city living. However, I need a change, and Saab is now a GM car.

    My accountant is a smart guy, and he swears by his Acuras. Moreover, all my friends say that Japanese cars are extremely durable and reliable. I also like the front-wheel drive, especially in winter, even though it's hard on the tires. In addition, Saab service in Chicago is a problem, and I like the idea of being able to take a TSX to any Honda dealer for routine maintenance.

    I am also torn between trying to pick up a 2005 now, or waiting for a 2006 with several enhancements. Please do post your thoughts when you buy. I find these forums invaluable, both in learning about the car, and also regarding which dealers are trustworthy.
  • I'm looking to buy non-navi TSX in NC. I've been given a couple of quotes in the ballpark of $600 over invoice + TTL + $350 doc fee. I'm just getting into this so the haggling on the price hasn't begun but I've seen other posts where the doc fee may be as low as
    $50. That's a far cry from $350. Is the doc fee something that they can massage similar to the purchase price of the car (i.e., we'll come down $100 on the doc fee but make it up on the price or vice versa). Also, what are your thoughts regarding $600 over invoice. In other parts of the country it seems people are getting better deals but anyone in this region with comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hey, thanks for the reply, your logic makes sense. I'm not too concerned with the rankings either, just wanted some feedback since I always thought Acura was above average in all aspects.

    My TSX is doing great, it's about 3.5 weeks old now. Black on Black, Navi, 6 speed manual. I took it easy for the first 600 miles and now my engine purrs; the transmission seems great and I've had no other issues mechanically. I've never had a manual car before and practiced on others and am getting use to my TSX now. It's so fun to drive though, zips in and out of corners, handling is pretty confident, and the amenities are great. It's just hard to keep Black clean, have to hand wash it myself every weekend which I kind of enjoy. It's a new experience to have to look for the furthest, safest parking spot wherever I go.
  • Sweet. Congrats on the car, and congrats on making the CORRECT choice by selecting the 6 MT :P The TSX and the 6 MT is a match made in heaven.

    The TSX in black looks great, IMO, and yes it's a bit hard to keep clean, but what the hey. I'm like you, I enjoy detailing my car.

    You picked a great car to learn the manual tranny with. You'll like it more and more as you drive it. Yours is pretty rare, with the 6 MT and the navi. You'll find the suspension becomes even more compliant in coming months.

    Look at remote parking as an opportunity for exercise :D

    Enjoy your car!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The doc fee varies across the country from a low of $45 in CA to as high as $600 in some place in FL. All of it is negotiable.The doc fee seems to be regionalized, for example all VA side of DC dealers charge $249-299 for a doc fee while it's a pretty even $100 on the MD side.
    $600 over invoice is a pretty good deal - that should be just under $26K. The main thing to look for is the price before the required fees of TTL. What ever is left for 05s might be had for a good price. I've read that official 06 debut is Nov 9.
  • I test drove both transmissions yesterday. While at the dealership the internet salesman mentioned that a couple of weeks ago they offered employee pricing on all their tsx's because they thought the '06's were due in at the beginning of Oct. I joked that he should have called me and I would have been ready to buy. He mentioned that there was maybe something that could still be done because they had received 3 more tsx's and that the manager's were pretty aggressive with moving units off the lot. My question is does anyone have any idea as to what employee pricing would be for this vehicle? What is the lowest reasonable offer I could open with without him thinking I was ridiculous? And finally, is this just a tactic on his part to move to the negotiating process? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Yes.... just a negotiating tactic..

    Look up invoice here on Edmunds... start there, and hope to take it home within $500 of that amount...

    Just my $0.02
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  • does the $500 over invoice target include the infamous doc fee?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Always consider a doc fee part of the price... So, $25,300 plus a $499 doc fee is really $25,800.....

    So, $500 over invoice is everything except state mandated fees and sales taxes... Let them break it down however they want.. :)



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  • Hi, I am looking at buying a automaticTSX without Navi in Chicago. Can you tell me how much you paid for yours and what was the name of the salesman that sold it to you.
  • $25750, includes $399 doc fee, wheel locks, trunk liner, mats

    Tax and $21 reg fee added.

    Nalley Acura in Atlanta (Marietta)
  • I bought the Acura TSX, 6MT, silver/gray from Sunnyvale Acura at $25,400 + Fees = $27,317 OTD today.
    The internet sales manager offered me this price over telephone and didn't want to go below the invoice. I would say the entire transaction was quite smooth, except for slight haggling/pushing by the finance guy to install an alarm. They have one more TSX w/NAV 6MT available if anyone is interested and the price is $27,200.
  • jfergusjfergus Posts: 30
    Alarm system? It already comes with a "Theft-deterrent system with electronic immobilizer". How did he push that one? "Sir, now that you've purchased this 'luxury car', I should tell you that the alarm system is woefully inadequate."

    The name of the alarm he was peddling wasn't by chance "The Club", was it? Or was he trying to push a recovery system like Lo-Jack?
  • cota99cota99 Posts: 28
    I got a Silver 5AT 05 for $445 over invoice at Sierra Acura in Alhambra, CA. The $445 includes wheel locks, splash guards, a trunk tray, and a moonroof visor. The doc fee was $45. Is that a pretty good deal?
  • It was more like, "Sir, now that you have bought this vehicle, I must tell you that the thieves can easily bypass all the security features and steal your vehicle. But our $300 alarm can deter all of them"

    It was some dealer/OEM alarm not LoJack.
  • After shopping for a 2005 TSX automatic non-navi via the Acura dealers in Madison, WI and Brookfield (by Milwaukee), WI, and all of the Acura dealers in the Chicago suburbs, I ended up with a great deal ($25798 + TTL) at Muller's Woodfield Acura on Higgins Rd in Hoffman Estates. I e-mailed for a quote at 1:30 in the morning and my phone was ringing 8 hours later with a great price (and the color I was looking for - some dealers only had a few TSX's on the lot). I dealt only with the internet sales guy and my transaction couldn't have been smoother. No BS, no late price add-ons, and he was prompt and helpful in dealing with my lender. Couldn't be happier with this car. Considered the Volvo S40, BMW 3-series, glad I saw the light!
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