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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sure - we're guessing on the invoice price, but taking it up about 2.5% since that's how much the MSRP went up, that gives us a base invoice of $25043 plus $615 destination = $26,018. Add $750 for dealer profit = $26,768, 3% sales tax and $398 doc fee, ~60 for tags comes to $28,025 OTD. No 2005 CG to be found anywhere in the Southeast, supposedly.......
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Sounds like a good deal. Don't forget to account for the dealer holdback they get of around 3% of MSRP ($836 non-navi). I am looking forward to getting an '06 as well. I shopped for an '05 last Nov/Dec but decided to wait on a purchase. I went back through the email quotes I was got from then. They were mostly around invoice so I'm hopeful I will be offered the same this time around since it was a refresh and not a remodel. I also have a possible trade. Wow...3% tax...must be nice...6.25% here.
  • Mbeacham: I'm interested in finding out where in NC (discovered you're in the Tarheel State from your profile) you're purchasing the car, possibly the dealer, and if you went through the internet manager to get those numbers.

    I'm currently trying to decide when/where to purchase an '06 TSX (Glacier Blue/Quartz), and while I'm familiar with most of the dealerships in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area, having just finished school down there, I'm now up in the DC-Metro area, with some of the larger Acura dealerships in the U.S. At least one of them, so far, has refused to budge off sticker, and I KNOW he can go lower.

    I'd appreciate any help or insight. And from any other folks, as well, who may have dealt with the same issues.

  • I did go through Internet manager, and our best price came from the dealer in Faytetteville - maybe to far for you to drive, but we also got a decent offer from the dealer in Winston-Salem. Chapel Hill and Cary both refused to negotiate, and would not match the offer from other dealers. Good luck - experience seems to vary all around.....
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Buying from Radley was quick and fairly painless.

    Getting service from Radley, on the other hand, can be VERY painful.
  • Hello,
    may I ask in which dealership,city you got that price?
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Non-Navi incl. $615 dest = $26,051, Navi incl. $615 dest. = $27,872. Got the numbers from another auto research site. Edmunds now has the '06 TSX listed but is has not posted invoice yet.
  • Where did you get it for $26,051?
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Haven't gotten it yet. About to start dealer shopping. I had pretty good responses last year when I was pricing. Offers of invoice or a little bit over. I hope they do the same this year now that I'm finally ready to do the deal. has invoice listed for the '06 as of yesterday.
  • The super high resale of 04-05 makes the a new 06 seem much more logical. for instance I looked at a nice 04 carbon grey TSX at local toyota dealer. Called owner (name in glove box) He paid $24,900 July 04, 17,000 miles now.
    Toyota wants $24,000!! He guessed they could sell for $22000 and make money (he traded for forerunner and you know how that gets all messed up $$$).
    Bottom line even if I could buy for $23k why not wait for a $27k new TSX deal with bluetooth, lots of extra warranty, XM, more HP, new style, memory seats....
  • is it wise for the 100,000 mile 6 year extended warranty? I'm trying to buy the 2006 TSX with Navi (blue) and they want 29.890 + dest (lo jack and above warranty for $31495) is that fair? they hvae at 5.9%. they have received a few but not the one I want...I can still say no cause my wife has not signed yet and the car is not in yet.. please help!!
  • Bag the extended warranty, you're not going to need it with the TSX. The car already comes with a 4 year, 50K mile warranty.

    As far as lo jack is concerned, you'll have to decide that for yourself. I personally don't see any need for it.

    Good luck.
  • ajaykajayk Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy 2006 TSX v4 Sedan without navigation. what is the best price you have gotten? dealer name?
  • tori1tori1 Posts: 2
    I am interested in purchasing the 2005 Acura TSX, non-navi. I live in the SF Bay Area, but if there is a big markup, I was considering buying in southern california or nevada. Did you buy one recently - if so, what did you pay? I was hoping to get a little below invoice. Thanks!
  • Hello to all. I live in the South Bay, San Francisco Bay area. I am looking to buy a 2006 TSX non-nav. I have several questions. First, as far as I can tell from checking dealer web inventories, the 2006s haven't arrived. Has anyone found one?

    Second, I have not found the invoice price listed anywhere yet. Has anyone heard/seen anyting? I'm guessing it is around $25,500. Sound about right?

    Lastly, if anyone has found the car, and purchased in this area, what did you pay? What was the car price before tax and license?

    Thanks in advance. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  • thanks...I just called the dealer and informed him that i will not need the extened warranty and he was cool with it, then i told him that i was not satisfied with the price given (29K plus dest + package..mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks ...and he was like " bro, is all good, i will hook you up, come by and we will talk. I forgot to mention this earlier but he gave me a loaner car (05 TSX w/navi) for 3 days..I thought the guy was cool and cooperative with my demand until the sales manager got in the way and it went south form there!
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    INVOICE....Non-Navi incl. $615 dest = $26,051, Navi incl. $615 dest. = $27,872.
  • tori1tori1 Posts: 2

    i have been looking for a 2005 tsx and have been serramonte and burlingame acuras. i was told by both they were expected in, maybe a week ago or so, but there is a delay. they were not told exactly when, but i got the impression within the next week or two, they'd expect. any idea what i could get the 2005 non-navi for at this point? invoice is about 24750. not sure about the 2006. good luck
  • I just signed the contract...(rolling eyes) and we took off the extended warranty, the useless lojack (if they steal it then my insurance can handle it) and I'm saving myself like $4800 n the long run. I did manage to throw in the package of wheel locks, mud guards, etc... for no charge...all for a for 300 under MSRP + destination charge. :) they said the 2006 TSX won't be available until mid Dec and I'm getting mine in 3 days (if these bastards are'nt lying).

    A FUTURE HAPPY TSX OWNER (oh and by the way.. my old car was a 91 Accord :sick: wich had 248,000 miles and still running)
  • Congrats, lexus, and good call on the extended warranty and lojack. These are nothing but stealer profit-padders.

    Enjoy your shiny new car, and be sure to post your driving impressions here! You just made a major upgrade from your Accord. :shades:
  • I sat in one Friday in springfield MO. New glacier blue auto with navi $30,500. Bluetooth, fogs and MPG trip computer, memory seats are new to all TSX. Some minor updates in steering wheel. Still no one touch sunroof that even a civic now has. Getting kind of pricey at $28,500--05 close out TL's were going for unbelievable $30,200. Now side by side the TL is much larger car but not that heavier. Odd?

    New glacier blue is nice. The old light blue it is not.

    Regards.... Oh, I liked the old TSX wheels!
  • I made deal with the dealer and told him i wanted to switch the 06 rims for the 05 one's..he said the 06 are better in quality (alloy something) but the design is weak...I told him to switch them with a 05 used model in their lot and he said it was all good!
  • I checked - don't see any invoice price listed for the 06. :mad:
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    It's still there....Are you not going through the "New

    Build a car & see invoice prices" dropdown on the home page????????????
    pasted from
    2006 Acura TSX
    4dr Sedan Base
    MSRP1 Invoice2
    Base Price $27,890 $25,436
    Destination $615 $615
    Options $0 $0
    Total Price $28,505 $26,051
  • My wife and I signed the contracts on Friday (the 26) and gave them the down payment and was told i would get it by today (monday the 29th) this a done deal even if I have not driven the car off the lot yet? . I feel these guys just wanted the sale but won't be getting my car til the 15th...that explains the free loaner car ..I talked to a friend who has a brother that works for a dealership and he informed me that if the car is not there yet, you can back out of the deal and get your down payment back.. :confuse:

    please advise
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    It was long ago, but in spring of 1996, I ordered a new Acura CL coupe. The CL was new that year, and a black one with manual transmission was hard to find.
    My dealer assured me that the car was on the way. Eventually, I became irritated and started making phone calls. I learned from Acura executives in California that the Ohio plant used to manufacture the CL would be building Honda Civics all summer long, and I could not get my CL for several months, or more.
    My '83 Saab was falling apart, so I bought a new '96 Saab, much as I had wanted the Acura. I received my deposit back without a fight.

    This was a Chicago area dealer, and indeed, I doubt that any dealer could retain your deposit after failing to deliver your car within a reasonable time, but it opened my eyes to the forms of deception that can be used against a buyer. I've always wondered why this particular industry must resort to such practices.

    Good luck with your order. My friends who drive Acuras love them, and I hope to soon buy a TSX myself.
  • I'm pretty sure that, until you sign the papers and drive the car off the lot, you can back out of the deal. Even after signing the papers you can back out. As long as you don't drive the car off the lot, you have options.

    The Stealer may not like it much, but that's life.

    For you, I counsel patience. You seem really antsy. If they are providing a free loaner, it seems they're dealing in good faith. What's the big rush? If you just wait, you'll be very happy with the car when it does arrive.

    Two weeks isn't that long. :shades:
  • Thanks Johnny,
    and you're right..! will wait for a few more days... :surprise:
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