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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Initially it was through Bank of America. But then the following day, BOA said they wanted a bigger down payment. So the dealer went to Honda Financial and got a concession to meet the same terms.

    You normally wouldn't be able to get this rate through Honda Financial (without incentives) ... I got lucky.

    My score was between 750 and 800.
  • mlaw8mlaw8 Posts: 4
    I am currently looking at buying an 07 TSX with Nav and 15k miles certified for $23k. Is this a good deal? I have a few weeks to play with. What does the group think will happen to a price on something like this once the 2010 comes out? Will I be able to get more for my money? I'd like to stay in the same price range. I am in CT, but have been looking in Tri-state area. Thanks.
  • 326326 Posts: 8
    Dealers down by me (So Florida) seem to have many new 2009 TSX's w/Tech. As many as 35 between 3 dealerships. since the 2010's are due within (about) 3 weeks.... how will these dealers get rid of this inventory. Do you think they will start to discount them? I'm looking for a lease (non tech) but would take a Tech TSX if it went for the price of a non-tech!
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    They are already discounted... you may see some financing incentives starting the second week of July, but by that point you may not be able to get the color you want if you are picky about that.
  • mlaw8mlaw8 Posts: 4
    Any help available here? Looking to move in the next day.

    Thanks in advance
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    It comes down to weather you like the old style better than the new style. Personally I would much rather pay 4k more and get a certified 09 TSX with Nav.

    Is 23k their asking price? I would shoot for the 21-22k range.
  • I looking to buy a 2007 TSX in the Wash DC area. The car as 25K miles and Navigation, and is NOT certified. I looked at the carfax, and it had one owner for 1.5 years as a lease and was in no accidents. The dealer is asking $26,600 out the door price (incl, tax tags and additional fees).

    I would appreciate any feedback on what others paying for similar TSX's?

    Also, I am a bit concerned that the car is NOT certified by Acura - should I be though?

  • nexxusnexxus Posts: 9
    Hey guys, went to the dealer yesterday and checked out the new TSXs. They are offering me a 09 grigio/ebony + tech for $30,000 + TTL. You guys think i should pull the trigger or try for more?
  • peterb12peterb12 Posts: 3
    Bluejetta, $26600 for a TSX with 25k miles sounds like an outrageous rip-off. A brand new non-nav TSX goes for around $27.2k before taxes/tags. Drive that off the lot then back on, and try to sell it back to the dealer, and I'd be surprised if he'd offer you $20k.

    On a different topic, while different people have different feelings about this, in my experience aftermarket nav systems (eg the Garmin Nuvi) will work better, have better user interfaces, be portable, and cost several thousand dollars less than any manufacturer-supplied navigation system.
  • swts8996swts8996 Posts: 14
    You are right, Peterb12...

    Bluejetta...if you check KBB and suggested retail value is less than $24K and trade-in for it is less than $19K. So $26K for it is way high...and it's not even certified!

    Good luck!
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    I got an offer from a Southern California area Acura dealer for a 2009 TSX w/Tech for $29,020 including destination fee, OTD price is $31,903 when including reg/fee/tax. Is this a good deal?
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    I test drove the 2009 TSX with auto and found the car does not have much pick up. Flooring the accelerator at highway speed does not seem to do very much and the tranny didn't even down-shift either. Is this a common experience with you guys as well. This was the one and only reason why I didn't pull the trigger on the great deal last night.
  • peterb12peterb12 Posts: 3
    The engine is tuned to provide torque at or above about 3500 rpm. This means that it can feel unresponsive if you're cruising. In that situation, I'd downshift first, then stomp on the accelerator, and I would expect significant pickup.

    Maybe try the 6-speed manual?
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    I had a chance to check out an Acura TL with the V6 under the hood and am I glad I didn't wait for the V6 for the TSX. The V6 in the TL looks so cramp, there was hardly any space to reach the aft side of the engine to service the plugs. In retro-respect, the 4 cylinder in the TSX looks like perfect size for the engine compartment. The performance for the I-4 TSX is actually not too bad once you learn how to work it with the transmission. I like my I-4 TSX very much.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,912
    I like my I-4 TSX very much.

    You and me both. I'll have 20K miles on mine in a couple of weeks, and it's been fine.

    The only new engine I'm interested in is the diesel, which is apparently no longer slated to come to the U.S.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • hhs0306hhs0306 Posts: 4
    They should do better than that, I bought a 09 TSX auto with tech package yesterday for $29,000 (including destination) + TTL in SF Bay Area.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Read my post. I bought mine on May 29,09 a 09 TSX auto w/Tech for $29,020 including destination and before Tax and License. This is in Southern California.
  • te718te718 Posts: 6
    the manuf to dealer incentive just went up from $750 to $1,250 on 5/22. on april 30, i bought my tsx for $29,600. so yes, around 29,000 - 29,100 is where you should be looking right now.
  • desiinusdesiinus Posts: 2

    How did you hear about $1250 incentive? I was thinking of mentioning this to the sales persons at Acura..
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Try this website. Very useful in finding out what others paid in the area you live (by your zip code), and what is consider good and great prices for a particular car with/without opions.
  • What dealership in Southern California? I am looking to buy/lease (Still not sure) in the next three weeks...

    I live in San Diego but a drive wouldn't be a big deal.
  • desiinusdesiinus Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot te718! :)

    I shall contact the dealers in Austin area soon.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    It is Thousand Oaks Acura in Thousand Oaks, CA. Here is a picture of the car I paid $29,020 before Tax/License. I love it, the black TSX actually looks awesome in person.
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Good deal. Did you finance? If so what were the terms.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Glad to know I didn't get rip off and that the $29,020 is a good deal. Yes I financed. It is with B of A at 4.40% for 60 months and no pre-payment penalty if you decide to pay if off earlier. Is that a good rate?
  • aak1aak1 Posts: 13
    Did you have to fight to get that 4.4% rate? Did you get it pre-approved wtih B+A first, or did the dealer get it for you?

    Yes, that's a very good rate. I presume your credit score is above 800?

    If anyone closes a deal on a 2010 TSX, please let us know. I'm anxious to see pricing. E.g. are they selling at invoice or not yet?
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    That is a very good rate. The dealer must have bought down your rate. Was it 36 month or 60 month?
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    No, I didn't have to fight, their rate at 4.4% is advertised in their website: loans&cm_mmc=eLend-Auto-_-BAC-Homepage-_-AutoLoans-_-TextLink.

    I shop the loan myself, the best the dealership can offer was 4.69% with U.S. Bank which is pretty good already.

    Yes, a very good credit score helped in my situation.

    Yes, I closed my purchase of the 09 TSX w/ Tech for $29,020 plus tax & license, that is $1,404 below invoice.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    No adamh1, that is a standard rate from Bank of America for 60 months with a minimum load amount of $30,000. The dealer did not bought down your rate, matter of fact this is a loan I found myself.
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Wow, wish I had known that. My rate was 5% through Honda Financial and the dealer claimed that had to buy it down (dunno if I believe that).
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    adamh1, what and from where did you end up buying your TSX? Also what price you end up paying?
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Got the latest pricing informaiton from the The 2010 TSX V6 base will be at $35,660 MSRP, this compares with the 2009 TSX I-4 base at $29,160, a wopping $6,500 difference.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    Good luck on selling that one. $35,660 for 280 hp front wheel drive TSX or $37,065 for much more well loaded 328hp rear wheel drive G37(with premium package)? Not a tough choice in my book.

    Heck Lexus only charges $4,200 more for the 250 to 350 upgrade on an IS and you get a 102hp upgrade.
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    2007 G35 Sedan
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  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Bought my Tech TSX (white/parchment) in the middle of April for $29,600 from a dealer in Dallas, TX. The price is comparable to yours since the manufacturer incentive was only $750 when I bought it. Financed for 60 months at 5.00% through Honda Financial. No ripoff Service Plans/Extended Warranties.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    you got a great deal as well, congrats. How do you like your TSX? Is it an automatic or manual? I forgot to tell you, my dealer threw in for free the Protection Package II with a MRSP price of $273.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    I have a quick question. I just notice my rear passenger windows seems loose in their track that they can be pull up and down for almost a 1/2" when they are partially down. Is that the same with your car?
  • suspendmixsuspendmix Posts: 43
    Hi there, could you share the dealership in the bay area where you purchased your TSX from? My boss is interested in the TSX, thanks!
  • adamh1adamh1 Posts: 15
    Mine do too... that's normal.
  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Thanks adamh, one more question. Does you TSX engine fans turns on and stay on whenever you turn the ignition key to position 3 but without starting the engine? Thanks.
  • maxbetamaxbeta Posts: 12
    >I forgot to tell you, my dealer threw in for free the Protection Package II with a >MRSP price of $273.

    What is the Protection Package II?
  • sarav01sarav01 Posts: 10
    Hi cfrstrun,

    Did you go ahead with u r TSX purchase?
  • hey adamh1, I am trying to get a TSX and the dealer is trying to rip me off with a $31200 price tag. He says if I get any proof that someone else from texas has got a cheaper price, then he will match it for me.

    I was hoping if you could help me out. I would really appreciate it tremendously. I am in need of a car, and this was the best option. I can give you my email address if you feel it is more secure.

    Thank you!
  • Got a phone quote from local Acura/Honda dealer for $28,991 for 2009 TSX with tech pkg (GA). Liked the TL, but I need a vehicle where the rear seats fold down. Haven't driven one yet, but the dealer also said he could set me up with a Honda if that suits my needs better.
  • Acurashopper:
    What dealership in GA gave you the phone quote?

    Looking to get a 2009 TSX w/o tech in AL/TN area.
    Best price so far is $27,486 at Jerry Damson in Huntsville or $27,600 at Gary Force in Nashville.
    This is still far above the Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price of $25,957.

    Sunny King in Birmingham has the new 2010 in stock. w/o tech, their price is $30,268.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    Dealers play all sorts of tricks with anyone getting out of one lease early to enter another. They usually take the old lease payments and wrap them into the new lease. So you pay for two cars but drive one. My friend got nailed by this years ago as his wife got new car fever. Paying of a lease has to come from somewhere.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I know their not exactly the same but an 09 accord ex-l 4 cyl can be bought for $22400 and it's a pretty sweet ride.
  • 326326 Posts: 8
    I just paid 27,500.00 (plus tags and sales tax. no other out of pocket) for an 09 TSX w/Navi, 13k miles, Pristine, Certified, spoiler and a few other (minor) cosmetic accessories. Was this a good price?
  • paripari Posts: 7
    I got a certified silver 2009 TSX w/Navi with 10.6K miles in pristine condition for 26,250 OTD. I guess you did get a few accessories with the car like the spoiler so I think you got a decent price.
  • atl14atl14 Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 2009 TSX with navigation in the Atlanta area and the best quote I have gotten is $28,491. I suspect the dealer is going to have a bunch of hidden fees when it comes down to it. Who gave you that quote? Have you had any luck with better pricing in the GA/TN area?

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