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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    This may be a bit immature, but I didn't want them to win, I wanted them to come down to my price instead of me agreeing to their price.
  • nynewcarnynewcar Posts: 89
    Don't give up just yet. The dealers we went to (we visited Acura, Honda, and Toyota) made follow-up calls for weeks afterward, all with some variation of "what can we do to get you into a new ..." So you might still get another offer from them.

    If nothing else, you can still accept their offer. Maybe you'll feel differently after you've had a chance to reflect a bit. I also think $300 shouldn't keep you from getting a car you really like, and maybe all you need is some distance from the situation to refocus. It's about getting a good value on the car, after all - even you yourself are saying that your decision had to do with a bruised ego more than the actual amount of money involved.
  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    I also have a set $ limit for OTD, and it was over that. But I still question the mileage and the fact that it is premuim fuel and the insurance is more.
  • rdl2rdl2 Posts: 6
    Just got a price from a dealer in Northern NJ for 26,250 including destination for TSX without Navigation and automatic transmission. What do you think of this price. Can I do better?
  • Hi :
    I've looked at TSX for a few months, and I went for a ACURA dealer today eventually. I got a deal as following:
    Base Price: 25200 (w/o NAV.)
    Destination: 630
    Tax (NY): 2163.26 (quite expensive)
    Total: 28233.26

    I am not sure is this a good deal for me? And, would you guys explain about TTL and OTD? I don't even know those specific terms to mean. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    TTL = Tax, Title and License... In total, it is all of the fees and taxes that the government requires.

    OTD = Out The Door.. This means different things to different people.. I always assume it means every single charge, including TTL.. Others consider OTD to be all charges except TTL.

    I think your price looks very good, assuming it is truly OTD (lol)...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • alive2kalive2k Posts: 4
    I'm planning on buying a new TSX and have heard people say that the 2007 model is due very soon. Does anyone have any information on the availability of the 2007 Acura TSX ?
  • apexncapexnc Posts: 3
    Anyone have experience in TSX pricing in NC? I'm in the Raleigh Area, but would drive to save $$$.

    I'm also looking at Cadillac CTS.
  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    Ok - I must be really bad at this because this is the 2nd time I've made an offer and left without a car. I told the dealer my offer of $26,200 - the sales guy and then the manager both showed me a photo-copied sheet of a long list of hand written numbers - I'm guessing it was for a number of different cars and trims. For the TSX they pointed to the $26,446 (I think that's what it was as I only had about 10 seconds to look at it) and told me they needed to sell it for $26,900...period. No deal...again.
  • nynewcarnynewcar Posts: 89
    It looks like your reluctance is based on factors other than just the price.

    We are on the fence about the TSX or a Honda Accord, so I have been doing a lot of research too on the issues you mentioned.

    My current insurance company told me that the TSX is classified as an "intermediate size performance" vehicle. She didn't specify but I assume this means it costs more to insure than a family sedan. But overall, the quotes were within $50 of each other. This surprised me as I thought the Honda would be much cheaper to insure but I guess the electronic stability control (standard on the TSX, not available at all on the 4-cylinder Accord) was factored in, too.

    As far as using premium fuel, you can find some discussion about this in the Acura discussions, including links to outside articles. From what I read, I understand that mid-grade fuel would be okay too as long as we are willing to tolerate the possibility of a slight effect on performance.


    edited to add - not sure where you are located but if in NJ area, Ocean Acura gave me an email quote of ~25,400 (not including TTL). I contacted them through the link at the Acura website.

    sorry - editing again - I didn't notice earlier, there is also an additional $159 document fee, so the total quote actually came to ~25,560 (plus TTL).
  • isk79isk79 Posts: 4
    I am looking to get a used TSX. I'm in the seattle area and I've been looking around but I can't seem to find too many of these. Any suggestions on where to check for these? Also, I don't want to spend more than $24000 OTD (I can pay only so much a month :(). Considering that, does it make any difference whether I go for a 2004 TSX or 2005 TSX? What's more in the 2005 model that I shouldn't miss?

    Thank you!
  • ishtarishtar Posts: 2
    Weir Canyon Acura
    Anaheim, CA
    Internet Sales Department
    Bought through their Internet Dept. all prices were negotiated and sent
    via email, never spoke with the dealer until time of purchase. In and
    out of the Dealership with 2 1/2 hours which included almost 1 hour
    going over the features of the car (navi use). Excellent service from
    everyone I dealt with. Price quoted is exactly what I paid. Cash down and
    received the 2.9% Acura/Honda Financing for the balance. Would recommend
    this Dealership to anyone contemplating purchasing a vehicle. This is
    the 3rd vehicle I've purchase via the Internet and the best experience.
    Price breakdown 2006 TSX auto w/navi Carbon Grey exterior, Ebony
    $27,495.35 price (some portion financed)
    45.00 document prep
    2134.39 tax
    243.00 license
    8.75 tire fee (CA)
    $29,926.49 total price
  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    About $250 over invoice. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  • ishtarishtar Posts: 2
    mikeweber, it was a good deal. This board with everyone's input saved me $800.00 over the Costco price I was first quoted a month or so ago. I shopped 6 different dealers in Orange County and with all the good info on the forum I knew what price I was looking for. Thanks for all the help.
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    Last week I received an email with an offer from a Maryland based dealer with the price of 26,751 for a TSX with Navi. When I called and started to set the car up with my accessories, the internet salesperson backed off stating that the price was sent out in error and it was the price for a non-navi car. I tried to make him honor the price but the sales manager wouldn't. so from 27,400 + TTL which I expected to pay, they want 28,200 + TTL. Anyone have this experience? How did you handle it?
  • mzmelly05mzmelly05 Posts: 1
    I just bought a tsx from David McDavid for 25,900 - without navi. Went through the internet. Hope this helps.
  • That is rediculous canaanman. Yes, 26,751 for that car is better than anything I've seen; but isn't there a law about contracts like this?
  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    Wow - another good deal. I really must be doing something wrong at these dealerships. I tell them that people are buying at these prices, but they don't believe me.
  • sthavornsthavorn Posts: 31
    Hope to get the same deal thanks for you infos.
  • nynewcarnynewcar Posts: 89
    Hi, which dealership is this? Thanks.
  • adow1adow1 Posts: 9
    Did you negotiate for the protection package, extended warranty, tint, etc? I'm trying to get one through a Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston dealer, and David McDavid seem to be the lowest in price so far.
  • alive2kalive2k Posts: 4
    Please let us know what credit score range did you need to have to qualify for the 2.9% Acura/Honda Financing?
  • Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg pulled this same garbage with me, but on a TL. Was your experience also with Rosenthal?
  • mikewebermikeweber Posts: 21
    I agree - that is a good deal. I'm trying to get $28,350 in SoCal OTD. I noticed when getting the TMV from Edmunds, if you specify white vs. carbon grey, it reports a higher price with white.
  • To qualify for 2.9%, (36 months max), you need a credit score of at least 710, 4 years of credit history and an open credit line.

  • msheetsmsheets Posts: 10
    I live in Richmond and got quotes Piority-Chesapeake, Hall-Newport News, Crown-Richmond, Pohankas-Chantilly, Radley-Bailey Crossroads and Karen Radley-Woodbridge. The internet manager a Karen Radley gave the lowest quote intially and still beat everyone elses. Hassle free and great experience at Karen Radley.

    $26,085 plus t.t.l. (without nav and automatic)
  • alive2kalive2k Posts: 4
    Congrats, did the $26085 include destination, what was the OTD price for the deal.
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    I haven't completed the deal. I will talk to the salesperson tomorrow and see what we can do. Less the accessories I want, the OTD would be 27,875 for a navi car + TTL.
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    How did you guess!! It was them all the way. I am supposed to talk again this weekend to the salesperson. What was your experience? Did you get your price or did you have to meet theirs?
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    What is the zip code for the Woodbridge dealer so I can find it on the Acura website. Thanks for the tip.
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