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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • They are already on the lot. I've just test drived it.
  • tsx06tsx06 Posts: 11
    What is the lowest offer for 06 TSX/no Navi. in So.Cal.?
    I have an offer for $25,605+TTL. w/splash guard, wheel locks & all weather mats.
  • tsx06tsx06 Posts: 11
    Hello everyone. It is obvious that the TL is more popular than the TSX if you happen to follow the posts between these two models lately. Is it because the extremely low cost of the TL that dealers are selling just around the invoice price OTD ($1,000 holdback and $2000 incentive)? I am wondering why this is not happening to the TSX. Is it because it is made in Japan and the delivery cost to the U.S. is keeping the dealers from selling below their invoice price? And there is no special in financing for the TSX, but TL is offering 4.9% APR 60 mo. where the market is at least 6%. BTW, I am in SoCal. Please advise.
  • I heard from somebody saying that they are going to have a 3.9% finance offer for all models.
  • I was talking with a Acura dealer and they told me that the Navi system gets updates on traffic. But doesn't something like that have some sort of monthly fee or subscription?
  • tnsigtnsig Posts: 25
    yes something like that cost extra money. I believe you have to subscribe to XM traffic (not sure exactly what it's called). I also believe the cost is separate from the monthly subscription for XM radio.

    I think the traffic coverage only covers some major cities/areas...I could be wrong though
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I think the reason for the incentives on the TL is that Honda can deal more on them and are chasing a certain volume.
    The TSX has done OK to this point (still selling 2500/mo) and needs less help.
  • It all depends on the ability to match capacity utilization to profits realized. Bottomline is TL production is designed at least for North America to be at a certain capacity that the market is not supporting without the initiatives. TSX production capacity is being sustained in a more even way by the market demand. All comes down to supply and demand elastic curves. Again demand is driven by the attractiveness of the features and competitiveness over competing models. If you look TL has lot more competition (some superior) than to TSX in the feature sets they carry from engine capacity to space to pricing.

  • Ecstatic to say that as of November 22nd, I am the new owner of an '06 Premium White TSX w/Parchment Interior.:D Thanks so much to everyone on this board. I actually cut and pasted one of your price postings in the email negotiations and got this pretty good price for AT, No Nav:

    Sale Price: 25,800
    NC TAX (3%): 774
    Doc Fee: 398
    Title Fee: 74
    TOTAL OTD: 27046

    This included trunk tray, wheel locks, mud flaps and cargo net.

    For anyone from NC who is interested, I bought from Performance Acura in Chapel Hill and negotiated completely through email (except for all the stuff they throw at you in the finance office). They were very responsive and up front about everything. I took my test drives at Leith in Cary and they were great for test driving but wouldn't respond to my repeated email requests for pricing. During our test drives they basically said they were turning away customers who requested 'invoice or better' pricing so they just didn't seem very interested in the business.

    Just one question for all of you current lookers/buyers. I told the finance manager that I heard there was 3.9% Acura financing rate currently. She said she wasn't aware of it, left the office and came back with an printout showing the special rate didn't start until December 5th. Can anyone else confirm this? Posters on the TL board said they received that rate on the same day I bought - wondering if that rate was only for TLs until 12/5? BTW, I got a 6.04% rate for 36 mo.
  • delekodeleko Posts: 20
    I received an email either yesterday or the day before from a local (DC AREA) dealer that advertised 3.9% on all Acuras. I am assuming that this was in effect now. Unfortunately, I deleted the message, so don't have the specifics.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    Hi there fellow north carolian. I live near Wilmington. I am the proud owner of a Milano Red with Ebony Int.6 speed with Nav as of 11/17. I priced the car at different acura dealers near us but ended up buying it in PA at a the dealer I have dealt with over five years. I dealt thru the service manager who got me a exceptionally good price. I am also getting free oil changes and other goodies. I am in the area often so that helps. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    just read the star-news and saw a ad for stevenson acura from wilmington and they were advertising for 0% financing on 07 TLs and RL (24 months) until 11/30
  • Thanks to all who replied!

    I also received an email from another dealership indicating that that there was a finance rate special starting 'Wednesday'. In his email, he did not state which Wednesday but I received the email this past Tuesday and therefore assumed that it started the very next day. Peformance said that the special rate for this car didn't start until Dec. 5th (which is actually a Tuesday).

    The finance manager at Performance said that legally she was required to give me the lowest available rate based on my credit score. I've never heard that one before. I asked the question about finance rates on this board just to see if it was the truth!
  • There was an advertisement on TV (Either ABC, NBC, CBS don't remember) promoting a winter holiday 3.9% APR on select vehicles and credit levels. It caught me off guard because I thought it was a typical commercial.


    Look for a bunch of Acura cars honking at each other after hours, then a guy walking in an picking up a christmas package.

    I hope they update the Acura website with more info, but since I'm planning on getting an Acura this December this could be the deal maker right here.
  • tsx06tsx06 Posts: 11
    It's finally here!!
    2006 and 2007 TSX Special AHFC A.P.R. Financing
    3.9% APR for 36 months, 4.9% APR for 60 months!!! ;)
  • I got this message from a sales rep.
    I do not know the prices include destination chrage and/or any package (protection etc), but those are great deal!

    Last Chance November Specials

    3.9 % APR
    on select Acura models expires soon!

    2006 TL $29,560 only 6 left!
    2006 TSX $25,212 only 8 left!
    2006 MDX $31635 Only 1 left!

    2006 RL Tech demo package
    Was $57,335
    Is $48,500

  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Does anyone know what the price is for a 2007 TSX with Navigation system in FL? I'm interested in getting one soon. Thanks.
  • Couple questions for everyone here. I am about to purchase a new vehicle, it looks like the TSX 2006 without NAVI is what I will be going with. I have been calling around to dealers and what not and so far and a price I am very willing to move on is 24,730. What does anyone think. I know it is below invoice and I have not had much luck getting a lower price then this. Is this something I should move on bc the dealer is making it seem like this offer will only be good until the 2006 stock runs out. I was also looking at 2006 passat 2.0t so any opinions on how the two compare I would appreciate. Thanks.
  • TSX 06 no nav = 26,450 OTD. Deal or no deal ?
    I was pre-approve for 5.49% up to 60 months.

    Thank you all for your help. This forum is great. :)
  • How much is the sales tax at your place ?
    Can you also post the base price ?

    Thanks in advance
  • Sounds like a good price, even if it doesn't include destination fee. If it does include destination fee then I think that's the best price posted in this forum so far!
  • Got this from a KC dealer.

    Acura's Value Priced MSRP for the 2006 Acura TSX is $ 28,560.00.
    Your special internet discounted price for this model is **$ 24,998.00 **$169 administration fee and $670 destination fee additional. =$25,837

    If bought in 06 I would owe $580 in personal property tax in Dec. 07. If I purchase Jan 2 I would not owe personal property tax until Dec 08.
    Dealer also stated that a 07 purchased in January would be at least $2500 more.
    Anybody have a feel for how much 07's should go for in January?
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Does anyone know what the price is for a 2007 TSX with Navigation system in FL? I'm interested in getting one soon. Thanks.

    Why don't you e-mail the dealerships' Internet sales reps and ASK them directly? It's very easy.

    The website even identifies the Internet Managers by name, and let's you pull up the dealership websites directly by clicking on dealership names. (And although the site only pulls up one dealership initially when you input your zip code, there is a "show more dealerships" option.))

    If you're looking in S. Florida, the two most responsive dealerships when I was buying in February 2004 were Rick Case (near Ft. Lauderdale) and Delray Acura. Others answered as well, just not as fast and not with as attractive prices.
  • Base price 24664.56
    Sale taxes 1541.54

    Good luck hunting!!!
  • rob54rob54 Posts: 2
    I just drove home 06 TSX red/black with NAVI,rubber mats,iPod connect $28000+360= $28360 out the door from dealer. [MSRP $30560 w destination chg incl] and 4.9%/60mo Honda finance, no down. Dealer stated 3.9% on this model not available however I think he spoke with forked tongue since I saw it in the paper and on this blog. Stated 07 not in yet.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I would definitely get the 06 - there's virtually no change for 07 other than the higher price. You might work out a deal with the dealer to make the sale date effective in Jan so you can avoid the property tax.
  • tsx06tsx06 Posts: 11
    I got a quote for $25,604.19 + TTL w/seasonal mats, splash guards and wheellocks. Should I pull the trigger? Is this the best deal? What is the best deal out there so far? Appreciate for any feedback..
  • I am reposting this from the Acura TSX forum, since I thought this forum might be more appropriate:

    I read in this forum that since 06 and 07 models are similar, if I get a better deal on an 06, I should go with that. But isn't there a big difference in the depreciation of these cars? I mean, if I want to sell the car in 5 years, people would look at an 06 as a 6 year old car.

    So, my question is, for an 06 TSX to be a better deal, how much do you think it should be cheaper than a similar 07?
  • I just moved to NOVA and am considering buying a TSX. The question is in fairfax county (VA), is there big difference in property tax to buy a car in the end of a year VS at the beginning of a year?
  • Thanks to the forum and I just closed a deal for 2006 TSX auto without navi for 24k (incl destination) + taxes and fees. I still have to find out if there are any catches to it. Has anyone any experiences with Paragon acura in NY?
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