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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Can you tell us the name of the 3 dealer in DC area that is offering the 26300 (incl dest fee) + 100 doc fee + tags and tax for 06 with navi? I think that price is great. The recent price that I got was $30,000 out the door recently. We didn't think that was a good enough deal.
  • avolavol Posts: 7
    Bought the 06 TSX today at Radley - they had 06 with navi silver/quartz that I wanted. Pohanka matched 26330 (incl dest) but said their processing fee was 300, which left some negotiation room on the price (or freebies), I thought. But they didn't have the color combination that I wanted. The original offer was from Norris Acura West 26330 (incl dest) + 100 doc fee + taxes and registration. Karen Radley agreed to match it with 250 doc fee, but never responded to my counter offer to include a couple of extras. Hope it's helpful, and have a good hunting, but keep in mind they don't seem to have many 06 TSXes left. BTW I love the car! It's a nice addition to our 06 MDX.

    Not sure that I would be that happy with a maxed out Camry that I was also considering -- turned out to be more expensive with the options I wanted. TSX has it all.
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    I think you made a good decision with the TSX!

    Did your TSX have the follow as you mentioned before (destination fee, lifetime oil changes, lifeletime safety inspections, all-season floormats, wheel locks)? The price that you are indicating are way below the invoice price which I believe it should be especially when they are trying to get rid of the 06.

    I'm trying to see if the dealers that I am going to in FL will match the prices that you had posted. If not, I can try. Thanks again!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    In general the VA dealers around DC charge around 250-300 for a doc fee while the MD dealers charge around 100. If you're trying to squeeze out that last $100 out of a deal you'll have better luck on the MD side.
  • dealer offering $25,800 + TTL
    base TSX w\ AT
    includes all season mat

    apprx $375 \ month
    36 mnth

    (originally posted in wrong forum)
  • avolavol Posts: 7
    Yes, that was the deal. I wouldn't count on those numbers too much when shopping in FL -- FL dealers wouldn't care about those in DC. Go through internet price quotes from your local (more or less) dealers - there might be one which does not have too many TSXes left and therefore willing to get them off the lot quickly. Not necessarily the color combination that you want, but all you need is the benchmark. Then you can look for the right colors at other dealerships offering them to match what you got. Good luck!
  • avolavol Posts: 7
    Re MD vs VA dealers' processing fees - you are right. But I am quite lazy, I must admit - I live in VA, and if I buy in MD I have to do some runnng getting the plates, VA safety, smth else I don't remember.
  • Guys...after a lot of haggling yesterday I was offered 24,500 (incl. Destination+Free Oil Changes+Free inspections+Wheel locks+ Floor Mats+ the color I wanted)+ TTL....making it 25,500 bottomline price for the 2006 TSX, automatic and without navigation.......Please let me know what u think.....
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    great. get it you will love it. what color?
  • I just don't see how you guys are able to get them to go below $25,000. The best offer i have so far is 25,500 OTD (incl. all season mats, cargo net, docs fee.) for 2006 w/o Nav.
  • I also can't get them that low in KC. Best is also 25,500. I offered $25,100 +TTL (non navi) and was rejected. I'm now leaning back to the Accord EX-L 4 Cyl if I can't get an 06 TSX reasonable. (By reasonable I mean cheap.)
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    You must ensure you are comparing apples-apples. The price most people work from is the price before TTL. 25,500 OTD could be a great deal depending on what TTL is. A TSX in VA that is 25,500 OTD has a very low 24,xxx starting price.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Try again end of next week - the week before xmas is supposed to be the slowest for the lux dealers and the time to get the best deal.
  • Guys....after a long negotiating week....finally bought the 06 2006 yeasterday at 25,500 out of the door in DC the car!!!!!
  • Coolmanasip, sounds great. Can you clarify, I assume "out the door" includes destination and handling fee, but not taxes and title, right? Is this with NAV?


  • Andy...."Out of the Door" in our case means final price including taxes, tags, and everything else that is associated with the buy so in other words final not a penny more price.....we have a 2006 TSX without navigation systems....the base price was 24,400 (including destination and handling).....thanks...hope this helps..
  • ....the base price was 24,400 (including destination and handling)

    Trying to compare with what I would pay in the midwest. Does the 24,400 also include all dealer fees such as documentation. In other words the only thing above 24,400 was tax, title and license paid to the state and the dealer only gets 24,400 total.

    That is a great deal.
  • No...In Virginia, all dealers are required (as they say!; but its common across the board for all dealers) to charge a processing fee of $250 and hence the dealer got 24400+250.....other than that the only thing added was Tax+Tags+Title regestration (820+55+25)...making my bottomline price 25,500...
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Actually most of them try to get $299 - since you paid $250 doc fee I'm assuming this was at Radley. They usually have the best prices on the VA side of DC. Even with the $1000 the dealer gets from Honda, at 24,400 they make virtually nothing on the car. The only way anyone will get a better deal is if Honda ups the marketing support - which I don't see happening.
  • Coolmanasip, that helps indeed. Thanks!

  • appuappu Posts: 27
    I got my 06 TSX(black with black interior) last week for 24,500 including wheel locks. Out of the door price was 26,6xx (including doc, TTL etc). The dealer sent me two bottles of wine a week later as a token of appreciation

    I love the car.

  • ynn18ynn18 Posts: 6
    I got the car at 26800 plus TTL. No extral services included. outdoor is about 262**. Got the 4.9 APR for 60 month. The car has 7 miles on it and built in August 06.
    Carbon gray and Quartz interiors.

    This is in midwest.

    Hope it helps.

    like the car.
  • I purchased a silver/ebony tsx yesterday in New York for 29,000 flat.
    I will have to pay sales tax when I register it in Virginia.
  • Hello all, I was offered $25,750 (before TT&L) for a white 2006 Auto Non-Navi TSX by a dealer in Austin, TX. I thought this was a little high seeing that some are even getting $24,500 in this forum for 2006 leftover TSX non-navi. Also, he has several Acura certified 2006 TSX's in stock with the mileages ranging anywhere from 3500 miles to 16,000 miles. The certified TSX's are priced from $25,700 to $26,800, and color selection is good (they are all auto non-navi as well). I was thinking about offering them $24,750 for both new and certified TSX's. Am I being too unreasonalble? Also, has anyone had bad experiences with the certified Acuras? That 100,000 mile powertrain warranty is very tempting.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Why would ever take a used TSX at the same price as a brand new one? If you can get them down to about 25K on a new one then they should take at least another 2-3K off for a used one with very few miles.
  • the 25,750 is ridiculous right now...wait until after xmas if he is not going to come down, tell him some other offers you have received, even if you havent received them from other dealers that you talked with online, tell him you know about the 1,000 marketing support and that invoice is 25,436 and so you expect 24,600 at least for new...dont even consider the pre certified for that amount...
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    In some parts of the country dealers actually expect to make some money off its car sales. :shades:
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 89
    I was just quoted $26895 for a capitalized costs. MSRP is $28760 dealer costs before hold backs is $26308. How low have you seen Southern Calif cars going for? I am hoping to get it around $25,200...Is this possible? Also offered good lease terms of residual of 63%, 58%, & 53% on 36,42,48 month terms...They all work out with within a about $5 of each other. Int rate is .00161. NO cap reduction $595 acqusition fee.
  • I got a quote for a 2007 w/o nav 6MT for 27000 + 100 processing fee + tax & tags. I'm planning to check with other dealers.
  • I live in NJ. Where did you get the deal on your TSX?
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