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Acura MDX 2007



  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Actually I don't think it was that "negative" ~ I think it's more of a tongue-firmly-in-cheek kind of review ;) !
  • If you have a cell phone and order and Acura with Navigation, you've covered most of the features provided by Onstar. And the people I talked to that have it are displeased with the service, their customer support is atrocious.

    As a current owner of an 03' Touring model MDX with roughly 86,000 flawless miles, I'll be the first to admit this new one is a HUGE improvment in both exterior and ESPECIALLY on the interior. I look forward to checking out the new model. My only disappointment so far is the Sport package is not available without the Ent. package.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    It's not a bad review. That's just Anita's thing. She (sometimes with her husband) usually publish articles from a purely family or consumer oriented point of view. They attempt to represent the "anti-enthusiast".

    My problem with the review is that she got her numbers messed up. The price for the RX350 is wrong and her quote of the original MDX's towing capacity is wrong. Wouldn't surprise me if she got a number of other things wrong, too.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "My only disappointment so far is the Sport package is not available without the Ent. package."

    I think you've got that backwards. You can't get the ENT without the either the Sport or Tech.

    The one included in the Sport package is the Tech.
  • Oops, my bad. I was just looking at post #470 too quickly.
  • read several reviews from the detroit newspapers husband and wife team. They never fail in making themselves appear to be the most ignorant people at their job [sans current politicians]
    It's hard to even find a place to start but comparing this car to the Lexus, it's obvious that Acura is moving away from that market with this car but somehow they still try to compare them.
    When reviewing the Infiniti FX 35 [A car that my wife owns] They said it had a hard time keeping up with other cars on the freeway. Without getting in to a huge debate, this is laughable.
    In short, I wouldn't take anything that these two say to heart. They are easily the most clueless people on the planet.
  • Pinkmelrose may have a point regarding reliability and origin of manufacturing. The RL was mainly built in Japan whereas the MDX is going to be built in their Canadian plant. Will this matter? Who knows.....
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Wait wait I can't get the base MDX with just the ENT package? I have to get another package on top of that?

    From that article that was linked here I thought there were 3 major option packages (Tech, sport, ENT) that could each be bought separately. The ENT package could be added to the sport or tech, as well.

    If that's the case (no base MDX with just ENT), I guess no MDX for me :-( A little too much for what I had budgeted for.
  • Yea, I was just trying to stir things up a bit. Agree with you on the RX comment. Ran numbers on comparable option packages for both SUV's and came up close in price for both SUV's. Found base comparison a bit misleading. She has a thing for simple instrument controls. For instance in the Q7 write-up fails to mention that it has voice commands.

    Her only point that I will review is the visability issue during the test drive.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Correct. You cannot get the ENT solo.

    Sorry, I didn't think this was news. I figured the pricing strategy had already been posted. Scroll to the bottom of this link.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "Yea, I was just trying to stir things up a bit."

    Kids today! It's that dang rock-n-roll music, I tell ya.

    Paul and Anita are pretty well known for their He Said/She Said columns. Essentially fluff pieces with little to no substance, but fun for the non-enthusiasts to read while pouring cereal into the kiddies' bowls.

    Paul has written some more comprehensive stuff. Whether you agree with him or not, he has an educated opinion. I've never read anything from Anita that didn't make me wish for those 3 minutes of my life back. :sick:
  • I've also never heard positive feedback from the pieces that they write. How are they still employed? These two are an absolute mystery to me.
    They are to me, like staring at a bad accident, I can't look away, but I know I should. Their work [crap] is almost SNL like, it' so far removed from reality.
    I just don't have words for them. It's almost like they strike a temporary mental disorder in me every time I here their name. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • I read MDX tag in dealership, it says engine and transmission are built in Japan, rest of others are assembled in Local.
  • And that's the '06 model, I wonder where engine and tranny will come from for '07.
  • For general information. A difference of 6dba between MDX and Audi sounds pretty small. db and dba are tricky measurements to the uninitiated. 3 db is double. 6 db is 4 times! it is an exponential measurement.
  • So, 6db for MDX VS 3db for Audi?

    My current 99' intergra is actually 'so loud', but my sister-in-law has TSX, which is pretty quiet on freeway.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Sound measures are a tricky thing. While decibels are an absolute measure of "loudness", they do not take into account the range of hearing with the human ear. For that reason the measure called "sones" may be more accurate than decibels. One of the major auto rags promised to switch to sones a while back, but I forget which it was.

    Anyway... because conditions have a huge impact on noise within the car, it is not recommended to compare results from one test with the results of another. For example, driving on a highway with a concrete slab surface tends to be noisier than a tarmac or asphalt surface.

    Meanwhile, even if the level of loudness is measured correctly in a head to head comparo, the measurements don't tell you the quality of the sound. Some drivers hate road noise, while others hate wind noise. Neither decibel nor sone is going to tell you which is the problem.

    IMO. It's an issue which can only be resolved with a test drive.
  • According to Honda's website, one can purchase the Sport Package without buying the Ent. package. The sport package has all the features of the tech. package though. The entertainment package is available with either the sport of tech packages....just to inform you. I am interested in buying a MDX also. But, I will wait until next spring. By then the buzz will die down and hopefully good deals can be has. If not, I will wait until the 2008's come out. Hopefully by then, Acura will have added ventilated seats. All the Lexus vehicles have it. Very nice on a hot and humid day here in the ATL. Will wait for 20008 and see what other features are added.
  • Do you have any information of 2008 brand new Lexus SUV? I saw new RX concept sketches in, for somereason it's gone. What I know about New RX will gains 3rd row seats.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I think you're refering to what was once known as the HPX concept car, and is now the JX. Allegedly a 3-row crossover based on the GS, arriving Spring 2007. I may wait for it to appear before deciding between it and the MDX.
  • I love this car! I love the new-modern design! i am definitely buying this one. i can't believe the new changes- power and torque increases, towing capacity, addition of sh-awd, heated rear seats!, nice ergonomics and the list just goes on! definitely buying this because it rivals the new x5 but you don't have to pay the price of the x5!
  • Yes, that's right. I got a brochure on the weekend (it's probably worth $20) and it's clear - the entertainment package only comes with the Tech or Tech/Sport packages.
  • And although this is a 'subjective' observation, the Lexus (like all Toyota products) is not a good looking vehicle - ends that look they were designed by different 'committees', exhaust systems that look they were tacked on as an afterthought (check out last generation Camrys/Lexus ES's) - UGH. Performance and specifications notwithstanding, the Lexus look like .... and the MDX looks WOW!
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I'd like to think that someone from Acura reads these forums. With that in mind - Acura needs to separate the power liftgate from the entertainment package. That is very shortsighted. I have no interest in the DVD, but I would love to have the power liftgate. They have nothing to do with each other. I am sure I'm not the only one with this feeling. Are you reading/listening Acura? There's still time to change!
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    It's subjective, but the more I look at pics of the new MDX, the uglier it gets. Love the rear & profile, but the sharp angles of the front put it in Escaladeland. Yuck. And two choices in the interior are failures as well - the already-looking-dated steering wheel, and the 60's style tunnels you have to look down to see your speedo/tach. Ugly! Compared pics side-by-side with the Q7. Q7 much prettier, more elegant.
  • The looking of audi Q7 is quite elegant, but it does have over 5000 weight, low horse power, not reliable records since they built any audi vehicles. If they are reliable as acura or even BMW, I would buy. They should have 7 or 10 years of warranty plans to compete with other luxury brands.
  • A note to "Upstate Doc", the Acura MDX is Not "Goint To Be Built in Canada," production on the Acura MDX has always been in Canada. The Acura RL is ONLY made in Japan, there is no "Mostly" involved.

    I an Acura/Honda loyalist, but I must say that the new design is a bit on the ugly side. I was anxiously awaiting the new MDX, but I will wait until they change this new body style. It is way too boxy for a 2007 model (just like the new Cadillac theme). Also, a lot of manufacturers are going with the sloped roof design, it just looks ridiculous. The Acura MDX and the new Honda CR-V also has the sloping roof design and it just looks odd. The interior of the MDX is well done though.
  • Here's some interesting information about radar detectors and the new tech stuff being put into cars/SUV's.

    link title
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I'm with you on the tunnel-style binnacles.

    Not so much on the steering wheels. The 4 spoke in the Audi looks like the one from my family's old Volare wagon. I also see a 3 spoke design in those pics, but it's not very different. Either way, there's nothing pretty or even interesting about it.

    And, frankly, the center stack on the Audi is dominated by two air vents. It looks utilitarian to the point of reminding me of a pick-up truck. The MDX is a little busy, but far more upscale in terms of what is placed where.

    No doubt, the Audi is a good-looking vehicle. But the things I like about it appear to be very different than your favorites.
  • I personnaly like busy interriors because I like to see my wife's face got confuses. I wish they have thousand crome-materials-unusual-buttons combines glowing blue and red lights. That way, I feel like I am riding UFO. :P
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