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FORD 2000 SD 250 CC, V8 or V10 ?????



  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Jackson5's topic was asking whether to go for a Ford V8 or V10. I told him the Powerstroke was a good engine and would be a good purchase. What else does he want?
  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    I dont't care if you if you feel compelled to post.
    If it is on the SUBJECT, then all's fine and dandy. I really didn't expect adults(big assumption here) to show such childish behavior to a simple question about the F250 SD. I guess most folks have a higher sense of common curtesy than you have showed.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    What can I say? The world is brutal. Either toughen up or you will get lost in the crowd.

    You Ford guy's always come across as being leather necked, tough as nails. What is your story?

    I will try and stick to the topic for "those" prudent "adults" around here. I am proud to be a big kid. I plan to be a kid until the day I die.

    Good luck with whatever you buy. I would buy the Powerstroke if I were you. Ford doesn't have a good gas engine alternative.
  • gmacegmace Posts: 31
    Get the F350 for more payload. The springs are the helper type that only affect spring rate when the truck is loaded.

    Ford is the only choice for an over 8600 GVWR Crew Cab with disc brakes, modern chassis and modern engine. You can only get an over 8600 GVWR with ESOF from Ford.

    I drive an F350 LWB SRW CC 4WD V10 3.73 AT Lariat and have no regrets. This 6000 lb vehicle keeps my family safe and hauls/tows almost everything. 14 highway and 12 city are my averages.

    Hope this helps.
  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    Thanx for the info. I will be hauling mostly people(3 boys), some light towing and general stuff in the back. I'm looking mostly for the 4 doors. My 92 supercab has about 190k on it. I'm looking to upgrade to a crewcab. I test drove a 250 sd the other day. It was great. I felt 10' tall and bullet proof. Seems as though the milage ain't much worse with the v10 than the v8. Can't afford the PSD. The consensus among several folks is that the 5.4 v8 is a little under powered.
    Any 5.4 folks out there ??

    I'm also looking at the 2001 f150 supercrew cab.
    But... real leary about getting a FIRST year model.

    thanx again,
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Two of my Super-Dutys have the 5.4l. Although I have never driven them,(In office too damn much), my one foreman swears that it is plenty motor for his jobs. This includes 800lb for men, @1000lb of equipment and material, and @1500lbs towing occasionally.
    However, my other foreman thinks his buddy is nuts and always puts in for either the diesels or the V-10. I guess I didn't really help you......Sorry. Actually they love that Cummins.
  • f220swiftf220swift Posts: 103
    My brother in law hauls a 30ft trailer from Mich. to Florida and back. And for the past two years it has been with a 5.4l in a ext. cab F250 superduty. Mind you this is with the 230hp 5.4 and not the 260hp engine. He claims it does fine and has no problems climbing the hills. He drives trucks for a living so I persume he knows what he is talking about.
    I have the 5.4 in a 150 and love the power. However, if I was to buy a 250 I would go with the v-10. If you are not sure go big and be safe. From what I hear the updated v-10 is impressive and that would make an awesome combo.
    Good Luck
  • I have a 2000 F250 SD XLT CrewCab,4X4, V-10, auto, 3.73. Even though I'm a Dodge fan I really like my Ford, especially since Dodge doesn't make a crew cab yet. I've seen engine specs on the Ford Excursion that rates the V-10 @ 310hp. I thought the V-10 in my truck was rated at 290hp. Isn't the same V-10 used in both vehicles?
    I've been getting anywhere from 11 - 15 mpg, but mostly about 12mpg with about 3000 miles on my truck. Is there any low cost way of increasing the mpg? I've read about the low-restriction air filters and also about a piece that goes in the air intake that is suppose to swirl the air. Do these really work? How about a different exhaust system. Has anybody out there tried something that actually gives them better mpg?
    This is a great forum. I look forward to your responses.
  • Just took delivery of my 2000 F250 SD CC 3.73ls 4x2 V10 last week. There is a noticable difference between the 99 V10 I test drove and the 00 V10. I can't imagine a truck or car driving better than this truck. I don't know because I have never owned a 5.4L....but for $600 how can you go wrong with the V10. $4000 for the deisel is a bit pricey for me also....I bought the truck to fit the family into easily....traded a 97 F150 4.6L SC...and to haul my jet ski and/or bass boat (20'). Never owned a Chevy/GM product...but do not like the style of the new trucks....see them with these cheap looking plactic things around the wheel well or on the tailgate top. Just not as stylish as the Ford. The Lariat package is quite nice....couldn't be more comfortable......Oh 2 1/2 cents worth......
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Where did you get that info? I was under the impression all 2000 V10's were upgraded to the higher H.P. and torque figures (310 and 425)Any info on your figures would be appreciated since I'm shopping for one or going to order it soon.
    Actually found almost perfect truck yesterday. F-250 S/D, Crew Cab, Short bed, 4x4, V10, 5speed. Had the XLT Lariet option, don't care for leather but it was very nice. The deal breaker? 3.73 open axles. The person who orders the vehicles wasn't there and nobody could explain open diffs on a 4x4. At least nobody there tried to "sell" me on the advantages of an open diff.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Congrats. on your awesome truck. Can't wait for mine.
  • I saw the 290hp rating in a magazine. Maybe that was the rating for 1999? The V-10 feels real strong on the highway when I pull my trailer. I cann't pull it in overdrive @ 60mph but I can at 70mph when the rpms are just above 2000.

    I bet the 'open axles' is referring to the limited-slip differential option. I bought my truck off the dealers lot and it has limited-slip differentials. I wasn't going to spend the extra money for the option but it's hard to find a new crew cab in my area so I bought it. I've had limited slip on some of the 2wd trucks I've had and it helps to keep both wheels turning if the snow or mud gets deep. I suppose limited slip will help on my SD too if I get in real deep.

    I put a Century topper on my truck last week. It really keeps the lines of the truck and looks like it came from the factory with it.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    on the power figures being for '99. I misquoted the window sticker on the truck last night. It read "3.73 regular axle" or something to that effect.It didn't say open axle but that's what it refers to. All the other trucks that had LS it clearly stated limited slip on the window sticker. Towing a boat up a slippery ramp or even 4 wheelin' I don't think I can live with out limited slip. The dealer said he'd sell me the truck for $450 over invoice but I figured at least another thousand to get the diffs(and ratio ) that I want. I can wait untill spring if I have to.
    Take care, Jack
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    Although the 5.4L would probably have adequate power for your needs, you would basically be sacrificing power with little, if any, gain in mpg. The issue is the weight of the Superduty. My 92 F-250HD 4x4 weighed 5,300 pounds with a fiberglass shell. My 99 F-350SD SC dually 4x4 V-10 4.30 Lariat weighs 7,100 pounds.

    The mpg figures gmace quotes appear to be what most people are quoting for the V-10 with the 3.73 axle ratio. I've heard figures as low as 11 mpg in straight city driving. I've also heard of a few 15-16mpg quotes for hwy. Realistically, I think anyone getting 16mpg with the V-10 must have had a good tailwind or headed downhill. (I once got over 23 mpg when I fueled at the top of a long grade and coasted down the hill.)

    The mpg quotes I've heard from people with the 5.4L has been around 15mpg on the hwy. I've also heard mpg figures that were equal to the V-10. That's a pretty questionable gain to sacrifice 50hp and a good chunk of torque. When considering your choices, remember that a 1mpg decrease in mpg will cost you about $15 more per month in fuel if you travel 15,000 miles per year.

    For the record, the duallys and the 4.30 axle ratio cost me about 2+mpg compared to the V-10 3.73 SRW. I get 9.5-10 in a combo of city/hwy and 11.5-12 on the hwy at 70. If I kept the speed at 55, I could probably improve my hwy mpg about 1+mpg. With the 4.30 axle ratio, the mpg appears to fall off pretty quick after you exceed 55. I'm turning about 2,400 rpms at 70.

    With my slide-in camper in the bed (total weight of truck, camper, gear and passengers is close to 12,000 pounds), I get 8.5-9 with my speed in the low 60s and 9.5-10 if I keep it at 55. With the 4.30 axle ratio, it takes a pretty good, extended grade for my truck to downshift out of OD, even carrying that load.

    I think the 290hp came about when people were trying to figure out what the new hp rating for 2000 was going to be. There was a lot of speculation when people heard they were increasing. The 99 rating was 275. However, the 99 rating for the V-10 in the Econoline Van was 265. The 2000 Superduty has the 310/425.

    As for aftermarket items, I've heard good things about the Gale Banks systems. It looks like you have a choice of systems depending on your budget. The best gains will cost you about $2,200 installed and will increase hp over 350 and the torque will be about where the PSD is at. One guy who is participating in the Superduty topic had one installed last week. I'm interested to hear him report back on the performance. The Banks system advertises mpg gains, but I'd guess that you would use up any gains by exercising the added power.
  • Brutus;

    I'd like to get a turbo but it seems pricey for a 1mpg - 2mpg increase. I'm thinking about trying a K&N filter or maybe a cat-back exhaust system. I want something I can do myself without spending too much money or time but will give a noticeable result. If a 1mpg increase is worth $15 a month in gas I think I'll try both.

    I'll let you know my results.

    See ya,
  • "I have a dream" that all Ford, Chevy, and Dodge united and make a Forvyge truck. Let's all get along. The bottom line is that we all love trucks.
  • Hello,
    I own a 99 F-350 v10 Crew Cab LWB, I towed a 12000lb 5th wheel across the U.S. and got various gas mileages along the way. My numbers are similar to those posted in this topic, but I thought I give those out. Towing I get from 8.5 - 11 mpg. While not towing I get from 11 - 14 mpg, depending of city driving. I have a 4.10 Axle to give me the maximum towing for the truck of 13,600lbs. I love the v10 even though my truck is simply huge.
    see ya around
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    That's a serious truck!!
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    briman, I think you meant to say that you have the 4.30. The 4.10 is the available axle ratio for the PSD and 5.4L V-8. I think the reason for the 4.30 for the V-10 vs the 4.10 has something to do with the number of cylinders (the PSD is an 8 cylinder also). I've also got a 99 V-10 with the 4.30, but my truck is a Supercab dually 4x4 Lariat.
  • I just looked at my sticker and was surprised to see the 4.30. Thanks. Here is a question. I had my truck built late in 99 (July), and when it was shipped to me I was charged about $500 for my v10 when it was supposed to be around $350. I am wondering if they put the 2000 fixes on the engine since the new cost for the v10 is $510? Any ideas?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    If you paid the 2000 sticker price for the V-10 option, my guess is that you do have the new 2000 with the extra horses and torque. July sounds pretty close to the time that they changed over to 2000. If you ask this question in the Superduty III topic farther down on this page, they will be able to answer it for you. It's probably in the VIN somewhere.
  • I am trying to decide wether to buy a f-250 powertroke or a 350 power stroke. I plan to pull a 29-31 ft airstream and would like a crew cab for family travel. I am interested to know if there is any real difference in the two models maximum towing weight. I understand airstreams are heavy trailers. I have read in other conferences that 350's may have a better resale value I plan to get a lariet package in 4 wheel drive. (I also do a lot of hunting in the swamps of south Georgia) Any advice will be appreciated.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    The F-250 and F-350 both have 10,000 pound tow ratings for conventional tow ratings. Assuming your airstream is a conventional trailer (not a fifth wheel), the two rating will be a non-issue in your decision process. The fifth wheel tow ratings for both trucks are greater than 10,000. The 3/4 ton (F-250) actually has a slightly higher fifth wheel tow rating.

    The advantage of the 1 ton over the 3/4 ton is in GVWR. That's the manufacturer's max weight rating for the truck, passengers, gear, gas, and everything in the bed. If you had a slide-in cabover pickup camper, the GVWR would be an important figure for you since those campers sit in the bed of the truck. The F-350 GVWR is 9900 pounds compared to 8800 for the F-250. The GVWR for the F-350 dually is 11,200.

    For trailer towing, either truck will work for you. As far as resale, I had always heard that the 3/4 ton trucks were more popular than the 1 tons, but I could be wrong.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
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