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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I just installed a cone type k&n air filter (#RE-0800) instead of the stock size filter on my 2004 Pacifica. It excelerates so much better and when you reach 2500 rpm's, it has that k&n grawl like a muscle car. the gas mileage is just a tiny bit better, maybe a 1/2 mpg better. I bought it from for $46, no tax no shipping. You also need a little $3 tube for your local auto store. I gas pedal is so lite now, it just wants to go. It might have an increase of 10-12 HP and it feels so much funner to drive.
  • gbobogbobo Posts: 2
    I got my 2005 Pacifica Touring Ed. used last night, luckily came w/ headphones and remote. Once you get the 'phones, turn them on for the back seaters and press AM/FM on the radio to listen to the radio thru the car speakers. The headphones only work in the back seats-they are infrared and need a line of sight to the screen.
  • 20052005 Posts: 1
    I'm looking a buying a Pacifica. Re your tongue weight I have been told by 'experts' that it should be 10% of your trailer weight. Therefore the 350/3500 makes sense.
  • Whoa! That sounds great! Do you have any pics you can post? This $3 tube, what is it exactly?
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Thanks for answering my question after 7 months !!! Since then I had the Mopar (Chrysler) hitch installed on our Pacifica, and we used it almost every summer weekend.

    Being able to put 4 bikes on the hitch installed bike rack is really great. Weekends are completely different !
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    WOW!! That sounds great!!! That is one of my complaints about my PAC is that it does not have that "pickup" like i would want it to. That sounds like it will do the trick. Question...does it have any effect on the warranty? Is it easy to install or it needs modification to install? I have read about many of the aftermarket mods and i was always very cautious about trying anything. My PAC is a 2004 with 21,000 miles on it.
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    Do you know of any other ways to "boost" up performance in the PAC? Fuel mileage? I am very concerned about the warranty when doing this but i am sure there are ways.....
  • I'm having the same problem w/ my new to me '05 Pacifica. I have a stock dvd player, but no lcd. I need to install one. Any usefull information would be helpful.

    Questions I have:
    1) Is the pacifica wired from the dvd to headliner?
    2) any diagrams online?
    3) headrest lcd's vs. in the headliner

    Thanks for sharing?
  • abgabg Posts: 1
    wondering what kind of gas mileage your getting. i just bought a 2006 touring package and would like to know what to expect.

  • Hello all,

    I was wondering if you guys knew of any good aftermarket remote start devices. I was thinking of buying a friend of mine remote start for her pacifica but dont really know if this can be done for this vehicle. I would like to get one that can function with her current keyless entry fob. Any ideas?
  • I am a two Pacifica family and just bought a Signature Touring Edition. Only shortcoming on my newest Pac is that it has the standard radio/dvd and not the 5.1, 350+ watt sound system of my 04'. Has anyone done an aftermarket upgrade to the beefier sound system, and if so, is it pretty straightforward? I don't really want to rip apart dash, etc. Thanks in advance.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    See if Crutchfields has anything to say about this. You will probably have to call them.
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    I purchased this filter last week and it arrived yesterday and i had it installed. Needless to say i am very happy that i brought it because FINALLY my PAC has some real pickup on the highway. The engine sounds more stronger and the overall acceleration is better than before. Thank God for these forums!!!! :( :( :(
  • Any pics would be a great help. You HAD it installed? Do you know what they had to custom fabricate to get it to fit, if anything?

    Any other info you could give would help out a lot. Thanks.
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    I do not have any pictures except for the website but my auto shop put it in less than 15 minutes and so far i am very pleased with the result. Trust me, you have nothing to lose. The filter WILL make your PAC run stronger and faster. Still can not ascertain if the fuel usage is better but frankly i do not care. I can pass people now :-)
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    I'm curious about something. Was there any increase in engine noise on acceleration after the install.? Or is the noise level the same but sounds different?

    I wouldn't worry too much about fuel consumption, for I don't believe it will improve. It may actually get worse because you're ENJOYING the acceleration so much. Foot might get mysteriously heavy. ;)
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Pscdoc: it's been awhile since you mentioned your intermittent problem with the HID lights not coming on. Were you able to find out what caused it? I've been having some trouble lately of my HIDs not coming on, especially in the cold, and appreciate any insight that you may have. Thanks.
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    You are so right about the fuel consumption AS I HAVE NOTCIED MY FOOT GOT HEAVIER.:-)

    The engine noise changed slightly but in a good way. Gives it a muscle sound if you ask me.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    I will look into either one, ie a straight K&N air filter swap or a k&N plus a better air intake module. Thanks.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    hmmmm,. i might have to try that. :surprise:
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    What is the part number for the filter and the title and part number for the tube? :)
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Is the part mnumber for the K$N cone filter #RE-0800? If so what is the tube part number? :D
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Hi, well over the summer here I have had no problems with the HID's but since its gotten colder the troubles have come back. Especially when parked outside for a period of time in the cold it seesm that there is not enough power to the ignitor to keep the headlights on. It initially turns on but then goes out. O s I am thinking that there is not enough juice supplied to the HID system to sustain it. But depending on how long the pac has been out in the cold weather it takes the HID system about 5 min.(if left out for about 4-6 hours) to about 45min.(if left out for more than a day).

    I think the problem may be in the 'Recall' for the normal halogen lighting system my '05 pac came with. There is a RECALL for this. So I am going to try an experiement. I going to go back to my original halogen lights and have the recall done and then replace it again with the HID lights and see if that corrects then problem. If this doesn't work I really don't know where to turn except maybe a voltage regulator. The recall said that a faulty wiring harness is the problem so I am hoping this will work. Will post update when this is done.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Thanks, pscdoc. It's very helpful to know that you're having the exact same problem that I have with my HID. I went to the dealer last week and they replaced the control module (claiming there was no code from the old one), but the problem still persists.

    Please let me know what happens after you try the recall route.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Will post my results when I get this tried out. Its suprising your dealer did try something for you when your pac was not originally supplied with HID's. Usually dealer's won't touch anything if its not lited on the parts list for your vehicles VIN number.

    I wish I could talk to a chrysler engineer in regards to what can actually be causing this problem. But I an still inclined to believe it has something to do with voltage stablization that is not sufficient for the halogen system. If a parts list was available for a HID supplied pac versus a halogen supplied pac maybe it can be crossed referenced to see exacty which part(s) is different. That would be helpful.
  • clongclong Posts: 19
    The part number is correct but i just gave it to my mechanic to install. Never questioned the tube info. He never told me needed anything extra as well. Sorry but the filter works very well.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Actually I didn't go back to the dealer from whom I leased the PAC but went to a different one, and they never asked! :)

    I just checked my parts list and found that the two modules are indeed different.

    w/HID H/Lamp:
    2004 (to 10/03) — 4727987AD — $322
    2004 (from 11/03) — 5082054AA — $355

    w/o HID H/Lamp:
    2004 (to 10/03) — 4727832AG — $322
    2004 (from 11/03) — 5082053AA — $364

    Maybe you could find out the detail when you go for the recall service.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Hmm...when you refer to 'module' what is it in reference to exactly. Are you talking about the ballast, ignitor and wiring harness as the 'module'?

    Because in my research so far the only difference between the HID pac and the non HID pac was only in the actual lighting assembly. Other than that everything else was the same. But I don't think this is possible and I am missing something. If everything is self contained in the HID headlight assembly then all should work with the swap. But I think the cause is from the wiring harness from the battery/fuse to the headlight assembly itself. I am wondering if this part is different with perhaps stronger higher voltage wires.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    You're absolutely correct — the module is actually called the "Power Distribution Module" which is the fuse box in the engine compartment.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    If what you are saying is true about the 'module' and you still have this problem even after the dealer had replaced this so called 'Power Distribution Module' for you then the cause has to be in the wiring somewhere. Could the actual fuse be of a different power output for the HID and the Halogen installed pacs?
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    The dealer kept my car for three days because, according to the tech, they had to send in my module to exchange for a new one. I believe I got back the exact same model (w/o HID) — which obviously didn't help!
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Well if the 'Power Distribution Module' is in fact different for the HID and Halogen headlight assemblies then that could be the cause. We need to find out the part number for each and the cost. This is something I need to look into if the 'Recall' doesnt work.

    Edit*** nevermind I see you earlier post on the part number and cost. Maybe it can be gotten cheaper on ebay or a salvage yard. Will have to do some more research here. You should do the same.
  • I think its part of a package. Does anyone know how to disable the 'Tire Pressure Monitor. I didn't want to pay sixty $ a tire for my new snow tires and rims. Now I get a constant error message to check the system.
  • Ok, well, in the past i have always been able to install stereo equipment, but I can see that its going to be a challenge with the Pacifica. Where do i start? I need to install a FM Modulator, has anyone else here done this? if so, please help!! I have read on another site that all the wiring can be accessed through the glovebox, but i didn't see the antenna cable there.
  • My battery dies after playing the radio or DVD system for as little as an hour if the engine is not running.

    Does anyone else have this problem. The battery is otherwise good.
  • eaj1eaj1 Posts: 5
    Hello All, has anyone posted the top speed of the pac?
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    When you say it dies, have you done this repeatedly?
    Car batteries are not designed to be fully discharged and re charged. There are special Deep Cycle batteries for that application. Fully discharging a normal car battery will damage the battery, possibly to the point where you need a new one. Also, your charging system is not really designed to recharge a fully discharged battery quickly. When driving, especially at night or in the winter, or in the summer or in town, much of the alternators capacity is used simply to operate the vehicle leaving little amperage to recharge the battery. If you want to operate accessories without running the engine, you may have to look at a different battery or an additional battery.
  • axr6axr6 Posts: 42
    My question would be regarding the power requirements of your radio/DVD system. If you have a system with high power ratings, (100+ Watts) then I would not be surprised if your battery would be drawn down in a little over an hour.

    The Pac seem to have an undersized battery to begin with. Many users complain of dead batteries after they leave the tailgate or doors open for extended periods. Those inside lights draw about 100 W. In comparison your low beams headlights are about 55 W each.

    It helps to keep track of the power consumption of your electrical devices, particularly when the engine is not running.
  • 65mph
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    That must be in second gear.
  • My battery died but it took a lot more than that. We went to a double feature at the drive-in. Used the power seats WAY too much. About 10 minutes before the end of the second movie (about 5 hours including pre-show and intermission) we lost power to the radio. After the movie was over we had to get a jump to start the car.

    The next time we went to the drive-in the battery lasted the entire time. The movies were a bit shorter and we did not use the power seats.
  • I hear you now Fred. I just ran mine totally dead by leaving things on too long and it cost me a new DiHard.
  • Hey rasldasl, a double feature at the drive-in! All of that power seat usage ! Perhaps you should back the Pac in and just pop the hatch!
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Well, it seems that changing this Power Distribution Module will solve the Halogen to HID swap problems. The extra money for the new PDM should be money well spent.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Have you changed your PDM and how much did it cost you? Just curious!
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    No I have not yet, but will do pretty soon. A member at another board did his with the information I relayed from your earlier post and his is working out fine so far. He doesn't have the auto light feature but now his HID lights do turn on at all times now when the switch turned on. Before the PDM was replaced the lights would intermittently turn on or only one of them and at time they would shut off by themselves. So far no problems reported.

    Also, the price was near or at the price you quoted in the earlier post. The good thing about his dealer was that they were willing to help solve this problem with him. They even ordered the part for him and installed it. If it didnt work he didnt have to pay for the part (great dealer if you ask me). But he did also purchase a new HID assembly set from them so maybe they were more obligated to help. In any case, the problem has been solved so I am going to do this PDM swap very soon. Good luck on your end.
  • arv3arv3 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Pac touring that came with a DVD system (that has external A/V input). I am in the market for a good rear view camera. I am also thinking about a decent navigation system. In my initial scan I couldn't find a lot of navigation systems that combine rear view camera and the ones that do (like the pioneer) are very pricey. Can folks who have already installed this give some suggestions?

    1. Is it a good idea to combine these two?
    2. Some brand names that I can look for?

    Thank you
  • Going by reports on other boards, the Pacifica is electronically limited to 112MPH (180km/h).
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    You wanted to go 125MPH (200 Km/h) with a SUV/van/crossover ???

    It's not meant for that.
  • eaj1eaj1 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information.
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