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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I was told by my dealer that installing the CD/DVD Changer (Mopar part#82208272) without the rear entertainment system would not allow it to function as a DVD player even if I installed aftermarked video screens. It didn't seem logical, but I was wondering if some of you knew if this was true.
  • Check the earlier posts on this board. I've done it using instructions on this site! You need to buy a wiring harness and splice into it, but otherwise, it's pretty straight forward.
  • Does anyone know if these are functional, or are they just for looks? I've seen claims that they protect the windshield from rocks and such, but I'm skeptical.

    What's the best price you've seen for one? I've seen them for $68 and am on the fence about getting one.
  • They are 'functional' but mostly just for saving the front of your hood from paint chips due to stones. I wouldn't spend my money on one. JMHO....
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I think the wind deflectors ruin the clean lines of the Pacifica.
  • juliec2juliec2 Posts: 25
    Does anyone know why the rear dvd system was put on restriction for a while? I am about to order one with dvd but if it is potentially blocking the drivers sight or anything I may not. Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I don't know anything about a restriction, but can honestly say I never noticed any problem with sightlines.

    My two kids use the DVD system on any trip longer than 1 hour, and I've never had any problems driving with it in use.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Chrysler was giving free DVD systems with a Pacifica purchase ... there may have been a shortage of units from the supplier as a result.
    When deployed, the screen is visible in the rear view mirror, but does not seriously block the rear view.
  • rucssklass, I dont see my screen in the rear view when all when the screen is all the way down... I am 5'10" and the driver seat about mid height...
  • aviateaviate Posts: 31
    I purchased 1 a week after we bought the car. We have driven our Pacifica from the west coast to the east coast and can say that my front end was plastered with bugs, but our windshield was not. I have also seen stones fly over the car which I believe is due to a small change in the air stream trajectory. As for looks, I have received compliments on how tasteful the deflector is. It follows the form of the car and I believe adds some character that you do not see on all the other Pacificas out there.
  • I don't know that much about the front deflectors but I do know that those vent visors that go over the side windows are worth their weight in gold. I won't have a vehicle without them.
  • I am guessing that I realized the diff between rucks and my pac is probably that I do not have a sunroof ... I am guessing Rucklass has a sunroof? that would make the screen sit lower due to the space for the sunroof :-)
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    They may be functional, but speaking as a designer, I think they have a tacky add-on look.
    Just my opinion...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A magazine reporter is looking to interview automotive technophiles who have DVD players, MP3 players, satellite radio and/or surround systems in their cars and cannot wait for the next big thing to come so they can add it to their rolling entertainment centers.
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  • Hi, I just got my 2004 Pac two weeks ago and am very happy with it. I ordered it December 1st and it was built in January.

    One snag though.... I ordered it with the Intermezzo stereo and DVD/CD changer, but no video screen, intending to add aftermarket LCD headrest displays. I purchased wireless headphones and remote via E-bay. The remote does seem to control the stereo. However, I'm unable to hear any audio through the headphones. I tried the same headphones and remote on a 2004 Town & Country and they worked great.

    Can anyone help??

    Also, thanks to everyone on this board. Your comments greatly influenced my decision to go ahead and purchase a Pac.
  • Hello, I've had my Pacifica for a few weeks now and the one we bought didn't have the DVD monitor but did have the DVD player/changer so I ordered one from and installed it myself. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to install. I have had previous car stereo installation experience working at the good guys, but anyone who can handle a screwdriver can do this install. What's a joke is that the dealership wanted to charge me $995 for the monitor and 6 hours of labor to install it. It cost me $845.75 from Chrysler Parts People and it was here within a week of ordering.

    Here is a link to the pictures I took during the install, I added some tips to several of the pictures. Hopefully this can help some of you out there in the same situation.


    PS There is also a set of pictures for the hitch receiver I installed. I got it at with their wiring harness for $187.90 shipped.
  • I want to get a K&N filter for my Pacifica. I can't find any websites that sell K&N's that list Pacifica's. Will the K&N filter for the 300M work in the Pac, seeing as it has the same engine and all? Does anyone know?
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    Don't think it will fit. Different "plumbing" and filter box.
  • Thanks for the tip - guess I'll just have to wait.
  • bkaagebkaage Posts: 4
    Anyone know if you can add the automatic rear hatch on later--i know the remote has the button so i would assume that you would just need the hardware to operate.


  • john364john364 Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a part # for the DVD changer wiring package/harness? I have the DVD changer but do not have the wiring package.
  • I'm thinking about getting a tow hitch and am wondering what others have done. My dealer wants to charge the $195 for the part, list price on and $300 for installation. Called a local place and they'll sell me either a Valley or Hidden Hitch brand part for under $180 and only charge me $40 to install. Difference is that from the picture it looks like the Chrysler one they cut the bumper and the aftermarket one they say is below the bumper. Does anyone know if this really makes a difference? I intend to mostly use it for bikes, they just don't seem to fit very well in the back with the 3rd row seats folded down. Any suggestions from those with hitches on a Pacifica would be appreciated.
  • Here's what I have as of today...

    March 29th production launch & unveiling at the New York Auto Show.

    Changes - 3 distinct models to cover a broader spectrum of the customer base - "Base" will have 2 rows of seating (5 passenger), AWD & FWD - "Touring" will have 3rd row seating (6 passenger), AWD & FWD - "Limited" will have 3-rows/6 passenger, AWD only, wood interior accents, unique leather seating, and 19" chrome wheels.

    Engine changes - Base will have current 3.5L/250 hp - Touring & Limited will have "upgraded" 3.5L High Output ("255+" hp).

    That's it for now.
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    I have the Mopar hitch and 4 bike capacity rack that I work into my deal originally. I know the factory hitch is more expensive but the installation is very slick and definitely looks like it came right off the assembly line. The Mopar bike rack is is of very high quality too.
  • Very nice job, Chrysler probably could use you for their manual.

    Thanks again for the post.
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    I purchased the factory hitch from my dealer for $175 and installed it myself. Easy job. They even give you the template to cut the bumper trim plate and edging material to put on the cut.
    It fits perfect and has all the bolts for existing holes. The 7-pin connector bracket is already on the hitch and nothing shows except 2" square opening and chain brackets. They give you a rubber hitch cover but I installed on the forward end of the opening to keep the rain/dirt out of it and bought a standard black one for show. Looks great.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    K&N Airfilter number for pacifica:

    2004 CHRYSLER Pacifica SUV 3.5L V6 F/I
    All 33-2283 Air Filter

    FYI dont know who carries them but its listed on K&N Website
  • dbcafydbcafy Posts: 8
    what about the storage space by the rear hatch?
  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
    I heard that some company has a running board,type ground efect for the Pacifica. Has any one seen these? And if so who makes them?
  • gghuskergghusker Posts: 7
    I bought my Pacifica in August 2003. I have not used my free upgrade coupon for the nav system yet. Does anyone know if there is another update scheduled soon? If not, I'll just go ahead and send for the current DVD so that I don't forget before August comes.
    Thanks for any advice.
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