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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I checked the exhaust tip again at Walmart. It is the Pilot PM552 for $12.42. It is a Super Walmart which just opened in Prescott Arizona in the past two months. Maybe the smaller or older Walmarts donot carry the Pilot PM552.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I found an exhaust tip at Pep Boys for $6.50. It's 9" long for a 2-1/2" pipe, tapered on the end, and is such a tight fit that I didn't have to use the hold down bolts. I just epoxied it on. It stands out further than the stock pipe, but it looks very good.
    I also had the driver and passenger windows tinted to match the other windows, and that visually ties it all together.
    The last addition is a scuff pad from It doesn't look as clean, but it definitely is more functional with the pad protecting the rear bumper.
  • Has anyone installed a remote starter on their Pacifica? If so, any recommendations or feedback?
  • Thank you OHPACIFICA! I tried making my own molex connectors, but ended up having to buy the factory wiring harness as the pins were too small for anything Radio Shack sold. We already owned an 8.9" widescreen Toshiba DVD player that we hooked up to a tape player input (rather poor sound quality though) so we were thrilled with not having the $700 - $1200 option for the installed DVD player. After two (yes 2) trips in the Pacifica to FL from Pittsburgh, I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if my wife could switch DVDs without doing the momba to remove the player from it's spot hanging between the front seats while speeding at 70+mph down I95?" I bought the in dash unit off EBAY for $385 (no screen)and fooled around with many different connectors before finally caving in and ordering the factory wiring harness for $70. I spliced into the one end just as OhPacifica documented and added an RCA out cable to the back. I fished this wire under the armrest and tested the whole setup last night. It was awesome! I didn't even realize that the steering wheel controls work on the DVD player! Note: I already had the 5.1 sound system, I did have to splice into the right lighter power in the dash to get juice to the DVD player and my portable DVD player came with a cable for RCA inputs for the video. I've loaded it up with concert DVDs that I don't need to watch to appreciate and our next trip will be even more enjoyable. Thank you OhPacifica!!!!
  • Hello all,
    Was wondering how long it took those of you who ordered the Nav upgrade to receive the new DVD?
    Thanks for any info!
  • Took about 2 weeks or so...
  • Hi,

    I was wondering whether either alisac, cs668, or anyone else
    could give me more information regarding purchasing the wireless headphones and remote for the Pacifica on ebay. I bought the 6 disk changer and wired up a 14" screen that I jury rigged between my seats. Its working great, but a remote and wireless headphones would be great for the kids and my piece of mind.

    From earlier posts, I should be able to use these even if I don't have the overhead screen. If this is so, what brand did you purchase, and what was involved in getting the 6 disk DVD changer to work with the headphones and remote? I assume that the brand is not the same one as Chrysler provides?

  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    They ones I bought of of ebay were the Chrysler/Mopar unit and they just worked.

    Nothing special needed to be done. You hit the button on the remote and the rear speakers turn off. The front ones are controlled by the in-dash radio and the remote controls the changer.

  • alisacalisac Posts: 19
    I bought the same set off of ebay that comes with the pacifica - the 2 wireless headphones and remote in the original packaging - My dealer wanted to charge me almost $200 per headphone and I bought the 3 for about $80 Canadian. I think it is mostly rental car agencies selling them on ebay - from caravans, town and countries that come with the screen but that they don't want to give to the renters.

    Hope that helps and hope they work! :-)
  • For those of you that have installed aftermarket DVD screens. How do you control the DVD Menu that comes up when you input a DVD movie (the settings such as 'play movie', audio, scene selection, language...). I realize you can change tracks with the factory controls. But it appears you cannot get the movie ENTER button. In reading the manual it appears you can only make menu selections via the remote control ENTER button or the ENTER button on the side of the factory flip down screen(not an option of you do aftermarket screen). Apparently there is no ENTER button on the 6 disc DVD unit. This is ridiculous...what if your remote breaks or batteries go dead? I plan to do an aftermarket 10" screen but the fact that almost every DVD requires you to select PLAY from the DVD movie menu and this can only be done from a remote control bothers me. Thanks for your help.
  • Anyone seen this before? Go to the news section and scroll down. Seems as if the Germans are one of the first to start modifying the Pacifica.
  • sounds great but the pictures are not a modified Pacifica. saved the pics and upped the brightness and the rear bumper is stock as well as exhaust. it would be sweet if they come up with a turbo or supercharger for the Pacifica and the dual exhaust built into the bumper like originally in the concept pacifica ....
  • Just got mine in the mail. took a little over 2 weeks.

    The Original DVD number was 56038 642AE.
    The New DVD number is 05064 033AA

    I asked for 56038 642AG to get the ability to enter the NAV menu while moving slower then 10 mphs but got the AA release. I am guessing the 05064 means its a newer release. Before I open it, does anyone know if the AA release allows you to enter the FULL NAV menu while in motion not just fully stopped ?
  • Spoke with Alpine Customer Service Number and it looks like 05064 is the newer series and 033AA is the LATEST release. it fixes the AG release. It was the AG release that is missing some Texas points of interest data (not maping data).

    They plan on returning to the 05038 642XX series after this interum 033AA release (it was a patch release). The next release should be 05038 642AH.

    FYI - and the AA release should allow you to enter then menu in motion as well :-)
  • On the Canadian and U.S. Chrysler sites it shows chrome body side moulding. Looks nice (I want it!) but I cannot find it during the build process or as a Mopar accessory. The moulding is shown on the U.S. and Canadian sites on the color pallet page. (inlcuded links below.)I am wondering if Chrysler is going to start adding it? Does anyone have info on this moulding, part numbers maybe ?,,CA-04-EN-CHRYS- LER-PACIFICA-COLOURS,.html

  • rever2rever2 Posts: 15
    In response to #152 by bjbird2. I maybe mistaken, but I believe that foglights are standard on all models. To turn them on, you pull the end of the light stalk out. The headlights must be on for the foglights to come on. There is a green icon that will light up in the instrument panel when they are on.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Only on AWD, FWD they are not standard.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    My fwd does have foglights and I didn't special order them.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I've got the foglamps too, standard on my FWD model per the window sticker.

    Maybe they became an option later in the build year?
  • kmoykmoy Posts: 2
    put in backup sensors, dealer took better part of the day to install. They said they never installed this before because it is usually a factory option. love the system when backing up, never realized how much space there was behind due to the high belt line.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I think foglamps are optional on the base model, whether it's FWD or AWD.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I've also installed a backup sensor that always lets me know how much space there is behind me. My wife.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Can let us know how much it cost and what it entailed. Anything in the dash. Any eye sores from it or the design of it (inside or out). Thanks
  • kmoykmoy Posts: 2
    cost about 300.00 plus 1 hr labor. 4 sensors placed above the rear bumper. A small monitor is placed inside the right side rear, has leds green, yellow and red. Makes beeping noise as you get closer to objects.
  • I'd like to replace the stock foglamps with a couple of aircraft landing lights. Did this years ago on a Ford Van I had and loved them.
    They were not built in fog lights but seperate lights in sharp looking holders. Anyway anyone living out in the country would know how good a aircraft landing light would light up the road.
    I've got a feeling that the current foglams bulbs might be smaller than landing lights.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    buy an airplane.
  • the fog lights are 880L bulbs (29 watt) I think

    I put in the newly released Sylvania Silverstar 880L bulbs. about 10% brighter and much whiter (not a blue white but clear white) closer match to the HID bulbs in the Pac low beams...

    was going to thy the 889L but didnt want to risk melting or blowing a fuse with the higher wattage.

    also replaced the high beams out with Phillips most Premium bulb (much better then stock), brighter and whiter.

    those Xenon bulbs are bunk. look brighter but not actually brighter out on the road (lots of tests on the internet showing that they actually put out less light)
  • from what I read, if we have the HID light option on our Pacifica it is a Xenon gas light system.

     I think they are brighter then anything else on the road.
  • the HID is high intensity discharge lights (much different then the HALOGEN Xenon Gas bulbs) ...

    the xenon bulbs are those fake blue bulbs you find in many auto parts stores that say white like HID light bulbs and super bright ... ect ect ...
  • Try this site for more info on HID lights and Xenon
  • I was told by my dealer that installing the CD/DVD Changer (Mopar part#82208272) without the rear entertainment system would not allow it to function as a DVD player even if I installed aftermarked video screens. It didn't seem logical, but I was wondering if some of you knew if this was true.
  • Check the earlier posts on this board. I've done it using instructions on this site! You need to buy a wiring harness and splice into it, but otherwise, it's pretty straight forward.
  • Does anyone know if these are functional, or are they just for looks? I've seen claims that they protect the windshield from rocks and such, but I'm skeptical.

    What's the best price you've seen for one? I've seen them for $68 and am on the fence about getting one.
  • They are 'functional' but mostly just for saving the front of your hood from paint chips due to stones. I wouldn't spend my money on one. JMHO....
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I think the wind deflectors ruin the clean lines of the Pacifica.
  • juliec2juliec2 Posts: 25
    Does anyone know why the rear dvd system was put on restriction for a while? I am about to order one with dvd but if it is potentially blocking the drivers sight or anything I may not. Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I don't know anything about a restriction, but can honestly say I never noticed any problem with sightlines.

    My two kids use the DVD system on any trip longer than 1 hour, and I've never had any problems driving with it in use.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Chrysler was giving free DVD systems with a Pacifica purchase ... there may have been a shortage of units from the supplier as a result.
    When deployed, the screen is visible in the rear view mirror, but does not seriously block the rear view.
  • rucssklass, I dont see my screen in the rear view when all when the screen is all the way down... I am 5'10" and the driver seat about mid height...
  • aviateaviate Posts: 31
    I purchased 1 a week after we bought the car. We have driven our Pacifica from the west coast to the east coast and can say that my front end was plastered with bugs, but our windshield was not. I have also seen stones fly over the car which I believe is due to a small change in the air stream trajectory. As for looks, I have received compliments on how tasteful the deflector is. It follows the form of the car and I believe adds some character that you do not see on all the other Pacificas out there.
  • I don't know that much about the front deflectors but I do know that those vent visors that go over the side windows are worth their weight in gold. I won't have a vehicle without them.
  • I am guessing that I realized the diff between rucks and my pac is probably that I do not have a sunroof ... I am guessing Rucklass has a sunroof? that would make the screen sit lower due to the space for the sunroof :-)
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    They may be functional, but speaking as a designer, I think they have a tacky add-on look.
    Just my opinion...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,101
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  • Hi, I just got my 2004 Pac two weeks ago and am very happy with it. I ordered it December 1st and it was built in January.

    One snag though.... I ordered it with the Intermezzo stereo and DVD/CD changer, but no video screen, intending to add aftermarket LCD headrest displays. I purchased wireless headphones and remote via E-bay. The remote does seem to control the stereo. However, I'm unable to hear any audio through the headphones. I tried the same headphones and remote on a 2004 Town & Country and they worked great.

    Can anyone help??

    Also, thanks to everyone on this board. Your comments greatly influenced my decision to go ahead and purchase a Pac.
  • Hello, I've had my Pacifica for a few weeks now and the one we bought didn't have the DVD monitor but did have the DVD player/changer so I ordered one from and installed it myself. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to install. I have had previous car stereo installation experience working at the good guys, but anyone who can handle a screwdriver can do this install. What's a joke is that the dealership wanted to charge me $995 for the monitor and 6 hours of labor to install it. It cost me $845.75 from Chrysler Parts People and it was here within a week of ordering.

    Here is a link to the pictures I took during the install, I added some tips to several of the pictures. Hopefully this can help some of you out there in the same situation.


    PS There is also a set of pictures for the hitch receiver I installed. I got it at with their wiring harness for $187.90 shipped.
  • I want to get a K&N filter for my Pacifica. I can't find any websites that sell K&N's that list Pacifica's. Will the K&N filter for the 300M work in the Pac, seeing as it has the same engine and all? Does anyone know?
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    Don't think it will fit. Different "plumbing" and filter box.
  • Thanks for the tip - guess I'll just have to wait.
  • bkaagebkaage Posts: 4
    Anyone know if you can add the automatic rear hatch on later--i know the remote has the button so i would assume that you would just need the hardware to operate.


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