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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I was at my chrysler dealer today, and while looking at his accessory book, saw the following
    #82208246, Backup Sensor Warning System
    MSRP $299.00, Install Time 1.0 Hours
    Includes 4 paintable sensors, indicates parking distance with tones and indicator LED's.

    Not sure if it uses existing displays, if wiring is already there or not, but If it is truly integrated, then the large price (3X aftermarket kits) might be justified.
  • atlantica - been away from the board for a week or so. Here's some answers to your questions....

    1. My invoice says $144 in labor and $175 for the receiver plus $124 for the "Satellite Installation kit"...

    2. All of the current headunits are Sirius capable. They just operate different.

    3. The Sirius receiver is installed in that small compartment in the back of the rear deck. It is bolted down on one side of it. It is about 6in by 10in.

    4. The antenna is a small rubber-looking oblong mound about two/three inches high and four inches long. It is installed about 10 inches in front of the third brake light. If you paid for the "Satellite install kit" (like $35 from the factory) you have the wires needed.

    5. It displays the "stream" number, the "stream" name - no artist or song names.

    6. $25 rebate is in the "Chrysler" magazine - no date, Volume 2 Issue 1 (which I assume all owners receive). check with your dealer.

    7. Reception has been very good -- I used it last week thru-out northern Arizona - mountains, canyons, etc and it was flawless. Of course you do lose the signal whenever there is a fairly long tunnel (200 feet at 75MPH) , heavy tree cover. But it snaps right back. If you're in downtown Philly you might also lose it around tall buildings. It certainly works better than the Pacifica FM - which is very poor around here.

    Hope this helps.....
  • Thanks azpacifica for responding. This helps a lot...

    One additional question regarding the antenna... Did they drill a hole under the antenna to mount it? Or does the antenna have a visible "tail" that runs on top of the roof with the wires running into the vehicle via the top of the rear hatch?
  • We are looking for some tasteful seat covers for our front seats. We live in hot and humid FL and the nice leather gets a bit warm and sticky.
  • go to sheepskin, live in Houston and they work great!
  • They drill a hole - no tails....also I just noticed that the rebate form came with the "Chrysler" magazine but was not part of it, looked more like an insert with ads from the dealer. Good luck!
  • Has anyone installed an after market DVD screen connecting to factory installed 6 disc DVD Changer?
    I am sure the displaying video is no issue, but I am only wondering about the remote control and wireless headphone stuff.

    Also, I am thinking of installing a subwoofer and amp in the space provided (mine does not have premium audio and hence the sub space is vacant). Anyone thinking about it?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    you have to wear clothes when you drive :)
  • I have been able to find many Pacifica accessories at a 22% discount. Search Google, Chrysler Pacifica accessories. They are MOPAR parts from an online dealer.
  • There are Chrysler Pacifica accessories on Ebay if you search under Chrysler Pacifica as well. Have Fun shopping. I purchased the chrome tailpipe, mud guards, and the back bumper scuff protector at the local dealer though. They are pretty easy to install yourself. It really finishes the side and back view of the PAC.
  • Chrysler has a chrome tailpipe accessory for the Pacifica?
  • have a look at msg#1033 in general disscussion.I also bought one and it does look good & it looks
    like it was supposed to be there,not an after market look.
  • Just bought a Pacifica with the Infinity Intemezzo Stereo upgrade for $700. How do you tell if you have the upgraded stereo system? I can only see 7 speakers and don't know where the subwoofer might be. How can I tell?
  • The subwoofer is behind the third row seat on the right as you're standing at the lift gate. Another way to tell is put a good CD in the dash, sit in the driver's seat and crank the volume! You can feel the music.
  • There have been questions about cargo liners. I just ordered a liner for my Pacifica that sounds very good. Anyone interested can check it out by searching Miracle Protector Cargo Blankets with your search engine. I will post more info after I receive it.
  • Has anyone installed an after market DVD screen connecting to factory installed 6 disc DVD Changer?
    I have seen a few others post the same question but no answers yet. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions with this situation.
  • I've asked the same question but no answers. I would assume you could plug directly to the red/white/yellow on the front of the changer and make it a sort of portable unit? anyone know? Target sells a great screen with controls and 2 inputs for wired headphones for around 170 bucks.Anyone know enough about it to say yes or no? thanks.
  • You cannot plug a screen into the red/white/yellow on the front of the changer. Those are "inputs" for a PS2 or XBox. I sprung for the built in monitor package as I didn't want to hassle with someone dismantling my interior to install one, much more chance for damage than just installing an aftermarket stereo. Good luck finding a solution.
  • I originally thought I could plug my xbox in but the power the xbox uses is alot ... its far more then the lighter socket and a rectifier could supply... would need to wire the power converter directly to the battery :(

    and yes the plugs in front are INPUTS and not OUTPUTS. you would need to find out where the wiring in the back is fed to the overhead screen and tap that to use and external video screen
  • I installed 2 Sony headrest monitors in my Pacifica. You will need to purchase the wiring harness that connects to the back of the DVD changer (about $36). You'll need this just to have the connector to plug into the changer. There is a wiring pinout labeled on the top of the DVD changer. The service dept @ my dealer also printed out the wiring diagram for the A/V equipment for me.

    Another note for those who have the standard radio w/200 watt amp: you can purchase the 380 watt amplifier ($264.00) and it will plug right into to the existing wiring harness. You'll gain quite a bit of power and surround sound. The seven speakers are the same whether you have the base or premium radio. The subwoofer makes the 8th speaker in the premium system. I'm waiting for an aftermarket solution for the sub. Chrysler cost is about $90 for the sub and $190 for the housing that holds it. Didn't price the other extras grill, screws, clips, etc for mounting.
  • I assume you dont have the DVD flip down roof screen. Was wondering if the harness have standard RCA connectors that you tapped for the Sony headrest monitors ... (sounds sweet) how big are those headreast monitors?

    Want to have a second monitor ... so if the hearness is RCA, I can just use splitters to split the signal to the existing overhead screen and a new screen
  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    When you added the wiring harness to your DVD changer was it already hooked up and wired to the ceiling?

    I am basically wondering if I would cut through the ceiling material if the wiring for the factory LCD would already be there.
  • alisacalisac Posts: 19
    I just ordered my Pacifica for delivery in January (can't wait!!), and need a total of 4 sets of wireless headphones. The dealer has the mopar sets for $183 (CND$) plus tax, but this seems pricey, as I need 2 extra sets. Anyone find any wireless headphones that are compatible withthe Rear Seat Video System, and are cheaper?

  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    Ebay has them a alot.

    I picked up the remote and 2 headphones for $60 + $10 shipping.
  • cluelesspa, You are correct, I don't have the flip down screen. The sony headrest monitors are 6.5". The wiring harness does not have RCA connectors. It has molex connectors at each end. If you feel comfortable doing it, you can cut the wiring harness, buy RCA connectors at Radio shack to solder on and then plug those right into your video splitter.
  • CS668, If you don't have the rear entertainment system, you won't have the wiring harness. You would have to buy it if you want to connect a monitor(s) to the DVD player.
  • thanks for the reply (molex) thats like a standard plastic plug with 4 or more bayonette style plugs ?

    as far as CS668 questions. I think he is asking if the they put the factory wirinig in already to the roof if you dont have the DVD monitor option. I am sure you would hate to cut the roof liner just to find out :(

    the connector OHPacifica is saying is probabaly just what you need to plug into the DVD unit to get to the Video and Audio Out lines. ... I am guessing that this plugs into a nother Molex female plug that runs to the roof mounted DVD screen. Weather or not this wiring run exists in all cars .. hmm good question.
  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    If the wiring harness already runs to to roof then I can just buy the connector, hook it to the wire running to the roof, and then put in my own resonably priced roof mounted LCD.

    If the wiring to the roof is not there then I would opt for the seat mounted LCD.
  • I don't really know if the wiring is in the roof or not. I would doubt that it is, since the end that plugs into the DVD player is not there. There were no extra cables in the dash behind my DVD/Radio. You would probably want to confirm with the dealer whether or not there is any cabling in the roof.
  • alisacalisac Posts: 19
    I took your advice and looked for the wireless headphones on EBAY. Yesterday, I bought 2 headphones and a remote for $61.99 US (shipping included) or $82.00 Canadian. The dealer was going to charge me $421 Can. for the 2 headphones. Thanks muchly for your sage advice - this is a great place for questions!
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