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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    The upgrade disc is out now, I have mine. The next upgrade will not be until mid-2004.
    The current one covers about 90% of the US & southern Canada, vs 60% for the one that came with the car.
    If you call the number in the Nav manual, with disc in hand, they can tell you if you have the latest version.
    Clueless: YOU can buy as the area host on my next trip to Pittsburgh ... I'll buy if you come to the Buffalo area!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Thanks for the Tips ... I think since it says only one upgrade I am going to wait until Mid 2004 and get that update... can you check the disk and post what rev you have ?

    Deal on the drinks ROFL
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Hold the Nav disc so the printing is level, and face up.
    There is a series of numbers at the very right side.
    If the last 2 letters are "AF" you have the most recent version, out June '03.
    This version covers much more than the previous disc, so if you use the system a lot it's worth getting.
    Future annual upgrades will be $150.
  • See my Message #79 - My dealer is about half way thru the installation (not the dealers fault - I had to take the car back ). The antenna and the receiver/modulator are installed but the stuff that goes in the dash are not.
    For cluelesspa, you will need to purchase about $200 plus dollars worth of antenna, modulator and tuner (haven't seen it yet) to hook onto your $35 set of wires installed at the factory.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    well mine is the previous one ... at first I thought you meant the lazer printed numbers on the inside ring of the DVD ... but now see its the big easy to read numbers. mine is 56034 642AE so must have the previous release... surprised as I custom ordered my Pacifica and it wasnt built until end of last month !!! (July 03) so figured they would be putting the latest release in the car :(

    also out of curiosity (I knew it wouldnt work but had to try) I put in a movie and NO it wont play on the dash screen. it says warning problems reading NAV DVD ROM ...

    I think I will wait until Mid 04 as even though this is not the latest release, it has had everthing I needed in Pittsburgh so far :) so I will wait until mid next year and get all of the AF release plus a year .... and save the $150 ...
  • deezldubdeezldub Posts: 15
    In the market for a pacifica, and was wondering where the DVD for the nav system goes?

    In computer speak, is this a "three spindle" car?
    The CD player, the DVD/CD changer, and the DVD for the NAV system??
  • foxgofoxgo Posts: 27
    I could be wrong (since I don't actually own a Pacifica yet), but during my test-drive I remember the dealer explaining to me that the DVD for the navigation system goes into the DVD-entertainment slot.

    She said that you put it in once, to load up all the map data, then you can take it out and use the DVD-entertainment system at the same time as using your Navigation system, since the disc is no longer needed after that first time you load the data.

    I stand to be corrected, if any of you actual PAC owners have any actual experiences to relay that are different than the way it was explained to me.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    The Nav disc goes in a dedicated drive under the rear load floor (under the fuzzy tray) on the driver's side.
    It stays there always, not "installed" and then removed.
  • For background see my Messages #79 and #86.

    I picked up my Pacifica yesterday at the dealer. The Sirius system was installed. To my surprise nothing new was added to the dash. The current radio is used for all tuning. I happen to have the Dolby 5.1, tape, cd, etc, but any of the regular Chrysler radios (with or without the DVD, or multi-cd player) can be hooked up. The dealer provides an 'operator manual', the instructions on getting it activated and the receiver number you need when you pay your money to Sirius. I drove home, got to Sirius's web site and activated it on line - took about 10 minutes and I was up and running. Sirius's site is a little confusing, especially when it comes to picking a payment plan or taking advantage of any 'offers', so you may want to call their 800 number to activate. Also if you buy one from Chrysler, don't forget to take MOPAR up on their $25 rebate.
  • Hi. I've been monitoring this forum for about a month now. Since I just bought a new Pacifica yesterday, I feel I'm now ready to post my first set of questions...

    I'm also interested in installing the Sirius system and have read the previous threads. My Pacifica already has the top-of-the-line Infinity/Intermezzo stereo along with the 6 DVD/CD changer installed along with the Sirius prep package ($35). Here are my questions:

    1) azpacifica, I believe you said you paid $200 to install the Sirius system at your Chrysler dealer. I read somewhere this costs $299 for the hardware with installation being extra. Did you get a discount on the system hardware? What did you pay for installation?
    2) I don't need a new headunit, correct?
    3) Where is the Sirius receiver installed? I think I read somewhere it's installed under the driver's seat. Is this correct?
    4) Where is the Sirius antenna installed? I also read somewhere that it is installed on the roof, but where on the roof? Are the wires to it hidden? How big is the antenna? Is it conspicuous? This is something that is very important to me. I don't want to put an unsightly antenna somewhere on my vehicle.
    5) What info does the headunit display when you are tuned to a Sirius music channel? Channel number? Channel name? Artist? Song name?
    6) azpacifica mentioned a $25 Mopar rebate. More info please... How do I get this?
    7) Please share any experiences with reception... Any problems? I know I've only had my Pacifica one day, but the FM radio reception seems to be weaker than all my other vehicles. Hoping Sirius will be (much) better. FYI, my locale is suburban Phila and do alot of traveling to central PA.

    Thanks in advance for any/all info...
  • I was at my chrysler dealer today, and while looking at his accessory book, saw the following
    #82208246, Backup Sensor Warning System
    MSRP $299.00, Install Time 1.0 Hours
    Includes 4 paintable sensors, indicates parking distance with tones and indicator LED's.

    Not sure if it uses existing displays, if wiring is already there or not, but If it is truly integrated, then the large price (3X aftermarket kits) might be justified.
  • atlantica - been away from the board for a week or so. Here's some answers to your questions....

    1. My invoice says $144 in labor and $175 for the receiver plus $124 for the "Satellite Installation kit"...

    2. All of the current headunits are Sirius capable. They just operate different.

    3. The Sirius receiver is installed in that small compartment in the back of the rear deck. It is bolted down on one side of it. It is about 6in by 10in.

    4. The antenna is a small rubber-looking oblong mound about two/three inches high and four inches long. It is installed about 10 inches in front of the third brake light. If you paid for the "Satellite install kit" (like $35 from the factory) you have the wires needed.

    5. It displays the "stream" number, the "stream" name - no artist or song names.

    6. $25 rebate is in the "Chrysler" magazine - no date, Volume 2 Issue 1 (which I assume all owners receive). check with your dealer.

    7. Reception has been very good -- I used it last week thru-out northern Arizona - mountains, canyons, etc and it was flawless. Of course you do lose the signal whenever there is a fairly long tunnel (200 feet at 75MPH) , heavy tree cover. But it snaps right back. If you're in downtown Philly you might also lose it around tall buildings. It certainly works better than the Pacifica FM - which is very poor around here.

    Hope this helps.....
  • Thanks azpacifica for responding. This helps a lot...

    One additional question regarding the antenna... Did they drill a hole under the antenna to mount it? Or does the antenna have a visible "tail" that runs on top of the roof with the wires running into the vehicle via the top of the rear hatch?
  • We are looking for some tasteful seat covers for our front seats. We live in hot and humid FL and the nice leather gets a bit warm and sticky.
  • go to sheepskin, live in Houston and they work great!
  • They drill a hole - no tails....also I just noticed that the rebate form came with the "Chrysler" magazine but was not part of it, looked more like an insert with ads from the dealer. Good luck!
  • Has anyone installed an after market DVD screen connecting to factory installed 6 disc DVD Changer?
    I am sure the displaying video is no issue, but I am only wondering about the remote control and wireless headphone stuff.

    Also, I am thinking of installing a subwoofer and amp in the space provided (mine does not have premium audio and hence the sub space is vacant). Anyone thinking about it?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    you have to wear clothes when you drive :)
  • I have been able to find many Pacifica accessories at a 22% discount. Search Google, Chrysler Pacifica accessories. They are MOPAR parts from an online dealer.
  • There are Chrysler Pacifica accessories on Ebay if you search under Chrysler Pacifica as well. Have Fun shopping. I purchased the chrome tailpipe, mud guards, and the back bumper scuff protector at the local dealer though. They are pretty easy to install yourself. It really finishes the side and back view of the PAC.
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