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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    My kids like to listen to the same song over and over again. Even if it happens to be a song I like they kill it dead after about 100 repetitions. I figure that the headphones have saved the life of at least 7 songs already.

    Hope you have a good winter. I'm from Minnesota so I can relate a little :-)
  • kylerckylerc Posts: 17
    Did any one order this as a dealer installed option?(canada-parts guy says different availability between U.S & here)I,ve had it on order for 7 months!Since I bought the vehicle and still no word.
  • aviateaviate Posts: 31
    How do you control the DVD menu with the Sony screens? I would assume you need a remote to make the selections.
  • ANY chance you could give out the item numbers You will need to purchase the wiring harness that connects to the back of the DVD changer (about $36). I contacted my dealer today and the service man said it is a two piece harness and each part is about $70. Ohpacifica did you splice the wires to hook up your screens or how did you do it.
  • The remote is not required. The DVD player can be controlled with the controls on the radio. The "seek" button selects the tracks and the tune button will allow you to fast forward or rewind.
  • dmarsich, Your service man is correct about the 2 pieces. You only need one unless you are mounting a flip down on the roof. And I posted the wrong price for what I used. Here are the part #s for the wiring for the DVD player.

    Wiring, DVD Jumper, Instrument panel 04869298AB
    Wiring, DVD to Screen Up to 3/03/03 04886399AE
    Wiring, DVD to Screen After 03/03/03 04869431AB

    The first cable is what actually plugs into the back of the DVD player. It lists for $69.70(paid $52.28)

    The DVD to Screen lists for $47.85(paid $35.89). This is what we ordered first as we were deceived by the description. This is actually the cable that would plug into the flip down screen.

    I did cut the cable (opposite end of what plugs into the DVD) and soldered on RCA connectors from Radio Shack. This plugged right in to the box for the Sony monitor. Here is a pin out for the DVD player and wiring harness.

    1 Grey/Tan Fused B(+) (didn't use, used power from 2nd row power outlet instead)
    2 Yellow/Grey Igition/ACC signal

    3 No connection
    4 No connection
    5 Grey/Lt Blue Video Control(didn't use)
    6 Grey/Orange Video Signal(This is center for RCA connector)
    7 Grey/Dark Blue Video Return(didn't use
    8 No connection
    9 Violet/Orange Video Play Signal (didn't use)
    10 No connection
    11 No connection
    12 Shield (This is outside of RCA connector)
  • I am also wanting the U-Connect installed but the dealer seems to know very little about the availability and is trying to sell me an "add-on". Does anyone have the factory installed version and if so, how did you get it?
  • Ohpacifica, you are awesome. Thanks so much for the info. I got the wiring diagram faxed to me by the dealer but your explanation is better yet. I am going to call him to get directions on removing the dvd, radio unit so I can get at the back. I am going to try something different and mount a 6" screen inside the sun glass compartment in front of my moon roof. It will take some cutting and custom fitting but I think I can make it work. I will keep you posted, and if you have any advice on removing the dvd player please let me know. My next step is finding out if I buy a set of factory wireless headphones and remote will it work with my system or do they run off of the factory flip down screen? any advice?
  • cs668cs668 Posts: 6
    The wireless remote and phones work without the LCD. You just need the DVD/CD Changer.
  • tjrusstjruss Posts: 14
    Hi All, I'm a new Onyx Green Pacifica owner (2 weeks now) and so far it's been great. It does take a little getting used to the limited rear vision. I did order the Autopark 2000 and expect to get it in a day or so. I read some previous posts for some of you that had ordered it. Any hints on the install? We're you successful? Any tips would be appreciated...
  • I was told if you dont order the UConnect Installed at the Factory, you can only get the Mopar accessory model... not as nice. but works great. with the Mopar access. you lose the called ID on your radio screen and using the speakers of the stereo as the handsfree speakers.
  • I am looking to seriously upgrade the in-dash stereo to a Pioneer AVH P7500 DVD. My questions are:
    1. where can I find the proper trim piece/ dbl din and wiring harness?
    2. what functions will I give up? will I lose the auto mute via the nav system & steering mounted controls?
    3. What are the better speakers to fill the current spaces and can I still add the subwoofer?
    4. Will I have to lose the current DVD/CD changer in this process or can I keep it as an add-on to the new system?
  • Does anyone know of anywhere to get an adaptor for this molex to RCA adaptor? I bought a screen, not understanding that it had to have a special connection. And of course I can't return it. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Can anyone tell me how the UConnect hands free phone works? Do you just use your existing portable cell phone and plug it in? It sounds like it must be factory installed to get the full use the radio/CD speakers and dash. Appreciate any help on this? I am starting to shop for a Pacifica AWD.
  • I'm shopping for a Pacifica through and am looking for feedback on whether you feel these options are worth it:
    Navigation System?
    All Wheel vs. Front Wheel?
    Leather Upholstery?
    Heated Seats?
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    I think were you live will decide what options are best for you. I live in New England and AWD is a must---worth the money. Also Heated seats (which you have to have leather) is a great choice and well worth it. I wanted a Sunroof but couldnt find one with the vehicle color I was looking for. I think a Sunroof is especially needed for Southern region. I cant see spending 2k for the Nav. System unless you travel alot especially out of your normal area. The compass works for me. I think the DVD system is great if you have kids, was hard to find in most models. The 5.1 surround system is a toss up, depends on how much you really get into your music. Hope that helps, good luck. Let me know what you get. Im hearing most people are getting about 6k off Msrp.
  • I purchased and had the dealer install a number of accessories and the only one I was disappointed with is the door sills. They are metal and attach with double-stick tape on top of the plastic sills. Even when stuck on they don't look very good and they don't stay stuck on for long. Changes in temperature seem to make them expand and contract which loosens any hold the tape has on them. They just kept popping off. I finally had the dealer take them back.

    The other accessories I got:
    front air deflector - was unsure about this but it is a nice one, molded in the shape of the Chrysler wing logo
    mud flaps all around - got the gray ones, they match the plastic on the car perfectly, only get black if you plan to paint them
    chrome tail pipe tip - very nice looking, should be standard equipment!
    wheel locks - not sure if anyone steals wheels any more but since I got the premium chrome factory wheels I decided better safe than sorry

    Also - dealer tried to charge 4 hours labor to install the above. I had them go back to the Mopar book and look up the times recommended. They came back and cut my bill in half!
  • We have the Infinity Intermezzo 5.1, and we are having problems with the sound quality. We have a static/crackling noise, definitely on the treble end (it doens't ever completely go away) on all of the front and rear speakers. It only happens on certain cds...never the radio or dvd, but it is driving me nuts. Because of this, I believe at this point that it is not the system, but the speakers themselves. But, because it only happens in certain ranges on certain songs on certain cds, I think it might be that the speakers are not strong enough to handle the system. Has anyone upgraded their speakers, and if so, with what?

  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    It seems that Post 254 on Pacifica problems and solutions contains the answer - some CDs are poorly recorded. I have excellent Magnepan speakers at home and some CDs are a real disappointment. I get the best sound from vinyl records. On solution may be to record the problem CD music onto a tape (using noise reduction), then play it on the cassette player in the Pacifica.
  • Thanks for that info! That is what the car stereo shop told me too, that there are some cds with poor recording. It makes me believe it a little bit more to know that you have problems on your home system....what exactly are you getting on the home system as far as problems?
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    The poor quality CDs sound muddy - the music is not at all clear, with both the highs and lows seemingly flattened out.
  • If I have had bought a $10k car, maybe my expectation of a nice audio system would be low.
    But don't you think that when you spend over 35k on a car you can expect a little bit of high quality?
    Why would I have to retape all my CD just to let it sound correct?

    I don't think I have to compromise quality when spending that money. If DC is not willing to cooperate on this, then maybe my next car won't be DC anymore!

    My wife she bought an Acura TSX, her audio system sounds excellent! her car was only 27k!
  • Just got my update DVD for the navigation DVD.
    The Original DVD number was 56038 642AE.
    The New DVD number is 05064 033AA

    Is this consistent with any one's new Pacifica? It is still missing some local streets, including the one where I live is not in a mapable area.

    I thought that the newer ones were higher alphabetically, like ending in AG...

  • I just got my Nav DVD update on Saturday and the version is 56038 642AG. According to the folks at customer service, the "AA" version fixed a problem with "AF" that had something to do with missing the whole state of Texas which probably only mattered to Texans (she said she wasn't too worried with that since she was in Michigan). Anyway "AA" and "AG" are the latest versions and cover 90% to 95% of the country. The only difference being that "AG" allows you to enter the menu in motion but under 10 MPH. Hope that helps.
  • Does anyone know of a good TV Tuner option to go with the DVD system??? In my case a TV tuner would be a better otption than watching DVD's. Current news, weather ect... Since most of my passengers are adults, not kids.

    Thanks in advance.
  • thanks for all the info, the ability to enter the menu while moving even if under 10 mph is GREAT. lots of time I am entering stuff in stop and go traffic... what else to do while stuck in traffic ;-)

    So I will ask for the AG or later release. boy it would suck to get the update and pop in the AF release and be in texas and not have ANY data !!! umm kinda of a small state to miss ..LOL
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I just leased an 04' Pacifica, base model for $309 per mo., 0 down, 39 months, 12k per year.

    I was wondering if the base model is pre-wired for the foglights. I know the stalk switch isn't installed, but a separate switch could be installed.
  • There were questions as to where to purchase the exhaust tip for the Pacifica. The Pilot PM552 fits perfectly and looks great. I purchased mine at Auto Zone for $19.99. Stylinconcepts sell it for $34.95 plue S&H. J.C.Whitney sells it for $24.95 plus S&H. Today I found it at Walmart for $12.42. Try it you will like it.
  • For the nav dvd info, I was bidding on one on Ebay and it is the defective one you mentioned that was replaced.
  • the exhaust tip at WalMart is not the same as the Pilot PM552. it is a lighter weight tip. I dont think it has the resonator or something. but not the same part. looks like it will work though.
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