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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • john364john364 Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a part # for the DVD changer wiring package/harness? I have the DVD changer but do not have the wiring package.
  • I'm thinking about getting a tow hitch and am wondering what others have done. My dealer wants to charge the $195 for the part, list price on and $300 for installation. Called a local place and they'll sell me either a Valley or Hidden Hitch brand part for under $180 and only charge me $40 to install. Difference is that from the picture it looks like the Chrysler one they cut the bumper and the aftermarket one they say is below the bumper. Does anyone know if this really makes a difference? I intend to mostly use it for bikes, they just don't seem to fit very well in the back with the 3rd row seats folded down. Any suggestions from those with hitches on a Pacifica would be appreciated.
  • Here's what I have as of today...

    March 29th production launch & unveiling at the New York Auto Show.

    Changes - 3 distinct models to cover a broader spectrum of the customer base - "Base" will have 2 rows of seating (5 passenger), AWD & FWD - "Touring" will have 3rd row seating (6 passenger), AWD & FWD - "Limited" will have 3-rows/6 passenger, AWD only, wood interior accents, unique leather seating, and 19" chrome wheels.

    Engine changes - Base will have current 3.5L/250 hp - Touring & Limited will have "upgraded" 3.5L High Output ("255+" hp).

    That's it for now.
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    I have the Mopar hitch and 4 bike capacity rack that I work into my deal originally. I know the factory hitch is more expensive but the installation is very slick and definitely looks like it came right off the assembly line. The Mopar bike rack is is of very high quality too.
  • Very nice job, Chrysler probably could use you for their manual.

    Thanks again for the post.
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    I purchased the factory hitch from my dealer for $175 and installed it myself. Easy job. They even give you the template to cut the bumper trim plate and edging material to put on the cut.
    It fits perfect and has all the bolts for existing holes. The 7-pin connector bracket is already on the hitch and nothing shows except 2" square opening and chain brackets. They give you a rubber hitch cover but I installed on the forward end of the opening to keep the rain/dirt out of it and bought a standard black one for show. Looks great.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    K&N Airfilter number for pacifica:

    2004 CHRYSLER Pacifica SUV 3.5L V6 F/I
    All 33-2283 Air Filter

    FYI dont know who carries them but its listed on K&N Website
  • dbcafydbcafy Posts: 8
    what about the storage space by the rear hatch?
  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
    I heard that some company has a running board,type ground efect for the Pacifica. Has any one seen these? And if so who makes them?
  • gghuskergghusker Posts: 7
    I bought my Pacifica in August 2003. I have not used my free upgrade coupon for the nav system yet. Does anyone know if there is another update scheduled soon? If not, I'll just go ahead and send for the current DVD so that I don't forget before August comes.
    Thanks for any advice.
  • sailme2sailme2 Posts: 8
    K&N now has an air filter for the Pacifica. I have installewd it on my Pacifica and also on my son's Pacifica. It is not difficult. The K&N part number is 33-2283. Check it out on:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    umm check posting number 216 ;)
  • I actually spoke with a woman at the receiving end of the upgrade coupons who informed us that there was another upgrade to be issued late this summer. When I expressed concern about not using my upgrade within 12 months, she laughed and said something to the effect of "honey, I never look at the date and I'm the only one who handles these". LOL as long as she's still working there in 3 months, you'll be fine.
  • gghuskergghusker Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info. It's helpful!
  • since my new Pacifica is waiting to be picked up I am in the process of picking out acceseroirs for it. Bug deflector sunroof wind shield and vent for the windows, At the time of order I was told that the high intensity head lights and 19 inch chrome wheels were not available,though I see them listed in the owners manual. Can these be added later?
  • trarontraron Posts: 29
    HID's cannot be added later. Don't know about 19" Wheels but I would imagine that speedometer calibration would be an issue. Check with DC on their 800 number.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    pacifica2005. What is the "vent for the windows"?? You're not talking about those ugly add-on plastic wind deflectors, are you?
  • Yes those ugly things and your right the more I look at them the uglier they look same for the sun roof vent it looks like a wart,but I still would like to put on the bug deflector as up here you can usually ride the bugs in summer.
  • how hard is it to put on a rear bumper scuff shield, they look like they are only glued on ?
  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    Double-stick tape. The 3M tape is already attached to the scuff pad, and you just line up the pad, peel off the wax tape cover, and press it on.

  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
    How hard is it to remove window vents if they look that bad?
  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    Shouldn't be hard to remove those window vents. I had to replace the tape (yes, the same 3M tape that holds the bumper scuff pad down - it's incredibly tough - practically all of the external "adornments" for cars for the past 10 or more years are affixed using it) from my '94 Dodge Ram's, and it came right off.

    To remove, simply get some monofilimant fishing line, wrap it around a couple of sticks, or whatever (to make a garrote), and run it between the vent shade and the door. Once you have it off, simply use some Goof Off or whatever your local hardware store sells to remove tape residue to remove it.

    A friend of mine runs a printing shop (where they do a lot of vehicle graphics), and he supplied me with this tip about a year ago. Works great!

  • topsyttopsyt Posts: 1
    For those that have installed k/n air filter, what is the improvement in mpg?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    When it came time to change my air filter last month, Chrysler's was on national back order. So I spent the extra for a K/N filter. So far, I get 1.5 mpg less! I wasn't going to mention anything about this on this forum until I replaced it with a standard filter and verified whether it's the K/N's fault, but as of today they are still on back order. I really don't want to set of any alarms until I find out if there's another factor. Everything else is better than ever on my Pacifica!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    for me I gained 1.5 miles !! and a little better pickup. Plus they are not disposable. you can clean and reuse over and over again. get the cleaning kit from Pep Boys.
  • paxnrthpaxnrth Posts: 6
    Vacation time and travel with 6 passengers does not leave space for luggage for 6 in a Pacifica. I'm trying to get a roof top Cargo Box from Thule or Yakima, but neither company has a fitting for attaching to the factory Pacifica roof rack!
    Have any of your put a Thule or Yakima cargo box on your Pacifica roof rack, how did your mount it?
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    Has anyone installed or seen a catback exhaust system on a Pac yet? Any sources?
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    I have the factory Mopar box and it works great. Made to fit the rack. Kind of expensive though.
  • Last summer, I purchased the Thule "672 - Evolution 1600" which they advertise as a "mid-sized Evolution 1600 clears most rear hatch doors while providing valuable cargo capacity and dual-side access." It fits fine on my Pacifica - although you should adjust your roof racks so that it can go as far back as possible with the rear hatch open - and "just" miss touching the hatch. It mounts quickly, with the "quick - release" brackets that it comes with, directly to my Pacifica factory roof racks/rails. It can open from either side - which is nice and its silver color blends well with my Butane Blue Pacifica With 16 cu ft. of storage - it is quite useful.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I have a 2004 Pacifica that was purchased 7/11/03 and it has the Nav system. My one year is up this weekend. Since the car was in an accident on Memorial Day weekend, I haven't had any access to it. It is still in the body shop as they wait for parts! (So far the longest lead time was the rear driver door!).

    Anyway, I was concerned that I wouldn't have the disk from the car which has the current revision numbers on it when I applied for the update. The lady at Alpine told me to get in my request IMMEDIATELY, as there is a new update going out THIS WEEK! She wasn't concerned about the current rev level as long as I had the coupon that came with it! So for all you folks that are due an upgrade... go get 'em!

    If you have any questions, you can contact Alpine at 866-733-5492.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,101
    A newspaper reporter is wondering if people are satisfied or dissatisfied with their vehicle navigation systems. Please send your brief comments and daytime contact info to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, July 14, 2004.
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I am guessing the drive for the DVD is like a computer drive with a small pin hole next to the tray so that you can pop it out with no power .. just push a small stiff wire into the tiny hole (its very very small) and the tray should be able to be manually pulled out :)
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I thought so, but the body shop wouldn't look on their own, and they wouldn't let me near it. Consequently, I can't get at it. Sounds like Alpine is being good about it, relying on the fact that I had the coupon as proof that I had the disc. They said they would send it to me. We'll see!
  • hcbhcb Posts: 3
    Thanks for your message on adding the OEM DVD Monitor, I only wish I saw it earlier! The Pac that I wanted also had the DVD changer, but not the monitor, so to save money we checked with a couple of local electronic stores and one said "no problem, we do Pacs all the time." So after the purchase we took the car to them to install the monitor. Well, 6 days later and it STILL doesn't work. Apparently there is "special" wire to tie the system together that is only available through Chrysler.

    Does this make sense to you? Any suggestions?
  • rickstratrickstrat Posts: 25
    I ordered the cable from Mopar for a cost of around $70. I had tried going to Radio Shack to find the right sized Molex clips, but after several failed attempts, I caved in. I spliced into the harness for the video out signal and put an RCA female end on and pulled that through the center console till I came out under the passenger seat. I was then able to send the dash signal to my after market Toshiba 9" screen by plugging in a standard yellow RCA cable. The wire to splice is located somewhere on this board as I couldn't have done it without this discussion thread.
  • hcbhcb Posts: 3
    I appreciate your help on this, I'll forward the information on to the installer! Are you able to use the remote control that came with your Toshiba?
  • rickstratrickstrat Posts: 25
    We use both. I bought the headphones/remote off of EBay so we could run the dvd player in silent mode. As I explained earlier, I wired an audio out RCA jack, but we also use the red and white video input jacks on the front of the stock dvd player. My toshiba is a complete dvd player which also plays DVD+/-R DVDs which the stock one doesn't play. Depending on whether we are watching a store bought DVD or a copy of a VHS tape I made into a DVD is what device we use as the source. If we use the dash, then we use the stock remote. If we use the Toshiba, then we use the toshiba remote for chapter selection. Either way, we can play the sound through the car's 5.1 stereo or use the wireless headphones and either way, we use the Toshiba screen to view. My 9 year old son can run the thing himself. He just needs to know which device has the DVD in it so he knows which remote to use for chapter selection. There is also and input/output switch on the Toshiba so that's how it knows to receive a signal from my external video cable (the dash)or from its own DVD drive. Hope this clears things up (but it probably raises more questions!)
  • hcbhcb Posts: 3
    Thanks for the additional info, but we gave up and with making it work and went with a system that has it own dvd player. We'll see tomorrow if that worked out. Who knew this would of been such an experience for the installers. I'll give it to them, they tried like heck to get it to work! Thanks again!
  • sliverpacsliverpac Posts: 2
    How can I tell what stereo system was installed in my used 2004 Pacifica AWD? I think it has the Infinity Intermezzo, but am not positive. I have yet to find the equalizer. Is the speaker grill on the dash part of the eight speakers that come with the Intermezzo system?

  • peegeepeegee Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 Pacifica with a Chrysler 6 Disc / DVD changer. WE are unable to listen to the front audio while the headphones are being used by the paasengers. The monitor was put in by the dealer. They refuse to do anything about it.

    Can someone help with this?

  • ciodudeciodude Posts: 6
    Interesting.. I just called Yakima (I have their SpaceCase and we use it all the time on long trips with the Honda Odessey) to see if I could get clamps to hold it on to my new Pac. No go. They basically said the roof rack was so poor they wouldn't certify it on a Pac.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    do you have the factory monitor with the DVD remote control. there is a button on the controller for the headphones, that I think cycles between audio on, audio off, front on, with headphones on or off ..

    if you have an aftermarket one and no DVD remote controller then sorry dont know ...
  • johnd1johnd1 Posts: 1
    Am I the only one with extremely poor FM reception? The Infinity Intermezzo Radio is great in CD mode, marginal in AM mode, and stinks in FM mode. Been back to the dealer a few times. They say nothing is wrong with the antenna. They have replaced the radio unit once. Now we're waiting for "....the Manufacturer to tell us what the next steps are." Other than that I'm pretty happy with my Pac.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I have not had a problem with the radio in my 04' Pac, the FM reception is actually better than it is in my 02'Passat with the Monsoon radio.
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    I think the FM reception is going to be worse than what you might have expected, although I don't know how bad of reception you are experiencing. The antenna is embedded in the back glass rather than being free-standing attached to the vehicle, as I am sure you know.

     I have noticed with my Pac that when I do a scan or seek it does not find many stations. If, however, I dial in the station I want, it does seem to lock onto it and I get ok reception. So now that I have found all the stations I want to listen to and have saved them in memory, I have not had too many problems.

    Yes, the FM reception is worse in my Pac than it was in my Envoy for the same stations.

    Sorry you are having problems!
  • I think the Yakima Dealer is just trying to sell you racks you don't need. My Chrysler standard roofracks hold my Thule roof to box just fine! In fact this is my second roof top carrier - and the previous one was for a car that had no roof racks , so I had to purchase the Thule racks/crossbars. They were very stiff/strong - but again my standard Pacifica racks/cross bars can handle a roof top box with no problem.
  • ciodudeciodude Posts: 6
    Interesting thought.. They never offered to sell me their racks. I also noticed you can get a decent sized Mopar roof box and it goes on the standard racks, so I am not fully swallowing all I've been told so far.

    Any idea how big your Thule box is and how much additional weight might be in it when you haul?
  • The Thule rooftop box I own/use has 16 cu feet of storage. I load it up - suitcases, golf clubs etc. Don't know how much weight it is - but it is usually full when I use it. I would guess it would be no more than 200 lbs of gear. Should not pose any problem with the Least Likely SUV available to roll-over according to NHTSA!
  • ciodudeciodude Posts: 6
    Same size basically as my Yakima case (16.3 cu ft). You might want to double check Thule's load capcity as my Yakima says no more then 150 lbs in the case.

    This year for our vacation we ended up taking two cars, so we packed the minivan and the new Pac rather then put the case on top of the Honda.

    I would worry more about wind catching underneath the box and sheering the supports then I would rollover.

    Thanks for the update!
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