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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    the updates on my vehicle was about every 3 days. I tracked it from C - order VON status thru D1 VIN status and scheduled to be built to I Status then it jumped to KZ and appeared in Pittsburgh 3 days later. (it was in C/D1 back and forth for 2 1/2 weeks while they screwed around with the avialablity of the UConnect option) ...
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    here is the scuff guard installed:

    and the aftermarket Pilot Exhaust Tip:

  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Is the scuff guard just 'glued' on to the rear bumper? Did you do it yourself?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    yea most are just glued (probably 3m double sided sticky tape) ... dealer installed it ... but looks pretty easy to do yourself.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    "but looks pretty easy to do yourself. "

    You are right.. looks easy.... provided you can put it on straight! Imagine putting it on crooked! At least if the dealer does it, it's his problem to fix.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    It's a piece of cake! It took about two minutes to install. There's a centering mark to help line it up.

    The splash guards are a different story. I'm taking them back to my dealer for installation. We thought we would be able to do it, but they require drilling holes and we don't have proper access with the vehicle on the ground.

    pssimon - Dare I ask if you have heard from your Pacifica yet? If not, I still predict you will by the 11th. Good luck!
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I still don't have my Pacifica. I was told it arrived in the area (about 30 miles away) on 7/3! I'm still waiting. I think my dealer is getting impatient as well (I guess they want their money!). I had to sell my car today as my buyer wasn't going to wait forever. The dealer is giving me a loaner until it arrives. I guess he is getting afraid I'll change my mind!

    Dealer said should be (I don't think I want to get in to the "should be" discussion <G>) either today or tommorow. It's after noon here, and still no call for today! I wonder what shoebox I'll be driving around in until my new one arrives!
  • Nice pictures you posted. I've been unable to figure out how to post pictures within a message, could only see how to post a link to an outside webpage.

    In the second photo I notice the rear splash guards. Two questions, are those Chrysler parts or aftermarket? Do the front ones look identical to the rear ones? I do like the fact that the rear base of the car is dark gray/black which will show less dirt anyway but is much improved than the chrome on the Explorer bumper which was a pain to keep tar and such off of. I would still like to get the splash guards for both front and rear.

    Also thanks for showing the tow hitch install. I don't know that I want the dealer cutting my bumper but it appears that this is the only way to mount the hitch so that it won't drag on the ground.

    When looking at your scuff guard I'm at a loss for why this $29 item wasn't made standard on the car. It doesn't make the appearance of the car more SUV like in my opinion which is what I was told by my dealer as the reason for it not being standard. ie. a station wagon doesn't have a scuff guard.

    Thanks again for the posts.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    I ordered the splash guards for my Pacifica through my dealer and they are MOPAR equipment.

    As for the scuff guard, I really wanted it because that painted knife edge of the bumper was just asking to be chipped. As for looking like a wagon, our old '95 Taurus came standard with basically the same thing.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    RE: posting photos

    Check under "Posting a Message into a Discussion" in the Town Hall Help It will tell you how to post a photo there. If you need more assistance, please let me know!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    yes they are Mopar from the dealer (got it part of my purchase package) dealer cost and paid the dealer price for labor ...

    there are two different types one for front and one for rear. Maxmom... guess I am glad the dealer put in the mudflaps. the only thing I am installing is the wheel locks

    on your scuff guard is it flush all the way around the lip (I am flush on both ends but have a extremely slight gap in the center section.)

    oh the mudflaps come in two colors both don't match the vehicle bottom so best to ask to see both next to your vehicle. one is gray and the other is black.

    oh and posting pics very easy if you have them some place viewable via the inter net just use this format in your text : img src="http://url-location-of-photo"> and put < before the IMG ... so that it's boxed in side of < and > ....
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    Okay, I'm going to ask it. What have you guys done about your license plate? I was amazed when my dealer only put two screws in my license plate, then I realized there are only two holes.

    Went to the auto parts store and purchased a cover assembly. It looks better, but still has the two bottom holes and the whole thing makes a clanging noise when I close the liftgate.

    Is there a OEM holder for the Pacifica? If so, I'm assuming it has 3M tape on the back to hold it down??

    I'm tired of the clanging noise and my husband says it's the only thing about the car, wagon, sports tourer, SUV, etc. that seems cheap.

    Any help?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I wouldn't put the 3M on both the plate and the car. I would find some foam or rubber pads with sticky on one side and stick that to the back of your licence plate. that way if it deteroriates it wont be stuck to your Pacifica ... a thick enough pad should be enough to keep it from clanging around... WalMart has those pads for Chairs that may work :-) (probably need to use some good strength super glue to keep it on the plate though

    My Highlander was the same with only two bolt holes but they had pads that were on the bottom section of the door as well which padded the plate from hitting the door.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    what are you using? Do you not have this same problem?
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Gosh, I gotta tell you...I never even realized there were only two screws holding the plate on up top. I've never heard the clanging noise you describe, maxmom, and my hatch is opened at least twice a day transferring my son's hockey gear in and out of the back.

    I'll have to listen more closely to see if its happening.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    Is your license plate in a holder of some type or just attached by the two top screws?
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    The dealer put the plate in a frame, but its still only attached by two screws at the top. I think the frame is only made of plastic.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I had them transfer my clear cover (get them at WalMart) from Highlander over (I hate advertising for dealers for free = licence plates with dealer names) Plus technically they are illegal in somestates (hehe) for anything that covers up your license plate)

    I also made sure they didnt stick any of their dealer logos on my car. looks cleaner with out a dealer name on the back ... I dont have the problem of it clanging but I do have the powerhatch closure so I never slam the hatch. I press it down until the automatic system grabs and latches it :-) so probably that is why I dont have the rattling licence plate issue.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    That explains the difference. I don't have the power liftgate (which doesn't bother me), but that's why you and ms mayor aren't noticing the noise.

    We're headed to Chicago for vacation, but when we return I'm going to the dealer to see what their solution would be. I need to get them to install my splash guards. I just haven't had the time.

    Thanks again.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I know what you mean about the stickers and stuff. The week before my Pacifica was delivered I noticed that ALL the cars on the dealer's lot had decals across the top of the rear window that spelled out "" in 2-inch letters. Went across 1/3 of the window. I told the salesman that under no circumstances was that decal to be put on my car; I though it was cheap-looking and refused to provide free advertising for their website.

    Wouldn't you know when I went to pick the car up, there was the decal. Salesman was very apologetic and said their internet guy was fast-he puts the decals on almost as soon as they roll off the truck. Although my husband kept telling me he could take it off, I told him no...the salesman promised it would'nt be there, so he'd take it off. Sure enough, two minutes later, it was gone.
  • foxgofoxgo Posts: 27
    I am not a fan of the free dealer advertising either! I see lots of cars on the road with the dealer's name on the back of the spare tire cover, etc. I would not buy a car unless the dealer tells me up front that their wheel covers do NOT have the advertising!

    I once had a Camry, and after picking it up from service I discovered that the service dep't had put the dealership's license plate cover on my car!

    I was just at a dealership over the weekend, and they told me that in NYS police are handing out tickets to cars with license plate covers, because it covers up the "Empire State" logo on the plate. That is ridiculous, but you can't fight the governor on that one! The dealership took a loss, because they had just received a large order of license plate covers that they cannot install on their new cars as a result!
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    Maxmom: I discarded the plastic holder and just put the license plate on by itself, which I feel looks great. With the two screws really tight, the bottom of the plate is held snugly against the two rubber bumpers on the liftgate so that I don't have any clanging noise. I haven't taken the time yet, but I want to find replacements for the two sheet metal screws that will have a little more class.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    You've answered my question! My liftgate doesn't have rubber bumpers for the bottom two corners. I thought something must be missing for there to be no support for the bottom of the plate.

    Thanks so much for your reply.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I noticed that the pictures you posted within this thread you have the splashguards installed. Are these the 'official' Mopar guards?

    I called the service dept. of the dealer where I got my Pacifica, and they don't stock them; told me I'd have to order them (I was a bit surprised that he didn't have even one pair in stock...he didn't even know the part numbers; I had to feed them to him from another dealer's website). They only come in two colors: black and grey, but he said they're paintable. That makes me a little nervous because I'm picturing the paint chipping off over time and the guards looking bad. I'm wondering if it would look okay to just get the black ones to 'blend' in with the tires (my Pacifica is Lt. Almond, and the lower trim looks to be a dark tan/brown color). Then again, it looks like you painted yours to match the lower trim...are you happy with it, and who did the painting?

    Anyone else get the guards and leave them the original color?
  • rever2rever2 Posts: 15
    I have both the front and back splashguards in black on my Lt Almond Pacifica. Hardly notice the difference in color. They do a good job of keeping the lower sides clean of mud and road dirt. I did have the dealer instal them as the rear wheels must be removed to put them on. Mopar gives a three year 36,000 mile warranty on them if dealer installed.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    yeah they are mopar (got them when I got the pacifica) so it was installed when my pacifica rolled off the transport) :-)

    they are light grey. I had them order both so I could pick the lesser of the two.... talked to an autobody shop and they dont recommend painting as it does chip no matter what they do on a Jeep they did. so I left mine the grey. it looks ok ... but in cloudy days you can tell the difference... there are two types of mudflaps from mopar. I order the more expensive molded flaps
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I just checked, the bumper is not on the corners but located about 1/2 way down the plate from the screw holes. so you have to look up under the plate to see if you have the two small rubber bumpers. (they are round rubber mounted to the pacifica) ..
  • Anyone using the mopar fitted cargo tray that covers the 3rd row seats when folded? I'm interested in knowing how easy it is to have this fold up the back of the 3rd row seat should you have the need to use the 3rd row seat. I'm looking for something that in general will cover the 3rd row seat, 4 seating position is most common using folded 3rd row as cargo space, but occasionally, once a week or so needing to use the 3rd row seat. I would like to get something that doesn't have to be completely removed from the vehicle in order to use the 3rd row seat. I looked into some indoor/outdoor carpet at Home Depot but these have poor backings which would shed as well as very thin. Any suggestions out there on what's available in a fitted format but yet can be flexible enough or rolled when the 3rd row seat is in use? Thanks.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    I found a grey cargo matt at my auto parts store that only needed about 3 inches cut from it to cover most of the cargo area. It can be rolled up and fits inside my rear cargo storage bin so that it's always available when we pick up something from the nursry.
  • I like to ride with all the seats up but I needed something to protect the 3rd row seats when folded down (I have the molded cargo tray that sits in the trunk area). Like the other guy here I just bought a cut to fit thin rubber mat and when I am not using it I fold it over neatly and use it as the floor mat for both 3rd row seats. Works great!
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