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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    Has anyone else had a dealer or 3rd party hitch installed? Any advice on the pros/cons of each would be appreciated. My dealer quoted me $450 for a Mopar/Chrysler hitch and a very reputable trailer dealer quoted me $300 for a non mopar/chrysler. They also told me they just did a Pacifica recently.

    Advice or pictures would be appreciated!

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    The factory hitch is nice in that it sits up under the bumper (but that means they have to do some custom cutting of the cover) and the first time my dealer did it they scuffed the bumper cover. also means if you get rear ended you will need the new bumper cover recut ... not much room to hook the safety chains because the way it is in there. but not sure I would want the hitch any lower by going aftermarket.
  • I purchased a Hidden Hitch 2" opening online for $138. Have yet to install it as it is definitely a two person job in my opinion and requires lowering the full size spare and removing the muffler harness to get at the mounting areas. I hope to get it put on soon. I couldn't find anyone locally that will install a customer's own part, they of course want you to buy their's and install it. May be worth the cost though, I'll let you know, how hard can putting 8 bolts together be?!?
  • Check out post 204 for hitches. It has pictures of installation and what the finished product will look like.
  • Check out post 204 for information.
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    I installed the factory hitch myself. Purchased at dealer for 175.00. Instructions are great and there's a template for cutting the notch in the bumper. Dropping the spare is just cranking a handle?. All the holes are already in and the bolts supplied.
  • I installed my Hidden Hitch 2" opening this past weekend. Took me and another person a total of 2 hours from the time I started to lower the spare to the time I finsished raising the spare back into place. The bolts were very easy to put into place. The only difficult part and the reason for wanting two people is when you get to putting the hitch up into the position and feeding all the bolts through the holes. After that it was just a matter of tightening the bolts to 100 lbs. and reattaching the muffler with two bolts and raising the spare back into place. Much easier than I first thought and having the second person definitely helped getting it into place. Again, paid $138 w/free shipping online. I wouldn't even consider paying the dealer $450 now that I've done it.
  • How did you get from picture #20 to #21? How long did this take from start to finish?

    We just purchased a used 2004 Pacifica AWD with the DVD player installed, but no rear entertainment. My preference was to have a screen installed in each headrest, but this might be more trouble than it is worth since it appears like the car is prepped from the factory. Too bad that the wiring harness was not already in place.

    If I purchased the wiring harness, could I use an OEM screen? Is there something that I need to look for to make sure that I get the correct one? I ask because $900 for the Chrysler product seems pricey.
  • If my kids are using the wireless headphones to watch a DVD, can my wife and I listen to the radio on the car speakers? Talking to friends with other cars having DVD systems sounds like an either/or situation.
  • I was going to have my dealer install the UConnect, knowing that I would not get caller ID (boo!), but still thought that the speakers would be used for the call. This does not seem to be true, however, if I read an earlier post correctly. If the speakers do not work and my phone is sitting in my briefcase, how do I listen to the call?
  • rasldaslrasldasl Posts: 74
    You can listen to the radio, tape or CD in the main stereo. Once you turn on the rear entertainment system (with the remote control) the DVD/CD changer operates separately from the main unit.
  • Anyone has any experiences with UConnect and Sprint's Sony Ericcson T608 Bluetooth phone?
  • trarontraron Posts: 29
    The aftermarket U-Connect comes with its own speaker. I have the factory U-Connect in my PAC and the caller ID feature is not functional with either the stock or Intermezzo stereo. I have talked to U-Connect directly on this and they confirmed it. This is a big disappointment!
  • I never could find an option from Chrysler for the 2004 Pacifica that included the tire pressure monitor. Is this included in some package? The computer does not offer this, but it would be a really nice feature to have if it could be added aftermarket.
  • Just picked up the backup sensor from the Chrysler parts department and was wondering if I could try to this myself or just have the dealer do it. They told me that it is only 1 hour of labor, so it might be worth the $80-90 just for piece of mind.
  • is U-Connect a third-party vendor? How did you track them down? I searched on Google for U-Connect or Uconnect and all search results pointed at Chrysler.
  • trarontraron Posts: 29 or My response from DC was: The UConnect Customer Support Center is in place for the purpose of addressing concerns related to the system. Their number is 877-855-8400.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    U Connect installed is still nicer then the add on one as you use the car speakers. the one installed under the dash for the dealer installed sucks.

    I guess the only thing is reaching all the way to the mirror to push the call button would be a pain probably. but its gotta look cleaner then the dealer model with the push botton fob on the dash.

    mine recently started echoing when calling people. they would hear themselves like 1/2 second later. was very distracting for them. I didnt hear an echo but the caller did. is anyone else having this issue? I tried turning down the volume thinking the speaker is feedback thru the mic. have it at the dealer right now to see if there is a gain adjustment on the mic.
  • I want to add an afetrmarket shift knob, but first want to be sure that a universal knob will fit the Pacifica. Does anyone know for sure? Has anyone replaced theirs? How do I remove the original? Any recommendations for a replacement brand? I'd like to put on one with a wood that matches the original dash.

    Thanks for any help!
  • I purchased the UConnect kit from the dealer and found the backup sensor on eBay for $110 (saving nearly $200) and stopped by the dealer's service shop to arrange installation. The service manager told me that each of these would take 2-3 hours to install and when I showed him the page from the Mopar catalog stating that each has an hour of labor he told me that they do not use that as their guide. I said that that does not make sense, but he told me that I was welcome to have the parts installed somewhere else.

    What is the point in Chrysler/Mopar having a labor estimate if the shop can just make this up? Do they do this because most customers simply don't do their homework? The parts department gave me the name of an aftermarket shop that charges less than the $95/hour that the dealer wants, but I need to have some warranty work done and hoped to do all of this at the same time.
  • Chrysler sells adaptors for their own hard carrier, which looks a lot like a Yakima. So, if Chrysler can sell you a hard top carrier , I would conclude that the roof rack is OK and Yakima is just lying to you...............
  • In Houston, Texas, I bought the Mopar Hitch from a Chrysler Dealer that happened to have one in stock..(someone did not pick it up).......The cost was $175.00 for the hitch only.....I had it installed by DeMontrond Chrylser/Jeep in beautiful Conroe, Tx. ...Nice people, free coffee and doughnuts, my dad was with me, it was beautiful, man.........I am still crying over the morning........Oh, they charged me only $70.00 to install a hitch with only 21 pictures for directions...........It was a bargain, trust me, unless you have self-esteem problems.......
  • Had the dealer install the Hitch and Wiring Harness, they charged me $108 for labor. Parts were Hitch - $195 and Wiring Harness $99.

    Total Package = $402 ouch.

    Yup...I know...I think I got ripped!

    I am happy that I went with the Mopar vs. a 3rd party. Others are mounted below the bumper which seems too low to me. I like the fact it comes thru the bumber.

    Anyone know of a good dealer in the Central CT area?
  • I've just left the Startech site. They show the Pacifica photos in 2 areas , look further. I believe the "news" section shows a stock Pacifica with the narrative describing their new products. In another section , Can't remember name , they do indeed show the dual exhaust with oval tips and a new plastic fasade. Also have SS exhaust , fender flares , wheels , etc. Do not discuss any performance options as they have available for other Chrysler models. I have E-mailed and wait for reply. Hope this helps.
  • Startech has a SS dual exhaust system for the Pacifica. Hope this helps. I assume this is a catback* system, but am waiting for their catalog to arrive. Someone else was looking for running boards. They show a lighted one on their web sight. *everything back of the catalytic converter.
  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    You're gonna hate this: I was just looking at my new JC Whitney catalog, and they have the "T"connector plug and play wiring harness for the Pacifica for $37. The Hidden Hitch tubular one (which does come below the bumper, unfortunately), was $109 (I think).

  • Thanks for the info. Tried but can't find the site. Do you have the web address?
    thanks, Geo.
  • George, the address is [email protected] If you have difficulty play with the case. We are on vacation and I don't have my laptop. I will send you exact address when we get home 11/1 if you have any trouble. We really wanted our new car for this trip. Ordered 8/11 and is still not at the dealers. We were told 4-6 weeks. I have chrome tip, mats, locking lug nuts, license plate frame, etc. We ordered with $100.00 down, but did not sign any agreement. Is this wait typical? Now my wife wants to look at other vehicles including the Audi wagon. Any comments out there? Thanks.
  • We bought our pac off the lot. they had about 18 in stock at the time(july,03). 33,000 miles and only one problem about a month ago. oil leak in the PTO. turned out to be a flaw in the alum. case that finally started leaking. just a few drips but they changed the PTO over-night. Thats the only time the car was ever left. nothing else but reg. maint. We love the thing.
  • Our new black pearl finally arrived and we picked it up yesterday. The long wait saved us $2,595.!! To make a long story short, Chrysler added another $1,000. for a total of $3,000. When I ordered the car it was $2,000. Also, due to this message board and others I told the dealer I was afraid of what I was getting into with repairs and problems. Finally, we received the mcx 770l max care $0 deductible protection plan for free. The Chrysler web site values it at $1,595. msrp. We were at the dealer from 4-9 last night to put this thing to bed. The total msrp was $38,310. and we paid $31,060. All kinds of fun add ons are at hand and the windows are being tinted sat. We did not put on the roof rack or rear bumper step cover. It really looks sporty with the 19" chrome wheels. Thanks again to all.
  • I recently bought a used '04 Pac with 6 disc DVD/CD (but no video screen, no remote, and no headphones). I'd like to hook up my iPod through the in-dash 6-disc changer's RCA connections. I have a y-cable splitting the iPod's headphone audio out into a left and right RCA. I plug these into the dash, and can't figure out how to listen to the iPod. The "mode" button on the in-dash stereo only give me access to AM, FM, CD, and CD/DVD. When CD/DVD is selected, it plays tracks from the discs that are in the changer, not the iPod that I've connected through the RCA jacks. How can I listen to external devices through the car stereo?
  • Does anyone make a roof rack bike carrier for a Pacifica. Iam about to trade my Chevy Venture van for a 2005 Touring model, Yakima tells me they don't make one and Thule's web site says they don't either.I own a Yakima rack, thought it would bolt right on. I see photos in the brochure that show the Pacifica racks run across the vehcile whereas my Chevy ones go lenghtwise, guess this is the problem?Surely someone makes one by now?? I don't want to go with the receiver hitch model.
  • The stock head unit will not switch to "AUX" until it detects some sort of audio coming in through the RCA jacks. We've hooked up our own DVD screen and player to these jacks and the stereo doesn't kick over to AUX unless we play the movie. You may also want to hit the mode button to switch the unit down to the cd/dvd changer as well. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for your suggestions, rickstrat. I finally got it to work after much finagling. I've read on some other discussion boards that other people have had similar frustrations with the Pac stereo. One suggestion which seems to work for me is to eject a disc and play your external device while the CD/DVD is waiting to load (amber light under the slot). Also make sure your volume is up pretty high on the external device to ensure the stock head unit gets a strong signal through the RCA jacks. Then scale the volume back if you get any distortion. If there is too long a pause between songs (i.e., signal is weak), the stock head unit will switch back to CD/DVD. But when the new track plays, it will recognize the external input and switch back to AUX - at least it has in my case...
  • And I want those headlight enclosures but it ain't gonna happen. That was the pre-production post-concept intro. The monotone paint is supposed to be on the new Limited model but I have not seen one yet.
  • Has anyone had the Mopar backup sensors installed post-delivery? I purchased this item a couple of months ago after my wife had three near-misses in parking lots and at school, but have not had them installed yet. The Mopar parts guide states that there should be 1.5 hours of installation labor, but the dealership service writer quoted me 3-4 hours (at $85/hour). He told me that they had never done this before which is why it was going to take so long.

    I would like to get a real estimate of the level of effort to do this. The instuctions do not look that difficult and part of me wants to purchase the hole saw and just try it myself.
  • Hi there,

    I'm getting ready to do this install also, and have a question about the template.

    When you traced the template, did you "Straight-line" the template from the bottom holes to where it is taped at the top, or did you make it follow the contour of the bumper. It seems as though the hole may extend up to the ridge in the bumper.

    I'm not sure if I am making myself clear or not, but having done it, hopefully you will understand.

  • Just read your post now. Guess i,m behind a little. Taped the template to follow the contour and drilled the two large holes first, then connected them with a hack saw blade. Trim the edges a little with a utility knife and the plastic u-channel trim will slip on easier. Remember to put the rubber cap on the opening towards the front of the car to keep the dirt and junk out of the hitch tube and buy a new one for the back opening for looks. Geo.
  • I would like to replace my factory cd/cassette deck and retain the use of the cd/dvd changer and the steering wheel controls. I bought the standard dash install kit, wiring harness and antenna adapter from scosche, but found that there is another wiring block that obviously needs to be connected. The dash unit (jvc kd-sx990) that I would like to install does have a connector for controlling a cd changer, but I cannot find any wiring info or ready-made wiring adapters. Has anyone done something similar? Thanx.


  • Has anyone installed this stainless steel trim on their Pacifica. Noticed it on eBay and found this web site. Check it out and let me know.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 93
    Hi, I bought the trim package for my limited edition pacifica and it looks GREAT! I only purchased the window, pillar and rear hatch trim package (the lower moding is a bit too much for my taste). It makes my pac look that much more exclusive and luxurious.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Looks kind of gaudy to me...sort of overkill.
  • There was a comment about pscdoc's new ss trim that he installed. It has disappeared. (The comment, not the trim!) Did anyone else see this or is my imagination playing tricks on me again?
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    It's your imagination Bigdaddy !


    Just joking ... probably the Edmunds administrator deleted it. They have some kind of policy and if they think you were not polite or something ... they delete it.


    Did you, or anybody else having problems because of the battery discharging by itself (when car not driven for a couple of days only)? I saw this on another Pacifica web site. Also the 1st Pacifica I test drove did "click-click" only when I attempted to start it.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 93
    LOL, Hi bigdaddy1, yes I believe there was a comment right after my post about my trim package. I guess it was deleted due to its content. I also experienced a deletion on one of my posts due to the sites policy on linking to other forums which I was unaware of. I am currently doing some more mods to my pac and once they are all done (if this weather ever lets up) I will posts some pics here and the other board.
  • I've seen your trim on a web site somewhere. I'll bet it looks sharp installed. I'd like to find trim that would encompass all the glass. It would match the horizontal strip already on the car. Probably wishful thinking! As far as the battery going dead, I've read about this other places. Ours doesn't sit long enough in one place for it to die.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 93

    You can get just the window trim package if thats what you want. What I got was 'only' the window trim and pillar package (not the bottom moding pakage). If you like I will give you the contact info for it.
  • Please send me the contact info. Thanks in advance. How does it install around the windows? I did send you a message last week, but it was deleted! I really thought it was fine, but someone else didn't, I guess.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 93
    Its a very easy install using 3m tape. All the parts are match the window trim. The only thing is that you should not remove all of the tape when you install each of the parts. Just partially remove the section that will be mounted and go from there. The instructions are included and it is very easy to install. I sent you the info on the other board. Check your pm there.
  • I don't know if the ss is going to give me the look I want. I've been kicking it around with some friends and the idea of a pin stripe was suggested. There is a shop not far from here who does custom and classic car painted stripes. We thought try some pin stripe tape to get exactly what we want and then have this expert look at it and make some suggestions. I was thinking maybe a twin stripe of silver and dark blue?? This will go around the window area on the actual paint and meet the horizontal ss strip on the car with a little fancy kickback. Thoughts? pscdoc your pac looks great. I'm really not sure if I'm leaning toward a limo look or a more rugged look. Every time I go in the garage I get different ideas.
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