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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • jac1978jac1978 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, Glad to see there are so many pacifica fans. I own an 04 that has no rear entertainment system or the 6 cd changer just the standard cd player,am,fm radio and remote steering controls. I have read the forums on adding various upgrades and I am still somewhat confused. I just want to add the 6 cd changer and rear LCD. There are multiple parts available on e-bay however I don't know what I should purchase. the early 03/04 systems sound like they will work best according to forums. I found a complete 05 system I am intersted in purchasing on e-bay will this also work? Also is the wiring available separately? If someone could please let me know asap. I would appreciate it.

  • Get the 04', you have a 50/50 chance of the 05' working or not..... there are 2 different versions they came out with on the 05's, just go with an 04 model. The wiring from the LCD and the radio are pretty cheap from the dealer. I got mine there for $40. Good luck, and keep loving the pac!
  • joe29001joe29001 Posts: 48
    About the fog lights:
    Did you use the Mopar kit?
    How was the installation?
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    Just got the #82210406 fog light set that is suppose to be the Mopar OEM kit for my 07 Pacifica.
    All went well until I went to install the wiring pigtail into the 26-way C-5 wire plug bundle. The sockets that the instruction state I should plug into ALREADY have wires in them. Now I an stuck as to what to do or where to seek help. The dealer would be the last resort.

    Any ideas ?
  • First thing I can think of to do would be to unplug the bundle and see what shuts off. Other than that, check with a low voltage tester or meter to see if there is power in the bundle, keep the meter on there and hit the lights, then the fog lights, then the parking lights, see what it controls.
    I have seen bundles taken by just the wire the dealer has going TO where the fog lights should be, so that you can just plug the light straight in there.

    Best of luck.....
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    The battery is out of the car when working inside or under the fuse / power module.

    The kit comes with a replacement factory light control stalk which has the foglight control included. You are supposed to swap it with the one on the steering wheel column in the car. To get it to function I need to hook the wiring up per the instructions.

    Need to figure out a way to determine what the wires that are already in the designated slots are for.
  • If your doing it with no power to at all during the install, then you have to use a continuity tester to trace the wires, or in our shop we call the dealer for the color codes they are pretty nice over the phone.
    Ive never hooked up the new stalk.......
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    Disregard.... I got the lights to work .... just like a factory installation. I tapped into the existing wires that were in the target slots ...... assuming they had to be part of a factory prep deal were they do universal wiring.

    All's well that ends well.

    Now I just have to worry about how long before the tranny acts up like all the others.
  • joe29001joe29001 Posts: 48
    Has anyone used the 'new' style trailer hitch? According to my dealer the '07 Pacifica hitch isn't a typical receiver, but like a 2" receiver oriented the wrong way (straight down).

    Has anyone installed the old-style receiver on a new Pacifica?
    Has anyone seen the adapters for this 'new' style receiver?
    Specifically, is there an adapter which converts this to a typical 2" receiver, or are the various adapters strictly 90 degree drawbars?

    The dealer seems aware that the new hitch is different, but unfamiliar with the adapters (how to use the damn thing).
  • Has anyone installed an electric trailer brake control on a Pacifica. I am specifically looking for a place to tap the brake + wire. I have found that it is the White/green at the brake pedal. The only problem is that the harness is only long enough to get to the switch and is not able to be tapped as it is WAYYY up under the dash. Is there a point behind the kick panel or somewhere else easier to reach?
  • I got it! It is the white/green wire on the brake switch. If you remove the knee airbag you are able to reach up and remove switch and loosen the two wire retainers. Plug then reaches down far enough to tap-con it.
  • fidr579fidr579 Posts: 3
    I just purchased the same kit and ran into the same exact issue. It turns out your vehicle should be pre-wired for the fog lights. I jacked my 07 Pacifica up in the driveway and looked straight up thru the holes where the lights would go (looking up into the engine compartment from the ground). Taped up in there are the wiring harnesses for the fog lights. Simple remove the tape, pull down the harness and plug in. You'll also need to install the new light switch on the steering column (which is included in the kit).
  • yup, thats what I was trying to say, most of the time it is pre-wired for that, good job saying it clearer... lol

    Lets all try and post pics of your rides in your profiles, Lets see what you guys are doing......
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    hi FIDR579
    if you have an extra set of wiring harness for fog light i can purchase it from you.i added the auto headlight switch to mine with the fog light option on the stalk and bought the aftermarket for lights but i could not find the little clips that is going to hold in the 26 way connector.i do not want to pay $120 for a set where i only need a harness.if anyone has a spare wiring harness for an OEM fog light please let me know.and i am not sure if it is same with 07 s but mine is an 05 touring if you don't have the auto headlight you could just get a stalk with the auto headlight option and a rearview mirror with autodim option you could have auto headlights as well.i love that option.if you need a part number for the stalk with both options let me know.this stalk has both auto hedlight and fog light like the limiteds do.they should be about $50 at the Stealership.
  • fidr579fidr579 Posts: 3
    I'm not sure if it is compatiable with the 2005 but, sure, I'd be more that happy to hook you up with my now unused harness. How would you like to go about this?
  • cadguy1cadguy1 Posts: 5
    I have the same dilemma and was wondering if you had found a wiring diagram that was helpful for your installation. I need it to see where a dvd monitor can be installed on my 2006 Pacifica that has the 6 disc changer and a moonroof.
  • bapriebebapriebe Posts: 25
    NAVTEQ sells these directly. (I found Chrysler is months behind the curve when it comes to new releases.) They just released the 'AF' revision for US$199.
  • Hey guys,

    My fiance' and I just bought a used 2004 Pacifica that came with just a cd, am/fm player. I want to upgrade my system so I bought a ceiling mount screen with dvd player. My problem is that I want to connect the audio to the existing factory stereo. Can this be done? If so Do I need to add any other wiring harnesses or anything? Also I wanted to know if I have a factory amplifier because I wanted to install an aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer. Please help.
  • Congrats on the Pac..... it is alot of fun to upgrade and pimp out.....The one thing I do know about your question is if you have a factory amp (most of them did back then) it is located in the trunk, under the carpet, as far to the back as you can go and to the right. Near the tail lights bolted on the ground. you will have to open the little door and take out the storage compartment. Good luck and post pics on your profile so we can all enjoy your ride as it goes along!
  • Thank you very much. I checked and it seems that I do not have an amp but it is prewired for one. I have the wires capped on both ends so just in case they are there. I opened the interior up this afternoon so I could run my own aftermarket wires. It went pretty well but my only two setbacks are that I don't have the harness to hook up the audio from the aftermarket dvd player to the radio and i'm not too sure how to mount the system without tearing something up!! Any suggestions???

    And I sure will take pics to share.
  • thats the biggest problem there is, once you go after market on these, you have to stay aftermarket, I tried every different wire to go to the aftermarket radio to the oem screen in the back and everyone told me it was impossible. the radio was the first to go on mine. But since doing that, I cant use the oem 6 disk changer, steering wheel controls, or the screen in the back. Unless someone else on here has any hacks, from my understanding you cant mix oem with the aftermarket.....I really hope im wrong, but not to my knowledge.
    What are you trying to mount? the amps? subs? or the dvd player?
    Are you installing the dvd type that goes on the ceiling? or what? describe the setup you have.....
  • Well I have been doing some research and I have found out that you can add an aftermarket dvd player/monitor combo (like i've purchased) and add it to your original factory radio. You would have to buy a device called (PIE CHRY02-AUX Aux Input Converter 2002-2006 Chrysler). I purchased one from ebay. This device plugs directly into the back of your chrysler radio. It either takes or replaces the port that the factory dvd player goes into and turns that into RCA input jacks. This allows me to install and use my Aftermarket Unit with either my IR wireless headphones or through the vehicles factory sound system. But if I wanted to change my head unit it can also be done. I would have to buy an install kit for the new radio, wire harness and a steering wheel radio control interface if I wanted to continue the usage of my steering wheel controls. But I decided not to go that route unless I had to. The amp and sub installations are no contest, my problem is my flipdown dvd/monitor. But in your case you probably should have kept the factory radio to avoid your headaches. Unfortunately I don't know of any wiring harness or way that you cn connect your aftermarket head unit to your factory monitor, dvd player/cd changer or your sattelite hook up. Sorry!! I guess it was better that my Pac didn't come with the factory entertainment system.
  • myf16myf16 Posts: 5
    RonVF, I found a company that could make a modulator box for the camera that MIGHT allow the Nav display to switch between backup camera and nav. It's about $300 if I recall correctly, and with no guarantee it would work since nobody has reported doing this modification. The installation job is probably several hours as well. I decided not to pursue it for now.
  • Well I got the system installed on my ceiling and what do you know, the installer tears right through the wires with a screw. After I get it home and test it, nothing works. So I had to take it all apart to find the source of the problem. You know the old saying it's always in the last place you look. Were it was right at the unit. After I repair the screw-up I then realized that my unit it's self was bad. So I now have to take it down and ship it back to the company. Just my luck.
  • Yeah, your right papajoe......guess everythings possible. If i keep going the way ive been going my whole ride is going to be custom and have to rig everything. The only problem I see with customs is that everything you do, knocks down the practicalness of the car..... i'll never learn..... i think next, i am going to weld the doors on a swinger and rotate them to open......It is like a drug to me......
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    Just purchased a front end cover from Wyckoff's website. The site pictures the new design but they ship the "older" design with the bump-ups on the hood and more important .... the inner liner that causes fogging of the paint if left on after it gets wet. They even provide the TSB from Mopar regarding the "fogging or hazing" of the paint if the cover is not removed to dry out.

    Can you imagine? You must take the cover off if you get caught in the rain or if you wish to wash the vehicle.

    I've requested a RMA number from Wyckoff to try and get a refund ............. and have already ordered a LeBra replacement.

    I might add at half the price ( $130 versus $66. )

  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    Could anyone advise if the scuff pad (part #82207836) that fits the 04 to 06 also fits on the 07 ?

    I have one site that says it will and another that says they are definitely not the same.
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    Could anyone advise if the scuff pad (part #82207836) that fits the 04 to 06 also fits on the 07 ?

    I have one site that says it will and another that says they are definitely not the same.
  • ezpar722ezpar722 Posts: 1
    Can you send me the wiring diagram as well?
    My 2007 pac does not have the harness for the overhead consols and I want to add some of the extra features (Homelink) I bought the console off ebay and I expect the wiring to be similar.
    [email protected]
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I sent to you the 06 wiring diagram ~ hope it helps!
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I'm pretty sure the scuff pad is the same 04-08.
  • sarg52sarg52 Posts: 7
    I ordered the rear bumper scuff pad yesterday....... so I'll find out if it fits the 07 soon.
  • fidr579fidr579 Posts: 3
    I'd be interested to see how it works. I spent 20 minutes at my dealer's parts department and they could not figure out if it would work with the '07 or not. Good luck!
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    I have a 2006 pacifica. I have finally found the connector that plugs into the DVD changer. Just the connector. Not the expensive cable. I am making one for my car now that will have the audio/video connections, power, IR enable with RCAs. I wanted to post here as I was not able to find the info I was looking for when I searched, and of course the dealer was no help. You can get any connector on the entire car without buying the expensive cable. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will make more adaptors.

    I haven't tested it yet, but from what I understand it should work. I will know soon.
  • cadguy1cadguy1 Posts: 5
    Please let me know if the cable works and if so, how i can obtain one and what the procedure is for installation. I am also looking for a DVD monitor and earphones to hook up to it and am seeking recommendations for them. and Thanks. [email protected]
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    You should be able to connect your factory screen to an aftermarket dvd player. You need to cut off the 12 pin plug on the back of your changer and hard wire it there.

    You can't use the changer because your radio controlled it. Too bad they don't make a controller just for the changer.
  • do you have or know the wiring diagram for the 12 pin connector..... I would think I would need a power, ground, video positive, video neg., sound positive and neg. anyone know the wire colors and what they are. BTW I have the 2004


    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    This is the connections if your car has the RF changer. Which means it has a built in 900mhz transmitter for audio, and you only need to buy headphones.

    1 - X114 20GY/TN - FUSED B(+)
    5 - X915 22GY/LB - VIDEO CONTROL
    6 - X515 22GY/OR - VIDEO SIGNAL
    7 - X530 20GY/DB - VIDEO RETURN
    9 - X555 22VT/OR - VIDEO PLAY SIGNAL
    12 - X955 22 - SHIELD
  • jpe3jpe3 Posts: 1
    We just bough an 06 PAC, that comes with the 6 Disc CD/DVD Changer I would like to add a monitor for rear seat viewing but am unsure what model of monitor to purchase, where I can purchase, and what wiring diagram I should use. Is there anyone out there that might have some good advice??
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    I had an after market DVD player installed in my vehicle and I prices systems at the typical places Best Buy, Circuit City but then went with a local auto stereo installer. I did an over head mount but could have done in the seats.

    You can get the systems and everything at Best Buy, ordered by vehicle and also interior color.
  • what is OhPacifica?
  • Did you ever get an answer as to how to get an MP3 player to work through the Aux Inputs? The owner's manual just says it can be done and that is it.
  • cadguy1cadguy1 Posts: 5
    Actually, i am looking for monitor(s) to install that will work with the DVD player that came with the car from the factory. i am second owner and for some reason the first owner bought the 2006 Pacifica with a 6 disk DVD player and no monitors. It also has a moon roof which complicates things. So, the best option might be screens in the headrest. What kind and how to do that are my main concerns. i will probably look into Best Buy or some other A/V dealer to install it.
  • rex10rex10 Posts: 24
    I read on another forum that you have to have the MP3 player playing before switching the mode to AUX. The stereo will skip over it if it doesn't detect an incoming signal. Not sure if that works but I read it elsewhere.
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    The moonroof doesn't cause any problems. My dealer said I can't have the overhead if I have the sunroof. Yet right in the instructions it states to make sure moonroof cover is closed before cutting headliner. You can have both.
  • Can anyone tell me if and how to install a double din aftermarket dvd naviagion head unit. i have 2007 Chrysler Pacifica Touring fully loaded minus the u connect and the navigation. I want to add one of the new pioneer nav head units or a kenwood dnx7100 nav unit. How can I accomplish this. Will it fit or will major modifcation need to be done. I went to and it says none of the double din headunits work with the pacifica but the auto installer says they do. I want to do the install myself. I refuse to pay the installer $375 bucks to install a stereo. I have installed many aftermarkt units for friends but this 2007 pacifica is said to have some euro style headunit is this true please help
  • I would like to remove the second row center console. With 3 young kids traveling in the vehicle getting access to the rear seats is pretty difficult. Has anyone performed this or has anyone heard of doing this? Ideas, thoughts?
  • hi
    I have a 2005 Pacifica that does not have the clock. I was able to pick one up, including the bezel, and would like to install it.
    Before tackling getting the existing bezel out-which does not appear to be easy-I am looking to find out if anyone here knows if there are wiring accommodations for the unit? The digital clock on the radio is just too small and down more than I would like it to be.
    Thanks in advance for any and all info.
  • I just purchased a 07 pacifica. I am looking for a 07 to 09 cross reference chart for radios that have the correct electronic plugs to work on my pac 07. In a nut shell I want to add the Sirius / ipod input. Like I have in my 09 dodge caravan. the screen folds down and holds 6 cd/dvds. I went to a dealer and got a bowtie guy who didnt know anything. I found this site but I hoping someone had an aftermarket book or something from chrysler so I could find out what I need to do. I dont want to add antother external sirius radio. I want to control it with the controls on the steering wheel and have it display the channel and song. So I know i am not the only one out that looking to do this to other mopar products . Please help if anyone has any info on whom to contact :confuse:
  • I just purchased a pre-owned 2006 Pacifica Touring AWD w/ the RAH deck and 6-disc DVD. Of course, like so many others, it came with no screen, remote or headphones. In the owner's manual packet I found the warranty card for the Koss DCX-HB75 headphones.

    I am assuming these are the headphones I need to get to work with the system. I have a screen that I am hard-wiring in to the harness, so the video problem is solved. Question is, if I pick up the remote and these HB75's, will I have a working system? Are these the right headphones? I ask because I've heard of others buying them and find out they don't work.

    Thanks in advance!
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