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What should I pick? the price is roughly the same and they are both used. Dodge Charger 2009(grey) with 80000 miles on it that is more powerful and has a better exterior design but which is less economic and it doesn't have much of an interior design or a Chevy Cruze 2012(white) with 20000 miles on it which is not as powerful but is better economically and has a great interior. I'm trying to buy a car that i will use throughout my 20s.


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    The low miles are nice as is the newer model year on the Cruze. I'm housesitting a '13 Cruze right now and it's a pretty nice ride. My wife and her girlfriend just drove it from Michigan out here without any drama, and got pretty good mpg too. About the only thing that bugs me is the console hits my right knee, but I have that complaint in a lot of cars.

    I don't have any seat time in a Charger.
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    If you get the Charger you will regret it. The Cruze might not be the most reliable car ever made, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet the Cruze would be significantly more reliable than the Charger.
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    If you are looking for a car that will last through your 20's, buy a new Sonata or Optima.  They have some very low interest rates up to 72 months.  I would not spend my money on a car that is out of warranty. Both of these cars come with a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on engine and drivetrain.

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    Another vote for the Cruze, if it's a pick between those two..

    Given the anecdotal evidence of how well Kia and Hyundai honor those 10-year warranties, I'd buy a new Civic with a 3 year warranty and take my chances.

    Though, I'm guessing that both of your choices are around $15K or less?

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    what is the price? No question that the Cruze is the better option out of the 2.

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    Another vote for the Cruze ...

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    Those are a couple of very different cars. As far as 4-door sedans that don't have a luxury badge on them go, I think they're pretty much polar opposites.

    A V8 Charger is among the fastest cars you can get with 4 doors that doesn't have a luxury badge on it, and if you count the Hellcat I'm not entirely sure anything with 4 doors can keep up. Even the 3.6L V6 is pretty snappy. The old 2.7L was slow though, and I haven't driven one with the old 3.5L. The 2.7 and 3.5 were dropped in favor of the 3.6L starting in 2011. It's also a full size, and drives quite well - it's rear wheel drive with a suspension based on a Mercedes design.

    Then there's the Cruze at the other end of the spectrum. It's a sensible, economical, fuel efficient, compact car. Anything that isn't sensible about it is going to come from a design or manufacturing flaw leading to a repair bill.

    If you're cross shopping these two perhaps you might want to look at something in-between? Granted that's pretty much everything bigger or faster than a Cruze with 4 doors and no lux badge, but if you want something faster or larger than a Cruze and more economical than a Charger you have a lot of options.
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