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Would like any comments on Dodge V-10s,I'm looking
for 3/4 ton to pull a 27'boat approximate wt.9000.
I don't really want a diesel.


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    I don't think you will gain any benefit from a V10 over a strong V8. The Chevy 6.0l is stronger than both Ford and Dodge V10's. However, I feel the Ford is the lesser of two bads. I am not impressed with Fords V10, but Dodge has a long history of transmission and other related problems.

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    There's a cool test on the MOTOR TREND site on both the Dodge and Ford V10's. While zbad may be correct on the G.M. 6.0l Ford has added a lot of hp and torque this year(2000) to their V10.
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    I have a 97 dodge 2500 4x4 with the V-10 and 3:54 gear ratio that I bought new and now have 48,000 miles on it. Have had no problems with the trans. Just put on my first set of front brake pads. I pull a 6,000# travel trailer and it does a great job. I get between 8-10 mpg towing my trailer. I live at an elevation of 4,000 feet so I do a lot of up and down hill driving. Pulling a 6% grade with my trailer I can run between 55-60 in second gear at around 3500rpm.(redline is 4500)I have driven a new Chevy 6.0 and its runs good but my seat of the pants feel is my Dodge will still out pull it.
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    Just ordered same truck,quad cab,y2k and can hardly wait until I get it. Hear the V-10 is super.
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    "I have driven a
    new Chevy 6.0 and its runs good but my seat of the
    pants feel is my Dodge will still out pull it."

    I would definately like to see that.
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    ...the Dodge V10 will out-pull the GM 6.0L. The
    6.0 may have as much horsepower (300), but is
    lacking in the torque department for big-time
    towing. The Dodge V10 has something like 450 lb-ft of peak torque and that's probably at about 2500 rpm, whereas the 6.0L has 355 lb-ft of torque at the peak of 4000 rpm. The real engine to compare to the V10 is the 7.4L engine in the heavy-duty trucks. The new GM 8.1L Vortec V8 will be out for 2001 and that should be a monster. The 6.0L is a great engine, don't get me wrong, but it's not a true heavy duty puller like the Dodge V10.
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    I am only using deduction here so bear with me. In the Motor Trend Test the Ford stayed pretty much even with the Dodge despite giving up the size and power numbers. In the Car and Driver test the 6.0l GM motor outperformed the Ford. So to me it would stand to reason the GM would outperform them both. This is coming from someone who is ordering a new Ford for other reasons. So I don't ever think anyone could call me pro GM. I do hope the new power figures for the 2000 Ford help make up the gap on the GM products.
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    Wake up slick!

    A Dodge 8.0 litre V-10 getting outpulled by a chevy 6.0? Amazing, yet again another chevy fan who doesent understand torque.

    I bet you have a "NO FEAR" sticker too eh?

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    Sorry, the window sticker I "had" say's "Fear This", not "No fear", but I took it off my truck weeks ago. Had too many other trucks wanting to race me and I don't race my truck. It did look a little childish too, I admit.

    As far as the 6.0l outperforming the V10. I don't mean to imply that your V10 is wimpy, but there is more catagories to compare than just torque. I am not going to debate these issues. I don't care to have another civil war about something that is more preference than facts.

    I don't care for Dodge because everyone I know that has had them has complained about anemic engines for the displacement size, poor transmissions, brakes, and poor fuel economy.

    I am sure your Dodge is a perfectly good truck. Dodge is just lagging behind GM and Ford, in my opinion.

    Good luck with your V10. No bashing was intended.
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    I find that it is pretty amazing that people are comparing a small block chevy to two big blocks

    the chevy is like 366 or near, and the v-10's are in the 450 displacemt range, thats a big difference

    to me that says something, that chevy must have done something right
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    Please get your facts straight. 6.8 litres is "around" 400 cubes so it's not that much larger than the chev 366. In fact its horsepower and torque exceed the chevs considerably. Please remember it's pushing (pulling?) a much heavier duty truck, at least 800 pounds more without even getting into the crewcab. What I'd be most curious about and I don't have a prediction is have both trucks at their absolute max weight. Just like a gas engine will run away and hide from a diesel that has much more torque when empty, the tables turn when loaded down. Just a thought.
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    Horsepower is only 10 more for the Ford but torque is 70lbs more.
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    What is to compare? The Dodge wins on all counts easily. Worst gas mileage solo. Chevy about 14 hwy and Dodge about 12.

    Most horsepower 310 Chevy 300 not a big difference

    Most torque 450 vs 355
    Hell, the Dodge developes more torque at idle speed than the Chevy max.
    Chevy even rates towing less than Dodge by a couple thousand pounds.
    The latest Trailer life reviews the Chevy 6.o pulling a small 6000 pound trailer. It does a decent job but nothing spectaculer. Has to down shift to 2nd on a 7 degree grade to hold 52 mph. My 97 350 does that well.

    The Chevy does tie the Dodge on gas mileage towing. Both get in the 8 to 8.5 range. pulling a 6000 pound plus trailer.

    It surprises me to no end how Chevy, Ford and Dodge owners see only their own product as best in every category. Now if I could have my dream truck it would be a Ford Diesel and auto tranny in a Dodge body with a Chevy interior.
    Now I'll duck(g).
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    My dream truck would be the '98 GMC body style (I know the new truck is better, but going strictly on looks, I prefer the old body style) K1500 Z71 x-cab with the either the GM 7.4L (or perhaps the new 8.1L engine while we're dreaming) or the new higher powered Ford V10 and the GM 4L80E auto transmission (basically, a half-ton truck with the 3/4 ton engine and tranny). The dodge V10 is just too big a gas-hog from what I hear. They'll never put a big-block in the half-ton trucks again, though, because they're EPA tested and monitored more than the 3/4 and 1 tons. The standards are stricter now than they were before too.
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    Strap the biggest trailer on the Chevy with the 6.0 that the Chevy is rated to carry. I believe that would be a 10,500 pound trailer on a 3/4 ton Chevy with a 4.10 axle ratio. Strap that same size trailer on the Ford and Dodge 3/4 ton with V-10s and the comparable axle ratios and let's race around the Rockies for a couple thousand miles. Any doubts which truck finishes last?

    My dream truck would have 750hp, 1000 ft-lb of torque, a GVWR of 20,000 pounds, a tow rating of 50,000 pounds, accompanied by a tranny and suspension that could handle all that power and poundage, and it would fit in a 1/2 pickup truck. It's just a dream after all.....
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    I agree with you about the duration of tow comparison 6.0l V8 vs 6.8l V10. I never said that the V10 was a sloucher. The V10 will do the tow "easier" than the 6.0l. However, lets be realistic, the 6.0l was not even designed to for the same tow capacity of the V10. However, it CAN DO IT! Again, not as easy, but it was never expected to even come close to a V10's capacity. All I say is that for a V10, I would expect a much larger advantage. My opinion is that the GM 454 tows better than the Ford V10. You said in another topic that you thought the 454 got better gas mileage than the V10. I disagree actually. I have never gotten more than 11-12 mpg with my 1 ton 454, even unloaded.

    I just think a V10 should be in a "class of its own" type engine. It should be a viable alternative to the Powerstroke for the gas engine buyer. It just doesn't compare. I don't take the magazine tests and ratings very seriously, even when it reveals some advantage to the GM trucks. Real world experience is what makes the sale for me. You have to wonder though, how all these tests are giving a thumbs up to the 6.0l performance over the Ford V10 in as many catagories as it has, including towing. I didn't make the claim, just read the same tests as everyone else.

    I don't think the V10's are a bad engine. Really, they are still too new for anyone to make a lot of fuss over yet. They just disappoint me for all the hype and fuss they have gotten, especially when a V8 "keeps up with it".

    My dream truck would be to have basically the same trucks being built today, only without all the limiting emissions crap! You could add instant real power, just yank all the restrictive emission equipment off and throw in the garbage.
    Of course, then we all die of carbon monoxide poisoning. What the hell is a truck enthusiast to do?????

    Take care.
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    I am pretty sure the latest version of the Chevy 454 (the 7.4L?) gets better than 11-12, at least on the hwy.

    My point all along when the subject of 6.0 vs 6.8L V-10 is that the engines were designed for different purposes. The V-10 was designed primarily with heavy hauling or heavy towing in mind.

    When you think about it, the V-10 is really an engine that fits between the two Chevy engines when you look at liters: 6.0 vs 6.8 vs. 7.4. I think the 6.8L is the equivalent displacement of 410 or 415 cubic inches.
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    Isn't this a "Dodge V10" forum? I didn't know Ford was the only make with a V10. I guess maybe you guys are talking about some comparison you saw between the Ford and Chevy? The 8.0L Dodge I think is basically detuned to keep from ripping the guts out of the auto tranny. Seems like 310hp at 8.4:1 compression is way below the potential of an engine of this displacement. Still love mine though! All the extra displacement does amount to plenty of torque. The numbers you quote for the 454 are interesting. I owned a GMC for 11.5 yrs. and was considering a 3/4 ton 454 for quite a while. My V10 gets about 9.7 mpg in stop & go city driving and reads 14-15 mpg at 65-70 mph in o/d. I've heard that the Ford V10 is a very nice motor also. Standard in the Excursion isn't it?
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    I only brought up the Ford V-10 because the Chevy 6.0 vs the Dodge and Ford V-10s came up. I own a Ford V-10, so that was my point of reference, but my point was that the Ford V-10 and the Dodge V-10 would both easily peform better than the 6.0 if they were strapped with the heaviest load the 6.0 Chevy was rated to carry (thousands below the max tow limits of the Dodge or Ford) and then took a few thousand mile run through the mountains. The 6.0 wasn't built with that purpose in mind. Unfortunately, the same person keeps trying to make the comparison whenever he hears a V-10 being mentioned, even if it isn't a Chevy topic area.

    I had always heard that the Dodge V-10 was a gas guzzler, but the mpg you list for the Dodge V-10 appears to be pretty similar to what has been reported for the Ford V-10 with 3.73 axle ratio, although the city figures may be a little higher for the Ford. Both figures you quote are better than I get with the Ford V-10 in a dually 4x4 Supercab with the 4.30 axle ratio. I get 11.5-12 on the hwy and 9.5-10 in a combo of city/hwy. I suspect I would get closer to 9mpg in straight city. The 4.30 and the dually cost me a couple of mpg, but I have no regrets about opting for the 4.30. What axle ratio do you have in your truck?
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    I have the 3.54's. And yes, it's amazing, every time someone looks at the door and sees "V10" they think I'm getting 3 mpg or something. My GMC 350 got around 12 avg. mpg (by guesstimate). The V10 makes more hp and torque at idle than my 350 did a peak (350 was TBI). Besides, who buys a 3/4 ton full size 4x4 (with the exception of fleets, etc.) and thinks mileage is the most important consideration? Power and capability is what I want. And I agree with you - the GM guys keep bringing up the 6.0 because it's all they have to compare (for now anyway). But really there is no comparison.
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    "the GM guys keep bringingup the 6.0 because it's all they have to compare (for now anyway). But really there is nocomparison."

    Your smokin crack. My 1 ton Chevy 454 with 226,000 miles on it will out-tow your V10. All we are saying is that the V10 is not that impressive, especially when over short hauls, the 6.0l "V8" will out-tow it. Doesn't say much for such a "powerhouse" V10.

    I am glad it suits your needs though.
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    What dealer can I buy a new 454 from? I bet they are few an far between. My dealer hasn't had one for a year. ....... Also you keep referring to the 6.0 out towing the v10. Where have you seen it compared to the Dodge V10? I think thats what this topic is for, right? The Dodge developes more torque (380) at 700 rpm than the Chevy 6.0 does at peak (355). And the Dodge exceeds 400 from 1200 up to 5000 rpm. The Chevy is the latest design and the dodge the oldest I'll give you that. And if Chevy had a 4 door extended cab I would consider it as I don't have that heavy a fifth wheel. But its gas mileage is not very good for new design. Only beats the Dodge by 1 - 2 mpg. But drive through any camp ground and see what tow vehicles are used for 5th wheels and you'll see your in the minority. After the diesels (Dodge follwed by Ford) you will see Dodge followed by Ford followed by Chevy. The Ford V10 doesn't even compete with the Dodge. Its hard to beat cubic inches. ..... Rich
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    Well said Brutus. As for zbad71 what crawled up your [non-permissible content removed]? Don't insult me with your [non-permissible content removed]. Any time your in MA look me up and bring your "powerhouse" 454 (if its still running) and we'll see....There are plenty of other topics where you 6.0 guys can blow sunshine up each other's skirts so why not go there. This topic is for V10's. When GM comes out with one (which I'm sure they will and it will most likely be a fine engine) then make your comparisons. UNTIL then comparing V8's to V10's is not a level field. Accept it and live with it. Just like I can live with the fact that I really believe GM V8's are superior to those offered by Dodge and Ford. If I were to sound like you I'd be comparing Dodge 5.9's to GM 4.3 V6's.
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    Hey, you started the jabbing. I can slam as good or better than the best of them. Want to keep it civil....practice what you preach.
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    Rich have you seen the Motor Trend test on the two V10's? It might surprise you.
    Zbad, nobody argues that the 454 is a powerhouse it's just in this modern time manufacturers have to figure out how to make power and keep it clean. Even if your 454 will still out tow everything it would no doubt not be allowed to be sold as a new engine. That is the reason we saw the advent of fuel injection etc..That's why I believe you'll see more OHC designs and smaller displacement motors in the future. It's easier to meet EPA standard with those combos and still make respectable power. Like I've said in the past, if there was no EPA we'd be running around with Chrysler Hemis and Boss Ford Hemis making more power than we'd ever need, but we do have to breathe.
    Take it easy
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    Your going to have to enlighten me. Motor trend does do trucks once in a while but their companion Truck Trend does most of the truck stuff. They had one comparing 1/2 tons awhile back but I havn't seen anything on 3/4 ton and above in comparision. Now Trailer Life has had some reviews of each but not comparisions. So give me a brief on towing capability of the Dodge vs the others. ... Rich
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    I couldn't agree with you more. I tried to explain that the reasons Ford went to an OHC design was for EPA reasons and not for a design benefit or power benefit. I do give Ford credit for making the power with it that they have, but the OHC design is much more complex and harder to get that power out of it than the proven pushrod engines.

    I am open to change, but being an Engineer, I also believe in tons of testing to prove a product before putting it into production. It's my opinion that the Trition needed a lot more testing before putting it into production, at least in a truck. Ford may refine the truck and Triton may refine the engines to be the most superior and sophisticated line of truck made, but I think they have a long way to go yet.

    I'm all for a cleaner running engine that better meets EPA and is cheaper to build, but not at the cost of performance. I don't claim GM to be the greatest manufacturer of trucks. They too have had their fair share of "Oops's" in their time. However, I think in comparison of the big three trucks, in the light - medium duy capacity, GM has done it the best, at least for now.

    If the truth be known, my wife and I really like everything about the F250's, with the exception of engine choices. We are talking about buying a travel trailer, which I know my 1/2 ton will not tow easily. However, I could not even humor the idea of buying an F250 with the gas engine choices that are available right now and I am not a big fan of the diesels for personal reasons, mainly their higher maintenance costs. So, if Ford gets the gas engine lines up to par, we will most likely be buying a Ford F250 in the future.

    I am not as pro GM as it may have sounded from my previous posts. I just am not impressed with the Ford light to medium duty gas engine lines. I may just have to give in and go with the new 6.0l Powerstroke that Brutus has talked about.

    Take care
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    Not happy with the gas line-up? The V-10?? OH come on, are you going to tell me that there should be a monster eight instead?? The V-10 is practically equal to your 6.0 for performace. You like the rest of the truck?? Right? I don't understand the drawback for you.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    Was that 6.0 test run against the 99 V-10? The 2000 V-10 has 35 more hp and 15 ft-lb more torque.

    In my opinion, there are basically three characteristics that define engine: 1) raw hp and torque figures, 2) how that torque and hp is distributed, 3) durability over time. Ford is getting more pure hp and torque out of their Triton engines than they got out of the engines they replaced, and the distribution of that torque and hp is at least as good or better as their previous engines. Although there still isn't enough data out yet to fully address the reliability issue, I think that it's pretty safe to say that the Tritons will last longer than their predecessors.

    Note that the previous e-mail does not mention a comparison of the Triton to the Vortec line. My only point is that the figures don't support the argument that the OHC design isn't a good engine for hard working trucks.

    Even if Ford moved towards the OHC for EPA reasons, the result was a stronger engine that will provide more power when you need it and will last longer than their previous engines. Most advances in technology are often thrust on manufacturers by outside forces such as government regulation, competitors or market demands.

    As far as the 6.0L diesel, Ford will sell plenty, but most of them will probably be sold to people who don't really need a diesel. The gas engines provide plenty of torque to two what most people in the 6000-8600 GVWR rated trucks tow. Initial indications are that the baby diesel will have 345 ft-lb of torque. I think the main attraction will be the mpg. If the cost of the baby diesel option is about the same as the cost of the Powerstroke option and the mpg gains are similar (5-7mpg), it will take at least 100,000 miles to recoup the cost. Don't forget to factor in the 30+ oil changes you'll have before you hit 100,000 miles. The Powerstroke takes about 14 quarts of oil.

    Personally, the only reason I would consider a diesel is if I really needed the extra torque, although I can certainly understand people who buy the engine because they like driving diesels. I could justify the diesel considering what I use my truck for, but I still opted for gas. I can always install some aftermarket equipment to increase the torque up equal to the Powerstroke ( and also, allegedly, increase engine life) for about half the cost of the diesel option if I ever feel the need for more torque.
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    I meant to say "previous paragraph" not "previous e-mail".

    I apologize to the Dodge V-10 drivers for diverting from the topic discussion. It's just all this talk about crap gas engines from everyone but Chevy is silly, not to mention ridiculous, and of course, false.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    One final thought....

    Since zbad says that the only thing holding him back from making his next truck a Ford is a far inferior gas engine, obviously he has conceded that the rest of the Ford product is far superior to the Chevy.....with that one exception of the engine, of course.
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    I left a message for you in topic 863. Check it out.
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    Hey Zbad, stating that GM guys mention the 6.0 all the time because that's all they have is not a jab it's the truth. Does GM have a V10 yet? The jabbing was started by you ("you're smoking crack", "your V10 is underpowered and my 454 will out tow it") if any of that sounds familiar. I'd like nothing more than to keep it civil. I can tell you this though - if you were standing in front of me and said something as stupid and offensive as you did I can assure you that you would not be standing very long. Now I apologize for any misunderstandings and have no problem with open debate of ideas and opinions but I will not stand for those type of remarks or personal attacks.
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    the baby diesel was the 4.5l diesel and the 6.0l diesel was a replacement to the bigger 7.3l powerstroke. What I was saying is that the 6.0l powerstroke sounds like it would be more viable to me than the gas V10. Thats all I am saying. I think someone mentioned that the 6.0l diesel would have 500 lbs of torque but get 2-3 mpg better fuel economy over the 7.3l.

    I am sorry, I just don't like what I have heard and what I have read about the V10. Thats just me. And you all know how I feel about the other two Triton's. Thats just me.

    I disagree about the OHC design being a stronger engine. If anything, just the opposite. Time will tell if the OHC trucks will have the same reliability of the pushrods. Its still too new.
    The OHC design so far has not impressed me. I don't feel the torque or hp benefit that they supposedly have. The figures look good and maybe the dyno's do too, but I have to go on my actual driving experiences, which does not reveal the OHC engine to be anything all that impressive over my pushrod Vortec.

    Again, just my opinion.
  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    "if you were standing in front of me
    and said something as stupid and offensive as you
    did I can assure you that you would not be standingvery long."

    Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Seen many a bigger man fall after saying that. Lots of bar-room brawls in Japan between the Marine Corps and the "other" services.
    Don't be so sure of yourself. Could get you into trouble.

    You started the slamming just from me disagreeing with your beloved V10 that a V8 is comparible to.
    I never said that the 6.0l Chevy was a good "replacement". I just think its pretty sad that a V8 can even be compared to a V10 like the 6.0l has. That tells me that either GM has done something very right or Ford has done something very wrong. You decide, it really doesn't matter which.

    And just for the record.....nobody can stop a bullet.
  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    Actually, I think that GM has a much more technologically advanced and sophisticated truck design, but I like the looks of the F250 and I do want a gas engine that is capable that gets better fuel economy than a GM 454. The 7.3l diesel is the only truck Ford makes right now that I feel is Superior to GM, but everyone knows that the GM diesels aren't worth anything. In addition, the only reason I would consider the diesel is for its capability and if the 6.0l diesel proves better economy. They are just a pain to maintain, especially in the winter.
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    I think the test is still in the archives on MOTOR TREND .com if you can't find it I'll do some more research. Basically the test put the '99 V10's against each other and it was virtually a draw even though the Ford had less power numbers. Let me know what you think.
    See ya, Jack
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    I was looking last night. I did a search on Dodge and got 75 hits. And I found one article near the end of the list where the Ford V10 was number one of the "Big" engines. But near the end it says the even more powerful Dodge was not considered because each manufacturer was only allowed to submit one truck. I guess Dodge entered something other that the V10 in perhaps some other class but it was not clear to me. If they are wanting to find out which truck is best in each class how can you do that if you limit the number of trucks you compare against? But I might have misspoke about the Ford. I guess I'm just going by the number of trucks in campgrounds that pull fifth wheels. But what I really want to know about any test is what is being compared. I've seen to many comparisions over the year of cars and trucks where the auto mags compare an auto to stick shift or an 4.10 to 3.54 rearend. But I suspect the manufacturers who loan out these demos are much to blame. Read one recently about ford vs Dodge diesel where the trucks were not the same. What good info can we get from that? ..... Rich
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113

    I stand corrected. The 6.0 diesel by Ford is the replacement for the Powerstroke and the 4.5L is the baby diesel. I thought you were talking about the smaller diesel, possibly in a 1/2 ton truck, which is one of the places Ford will be using them. As for the 6.0 diesel, I quoted the expected specs in several other topic areas. I don't have the specs in front of me, but I think the new diesel will have 305hp and 550 torque. The current 7.3L is rated at 235hp and 500.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113

    Most of the truck tests I've seen aren't apples to apples. I saw one where, in an effort to make the trucks even, they pitted two 3/4 ton trucks against each based on equalizing the tow ratings. They ended up with a 3.73 axle ratio on the Ford extended cab against a 4.10 regular cab on the other truck (I'm pretty sure it was a Dodge). The reason they did it was because Ford has a higher tow rating. To me, that's not apples to apples.

    The apples to apples test would have been to have both trucks be 3/4 extended cabs with 4.10 axle ratios, regarldless of what their tow ratings are in those configurations. Basically what they did to reduce the tow rating of the Ford was add some weight (extended cab) and take away some of the grunt by using a taller axle ratio.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    I'm glad someone else feels the same about these test. I guess we must look at more than the findings of the test, but the details of the vehicles being tested. With trucks more than cars, rearend ratio can be so important. Also the tire size. Even if both have 4.10 but one has standard LT245 and the other optional LT265 thats like comparing a 4.10 to a 3.73. .... Its getting hard to type on this keyboard, I've got the letters wore off about 8 keys and cann't tell what I'm typing. Have to correct about every other word. ..... Rich
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    I finally got the info on sales. Check out post 137 in topic 863.
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    I'm sorry I couldn't find it again either. I could swear it was in MOTOR TREND. I'll keep looking though.
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    That's the first thing I guess I agree with you on. Just got to make sure you get the first shot off. Look, I'm not impressed and neither are you. Can we leave it at that? And you're right about another thing...I do love my V10. I'm happy there's finally a site devoted to it (I thought so anyway) and am looking forward to perhaps gaining some useful info rather than beefing with someone. So if it's all the same to you can we have a cease fire?
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    I don't think you have to worry about it. Rumor has it zbad is in cyberjail.
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    Dude, you forget, I am an Electrical engineer by education. I have "hacked" into "secure" sites many many times. I design networks for a living.
    You really think a non-secure site can keep me out???

    Markcord....Consider it a cease fire. I need not prove the superiority of GM trucks. Just kidding.
    Cease fire...really.
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    Wow Zbad must be one BAD dude for "hacking" into sites.

    You busy designing your next 10 pc LAN?

  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982

    Why didn't you respond to my poorly cloaked messages in the other topics??

    BTW: I'm a lowly roofing contractor and even I know how to get on this site if ever banned. Then again, I never cross the line to get banned in the first place. Ohhhhh, I've come close though......;)
  • z71brentz71brent Member Posts: 24
    Oh, you must mean the LAN at "your" place of employment. Yeah, Mc Donalds doesn't have a huge need for data sharing. "Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce......." Thats ok. Cheer up, I hear they are going to lower the requirements for Crew Leader and let Speds have a shot at it. Looks like you may move up from "Fry Cook" pretty soon afterall.

    The laugh is on you! LOL!!!
  • z71brentz71brent Member Posts: 24
    Yeah, its not brain surgery to get back on a non-secure site, just a pain in the butt. Never meant to incinuate that it took any special skill.
    Firewall security and other encryptions are a different story.

    As far as not responding, wanted to let the smoke clear.
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