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    Hi Phylp,
    You had mentioned that u picked up an RX330 AWD with Premium + and 18" wheels for 40,600. Is this before or after taxes?
    If that is your on road price, that seems to be the best deal anyone on this forum has reported so far (~$1785 over invoice, $3450 below sticker!)
    Could you please eloborate?
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    Texas does have a Vehicle Inventory Tax, 0.25% ($2.50 per $1000) if I remember correctly. Other states may as well. On a $40k car, that should be right about $100.
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    After a $2800 off MSRP discount, I am sure the dealer wouldn't mind eating that $100 also. At the same time, after a $2800 off MSRP discount, I am sure you wouldn't mind eating that $100 neither.
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    njexpress --

    The $40,600 price was before taxes. We got the RX 330 AWD Premium Package Plus in Bamboo Pearl(cream/maple interior), 18" wheels, heated seats/rain sensing wipers, alleged tow package, and cargo mat. There was a trade involved -- but, we did OK on that, too.

    One thing that may have helped was timing. We had gone to the dealership in mid-June only to check things out. Then we went back at the end of the month to negotiate. Had the car by mid-July. We bypassed the deposit and all of that, but it took some negotiating. Basically, we specified the vehicle we wanted, what we would pay, and what we would take for our trade -- and asked them to give us a call when and if they had what we wanted. In the end, the salesman was very professional and fair, although there were some bumps along the way. We are very satisfied with the deal.
    600 flawless miles so far. Will give a progress report after 1000.
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    You are a god person... Thanks for the updates ;0) Looks like you were $1000 below sticker. Am I right? What state was this in? Could you eloborate on the trade in also? Don't mean to be dense but it looks like I am going to go the Lexus way, more so since I see my wife's eye lighting up everytime I have a pro thing to say for RX over the FX. I know it will make her really happy if we went with the Lexus.
    BTW, I was window shopping in one of the dealership lots in South Jersey, near this "affluent" town ;0) Don't wanna get any more specific..
    I counted at least 12 RX 330s with stickers still on. 4 Whites, 2 silvers, 2 0r 3 blacks, 1 flint, 1 break water etc...
    The white was kind of crystalline and looked really good against the sun.
    Supply does seem to be catching up with the demand, after all. 12 visible (how many more in stock?)is not a big number for a voulme seller, but I would say it still is for a 41K car..
    Oh, and, they were all either Premium plus with washer jets or Premium+, washers AND NAV, ALL AWD, no 2wds....
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    I been reading these postings and want to share my experience on a recent purchase. I have on order a 2004 RX330 Premium Package Plus with additonal options ($4,478.00 option price according to Total MSRP 40,078.00. I was able to get $3200 off MSRP. This was in the Dallas, TX area. What I did was email on dealer #1 and told them what another dealer would give me. Then they gave me their best deal over email. I told them that I would go in and would want a better deal. Then go to dealer #2 to negotiated a better deal than the first, If I didn't get it then I would go with my internet deal. I didn't have to and got about what I wanted from dealer #2.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    That's what we did but it only works if the price is realistic and you are not in a hurry to get the car. By the way, I think now (the end of the month) is the good time to shop when salesperson need to meet their quota.
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    Did you get an FWD or an AWD? I presume it was an FWD based on the MSRP you had mentioned.. Looks like you did 2K over invoice, approx; Correct me if I am wrong..
    Do tell us more about your color, specific options etc.. How do the 18 inchers feel?
  • marke2marke2 Member Posts: 8
    That's the same vehicle my wife and I are looking at. Can you tell me which dealers you dealt with? The first offer I received was $2k off from Park Place Plano. No response from PP Grapevine.
  • newlexusownernewlexusowner Member Posts: 7
    Yes, I'm having to wait 2 weeks to get the Savannah Mettalic and it is FWD. Here is the options, just look at

    Premium Plus Package with Additional Options
      Premium Plus Package with Leather-trimmed Interior, Power tilt-and-telescopic Steering Column with Memory, Illuminated Entry System, One-touch Open/Close Moonroof. Also includes: 6 Disc In-Dash CD Auto Changer, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps, Power Rear Door, Roof Rails and Roof Rack, Wood & Leather Steering Wheel and Shift Knob
      Additional Options:
    - 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
      - Cargo Mat
      - Two-Level Heated Front Seats w/Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers and Headlamp Washers
      - Wheel Locks

    It might be timing since it was close to end of month. I should get the car in about another week. I test drove their demo which had 18' tires. I have drivin the RX300 and I would say the ride is about the same. Its hard to judge I would ask someone that owned RX300 and RX330.

    For the one about where. I called the internet department at Sewell Lexus. Said I can get about 2800 - 3000 off sticker at Plano. So Sewell quoted me between 37,000 - 37,300 if I would come in and do business with them. I said I would come in. But first I went to Plano and asked if they could beat the price. If not then I will go back to Sewell and but it there at the internet price they gave me. Plano ended up selling for 36,887 ($3200 off MSRP). Actually it was the fastest deal I ever made on a car. Usually spend at least 1 or 2 just haggling over price (Toyota). I guess got lucky or Lexus dealers are more straight forward with their customers. Lexus so far in my buying experience has been great. Lexus after the sale should be evening better from what I read. So good luck. I think with end of the month and more supply of RX's deals like this probably just get better. (BTW, my wife thinks we still paid too much)
  • newlexusownernewlexusowner Member Posts: 7
    Also I think the internet quote you fill in and submit is not that great. You can always do better calling them directly and asking for intenet department or going straight to dealer and sit down and negotiate with them. Just tell them what you want. If they can make money not just a killin on the deal they will do it.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Getting quotes over the internet will always be a better idea, they must get your attention to "draw" you in to the dealership. If you're already there all they do is delay your departure, again, and again, etc.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Plus, if you get a response by fax or email, you have something in writing to wave in the GM's face when the salesperson reneges on the numbers.

    Steve, Host
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    for the feedback. Congratulations, again!
    Good luck with your new lexi!
  • carsonsgirlcarsonsgirl Member Posts: 6
    I'm trying to buy a RX 330 and of course, the beginning price is $41,600. I'm in Delaware and trying to see what the luck is on bringing the price down a good $1200 - 1600 from the sticker price, even if it means asking to take off $600 off sticker and tacking on a few extra $$$ to a trade-in.
  • cotmccotmc Member Posts: 1,081
    Sorry, I'm definitely NOT on the east coast! However, in case nobody else responds, I definitely recommend that you get a few internet quotes before the end of this month (assuming you are ready to buy now). The Lexus website lists all the Lexus dealers within each state. Find the dealers that are within a few hours' driving distance and request a quote from them. With the end of the month almost here, you may be able to get two or three dealers to lower their initial offers (play them against each other), especially if you indicate you are ready to buy right NOW. Hopefully that $1600 discount won't be very difficult to obtain in your area! You might wish to discuss the trade-in among the 2 dealers that give you the lowest quotes on the RX 330, just to see if one dealer reacts more favorably to your used vehicle than the other dealer. Good luck!
  • jjsanijjsani Member Posts: 14
    I've found that getting any deals in the South Jersey area or tri-state area is impossible. Since there is not any competition for a Lexus, it's difficult to get anything off MSRP. The one dealership that's 5 miles away would not give me a penny off of MSRP of $42,428. I've send emails to 26 other dealerships across the East Coast.

    The best deals I've gotten are in Florida and Georgia $2,428 off MSRP and that was their first offer. I'm hoping I can do a little better. I'm planning on going to Myrtle Beach in December, so Georgia will not be a problem. I'm planning on dropping my current lease off in December and picking up the Lexus. A one way ticket to Florida is about $110, I can always take the time and drive back, mini vacation...

    Lexus of Wilmington only offered $828 off.

    Although, the West Coast is a little far they seem to have better deals. It cost about $700 to have it shipped to New Jersey if I wanted to go down that road.

    Good luck.. Let us know if you find a decent deal in the area.
  • carsonsgirlcarsonsgirl Member Posts: 6
    That I am dealing w/Lexus of Wilmington so I hope to see at least that and try to get more for my trades. Yes, I'm trading in 2 cars so let's see how that goes.
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    JJsani's feedback doesn't sound too reassuring... ;-(
    I will be in the market for the RX 3 months from now.. JJSani, did u just buy an RX? Do you live in Jersey? Could you share your buying / homework experiences?
    Thanks in advance!
  • rxatkinrxatkin Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a black on black RX330 AWD with Performance Package and Tow Pkg with wheel locks and cargo mat for $40,313. That was $3,000.00 off the sticker. I traded a very clean 1999 RX300 AWD
    with all the options and got $19,000. This was at Lexus of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The unit came in on the truck in the morning and we bought it that afternoon. Be aware that the tow package for $160.00 doesn't get you a receiver, just heavy duty components and some basic wiring. My last RX 300 came complete with a receiver, etc. ready to go.
  • 2fast2furious2fast2furious Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone tried to use the Costco car buying program to purchase an RX330? Is it better than negotiating a price yourself? A friend of mine suggested trying it since they were showcasing one at his local Costco. I have my doubts since this is still a hot car.
  • jjsanijjsani Member Posts: 14
    I just ordered my RX330 FWD, with a dealership in Georgia. I ordered Bamboo Peal, gray interior
    with the Navigation system with Mark Levinson Audio package (includes the premium plus package items), Two-Level Heated front seats with rain sensing wipers, 18" wheels, cargo mat and wheel locks,MSRP $43,408. He's charging me $41,042 plus tax, tags, etc.. I asked about additional cost and there isn't anything except the tax and tags. Basically, he's discounting $2,366

    I live in South Jersey and tried all the local dealerships in NJ,PA and DE. Wilmington was the only dealership to even offer a discount, $828, the rest of them was MSRP and that's it. After not getting enough of a discount I decided to just send dealerships the same email, telling them what I wanted and asking for their quote. I sent the email to dealerships along the east cost, as far as Florida. Since I was going to be in South Carolina in December, driving to Georgia wasn't a big deal to pick it up. I'm being told the RX will take 90-120 days, which takes me into either late November or early December, which is perfect for me since I need to turn my lease in in December. For a $2,300 discount, I would of taken a one way flight and picked it up anyway.
    I can drop my lease off in Georgia, so it works out for me. I would of prefered to purchase it locally, but they didn't want to discount it a penny. It' tough to get any discount in this area, South Jersey or PA. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  • happywdshappywds Member Posts: 2
    I just got mine today from the largest Lexus dealer in LA. Mine is breakwater blue/ivory, premium package with GPS. MSRP $41,763. I got it at $39,263 ( $2,500 discount). No trade-in. I did not think it was a good deal, but I just couldn't wait.
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    It was very helpul - Thanks once again! Congatulations on your order!!!
    I guess I will either have to wait till next year or settle for an FX35, if I want decent deals.. Even if I did get one, it looks like it is going to be from out of state. Don't know how the ales tax thing works - I think I saw in this board that you still pay taxes ONLY for and IN the state the vehicle will be registered. eed to go to the (un)friendly neighborhood DMV to find out more, I guess...

    Thanks a bunch and best of luck!!
  • jimn6jimn6 Member Posts: 1
    i went to a local dealership here in nevada. i wanted an AWD lexus rx 330 with premium plus package.MSRP $41,600. the guy would only go as low as $39,600 i only wanted to pay $38,500 so i walked. did i make the right decision? he said the reason why he couldn't give it to me for that price was because he needed to order the color that i wanted (i wanted a bamboo pearl/ivory interior). anybody had the same experience? i figured i would call other dealerships in southern CA to get $3,000 off MSRP. any thoughts? BTW, thanks for posting all your buying experiences. it has helped me a great deal esp.since i'm new at this.
  • guyacaronguyacaron Member Posts: 2
    In Northern Virginia the best that I have been able to do on a 330 AWD, Premium Plus and NAV is $1000 of MSRP.

    I was told one of the reasons is that the color that I want Bamboo/Ivory is one of the more difficult to get, and the other reason is the area we live in.

    Do you all think I would be better off just going out of the DC area maybe to FL to find the car at a better deal or just take the price above?
  • descartesdvddescartesdvd Member Posts: 3
    I am looking for a AWD Rx330 with the following options: premium package (PM) and heated seats with rain sensing wipers (HH). According to edmunds, the MSRP on this should be $39810. When I look at to build my own car, the least optioned car I can build in my zipcode (and a few others I tried) is $40,908 including Premium package, cargo mat, power rear door, towing, heated seats/rain, wheel locks and wood. All the options besides PM and HH mean little to me. From what I can tell from other posts, the best price I can expect is MSRP-$3000.

    1) Can I expect to find a car with only PM and HH on the lots or will it have to be special ordered?

    2) If the car has to be ordered, will I be able to negotiate the price down as effectively if the car was on the lot (-$3000)?

    3)Anyone buy recently in the Chicago area? I am willing to travel anywhere if it means I can save $$$.

    4) Finally, when you email dealers, do you suggest a price (eg MSRP-$3000) or do you simply ask for best offer?

  • happywdshappywds Member Posts: 2
    First of all, thanks to this message board, I found out I could actually get a RX330 made in Japan before it became Canadian.( nothing against the Canadians, but the Japanese has been making quality cars longer than the Canadians.)

    I am in LA. I called a few dealers in my area to see if anyone could discount >$ 2,500 (the quote I got from one dealer). Nobody could. The dealer where I got my RX330 from told me if I would take Bamboo pearl, silver or black ( which they had plenty in stock), they could give me a better discount, but not the color ( breakwater blue) and the configuration ( NAV w/o DVD and Mark Levison)I requested. Anyway, I had to reserve mine(no deposit required). I got it within a week. It wasn't a bargain , but I am very happy with the car. I suspect maybe after October 1, there will be better deals around since CA car tax ( license fee) will be tripled ( ouch!) and that people would probably rush to get their car before the clock strikes. I could be totally wrong on this though... Maybe Lexus buyers don't really care about that extra few hundred dollars.( it would have cost $600 more in my case.)
  • vieleevielee Member Posts: 4
    I finally got my RX330, just what I wanted - Crystal white, Premium Plus Pkg, front wheel drive, 18" Wheels, Gold Package at $2,000 of Sticker. This is what I had to go thru - Contacted local dealer here in Vegas by Internet. They called said car was so hot, good seller etc. they would not come off sticker. Sent Fax's to Souther California Dealers, and went to Lexus site and sent inquiry's to all western US Dealers. Riverside Lexus said they could get what I wanted at price I wanted, got very excited. False alarm, the car they though they could get was coming off ship but ordered a demo, they couldn't sell it. Bob Baker Lexus called they "thought" they could get one, BUT, wanted $1,000 deposit (fully refundable).
    Gave them the deposit, next day found out husband had Cancer, Called and Faxed Bob Baker saying I wanted deposit back. At this point of the story had decided NOT to buy, BUT, the next day Albuquerque of Lexus called they HAD the car. Had long discussion with husband, and he decides he wants me to have that car no matter what happens to him. Give Albuquerque dealership $2,000 for deposit. It takes 4 days to make arrangement to get over to Albuquerque, got to Credit Union pick up check, start driving over there. No response from Bob Baker. This is upseting me, I call Lexus home office (cell Phone) and tell them I want my deposit back period. Get the car, stay one night drive back to Vegas next morning. Get home, bone tired, worried about husband, excited about car and get call from Bob Baker, they are going to refund money but know I have just bought car in Albuquerque, indicate they think I lied to them about husbands cancer and that phone call ended abruptly. NEVER, have I had such trouble buying a car but I have to tell you, we love this car. We just drove 568 miles from New Mexico to Vegas and it handled like a dream. Husbands new favorite joke is that at least his widow will drive to grave yard in style.
  • carsonsgirlcarsonsgirl Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone dealt w/them? How's the discounts for the RX 330?
  • uis00snuis00sn Member Posts: 18
    I've received e-mail yesterday from Lexus of Rokville:

    We are having a special today on in stock RX330 units. We have a few available and are doing $2,500 off the MSRP today to close out our month. This is our lowest price so far. If you have not already purchased a new vehicle, give me a call to discuss color and options for this
    great deal.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    That was a cut and paste of an email received by Uis00sn from Lexus of Rockville. You should be able to look them up on the net.

    Steve, Host
  • carsonsgirlcarsonsgirl Member Posts: 6
    Or at least, signed papers to get the 330. I got $1200 off the sticker and I got about $1500 more for my 4Runner as a trade-in than I intended to but overall, I'm happy.

    I got the car from Lexus of Wilmington and the guy said that he should be getting some Rx's in either today or Monday.

    Now comes the REAL fun part w/looking into financing for this thing.
  • ildriverildriver Member Posts: 7
    We recently walked away from a dealer here in IL. He offered $2500 off the RX330 premium package on the phone, and then lowballed the trade ($300 LESS than KBB's worst case scenario). We said goodbye and now we continue searching for a more honorable dealer.
  • ildriverildriver Member Posts: 7
    I meant they lowballed the trade to $3000 LESS than the worst KBB quote. For $300, I would have taken it. Sorry.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    You have 30 minutes to make any changes or fixes after you post a message. Just click on the Edit button that follows your message after you post it.

    (that's 30 minutes, not 3,000. Yep, I'm trying to lowball you <g>. Better luck w/ the next dealer!)

    Steve, Host
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    The "Golden Oppurtunity" SPL. APR deals include the RX330s also. Is that a sign of slowing sales? I am not sure...
    Would this mean that we should see prices dropping a bit soon? I hope so...
    Any thoughts, folks? ;0)
  • tsmith67tsmith67 Member Posts: 19
    Could you be more specific on the special financing? I went to the lexus web site and did not see anything, but I am not sure if I was looking in the right place.
  • ildriverildriver Member Posts: 7
    All the Lexus dealers we have spoken to say that they don't need to offer lows rate - but with good credit, you can find 3.49 - 3.99 easily. I got approved at eloan at those rates. Is it true that if the dealer is offering low rates, they don't discount as much on the vehicle?
  • samiam00samiam00 Member Posts: 3
    i live near the rockville lexus which is on the east coast and am very interested in purchasing the rx330. i could not get more than 1000 off the car but i am willing to drive around to get the car. any help for saving (3000 dollors?).
  • tomjavatomjava Member Posts: 136
    You might try JMLEXUS Florida. They're aggresive in pricing.

    Good Luck.
  • alex0615alex0615 Member Posts: 13
    I live in VA near DC. I am negotiating with few dealers in DC who are willing to discount around $2,600 from MSRP. Let you know if it will work.
  • alex0615alex0615 Member Posts: 13
    According to Lindsay Lexus in VA, the Lexus &#147;Golden Opportunity&#148; sale now in progress until September 2nd. Rate as low as 1.49%
  • samiam00samiam00 Member Posts: 3
    thanks for your help but i need one more pice of information, which dealer is offering 2600 off and wat car package it is, also if it is the same dealer with the low financing, once again thanks for your help it is very helpful.
  • alex0615alex0615 Member Posts: 13
    I see the "Golden Opportunity" commercial on TV every day from Lexus. However the commercial doesn't specify what this "Golden Opportunity" is.
    The offer I have is from another dealer.
    I checked your profile and I cannot see your email address. My understanding of the Town Hall rules - I am not allowed to post dealer coordinates.
  • alex0615alex0615 Member Posts: 13
    Sorry, I forgot car decription
    2004 RX330 AWD with Premium Plus Pkg.
  • phenom1phenom1 Member Posts: 2
    First of all I would to say hey to everyone. I'm about to purchase a RX 330AWD with the 18" wheels, HH package, PT package, Towing package cargo mats, and Wheel locks for a total of 38,900. Only thing left I have to do now is discuss my 99 RX 300 trade-in.
  • janvjanv Member Posts: 2
    That is a phenom price. Where did you go. I am looking for an AWD+Premium+Nav in Black/Black or dark color/Black at a reasonable price. Live in Pa. Anyone has any suggestions?
  • janvjanv Member Posts: 2
    I read a couple of posts & reviews that the nav system was pretty unreliable. For those with the 330 Nav, please give feedback. I was considering a voice only (VCOM) portable for $1100 but wife wants an in-dash to avoid all the wires.
  • samiam00samiam00 Member Posts: 3
    please send me the info on which dealer and the number of contact, also how i can also obtain this deal, email me with all deals at [email protected], thanks for all your cooperation.
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