Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    No, I can't disclose per Edmund's user agreement.
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    I keep hearing about the fully (or semi-fully) appointed RX330s. Do they sell the base model with the cloth interior that runs several thousands less? I would like to buy this vehicle, but I don't really want to pay the premium for the fancy wheels, nav system, etc. I would appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks.
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    You can always contact another member via email - if they don't mind being contacted, their email will be public in their profile. Click on a name to get someone's profile.

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    I just purchased a RX 330 with everything but the Performance package, that is:

    - RSES, 18" Alumminum Alloy Wheels, Heated Front Seats with Rain Sensing Wipers and Headlamp Washers,
    - NAV system with compass and rear backup camera,
    - Premium Plus Package,
    - Towing Package,
    - Cargo mat and
    - Wheel Locks

    everything for $42,828.00 The sticker price was $45,828.00.
    I got a Breakwater Blue Metallic exterior paint with light gray leather interior.

    Did I get a good deal? This is my first car purchase after ten years of owning a great Nissan Altima.

    Please feedback appreciated it. I'm still nervous about this purchase!

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    The RX330 is the hottest seller that Lexus has had for years if you ignore models like the SC430 that sell in very small volume.

    Most folks today are doing well to get $500-1000 knocked off the MSRP, whether its a fully loaded model like yours or a sub-$40k more basic model.

    So your $3000 off is extremely good at this time of year - congratulations and enjoy your new ride; nothing to be nervous about - except parking lot door dings!
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    JM Lexus, Margate, FL claims to have 169 new RX330's in stock including ten with fabric interior.
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    Hello Lexus Fans and I hope that you are having a great day. I lived near JM Lexus for a long time and highly recomend that you check their prices. They have always heavily discounted all of their cars close to invoice. They are the biggest Lexus dealership in the world and offer amazing prices.
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    I am interested in a FWD, Premium Plus, 18" in Silver... shopping in the D/FW area. Just wondering if newlexusowner thinks the market has improved since his purchase in July, or whether I should take his approach as described in earlier posts. Any one in my area bought in the last few weeks or heavily shopping presently?
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    JM is part of the same group that owns the Southeast Toyota distributor (SET). They are big, but I'd pay close attention to any "port" installed accessories they may try to force on you (they own the "port" too). Unwanted options on in-stock models have been a big irritant to Toyota buyers in the Southeast.

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    and spoke to their internet sales reps before I purchased our RX330 earlier this month in So. CA.

    JM's best pricing effort rated about a "C+/B-" compared against the other 11 dealers on my list. So while they very well may be the largest Lexus dealer in the country with hundreds of RX330s in stock, I didn't find them to be competitive. Your mileage may vary.

    Don't know about the "forced port-installed options' as above because we didn't get that far along to get an out-the-door price - and that's when that little trick would have been noticed.

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    I am a 02 RX owner and I like it.

    It doesn't handle very well (cornering) compare with a sedan such as Accord (Average for a car), the cargo space is very limited(after my son's stroller, not much room to put lugguage for four adults' one week trip.

    It rides quiet for a SUV, and smooth. I think the most I like about the car is the wood, especially those are the radio control (which is now aluminum for the 330).

    I sat in the RX330 while I was at the dealership fixing my RX wheel bearing at 28K, and I am impressed by the luminated entrance system, which is a option. I will say the 330 is a improvement from 300, but it doesn't strike me that it improve that much.

    So why is this vehicle so hot? I think the monthly sales for 330 is like 8000+, that is 100,000 a year of $40,000 car.

    Can some old RX owner share some of their thinking about why they think the 330 is that much better? maybe I should consider a new one too.
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    Just bought my Black RX330 AWD with Premium Plus Package, 18” wheels, heated front seats with rain sensing wipers, towing package, cargo mat and wheels locks for $,2700 off MSRP. The dealer is in Maryland. It is not a $3,000 like on west coast, but it is 20 miles from my house.
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    That looks like a great deal for your region. Congrats!! Can you give any info on how you negotiated that price? I am in Boston where discounts are minimal so I am considering a California purchase. A Maryland purchase would be a piece of cake by comparison.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Congratulations on your RX330. Nice deal! Would you share the name of the dealership where you purchased it?
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    Provide me your email and I will give you dealer name and address.
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    It's not foolproof or guaranteed, but making your email public in your profile will slow down some spammers, since that makes it a bit harder to harvest the email address.

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    btw, it's ok to name the dealer & city/state in the boards - it's posting individual's names and contact info that we frown on.

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    I can't find your email address to send you mine. Check my profile.
    Thanks again,
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    Thank you!!! I want to tell you after your last post I felt pretty good about my deal. I wish we could do all of our negotiating by email. if that would work the car dealers would make a lot less money. My RX was stickered at 41,478?. I got it for 39k and some change. I did not think it was such a great deal at just below sticker. I just returned from Korea and had a V-8 VW Touareg on order. They called my before I left Korea to say they had to push the deliver date back to FEB 04. So I canceled. I got back to the U.S. and saw a RX and liked what I saw. I went a dealership that morning. I was pre-qualified ready to go but the guy did not want to make a deal. I then when to Lindsay and the rest is history. I did not test drive it, I just started wheeling and dealing. The email thing will not work. If you want to give me your email maybe we meet there and get you an RX. All I need is lunch :-) Glad I did not get the VW!!!
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    for your prompt reply. I see exactly what you mean... The best face to face deal I got so far in NJ has been $1850 below stciker, plus a lot of courteous customer service thrown in!
    All these delays got me seriously reconsidering the Murano as I really like the way it rides and costs;0) Granted it will never be an RX in terms of fit and finish but, It's even better than in MDX in handling and comfort..
    The minute I deciede on an RX, I shall definitely annoy you again ;0) Yes, Lunch is acceptable ;0) For all the help that youv'e been, that's the least I should do to say Thank you to you, my friend!
    Thanks once again! ;o)
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    Hey Dallas MMIC, I have heard that in the DFW area call the Internet sales office and get a price over the phone. The RX 330 has about a 12% markup from cost to MSRP.
    There are 3 dealers in the metroplex.
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    Hi, I purchased from ParkPlace Plano, I don't know about the market but they seem to be selling lots of cars (see lots of RX, GX selling). I would definately email or call them and make an offer. I'm enjoying my RX330 FWD Prem Plus (its the MSRP 40,087) Savannah alot except where I had to replace the drivers side window ($630) two days after buying it. Long story, basically my fault. The deal I didn't accept was 37,300 from Sewell. Try end of the month, thats what I did. My sales person said he hasn't sold the RX that cheap to anyone yet, not sure if true or if he says that to everyone. There is two dealers in Dallas area so there is some competition, and if they can earn your business then they will. Good luck!!!
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    Posted my e-mail on the profile page. So, how do you like your RX330 so far? Which options do you like the best?
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    Hi everyone. I've been trying to get the RX in white, with premium plus/18" wheels/etc, but without navigation - the one where MSRP is $39,413 (in So Cal) - and the best price I received was $36,428 ($2985 off msrp).

    Now i've been told by the salesman i'm dealing with (who i purchased my currently owned lexus from) that he has nor can he find any white Without navigation anywhere around the dealerships, and that none are coming in. He said lexus is now not producing them w/out navigation to send out right now (not sure if he meant any or just White). So my questions are:

    Has anyone else heard this??

    I'm now looking into lease instead of purchase, and With navigation I think i can get ~$3,000 off (MSRP is $41,700 is what I'm told). Lease would be $2,000 down payment, 15,000 miles per year, 36 month lease - payments (including 8.25% sales tax) to be roughly $570/month. Now this seems a bit high to me, as I was told that my lease payments for the car w/out navigation would be $490 (considering my credit score is over 800 so the best offered). Also, prices/lease payments given to me are still in the Golden Opportunity ending Sept 2nd, I'm told prices/rates/lease payments WILL go up after Sept 2nd, so I'm trying to get it all done before then.
    Does anyone have any input/opinions on all this? I'd Greatly appreciate it!!!
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    Thanks for your suggestions... I'll let you know how it turns out!
    Steve_HOST: Did I correctly understand from your post that my e-mail is safer from SPAM when PUBLIC? I assumed the opposite would be true.
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    Your email address is safest marked private in your profile. No one will see it that way (except me and a few others at Edmunds, and I'm not trying to sell you an extended warranty <g>).

    Next best is marked public in your profile. It's an extra step someone would have to go through to get your email, and should slow down or stop most automatic spam harvesters.

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    Hey I think the Murano is in the mid 30's. You can't beat Lexus service Nissan can't compare!!! I really would meet you to help you get one for 39??? If you like I can call my sales Rep and tell them you want the same deal and the date and time we will be there. They might even give me some oil changes out of the deal :-)
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    That's very nice of you to say so!! You are a good person!! The on road price will of course be a little more than what you got it for but as long as I could get it for the same discount off MSRP that you did, I would still do it!!
    The only thing is - I have postponed my buying decision by a few weeks due to some sudden and unexpected developments. I am definitely buying a lux / near lux SUV to replace my CR-V; There's no question about that. The family is having a new addition and I definitely need those extra comforts AND airbags...
    I fully agree with you on the customer service front; Also, no matter how good the Murano rides and feels, It's not the same as parking a Lexus on the drive way ;0)
    I'l be very glad if the dealer had sometthing in it for you for a purchase referral, beleive me!!! I should be in a position to buy before the end of september, at any rate.
    My personal eMail ID is [email protected] I only check it at weekends. The quickest way to reach me in the meantime, would be thru' this forum. I only check it about 973 times an hour ;0)
    Thanks a bunch, once again!!!
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    I'm off work today and tomorrow but I'll check on the availability of your Crystal White (FWD?) with NAV and post it on Thursday. BTW, $3k off MSRP is a good price for any model right now.
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    Received this e-mail from Magnussen Lexus (in Fremont, CA) if anyone is interested:

    We have the following RX330s either in-bound or on the ground.

    Savannah Fully Loaded
    Bamboo Pearl Fully Loaded
    Neptune Blue Fully Loaded
    Black Onyx Performance Package
    Bamboo Pearl Premium Package
    Crystal White Fully Loaded
    Neptune Blue Fully Loaded

    Crystal White Mark Levinson/Nav
    Black All Packages
    Savannah Fully Loaded
    Breakwater Blue Premium Package
    Flint Mica Fully Loaded
    Bamboo Pearl Navigation
    Savannah Fully Loaded
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    it usually takes 3-4 days.
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    Alex0615 gave me his contact for the dealer he got a good deal from in Maryland. I asked the dealer for the same deal, $39K out the door. Before I spoke with this dealer last night I sent emails to 4 dealers in MA, RI and NH. Spoke with them this morning. One laughed at me when I gave him the 39K price, one offered to meet the price, one offered $38,750 and the dealer I really wanted to do business with offered $38, 600 out the door. Signed the p&s this afternoon. Same Premium + package with heated seats, HID and towing pkg as everyone has to buy now because it is the lowest option available in this region at $41,638 MSRP. When I emailed the local dealers I didn&#146;t expect even one of them to meet the $39K price because there has been minimal to no discounting in New England. Turns out there is a &#147;very big&#148; incentive to do volume before the end of August. Didn&#146;t ask what the incentive was, just wanted to get the deal done. My car arrives tomorrow. Will probably pick it up Friday or Saturday. Black with cream interior.

    Now might be the time!!

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    is probably the current Labor Day marketing push by many manufacturers, including Lexus' "Golden Opportunity" program that I think ends Sept. 2nd. I'm sure your local dealer gets a spiff for reaching certain sales goals in units or total revenue etc.

    Lexus reduced their RX330 lease money factor to 0.0018 (4.32%) for this campaign on 36-month RX lease terms for top tier credit clients and probably offered similar factory contributions for other vehicle procurements.

    Of course, the way the auto industry has been adding could be BETTER after September 2nd!
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    katherine6: I have the same equipped RX330 with the identical MSRP ($41,638) The dealer cost is $36,944 not including the factory hold back of 2%+/-.
     I assume that you purchased the vehicle in Maine with a 5% sales tax. At the dealer cost of $36,944 and add for the state tax of $1,847 and guessing the license fees of $200 +/- and $150 doc and prep fees. The dealer sold you the vehicle at $544 below dealer invoice. He still has the hold back of approx. $740. So, this means that the dealer's profit is about $200??? That doesn't even pay for the advertising of the vehicle. Maybe the factory is giving Lexus dealers a cash refund as the MB dealers received in May? I need a better explanation of your "out the door" price. I hope that you really did get a great buy.
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    If that was your out the door price, I think you got the best deal out of everybody on this board who purchased the same exact package as you. I took delivery of my AWD Premium Plus with additional options today (MSRP $41,638), purchased in the Bay Area, CA where the sales tax is 8.25% - 8.50%. Got $3k off of MSRP, which brought the total price out the door to ~$41,900.
    Consider yourself VERY fortunate, as that is an awesome deal you got! CONGRATS!
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    At least that is how I thought ODT is being used on this board so we can compare apples to apples. Sorry for any confusion. To clarify, I negotiated with the GSM for $38,600 out the door excluding Title, tax and license. When I got to the dealership to pick a color and sign a p&s they added $139 for a documentation fee which they said they always add without exception. I insisted it wasn't a part of the deal, so they reduced the vehicle price to $38,461 and added $139 doc fee. Total is still $38,600 to the dealer. Massachusetts sales tax of .05 will be $1923.05. I will pay an additional $154 for MA registration, inspection sticker and transfer of the license plate. Included in this $154 is $39 for the dealer to take care of these last three items; well worth it to keep me out of the DMV. Total INCLUDING TTL is $40,677.05.

    rx4me-- looks like you got a slightly better deal (by a couple of hundred maybe?) given the higher sales tax in CA. Nevertheless, I feel pretty good about getting even close to a California price.

    Jeffmust2-- 3 of the dealers I spoke with told me their prices were good only for the vehicles already in stock. One deaker explained this is because of the "turn and earn" manner of the business; that is, dealers "earn" the number of vehicles to be "allocated" to them in a given month by the number they have "turned" in a previous month.

    bmwbob-- hope this clarifies

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    Congrats on your excellent deal and even more congrats for doing your homework and then planning and executing a major purchase with that knowledge.

    These TH boards consist of 99.9% guys and its great to read a female's educated posts and not the ones that start off with "Gee, is 19% interest an OK deal on a 84-month loan on an used Escort?" Ouch!

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    These TH boards consist of 99.9% guys...

    I'm not aware of anyone who's actually tallied membership by gender but we would certainly welcome a better mix!

    tidester, host
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    You're making me feel like Billie Jean King here. But thanks for the compliment. Hope the information is helpful. There may be deals to be had now.
  • plh1333plh1333 Member Posts: 1
    katherine6 Aug 26, 2003 9:09pm
    Katherine, can you email the dealer's name in Maryland?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    It's ok to name dealers and the city/state where they are. It's naming salespeople or posting contact info that's frowned upon.

    Steve, Host
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    I sure wish AZ and CA had only 5% sales tax for new automobile purchases!

    We purchased a 2WD Premium Plus Pkg w/ 18" rims nearly 2 months ago on June 30th. Don't let anyone tell you the dealers are not willing to negotiate a little further at the end of the month. We saved almost $3200 off MSRP. The negotiated purchase price was $36,228. With the 7.75% sales tax, our final OTD price (with TTL) was $39,094.

    I haven't seen anybody lower, but I'm guessing that will change at the end of this month.
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    Hi all,

    I am in SF bay area and was quoted by a local dealer through internet for about 2700 off MSRP (retail 41745). I wonder if the deal is good enogh -- any room for bargaining?

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    I purchased the exact same config about 2 weeks ago from a dealer in So. CA (Lexus of Riverside).

    You could do the same, fly down for $50 and then have a beautiful drive back up the coast for a day...

    To get a better price it would have to be on an unsold RX330 either sitting on a lot or about to be unloaded from a transporter.

    I got mine from the internet sales dept. I have to tell you that weeks after the delivery I'm still getting emails from the other 11 dealers I surveyed - many of whom would not do a low-margin deal just a few weeks ago.

    The best part is when they say..."You ALREADY bought the car? Without giving us a chance?"

    Uh...what were those 3-4 emails I sent direct to you stating I would buy this the voicemail responses etc....if not a chance to do business? Duh.

    Good luck on your search and let us know the outcome.

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    It seems they are making your White RX with Premium+ and 18-in wheels (w/o NAV) in large numbers. Your salesman is ... ahem ... a bit off there. You should be able to deal nicely.
  • JPhamJPham Member Posts: 148
    MSRP - $2700 is a nice price ... go for it. But as jeffmust said ... make sure it's in stock or a very short wait.
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    I am wondering if there's any kind of discount in D.C metropolitan area. I visited 2 dealers and one offered around $500 discount, and the other offered $0 discount. I heard it's harder to get discount on Navigation equipped RX, but I want to get at least $1000 off. Am I dreaming? What's the best deal that you guys heard of (with NAV package)?
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    i am shopping for rx330 in Toronto, Canada and after reading about deals you can get in the US, the Canadian experience is very frustrating. I contacted a few dealers and the best i could get was about CAD 2000 off the price for a premium package. Some dealers flatly refuse to negotiate. Canadian prices are marginally lower then in the US (for comparably equipped vehicle) but I don't think that explains lack of deals.
    I wonder if other Canadians had similar experience or maybe I am doing something wrong.
    BYW.. tkanks for this site.. I wish we had similar in Canada
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    Try Lexus of Rockville
    15501 Frederick Road
    Rockville, MD 20855

    Another poster got a good deal, and I was quoted a good price.

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    Wow, thanks for your research on that. Are you certain there are still white's available in the Southern Ca area?? Or is it that they are currently making them w/out Nav, but have not distributed/notified dealerships of them yet, is that possible? I did contact 2 other So Cal large dealerships and spoke to their inventory dept's (as well as my salesman), and all told me the same thing - didn't have/could not find in all of So Cal w/out Nav, nor did they know of any coming in. Is is possible that a few dealerships would be giving me incorrect information? I also told my salesman then that silver (still w/out Nav) would be my second choice - he said he searched again but no silver either.
    So the best i'm being told I could get rith now would be the white With Nav, for $3,000 off msrp (~41,700) - cost to me $38,700 w/out tax/lic/etc - lease payments $530/mo w/$2k down, 15k mi per year. And, I'm also told this price (monthly payments) is good through Sept 2nd, then prices will adjust/raise but that they do not know to what until the 2nd.
    I really appreciate your research and input on this, thank you!
  • grover6grover6 Member Posts: 16
    First...out-the-door (does the salesperson equate this to include tax, title, license fees or not)?

    Second...would like input on pros/cons of NAV system;is it worth $2350?

    Third...So far, 3 dealers have said current inventories have no Prem. Plus now. They are being shipped Basic Prem Pkg with add-ons duplicating Prem. Plus items but without HID lamps. Haven't had HID lights before; is this a "should-be" as an option or not?

    Fourth...forgot to check it myself, but can power rear door be opened manually?

    BTW, so far best offer is $2500 below MSRP. Local dealer said no more than $600, but mentioned I had lower offer and expect to hear from local dealer today to meet it (well, maybe). How bout one more ? black really that hard to keep clean? ;)
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