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  • grover6grover6 Member Posts: 16
    Can't believe I would have any more questions about this, but

    Would a person have need of AWD in the southern states? No, not even light off-roading. Maybe an occasional trip to snow country. The only possible weather would be ice/black ice and don't know if anything can help you there.
  • adman469adman469 Member Posts: 3
    I am in Little Rock and have been trying to negotiate a good price for the past two weeks. Dealers in Dallas will sell to me for aboout $2,600 off MSRP, but the dealer here would only come down $1,000, even after I told him of the deal I could get out-of-town. He tried to sell me on their service, but there is no way that is work $1,600.

    I should be taking delivery of a silver FWD with premium package and 18" wheels by late September. And have a weekend in Dallas to go with it.
  • clburtonclburton Member Posts: 14
    - I really like the Nav system, but we all must choose what we wish to spend our money on.

    - I think HID are nicer, but I personally wouldn't make it a deal breaker.

    - The rear door can be opened manually.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Check out I don't know anything about them other than they have a buying service and can sell you invoice prices.

    And happy Labour Day!

    Steve, Host
  • rx4merx4me Member Posts: 58
    Received this bulk e-mail from Magnussen's (Fremont, CA) if anyone is interested:

    This is a bulk email regarding a RX330 that has become available in our

    2004 RX330. Front Wheel Drive,Breakwater Blue/Ivory Interior
    Navigation Package,no rear DVD or Mark Levinson Sound
    Available for immediate delivery.
  • JPhamJPham Member Posts: 148
    I don't know why your dealership is having a hard time getting that specific color/config ... it is readily available.
  • cotmccotmc Member Posts: 1,081

    1) "Out The Door" is EVERY cost involved with the purchase: Purchase Price + (Doc/Admin Fees, Taxes, Title, License, Tire, etc.)

    2) Nav System: Some people REALLY like it, others have listed minor complaints against this unit. I'll just add one new perspective: It doesn't hold its value well come resale time. Expect 60-70% depreciation on that $2350 option after 3 years. (Sorry to be such a grinch!)

    3)What part of the country do you live in that no longer has Premium Plus packages? Back in June I was looking for the basic Premium package, to save some money, but all dealers in region didn't have anything less than Premium Plus. HID is nice, but I would have preferred to save the money.

    4) yes - no problem. (as already answered)

    5) AWD doesn't help on black ice. We also live in the south, with a rare trip to snow country. We preferred a 2WD unit because of the lower cost, better fuel economy, and slightly better acceleration (due to less weight). Also, this is a FWD vehicle, not RWD (such as the FX35). I argue that a FWD vehicle tends to do better in snow than RWD, with a majority of the weight over the drive wheels. The FWD RX330 may still be a half-decent performer on snow. It performed just fine on some desert trails for us last weekend, and I have pictures of the dirt all over the back window to prove it! Oh, one more thing. Are there additional maintenance costs for the AWD version of the RX? Our AWD Acura MDX required periodic $75 rear differential fluid changes that would not have been required if it was a FWD vehicle.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    My experience in selling our 2001 RX300 FWD with Nav was to the contrary. 2001 was the first RX model to have Nav.

    I do recall that Lexus Financial considered the Nav option (think it listed for $2k back in Dec 2000; no rearview camera then) to have ZERO residual value in a lease - in effect, they depreciated it to $0 after three years. My wife wanted it anyway and while we all get to vote - she gets two votes.

    Come time this month to sell it and and make room for the new RX330, lo and behold, I received about 20 calls after placing a local newspaper ad plus an online ad.

    I would say that 18 of those calls started off with..."Your has the factory navigation...right?"

    So it might have been a relatively rare option three years ago, and it never will be as important as air conditioning...but it's come a long way and it certainly helped me sell the vehicle quickly and painlessly for 73% of what we paid. Not bad.
  • cotmccotmc Member Posts: 1,081
    Congratulations on that sale! Not bad.

    When selling our '01 MDX, I did some research to see how much value would be added to our MDX if it was equipped with the Nav option ($2000 new). I believe I was seeing about $600, give or take. Maybe the Nav systems are too new to accurately gauge their worth on used cars? Maybe it is the difference between what a dealer will pay for trade-in versus what the private sector really wants? Who knows??

    By the way, our MDX was also nearly 3 years old and had 59K miles on it when we sold it at 73% of its original MSRP. Most people around here didn't ask about Nav. They just wanted us to lower the price!
  • grover6grover6 Member Posts: 16
    Drove it home this afternoon. The local dealer met the offer from a dealer out-of-state. MSRP was $39,023. Got $2500 below that and then add in the TTL. And at the end, subtracted my trade-in. This RX had the Premium Package plus all add-ons from the Prem. Plus Pkg. including wheel locks and cargo mat. Only thing missing were the HID lamps.

    Driving home on the Interstate, it didn't seem to be as quiet riding as I thought it would be. Is there a break-in period for quietness? ;)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Check the tire pressure for starters. And stick to asphalt :-)

    Steve, Host
  • jesinglejesingle Member Posts: 4
    Purchased the AWD Premium Plus in White/Gray with all the good stuff everyone has been talking about. MSRP was $41,638 -- paid $38,638 before tax and title. It was a ridiculously simple negotiation that took all of 10 minutes tops. This was also the first car that I've bought, so it isn't as if I'm a seasoned vet at car buying. I think the key is just doing your homework and you can get a good deal. They initially offered $1,500 off, but after two brief rounds the price went to $38,700 then finally $38,638. I really don't care if this wasn't the rock bottom price. It's just nice to pay a good price for a car they had in stock and be able to drive away in it the same day. I feel bad for those of you calling around to 10 dealerships and flying to different states. But I guess if you can get a better deal, it's worthwhile. I'd suggest coming to Maryland.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    does yours come with Navigation system? If yes, I think you got one of the best deal.
  • jesinglejesingle Member Posts: 4
    No, no navigation. I don't know what that would have cost, but I know it wouldn't have come with an MSRP of 41,678. I figured the navigation would be something that I would play with for all of a week and then it wouldn't get much use. I can only think of maybe 2 times in my 9 years of driving that a navigation system would have been necessary. But then again, it is another toy that some people have to have.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    Navigation has a MSRP of $41,763; this includes three minor additional options - 18" rims/tires, cargo mat, and wheel locks. Freight is also included at this sticker price. This is the exact configured model that early in August started showing up in big numbers at least for West Coast dealers.
  • superdonsuperdon Member Posts: 16
    Tried to email you, your box is full!!! I talked to my salesperson, they said to bring you in!!! I'll be in that area Wed-Tues of this week
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    The mail box was indeed at 110%.... ;0(
    I still need to wait a few more weeks for the purchase due to some unexpected developments.
    Thanks for the continued interest. I have cleaned up my mail. I will let you know the minute I am back in the market. Is there anyway you could email the sales person's name and your info that you want me to convey to the dealer just in case we could not met up at the dealership?
    Thanks once again!!!
  • dallas_mmicdallas_mmic Member Posts: 13
    If you are looking in Dallas, I would suggest also looking at Lexus of Austin. I just bought my RX from them... they were great to do business with (far better than Sewell of Lexus, which I would never recommend).
    Park Place Lexus agreed to match the deal in Austin, but they didn't have my car color. I will tell you, though, that they (PP Lexus) verbally offered to sell me a car on their lot (the same car that I bought except in black) for 36,000 (before TTL). Long story short -- I would have bought that car from them, but I thought Sewell had the car the color that I wanted for an additional $380. Sewell "took back" their deal, though, so I went elsewhere.
    Lexus of Austin:
    MSRP 40078 (PP w/ 18", heated seats, HID, etc)
    Discount: 3698
    Before TTL: 36380
    I think it was a good deal, and no dickering.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    I just bought a premium package plus with Navigation equipped (along with some options) RX 330 for $42250 plus TTL. MSRP was $44038. I think I did pretty good considering the fact that 4 other dealers in D.C metro area's best deal was only $1000 off. They also gave $2000 trade in for 96 Chrysler T & C with 135,000 miles on it. They also offered 3.9% APR so needless to say, I am happy. What do you guys think about this deal?
  • pdxmark2pdxmark2 Member Posts: 6
    After a lot of test driving the last couple of weeks (I was all over the board, going from Murano, to Infiniti G35, to Passat), I finally decided on the RX330. Of course, my local Lexus dealer is selling them as fast as they come in, it seems, so they didn't have exactly what I wanted in stock. I ended up giving them a deposit and getting first dibs on the next Flint/Mica, Charcoal leather, Performance, Nav AWD that comes in. They quoted me $1200 off the sticker, which is their "CostCo pricing" according to the salesperson I spoke to. For this config, he quoted me $44K.

    Now that the holiday weekend is over, I came back to work and decided to contact a fleet management company that I get access to as an employee from my company. They quoted me a little over $43K for the same thing.

    So, my questions:
    - Anyone have any experience with fleet buying companies? What's the catch? Are they going to try to sell me a bunch of add-ons like leather and paint protectant?
    - What do I stand to lose by not going directly to the Lexus dealer? I live in the Northwest, and I guess the fleet company works directly with the cars coming in to Long Beach.
    - Based on other messages in this thread, looks like either of these prices are okay, not great deals?
  • klccklcc Member Posts: 3
    In Dallas area, dealers are discounting at least 2500 from MSRP but edmund MVP is 800 off MSRP.

    Could you please be realistic Edmund.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    I think you mean TMV :-)

    Please fill out our Feedback Form. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • pdxmark2pdxmark2 Member Posts: 6
    I put down a deposit at my local dealer for an RX330, but I'm not yet obligated to a specific vehicle, so I'm still finalizing what I really want. I'm getting quoted roughly $1400 off sticker for a Performance/Nav package.

    The salesman at the dealer tells me that the Mark Levinson audio package is no longer available on any RX330s. Ditto with the laser-assisted cruise control--no longer available on ANY RX330s.

    Has anyone else heard anything like this?
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    Just checked "build your RX" feature and you appear to be correct - no ML in any option package and I didn't see the laser cruise control either.

    So anybody that already has an RX330 with ML - now you have an Instant Classic!

    Guess no more debate - for now - on ML vs. regular audio unit.
  • dallas_mmicdallas_mmic Member Posts: 13
    When I bought my RX, the salesman said that Lexus is re-engineering the laser cruise system.... rocks on the road are breaking the laser, or some other component associated with the system. I'm not sure why they haven't gone to an RF-type cruise system -- laser seems too susceptible to conditions such as rain/snow, etc (and rocks).
  • bangorangbangorang Member Posts: 7
    The web site offers ML on the FWD model. Not on the AWD model. Pretty goofy.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    ...all the off-road RX330 AWD drivers need to focus on them big boulders and stop fiddling with ML controls!
  • adman469adman469 Member Posts: 3
    Since I will be picking the RX up in Dallas, I will be driving it back about 350 miles via Interstate. Should I take the long way back? Should I do the Interstate and just vary my speed. What's the fastest I can go? Anyone know what Lexus' suggestion is for break-in?
  • cotmccotmc Member Posts: 1,081
    We also had about a 350-mile drive home with our new RX. We compromised by taking the interstate and periodically shifted down into 4th to vary the engine speed. We didn't use the cruise control, didn't cruise above 80mph, and we avoided any hard braking. (That may rule out the LBJ freeway, huh?)
  • clburtonclburton Member Posts: 14
    I was told by my salesman to keep it under 80, not use the cruise control, and try to avoid driving at the same speed for long distances for the first 1000 miles.
  • rwong1998rwong1998 Member Posts: 38
    I am in the Vancouver area and was wondering how much off MSRP buyers are getting in Canada and in the Vancouver area?
  • lou510lou510 Member Posts: 1
    Just factory-ordered a 330 w/premium package, wood and leather steering wheel, power rear door, 18" wheels for $2400 over invoice. Will take about three months to get it. Not wanting to take it fully loaded and getting the color I wanted were key considerations. How do you think I did on price? Was told by a couple dealers that prices would be going up.
  • buddy007buddy007 Member Posts: 1
    I live in Florida. Just bought the FWD Breakwater Blue with Navigation (MSRP $42.4) for a price of $39.5 plus tax and tags ($42.0 total). The dealers in Florida had been putting out the word that all RX 330 are in short supply after Labor Day, and navigation cars are in especially short supply until the Canadian plant is up and running. Someone else told me that Lexus always seems to have a car shortage around September based on their production schedules. I had also heard that my preferred color Breakwater Blue is only getting 2% of RX production, so it is a little hard to find.
    As for RX without navigation (MSRP $39.0), I don't think prices are up dramatically, and I had several chances to pay in the $36.0 to $36.4 range (before tax and tags only) on that car over the last few weeks.
    Hope this info helps other buyers, this board has been very helpful for me. Am interested to know if others are hearing the same supply and demand story from dealers.
  • JPhamJPham Member Posts: 148
    I'm out here in the west coast and it's the opposite -- all we get are NAV models and it's the non-NAV models that are rare. Consequently, the deals are better on NAV models.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    I am from D.C, and Navigation equipped RX are in short supply I think. I got one for almost $1800 off MSRP and that's the best I could do. Second best offer was only $1000 off MSRP. I heard they give out more discounts for non NAV RX cause demand is not that high. It's very hard to find one in stock right now anyways, so maybe we shouldn't expect too much discount. I wonder how much discount you get on west coast for Navigation equipped RX.
  • JPhamJPham Member Posts: 148
    I just quit my job selling Lexus ...
    we were giving upwards of $2000-2500 off NAV units and only $1000-1500 off non-NAV units.
    The color choice also affects price ... Silver is hard to find out here while Bamboo and Savannah are plentiful.
  • rx330rx330 Member Posts: 16
    Lot of people have posted they got $1000 or $2000 off of MSRP on RX330 AWD. Where can I get
    the right MSRP value? From

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Yes, go to and build your preferred model. The available options will vary, depending on your zip code (area of the country). You can then cross check this information with that available on other web sites, starting right here. Go to New Cars, find your model and then click on "Price with Options."
  • JPhamJPham Member Posts: 148
    with MSRP ... and they have the dealer-added options like cargo mat, wheel locks, etc.
  • drazamdrazam Member Posts: 3
    I'm new to this discussion board...but since I used it heavily to negotiate my new RX330, I figured i would let you all know what kind of deal I got. Purchased a black onyx car with laser cruise, navigation, and performance package for total MSRP of 44,163 (incl destination). Purchase via internet dealer for 40,300 (incl. all fees except tax and title). Based on these discussions I think the $3863 off MSRP was very good. We were really flexible about options and colors and picked a car that we liked that was in inventory. Purchased at JM lexus in margate, florida who claims to be the largest US dealer.
  • rx4merx4me Member Posts: 58

    That was an awesome deal you got! I think it's the best (discount off of MSRP) on this board that I'm aware of. Congrats!
  • drazamdrazam Member Posts: 3
    a little more info...JM lexus had a lot of cars in stock and claimed to be getting a lot of inventory nearly weekly. We live in Orlando and the dealership in the town balked at negotiating anything near that number off MSRP. they were the only dealership in the major metro area and had a showroom full of customers and didn't care to call me back when I told them what dealers in palm beach or margate were willing to discount. the other nearby dealerships either didn't have many cars with options in stock or would not deal more than 1-2K off. We did our negotiation over the phone - 10 minutes - and it was worth the 3 hour drive to pick up the car. just be careful about agreeing on a price that includes ALL FEES except tax and title. We had a little issue about a preprinted $600 charge for "dealer fees" on the purchase order. the final price was as posted in my prior message.
  • drewngdrewng Member Posts: 3
    What kind of fees could I expect to see with a new RX330 purchase ? I was quoted 39K even for RX300 AWD+ Premium Plus trim + tax + tags + freight. Can I assume freight == destination charges? I think they could do 38.5K which is the best price I saw posted here for this area, Maryland. Any tips on how to negotiate down a price. What do you negotiate on? This is my first new purchase so please help.

    Thanks much
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Whether it's your first purchase or your fifteenth, it helps to do the research. Check out our 10 Steps to Buying a New Car article for starters if you haven't already.

    And yes, freight would be the destination charge.

    Steve, Host
  • doctord13doctord13 Member Posts: 22
    Drazam - great deal! - Did you get FWD or AWD - Up north here I understand that the FWD is almost impossible to come by, and that it is predomently delivered atlanta and south.... I too am impressed - if my dealer here will match that deal on an AWD I'll write the check today!
  • drazamdrazam Member Posts: 3
    I got the fwd. Interestingly I was told that here too in Florida the AWD is very difficult to come by since there is little demand for it (no snow, etc). Most of these guys give you one cheap line or another. Truth is many of them get whatever the dealer's buyer can pick up from the port. Many of the small dealerships (with lower volume sales, and thus less leverage to get first pick from inventory off the ships) have models with heated seats. Really useful in Florida! On the other hand, I don't think the performance package was really selling down here (as opposed to FWD with premium pkg). The dealer had 3 sitting on the lot, while they sold a FWD with premium for near MSRP to some poor chap (according to the salesman).
  • dallas_mmicdallas_mmic Member Posts: 13
    Motley Fool ( also has a good tutorial on car sales -- their approach is faxing to local/semi-local dealerships. I used their method and I got good response using it. I called the dealerships first... asked for fleet sales mgr and/or the internet sales mgr's name and fax number, composed a fax to that person and sent to 5 dealerships.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Blast Fax Car Buying

    Opps, guess that's not the Fool's link ;-)

    Steve, Host
  • tedcruisertedcruiser Member Posts: 50
    I have a qoute for a RX330 FWD with premium plus package for $36500. MSRP of $40078. Has anyone compared the driving characteristics of the FWD to the AWD? Comments about how they compare?

  • rx4merx4me Member Posts: 58
    That's a VERY good discount you got! Which dealer did you get that quote from? Also, what color was it and was it already sitting on the lot? Am wondering if dealers are willing to discount more off of specific colors when it's already sitting on the lot. I have an AWD silver/black with premium-plus, and probably could've gotten a better discount had I chosen a different color that was already available there.
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