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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks everybody post the helpful information in this forum. Here is what I just bought an RX in stock from a Lexus dealer in central Texas. The saleman is very helpful. It takes only 30 minutes for us to find the car the seal the deal.

    2005 RX330 AWD
    PT Premium Plus Pkg
    TO Towing Pkg
    Z1 Preferred Accessory Pkg
    NV Navigation System
    DC Radio Equipment, 6-Disc CD Changer in Dish
    HH Heated Front Seat
    FT 18" Wheels

    Sticker: $44,833
    Paid: $40,083 + 95 (Dealer's Inventory Tax) , 2505.19 (Sales Tax), 100.30 (License), 50(Doc Fee), 21.75 (State Inspec) = 42865.24
  • gottlsgottls Posts: 21
    wikilog congratulations on your purchase, I'm jealous. Can you pass on the dealer name and dept. where you bought your car. Also by chance do you happen to know what the dealer invoice was on the car or what the dealer claimed to be making?
  • 2005 RX330 AWD

    premium plus package
    Adaptive light
    towing package
    Heated seats
    18" wheels
    6 disc CD changer

    Out the door price $41,833

    What do you all think?
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Was this from one of the Oregon dealers? Can you tell us which one? Sounds like a pretty good deal for the Northwest!
  • It is Lexus of Austin, new car sales. The invoice I got from is $39,173.00. The dealer claims the invoice is $39,638.00. There is a difference of $465. He said the invoice from does not include the Lexus national advertise fee (I don't know how much it should be). So I paid $445 over dealer claimed invoice. Due to the board policy, I cannot post the saleman name. Post your contact, I can send you private message. Good luck!
  • What is the sales tax rate? If it is at 6.25% like Texas, your before sales Tax price is around 39100 (fact into the License and Title etc). It is great deal as you get the car just under the invoice price showed on It is the best price I have seen posted on this forum. Congradulation! I just bought exactly same car in central Texas, I paid $42,865.23 out of door.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • mmm2mmm2 Posts: 1
    Hi Wikilog, can you email me the salesman information (name) using the email posted in my profile? Thanks.
  • This was purchased from Lexus of Portland.

    I tried Lexus of Tacoma and they sounded very willing too.
  • rats13rats13 Posts: 42
    Bought in SoCal. Wife wanted black/black with nav, heated seats & Mark Levinson stereo. This combo necessitated getting a fully loaded car. We looked for a FWD car in blk/blk and had no luck so we ended up with a AWD blk/blk fully loaded with Nav/DVD/ML stereo/tow hitch/etc reciever.
    MSRP 48,043
    Invoice 41,681 +LDA 465 = $42,146
    Paid 42,500 + tx approx $350 over invoice by my estimate.

    It wasn't as smooth as a negotiation as I would have like cuz the salesman quoted me originally $41,900 on the phone (supposedly on the wrong trimmed car by mistake) to compete and the sales manager was stuck on $43k for sometime but he finally stepped up a bit. I think it was when I said I was feeling baited and switch even at $43k and was going to be unhappy at that price.

    Overall I think we did well, I just don't know why it has to be so hard at the dealers each time.

    Good luck to all and thanks for your help
  • I live in Houston and would like to know if anyone out there has gotten a recent good deal at either Westside Lexus or Northside Lexus on a RX330 FWD Premium
  • Hi,

    How difficult is it to find a used or demo 330? I would love to have one of these cars, but would like to spend around $32000. I did find one demo with about 9000 miles on it, but they quoted me $35,000, which seems rather close to the price of a new vehicle.

    Any thoughts?

    And, what do you all think of the reported transmission problems on the 330s?


  • My wife and I are looking at the Lexus RX 330.

    We live in Florida where Jim Moran distributes Toyota. I believe he distributes throughout the Southeast in 4 or 5 states actually. Anyway, in looking at the cars on the dealers lots in Florida, ALL OF THE RX 330's are heavily "packed" with accessories we wouldn't want (or buy) if given the choice.

    Now I do realize that many people want these loaded up cars, but some, like myself, don't.

    Let me be specific, If you want factory leather seats, you are required to buy a Premium package for $2145 AND about $1200 of OTHER accessories which brings the MSRP to over $39,700.

    My question is this....for those shopping in regions outside of the Southeast...are ALL the Lexus' 330 models "packed" with thousands of dollars of extras like here in Florida or is it just greedy Jim Moran inflating the prices (and the profits) of the cars he is importing>?

    I say its the distributor and not the dealer since I've been to four Lexus dealers and they are all nearly identically "packed"

    Just curious.


  • We were considering the same thing, but decided to go new. I spoke to a used car dealer friend, and he said the used 2004s are selling used for about 1000-2000 under invoice. He told me that if I can get a new 2005 for anywhere under 2000 over invoice, buy a new car. Good luck in finding one for $32000. I do not even think used wholesale is that low.
  • maylhmaylh Posts: 9
    05 FWD with PM+TO package+6CD+rain sensing+18" before TTL. Drive out appr. 38500
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    It's just the way Lexus chooses to send them out ... easier on the factory that way and I think most people want them the way they send them. You could always order one with EXACTLY what you want on it.

    Go to and go to BUILD YOUR OWN and it will basically bring them up in your area the way they're sending them out to the dealership.
  • I'll second the notion for getting the '05. The '04's are first year and they have had some problems, such as the engine trans hesitation drive by wire programing glitch. The '05 has a software patch to fix this.

    Plus the '05 has 8 way power passenger, vs. 4 way power passenger in the '04. Bluetooth is new for '05 which is packaged with the nav. Now, all packages with hid include the active steering feature. Power hatch and the wood/leather wheel are also standard equipment for '05. All these small things add up and once you factor in not having to deal with first year gremlins... the choice is clear....go '05.

    We are in the market for a fwd '05 ML/Nav with, all the toys. We are going to wait until the longshoreman strike is over...almost all Rx 330s in the SF bayarea come from Japan, which means they are trucked out of the Long Beach port...there are significant slow downs for Lexus deliveries...there are stuck at the Long Beach port. Once that gets settled...there will be a influx of autos...we'll cut a deal for the Rx then.
  • We live near Long Beach and have not heard anything about a longshoremen strike. There was an article in the local paper about the cargo backlog but they blamed a lack of productivity from unionized longshoremen as the root cause not a strike. According to the article, the backlog is slowly receding. The bulk of holiday shipments have arrived, vessels have been diverted and more labor is on the docks.

    The issue is actually more complicated than just blaming the longshoremen. Here is a link to the local newspaper. Search for an article called What's to blame for cargo backlog?
  • Rats13, is this an 04 model or 05?
    Which dealership did you go to?

  • Can you let us know you dealership name / state?
  • rats13rats13 Posts: 42
    We got an 05 at Santa Monica Lexus. The bluetooth phone is pretty cool.
  • Can anybody out there help with prices on a RX330 in the Atlanta area. I am dealing with two different dealers and one says there are "3" levels of options and the other says "4"?? Bottom line they are quoting about $36,600 for the lowest level FWD with some options. Is that good?
  • We are contemplating whether to go buy a 05 AWD RX330 now or wait till the end of the month (Nov 29/30). Are we apt to get a lower price and/or more negotiable interest rate on our buy at the end of the month. We are buying, not leasing. I know there is the old tale of the end of the month, but is it really true pertaining to Lexus?
  • Just purchased 2005 FWD RX330 with Premium Plus Pkg, Navigation, 18" wheel and Preferred Accessory Pkg (MSRP $42,608) for $41,290 out the door. Riverside(ca) dealer give me for 41,000 out the door, but I have to wait for 2 to 3 week. so I when to Mission Viejo(ca) dealer and pay it for $290 more, which is around 100 to 200 above invoice price.
  • I am getting a quote for RX330 05 + Navigation + Mark Levinson for $900 over invoice. Is this a good price
  • mickylmickyl Posts: 14
    I leased a new 2005 RX330, with basically a premium plus package and navigation, for $625 per month, no initial payment, other than taxes and tags. I felt I got ripped off. By how?
  • I am a first time car buyer. I went to Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, CA today and was quoted an out the door price of 39,999.95(incl. all taxes and fees) for a 2005 RX330 FWD with premium plus package and 18-inch alloy wheels, 6d cd, cargo mat and wheel locks. Am I being taken for a ride. MSRP was 40,258.

    Thank you.
  • I recieved a quote from a Lexus dealer in IL for a 2005 RX330 AWD with the following options:

    2005 RX330 AWD
    PT Premium Plus Pkg
    TO Towing Pkg
    Z1 Preferred Accessory Pkg
    NV Navigation System
    DC Radio Equipment, 6-Disc CD Changer in Dish
    HH Heated Front Seat
    FT 18" Wheels

    MSRP 44,833 and the saleman quoted me $40,333 (+ all other charges). Is this a good price?
  • You are looking about $1,100to $1,400 over the invoice price. the price that you want should be no more than $39,300 out the door. I got my 2005 RX 330 with all the feature that you included + Navigation ($2000 more) for 41,200 out the door, which is about $200+ over the invoice.
      - 2000 navigation

       39,200 is the price that you want

    you will get a better deal from the lexus dealer Inter Net Sale Team than the Floor Sale Team.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much. I am so glad that I waited and continued to research. I will let you know how I make out.
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