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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Reading current thread on RX 330. Are your pricing discussions for a 2006 or a year-end 2005? Does cash make any difference anymore?
  • Just talked to my Sales Rep.

    Lexus Financing is giving me a rate of 4.85% APR

    They also do no after market selling or hard press. I just gave them the amount to put down and there is no hard sell.

    Easternshore The pricing we are talking about is for the 06 lexus RX330.

    If you can go thru COSTCO.Com, if you have a membership, to get your auto quotes. They have special pricing, my starting point for negotiations was 500 over invoice price, of course you can get them down lower but its nice to get a good price to start. Ray Catena has a 3 person sales team dedicated to COSTCO members.

    Just a FYI.

    Good luck on your buying experience.

    and Special thanks to Highlander7, Armondo and Tazimi plus everyone else on this board it really helped me negotiate with confidence and get a good deal.

    I will post particulars later today after I pick up my wife's :( new lexus
  • Footwood...Congrats man...that's the same way I felt during my purchase...confidence. When you do the hard work of researching it all pays off in the end. Great job on the financing also. You and your wife will enjoy the car...I find myself just wanting to drive everyday...lol...already put 150 miles on it in 2 days...

    Just making sure....they gave you 4.85% over 60 months like the Costco financing right...they didn't try and milk you for extra months?

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year everyone!
  • i'm buying the exact car in Austin this afternoon, 37k + TTL (89.8%) and they are throwing in a tint job. now on to Lexus financing....
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I agree with tazimi. I started to sell my cars myself about 20 years ago. ( We only buy Toyota and/or Honda cars.)

    I get the care detailed, add some extra polish, and then set my price for 3/4 of the high blue book. And I will not accept any link titlelink title
  • You are very welcome footwood, very pleased that I and others were of some help to you.

    In the past 4 years I have used Edmund's forums to purchase two Toyota 4Runners (02 & 04), a 03 Toyota Avalon, a 05 Toyota Solara convertible and last week a 06 RX. The opinions and information by buyers and owners presented here is priceless.

    My wife really likes or in her words, loves her RX. She had her Avalon a little over 3 years and liked it but said it did not have the versatility and extra ammenities of the RX330. Not a bad Christmas gift, not sure how to top it next year??

    So to footwood, newmowner and all the others on this forum ...... have a very Happy New Year and enjoy your new RX 330's.
  • Can anyone explain if this is a quantifiable promotion? Does it only go through December, which the last day would be today, or 1/3/06? I ask because I was given a quote from a dealer in L.A. for a 2WD, premium package + nav for $39,082 (MSRP $44,193), but would be $2000 more the next day! Is this because of the sales promotion or a sales tactic?
  • I have a story to tell. I had an appt with Ray Catena. I had called again not saying who I was and found out they did not have the blk on blk with leather, nav, tow pckge in stock. Having to go to Leslie's Pool in Long Island to go buy some stuff I saw that there was a Lexus Dealership 2 miles ahead ( which I had emailed via edmunds to inquire on a price quote last night ) They replied saying they had one in stock in another location. I canceled my appt with Ray and decided to stop by to talk...25 minutes later I shook on a deal for 40250 + tax. They took my trade in for 12k I put another 8K down and I'm financing 23K. I'm glad with the purchase,and sales team. The internet Sales Manager was straight forward and gave me the best price I heard within the first 15 min. Maybe I could have bargained somewhere else for a few hundred less but didn't want to wait 'till the end of Jan to receive the RX. On tuesday I pick up my RX. Good luck to all and Happy Riding.
  • That was a great story.
    Can you let us know whether your RX was a AWD or not and it cam with what all options.
  • Yes it is AWD.
    • Premium Plus Package with Additional Options
    Premium Plus Package
    includes: Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, Roof rack with rails
    Additional Options:
    - Lexus voice-activated DVD Navigation System (includes backup camera and Bluetooth® technology)
    - Two-level heated front seats (includes rain-sensing variable intermittent wipers and headlamp washers)
    - In-dash, single-feed, six-disc CD auto-changer
    - 18-in alloy wheels (235/55VR18 and full-size spare)
    - Towing prep package [10]
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks
  • cacarcacar Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a new 2005 or 2006 RX330 within the next 24-48 hours and need pricing advice. What should I expect to pay for a new 2005 versus a new 2006? Now that the calendar has flipped, can I anticipate some depreciation off the 2005 invoice price? Any help would be much appreciated! Has anyone shopped for both recently?
  • I would doubt you will find a 2005, since the 2006 have been out since early November, but you never know.

    I purchased a 2005 in September and it's a great car, actually my first oild change was today!
  • On their website it says contact ... for Pre-Owned sales. I was there to look at a Certified but decided on a new for the earlier stated price. Since I'm unable to list the name you can figure out who I purchased it from that way. Mine didn't have Nav. I know where I'm driving in Houston. Good Luck
  • We are shopping for a new 330, prem plus, heated seats with wipers, tow pkg, mats, wheel locks and 6 disc changer. What is a fair price I should expect for a 330 right now relative to invoice? Are all Costco prices the same or should I shop around?
    Thanks in advance.
  • stoli3stoli3 Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard if the RX330 will change dramatically in '07? If so is it worth the wait? I have also been told of some safety enhancements in '06 vs the previous year. Is this true? Thanks. :confuse:
  • How will the release of the RX350 in March affect prices of the RX330? I was planning to buy a 330 in February but if the price drops or discounts improve I could wait.

  • Hello,

    I live in New York City and am planning on leasing an RX330 in the next month. Could anyone recommend a dealer in the area?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Kirin,
    Did you finally buy an RX. If so, from which dealer and if you can give the details on the options and price paid.
  • I received an excellent price from Rallye Lexus, I would give them a call.
  • Thanks, I requested a quote from them via Edmunds.
  • jsanijsani Posts: 2
    Has anyone updated their NAV DVD on a RX330, if so what is the latest version and what can I expect to pay for updating the DVD. I have heard the dealership's are asking about $300, which sound a little pricey. The version I have now is 3.0.1

  • The latest verion (v.5.1) was released on Janurary 7th, 2006.
  • Well, we pulled the trigger on a whiteRX, Premium with 18" wheels, rain sensor, towing prep,cargo mat and wheel locks for $36,700+taxes. New Nalley dealership in Atlanta looks like you could eat off the floor!

    Question is...do we go with the dealer install for XM? Most of the info I've found pertains to other-than-dealer installed or even DIY setups. Dealer installs a tuner inside the sunglass holder or low on console with a remote changer thingy. Is this the way to go for $695 or can a non-techy person find a better set-up? Thanks for any tips!
  • Local dealer in Va. Beach, Va says RX 330's with the Mark Levinson sound system are hard to come by, none in stock and none expected. Anyone have locations that have them?
  • You need to talk with your dealer about trying to locate one. Yes they are very hard to find and unless a dealer specs a Levenson out for their inventory, the other option is to factory order. With the soon to be released RX350 this spring, it may not be possible to order a 330 with this option, just a guess.

    My wife factory ordered with the Navigation/Levinson package in early November, car was deliverd to the port early December and had some electrical problems and was declared a 'Dead Car' by Lexus. My dealer did a search and found our exact package at a VA. dealership, had it trucked up for a Dec. 23rd delivery.

    Mark Levinson is an outstanding sound system, worth the extra cost.

    good luck......
  • Hi,
    I live in Chandler, AZ. I just bought a 2006 Lexus RX330 with Nav/rear view camera, 18" chrome wheels for $40,397 + TTL. I got it for $44.5k out the door. I worked with the internet sales guy from Chandler Lexus. This is a new dealership, been open for about 3 months now. Im just wondering if you think I got a good deal. I'm probably gonna buy a GS or IS in Dec. 2006.
    I hope my price is helpful to others viewing.
  • I have an ES330 that I'm leasing and very happy with. I also have a 1999 Mercedes ML320 (SUV) that I want to sell (maybe even trade in) and purchase a new 2006 RX330.
    I want to wait until July/August this year (for no particular reason).
    I want to wait to the very end of the month as I am hoping the dealer might want to move remaining cars off his lot before the close of the month. He might be more willing to 'deal' with me if I go in a day or two before the end of the month and tell him I'll buy right then and there.

    I have no intentions of getting a specific package or color, I'm very flexible and basically could be easily convinced to take any RX330 on the lot.

    Actually the only thing I want is leather and a CD player...that's it. Don't care about interior or exterior color.

    I can look now in Edmunds and see what the general prices are in my zip code area of 10523. I am hoping that as I'll look to buy in August that the price I might be able to get might be a bit lower as a half year would have gone by.
    Now my logic might be flawed and I'm looking for people's opinions but if I walked into a dealer on December 31st I would hope that the cost of the 2006 card would be less than if I walked in on January 1st of this year (even though the MSRP from Lexus is fixed on the window sticker).

    AM I wrong, or hoping beyond hope, in thinking this way? I know, I would need to convince the salesman that a half a year has gone by and I should be getting a lower priced car.

    Any thoughts on this and ultimate suggestions for me are greatly appreciated. I hate to have to try and sell my old ML320 by myself too and am willing to see what the dealer would give me as far as a trade-in (I'm sure it will not be much though).

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    for a 1999 RX-300, 50,000 miles, single owner. Has sunroof, rack, cd-changer, leather seats.

    Dealer has given a take-it or leave it price of $16,900.

    Couple of paint chips near the front grill. few paint chips on the front and rear bumper which the dealer will take care of. and of course the 'D' light bulb has blown (that he is not gong to replace)

    Interior is exceptionally clean. It feels like no-one has sat in the car. Dealer says an old man owned the car, who brought and serviced it meticulously at the same dealer and now traded it in for a new lexus. Dealer even showed me the complete serice history from the Lexus service database.

    I drove the car around the dealers lot in the dead of the night at 9:30pm and could not find one single unusual noise coming from anywhere in the vehicle.

    Is this OK? Should I go for it?

    I somewhow like the dealer and trust him because he refused to sell 2 other RX-300s on his lot since they were not without some "mechanical" issues. He indicated that he will sell them to local "ace imports and the like" but not to an individual person because he does not want a disgruntled customer. and by the way, this dealer is the worlds #1 Lexus dealer.
  • I'm about to purchase a 2004 RX330 with:

    Rear DVD Entertainment System
    Heated Seats
    Premium Plus package

    It has 32,000 miles on it. I have gotten them to lower the price down to $32k. This is not from a Lexus dealer, so the warranty is only to the manufacturer's.

    Is this a good deal?
  • sabiobsabiob Posts: 4
    I am in the market to buy a fully loaded '06 RX330 2WD in the coming week. I wanted to know if anyone is using a Southern California Lexus Dealer that has before or is currently selling you an RX for $1,000 to $1,800 below invoice pricing? I have been reading on other blogs that the SoCal dealers may be more flexible because the new RX350 (larger engine) is debuting in April '06. Let me know who you used and with what dealers. Thanks for everyones great advice.
  • sabiobsabiob Posts: 4
    I just read the rules for this blog and realized we cannot use salesperson names. Also I read in several places that the very competitive dealers have been selling the RX's for $1,000 or more below invoice and that it is not so uncommon to be able to get such a deal.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    My Sugg is visit lexus. to find out every dealer in S.Cal and email everyone of them with your criteria, it works for me.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    2001 RX-300, 47000 miles, Certified Pre-Owned
    6-cd, leather & sunroof.

    Asking price of dealer $23,788

    Is there any wiggle room here?
  • maryscmarysc Posts: 2
    i looking at a 2006 rx premium plus no nav or back up or chrome wheels at 38 out the door 40 seem better than my deal
  • maryscmarysc Posts: 2
    for th 06 rx330 awd with premium pack
    with nav and chrome wheels any idea there trying to get rid of them it seems
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    It seems like deals on the RX 330 should be easier to come by in the next few weeks. The 2007 RX 350 will be in dealers anytime now. The vehicle is being advertised in the current issues of the major car magazines. There don't appear to be any design changes (although it is hard to tell for sure). HP is now 270.
  • We're looking at buying the 330 with the performance package.
    TMV on here is saying $41.4.... does anyone know what kind of offer we could make if we pay with cash? thanks in advance!
  • I don't think buying a car in cash does anything for the dealer, since the dealer would prefer you to finance. There is extra income to be made by the dealer on a loan financed thru them.
  • We got about $2K less than TMV a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta...are you looking at a 'rare' package? I can give you a contact if this is near you.
  • thanks for posting... don't think it is very rare, besides the color, black forest pearl.
    We're in Milwaukee, so Atl is a little too far, but thanks!
  • Friends,

    I need an honest opinion. I am looking into buying a RX330 versus a ES330. Can you tell me which one can be preferred if I am open to buying a SUV or a sedan... no particular issues ?

    Also, I went to one of a SOCal dealers and am getting a 2004 RX 330 with 40K miles on it... its tag price is 34K but i am negotiating for 28 - 30 K... what do u think would be a good price for that car n mileage...

    please respond a.s.a.p as i do not have anyone who can guide me and i am aware that there are very helpful ppl on this forum

    thanks for help in advance,

  • karepkarep Posts: 2
    X-posted from Lease questions

    This is what I am accepting from Ray Catena Lexus in Larchmont NY (MSRP in parentheses):

    2006 RX330 w/o Navigation ($37,770)
    -Premium Plus Package ($2,960)
    -6 disc in-dash CD Auto Changer ($500)
    -18" wheels 235/55 M/S tires ($495)
    -Heated front seat w/rain sense wipers ($160)
    -Transmission cooler, heavy duty alternator/radiator ($160)
    -cargo mat ($92)
    -wheel locks ($66)
    -S&H fee ($695)

    MSRP Sticker $43,403.
    Capitalized cost $39,000

    Am leasing it. Was offered two options:

    1. Via Hahn Financial :
    -$500/mo. Bank fee $842.70 + FMP $500 + $477 TTR for total of $1,819.70 at time of signing. Vehicle disposition fee of $450.00 at end of lease. 30 months/10K miles/year

    2. Via Lexus Financial
    -$515/mo. Bank Fee $636 +FMP $515 + TTR $467.50 for total of $1,618.50 at signing. $0 Vehicle disposition fee at EOL36 months/12K miles/year
    Trade in 1999 RX 300 in 'good' condition 81,500 miles =$11,000

    selected option 2 because I live in CT and Hahn does not do leases there because of the vicarious liability law (Lessor gets sued i case of accident caused by Lessee). Did the math, and for me it comes out at $495/mo.

    ONE other note: I bought through the Costco auto program --avoiding the infamous 'Let me talk to my manager' routine

    Ray Catena Lexus is straight-foward and is not into the arrogance and stupid mind games found across the state border at a competing dealership.

    I'm sure if I invested hours and psychic payments I could have saved a few buck/mo--I'm too old for that now.

    My perception is that there are a lot of cars (in the NYC area) and the dealers are getting heavy support from Lexus to clear the decks before the 2007 comes in.

    BTW, I could not see much in compelling new features (would have loved an MP3 player and power adjustable pedals but they are not in the 2007) that would make me wait.

    Hope this helps.
  • Ok I just recieved an email from the Mission Viejo Sales Manager and I have written quote for a fully loaded '06 RX330 2WD, Mark Levinson/Nav., Rear Entertainment System, all the other bells and whistles (minus the tow hitch) for $40,045. The email says that the MSRP is $47,013 (THAT IS ALMOST $7,000 OFF OF STICKER PRICE!). He said that this price is $1,250 below the dealer's invoice. I am thinking with some price shopping I can maybe push that up to $1,800 below invoice. I am going to keep internet shopping different dealers to see who gives me the best price. Hope this helps anyone in the Southern California area. If you have any other suggestions, please post.
  • dgklidgkli Posts: 11
    I have a 2003 RX-300 whose 39 month lease ends in about two months. I leased the car at just before the 330s came out, and got a really good lease. The car is in good condition, with only 32,000 miles on it; it will be about 5,000 miles short of the mileage allotment at lease end. This is a fwd with just a few options (including wood steering wheel, self-dimming mirrors, sunroof, cassette changer). The purchase option is $20,500. It seems to me the car is worth more than that (KBB trade-in value is almost 23,000, and local Lexus dealers are advertising similar cars for 28,000+). If it is truly worth more than the purchase option, is there any way that I can take advantage of that on a trade, either with a Lexus/Toyota dealer or, say, an Acura dealer? Or would I have to buy the car and trade it (and thereby pay NY sales tax which would likely eliminate any advantage.) Any thoughts appreciated.
  • Just got back from Keyes Lexus Van Nuys and recieved a quote for an '06 AWD Premium Package, Heated Seats, Navigation, 6 disc cd changer, & heated seats. They gave me a "special price" of $39,871 before TTL. The MSRP was $45,595. They came up with the price after I told them I found a decent price on carsdirect.com. We literaly sat in the sales office "built the car" on carsdirect.com and the site came up with a price of $38,495 before TTL. So I am following up with carsdirect.com.

    Anyone have any thoughts? This is the first time we've actually priced the 330. Also, if anyone has any input on carsdirect.com it's greatly appreciated!
  • Just concluded a deal for a 2006 AWD with premium package, cd changer, heated seats, mats, and wheel locks for $300 over invoice. Probably could have wiggled a bit more, as I read someone got $1800 below invoice. I can tell you that they are NOT selling them for that here in Kentucky; of course, each major town here has only one dealership and so they are not motivated to try to be competitive. The wife loves the truck, and at the end of the day thats what matters the most. Good luck to all.
  • We just ordered the RX 350 with the mark levinson package, ultra luxury pkg. plus gold lettering. The XM is being installed by the dealer because of the locale in which they are displaying the XM "radio" in the vehicle and also for the purposes of avoiding any such voids to the warranty. My advice...let the professionals play with your luxury toy, it will save you a headache in the long run.
  • how much did you pay for it?
  • Just wondering if anyone has received any steep discounts on the 2006 RX 330 models with the 2007 coming soon. I just visited the dealer here in Chicago and they mentioned they are going to start clearing their inventory and possibly could be offering firesale deals. I'm interested in the Premium Package and heated seats which invoices for just above $36K and MSRP roughly $41K, only problem is the inventory they have includes more bells and whistles than I need. I know a friend of mine picked up a steeply discounted Land Rover Discovery and way below invoice when they came out with the LR3. I'm hoping that might be the case with Lexus. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. I figure the best deal would be after the 2007's arrive and they still have 2006 inventory but don't know if I can wait that long.

  • <<Just wondering if anyone has received any steep discounts on the 2006 RX 330 models with the 2007 coming soon. I just visited the dealer here in Chicago and they mentioned they are going to start clearing their inventory and possibly could be offering firesale deals. I'm interested in the Premium Package and heated seats which invoices for just above $36K and MSRP roughly $41K, only problem is the inventory they have includes more bells and whistles than I need. >>

    I just picked up my 2006 Neptune Blue RX330 last night from Lexus of Massapequa. The lease on my 2003 RX330 from the 2002 "December to Remember" (the end of the 300's) was up at the end of March. The vast majority of the 330's in inventory had the "Premium Plus Package with Additional Options":
    Premium Plus Package with Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, Roof rack with rails. Also includes: Leather-trimmed interior, Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column with memory, Illuminated entry system and Power tilt-and-slide moonroof with one-touch open/close and sliding sunshade.
    Additional Options:
    - Two-level heated front seats (includes rain-sensing variable intermittent wipers and headlamp washers)
    - In-dash, single-feed, six-disc CD auto-changer
    - 18-in alloy wheels (235/55VR18 and full-size spare)
    - Towing prep package
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks

    The MSRP is $43,403 and I got them to do the deal at $38,537 (probably could have gotten them lower) plus $600 doc fee. Invoice on the car according to Edmunds is $38,015 and TMV (which I assume hasn't been adjusted yet for the 350's coming out) is $40,854.

    I rolled everything including the sales taxes but not the 1st month payment and plates into the monthly payment with a money factor was .00109 (either due to President's Day or the 350's but was good for any delivery date before 2/28) and a residual of 57%.

    The salesman said the 350's would be out in mid to late March and was taking orders, but they wouldn't have final money factors and residuals until the 1st week of March. He said the residual should be about 70%.

    He also said the word on the 400's was they weren't selling due to the price differential. Lexus is looking to bring out a few new hybrid models for 2007, so they may need to start moving the 2006 400's.

    If you want an '06 330, now is good time.
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