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  • sued2005sued2005 Member Posts: 9
    I have received two quotes both from an MRSP of $48,573:

    $44,479 and $43,279. This is a fully loaded RX330 AWD with Navigation, Bluetooth, Premium Package, and also the Rear DVD system.

    Several dealers said to just put in a DVD system afterwards to have 2 separate screens in the headrests which would run $2k. Is this a good idea? If we do this, we can pick up a car at an MRSP of 45,753 for $40,988.
    What do you think?
  • briegelbriegel Member Posts: 139
    Just curious...did you get a quote from Lexus of Riverside?
  • ss75ss75 Member Posts: 5
    I notice thatinvoice on the base RX330 is $32k. How much should I pay?

    I am toggling between the RX330 vs. MDX (both base models). I am thinking I can get the MDX (non-touring) for $34k. Do you think I can pay that for the RX? Or am I looking at high $30's.

    Thank you for the help
  • sued2005sued2005 Member Posts: 9
    yes we did, thank you! they were giving me a quote of $43,279 off MRSP of $48,573. However, I received the best quote of all last night from Lexus of Serramonte (SF) at $42,279 for the same car.
  • briegelbriegel Member Posts: 139
    Wow! That quote from Lexus of Serramonte sounds great! Congratulations!
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    does that also include the Levinson stereo?
  • dynexdynex Member Posts: 1
    Is the RX330 you bought at $36,300 a 2006 or 2005? I am also in the Houston area and looking for a RX 330. Since you had a pleasant experience at Sterling McCall, can you recommend your salesperson to me? I also agree the heated seat won't be used often in Houston. :)
  • sued2005sued2005 Member Posts: 9
    Yes it does include the Levinson stereo. The dealer asked if I just wanted the car without the stereo and Rear DVD package. The cost would be 40,988 off an MRSP of 45,753. He suggested putting the Rear DVD system aftermarket for $2k for 2 separate screens in the headrest. We are still debating which would be better. I feel really confident that I am getting a GREAT deal on the car! This forum has been extremely helpful!
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    But wait, for about $2200 more, you would be getting both the factory DVD and the Levinson? I think I would take that deal instead.

    I like the idea of factory installed items, although, the factory installed DVD will be only one screen in the middle, while the dealer installed option would be two screens, one in each headrest, which I think may be more practical.

    I got the $45,708 (now $45,753 due to the increase in the destination charge) for $41k even, so your deal on that one is right there too. But the best I could get the one with the DVD was $1800 more. So I am thinking if you can get that plus the Levinson for $2200 more, that is the best value.

    I do think the stock stereo is a little weak, but it fulfills my needs. Have you been able to check both out? I have not heard the Levinson at all. That may be a waste for you if you are indifferent, so you may be better off with just the $45,753 car and add the dealer installed DVD system.
  • xtonyfxxtonyfx Member Posts: 14
    Just wanted to let everyone know that Prestige in ramsey nj, are offering very good deals. On an 06 AWD w/premium plus pkg was approx 38,400.
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    Anyone buy or get a quote on the Platinum 7yr/75K or 7yr/100K extended warranty? If available for under $1000.00, I may consider it.
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    I paid $950.00 for a 7yr./100K warranty for my 04 Toyota 4Runner that MSRP'd for $44,300. It is roughly the same price (MSRP) of the RX my wife is getting. Why should Lexus charge almost double that of Toyota for basically the same vehicle? My 4Runner was made at the same factory in Japan that makes many Lexus models including the GX. Maybe Lexus charges alot more for service than Toyota?

    all dumb questions, just looking for someone that may have been offered a good price for the extended warranty, something that is probably never needed on this vehicle.

  • fresnocafresnoca Member Posts: 1
    I just got offered a 2006 AWD with everything except DVD entertainment for $41,000 (msrp $45,753). This sounds like the best deal most have gotten on this board. I am just going to Circuit City and have a DVD with a larger screen installed for $700, so that why I didn't get the fully loaded one for $43,300 (msrp $48,500?).

    Also, Does $1,000 (msrp $1,800) more for chrome wheel seem reasonable?
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    I got my $45,708 stickered vehicle for $41,000. So I think that is a good deal.

    Remember though that aftermarket products installed by anyone not the dealer (like a Circuit City DVD) is not covered under your warranty, so if you ever have an electrical problem, they are undoubtedly going to blame the aftermarket product you got installed. So I would price it at the dealership as well and consider paying a little extra to have it covered under your warranty.

    The chrome wheels don't add that much to me visually, so I would not pay more than $500 for them personally.

    I would go hard on the $48,500 car and try to get it for $42,000, especially if they have it in stock.
  • jeroldjerold Member Posts: 2
    I am considering buying my car when the lease is up. I have a 2004 Lexus RX 330 in good condition with 38,500 miles on it. Two brand new tires..two tires one year old.

    Car is 2 wheel drive with leather interior, moon roof, luggage rack, 6 cd changer, wheel locks, 18" wheels.

    What is the real value of this automobile? The leasing company wants to charge me $25,600 in April on next year and $27,071 today.

    I believe the car is not worth this much and that I should therefore turn it in. Leasing company is Chase Auto Finance and they are not willing to negotiate.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 190,788
    You might try posting a full description of your vehicle here: Real-World Trade-In Values

    There is a template to follow at the bottom of the page, so be sure to include all relevant information..

    Also, no leasing company will negotiate 4 months ahead of time on your lease buyout.. Why not? They don't have to.. if you want out now, you have to pay their price... or keep the car and make the payments..

    When it gets to be about a month before your lease is up... and they can see current auction values...and feel they may be taking a financial loss on the car... they may be in more of a negotiating mood..

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  • nannernanner Member Posts: 4
    I'm considering purchasing the 2006 RX330 AWD, Premiun Plus Package. In addition, 18inch Alloy wheel, 6 CD changer, heated front seat and rain sensing wipers. I don't have time to shop around much. I needed a new SUV right away and the dealer in CT quote me $40,500 not included tax, etc. The MSRP I believe was for 43,900. Do you think this is a good deal? Feedback please?
  • nannernanner Member Posts: 4
    I got a quote for the same package for $41,500. Never heard of LDA. No charge on that on my contract. I'm in the CT area.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    Posts on this forum seem to indicate around $4500-$4800 off the sticker, so you should be getting another $1000 off.
  • nannernanner Member Posts: 4
    you're right... thank you!
  • shelleychinashelleychina Member Posts: 1
    I don't think you are getting a good deal. I bought the same exact car yesterday (really) from the dealer in Annapolis, MD for $38,250 before tax, tag, and processing. It was OTD at $39,564. They were great to work with and will pick-up and deliver for auto servicing anywhere within a 3 hour distance. I can't recommend them enough. Good Luck with your purchase.
  • eloselos Member Posts: 5
    Does any one know what are the most popular colors sold for RX 330?

  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    Next week I will visit my Lexus dealer to ask if we qualify for any discounts with the December To Remember Sale. My wife's RX was factory ordered Nov. 8th, built Nov. 28th and is scheduled for delivery between the 15th and 21st of this month. I realize no other discounts may be available per my signing of a purchase order but it can not hurt to ask. Is the December To Remember sale only for Leases?

    The dealer did not have a MSRP when ordered because of possible shipping increases. We calculated it to be around $47033.00. He said our cost, if no increases will be $42,147.00 plus $129.00 Doc Fee, $55.00 tag transfer and 6% NJ sales tax. It appears some folks are getting better prices off MSRP but we are very satisfied, we were able to order the package we wanted.

    Navigation System / Mark Levinson Package

    Heated Seats, Rain Sensitive Wipers, Headlight Washers
    18" Wheels
    Towing Package
    Tow Hitch Receiver
    Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177

    I think you will find that silver is probably the most popular followed by white. That is the information I received from a Wilmington Delaware Lexus dealer. Your Lexus dealer should be able to give you a better idea of this. Color popularity possibly varies by region. My sister has Savannah Metallic, a friend of mine has the Bamboo Pearl, they are both good colors.

    If this is for you, just choose what you like, Lexus does not have a bad color. IMO the dark colors Black Onyx, Black Forest Pearl, Flint Mica and Neptune Blue require much more attention and probably need to be washed more often while White and Silver can go for days without cleaning.
  • z5470z5470 Member Posts: 28
    quoted 41900 on a car with a MSRP 45753.. Lease payment 655 per month for 36 mos 15K per year. Good Deal or could it be better? I saw someone got the same car for 41K
  • z5470z5470 Member Posts: 28
    What state are you in? Got a quote for the same car for 41900. I am going to try to negotiate 41000
  • hawk1eyehawk1eye Member Posts: 61
    Is it possible to factory order a satellite radio in the Lexus RX 330 at this time? Thanks in advance for the input. Hawkeye
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    I am in NYC, but I purchased from a Westchester dealership with a NJ location as well. Please let me know if you want more info. You should get for 41K or even a little less.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    Lexus of Manhattan told me in addition to lease specials, they are also offering financing specials for the December to Remember event. I believe it was mid to upper 4s. It does not seem there are any specials on buy prices.

    By the way, it appears shipping increase was $45.
  • ckesqckesq Member Posts: 5
    Just purchased 06 rx330 w/ Nav 2wd and premium plus package--everything but the ML audio system for $37,800. The best deal that I could get in SoCal. Kearny Mesa Lexus could only do 38,600 and that was only because someone mistakenly gave me that quote and they had to honor it. Bob Baker Lexus would not even consider a counter. BTW, it is a sweet ride, however, I prefer the navigation system and technology of Acura. But, my wife likes Lexus, so what to do?
  • kat116kat116 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking for the same car package that you got with heated seats. Does yours have heated seats? What was the OTD price? I'm wondering if 10% is correct for taxes and misc fees.
  • alexp1alexp1 Member Posts: 1
    Am wanting to buy an RX330 FWD in the Dallas/FW area. Anyone have any dealer recommendations?
  • conan_cpaconan_cpa Member Posts: 1
    I am very glad to see your message. I am in Phoenix and have been dealing with Lexus of Mission Viejo via internet e-mail quotes. The price they quoted me is $37,900 for the same package described in your e-mail. I was very concerned as it is significantly better than I have been able to get in the Phoenix area and was worried about some type of "bait and switch" scam. They have indicated there are no additional charges except for sales tax and a $45 documentation fee (no license fee since it will be registered in Arizona). I am scheduled to go over on Friday to pick the vehicle up. Can you confirm for me that there were no hidden charges? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • engelvetengelvet Member Posts: 5
    Just got two quotes on an Rx330, 2WD, Nav (not Mark Levinson package), Premium Package, Heated seats, CD changer, tow package, 18" wheels, wheel locks and cargo mat. MSRP of $44,353. One was for $39,165 (including the destination charge) and the other for $38,999. This is in southeast Florida, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area.
    I'm a first time poster and have learned a lot just reading your posts. If anyone has a better quote in the southeast, please let me know.
  • ckesqckesq Member Posts: 5
    Yes, heated seats...OTD around 40-41k, don't recall exactly.
  • ckesqckesq Member Posts: 5
    Whoa, and I thought driving up from San Diego was bad. However, it is a very good price. I can gladly confirm that there were no hidden charges and the doc fee was $45. One thing, I did notice that some of their cars seem to have a few more miles on them than other dealerships. For example, the dealers in San Diego had RX330s w/ approx. 10-12 miles on them, whereas the Mission Viejo dealership had anywhere between 30-70. To the extent that there is any "catch" that might be it. However, the cars look and smell brand new and if yours has a few too many miles I'm sure they'll lower the price even more. Happy hunting.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    aren't new cars supposed to have less than a certain number of miles on them? maybe that is from test drives? they have a nice scam going there.
  • ckesqckesq Member Posts: 5
    A "new vehicle" is defined under California Vehicle Code section 430 as "a vehicle constructed entirely from new parts that has never been the subject of a retail sale, or registered with the department, or registered with the appropriate agency or authority of any other state, District of Columbia, territory or possession of the United States, or foreign state, province, or country." As you can see NEWMOWNER, there are no mileage qualifications--and, yes, I am a lawyer. Also, like my previous post stated, only some of the vehicles had 30+ miles on them. Most of the vehicles were in low teen range. But, of course, you need not participate in this "scam," as you call it, and are free to pay more elsewhere. Regards.
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Member Posts: 19
    Just bought an RX330 FWD black on black for an awsome price.

    2006 RX-330
    Premium Plus Package with Additional Options
    MSRP $41,178
    WE PAID $35,500
    APR 5.90% for 60 months.

    Dealership is in El Monte, Longo Lexus to be exact. A month prior to that, I bought a Lexus 06 ES330 for about 88% of the MSRP price.

    Happy Holidays,
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    so pretentious lawyer,esq, a vehicle can possess dealer plates and driven around for 200000000 miles and still be sold to you as a new car under that mothbitten law. good deal. glad there are guys like you who will buy them.
  • mldj98mldj98 Member Posts: 378
    I think what he was saying is that if a car has 30 miles on it does it really make that big of a difference?
    Now if it had 300 miles on it then I would make a big deal out of it! But I know from a fact that when the dealerships get the cars they already have approx 6 miles on them right off the truck.....then if you read your pre-inspection check list it tells you right in black and white that the tech must drive and test all systems prior to delivery.....due to shipping regs there are allot of fluids and other greases that cannot be put into the car until it reaches the dealership.....(have a buddy that works at a Honda dealership and actually watched him prep a new car for placement on the lot). The pre-inspection can last anywhere from 20 min to well over an hour....depending on the cars have a much bigger pre-inspection due to all of the high tech stuff!
    But to say there is a "scam" going on is kind of a stretch!
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    i agree, there should absolutely be some mileage for the prep work and the tests you reference, but 70 miles? that number should raise an eyebrow.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    Your points are validated, given the Federal Trade Commission's (and many states', VA for example) definition of a used car, which is any vehicle that has been "driven more than the limited use necessary in moving or road testing a new vehicle prior to delivery to a consumer". Given that definition, 30 miles, although high, can be appropriate (absent any special delivery considerations, ie. the consumer asking the vehicle be driven from another dealership, but even then, they typically flatbed the vehicle). So a dealer using such a car for test drives and then selling it as new to our friend in CA would technically make that a used vehicle, which would require certain disclosures, and probably a bigger discount if you knew it was used for test drives. That dealer would then never have to take a hit on demos by using the "new" vehicles as his test drive vehicles. So a scam it may certainly be.
  • mldj98mldj98 Member Posts: 378
    I think the bottom line in this discussion is simple....If you feel that a car is "used" because it has a few miles on it then don't buy it.....or if it has let's say 50 miles on it.....are you going to ask to take some more money off the deal? To me it's simple.....a deal is a deal...if your getting a great price, dealer is treating you with respect, no bs, then what is the problem? Most luxury dealerships have demo cars they use for test drives anyway....but for me, if the car has 30 miles on it, and the deal is right I am going to take it! I do not see it as a unless there is something wrong with the appearance of the SUV.....then it's okay with me....we are talking about a Lexus here....high quality, great warranty, and outstanding customer service (in all of my dealings anyway).....I just can't see myself getting all worked up over such small details.....15, 30, miles on the problem.....just my .02
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    What you as the buyer do not know is how your new car with 20, 40, 70 or more miles was driven those first few miles. Before you chose it did the dealer offer a few customers test drives or better yet let them use it for a loaner? You have no idea of how someone may have treated or mistreated your new RX, maybe the reason some folks have problems. Of course there are people that will purchase a new car with many miles with no questions asked, after all it has not been titled so it is new. Then take 2K off MSRP, what a deal.

    "scam".... yes I agree with newmowner!!

    It is great to have a diversified forum.
  • xtonyfxxtonyfx Member Posts: 14
    Just leased an 06 RX with 30 miles on it, I questioned the salesman and he told me that when they first get the cars they test drive them to make sure everything is okay, then their storage lot is about 12 miles away and they then test drive them just before selling it, so if you do the math (12 to, 12 from = 24) 30 miles would be right.
    So that may need to be considered.
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    That was a good explanation, I would not have a problem with this mileage either if the storage lot was 12 miles from the dealership.

    It does not hurt to ask what you consider excess mileage, you want the best possible vehicle for your money. I doubt that many people ever have a problem with their RX that is delivered with 70+ miles on the odometer but given a choice, I would prefer less than 10.

    Good luck with your RX.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    incredible deal!
  • yyyyyy Member Posts: 22
    There is reason you don't want to buy car with mileage other than the mileage needed to move car between transport media and shipping dock. I saw salesman floor the gas on a RX which has less than 20 miles just to demo to us. And that is on a cold morning and the car is not completed warm up yet. I'd prefer to get car with single digit mileage on it. My wife's RX has 6 miles when we pick up, so is my LC. I am not saying that the extra few miles would make the new car problematic in the future. I don't know. But since you can get the new car without any extra mileages on it, why bother to get one with? Cheers,
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    Thank you for your post yyy.

    This is just another reason why I and others like newmowner have responded about what we consider excess miles.

    People that are hired to drive cars from one dealership to another (dealer trades) will get into that new RX with 6 miles on it and drive 75 - 80 mph on the interstate. On the off ramp they may hit the brakes hard, why should they be concerned, its not their car. I would prefer to break the new RX in myself.

    Just more to think about and consider before paying out $40K or more for your new RX!
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