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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have liked one of the cars from a local dealer's loaner car fleet. It is AWD with 19K miles, premium plus package. The dealer is asking 32.2K for the car. Is it a good price?
  • Hi all, I'm helping my mm buy a 2006 RX330 - 2WD - loaded except for rear DVD player. She was quoted 42,000 OTD. I think sticker was somewhere near 44,300 - 44,500. We are in Los Angeles. Is this a decent deal? or can she get better?
  • Has anyone availed 4.9% interest rate from LFS on buying a pre-owned Lexus
  • DONT DO IT.....

    We just bought a 2006 RX 330 with Navi, Prem Plus, heated seats, upgraded wheels...MSRP 44,178....paid 38,500

    southern california basically any dealer will do this deal...for up to 39000
  • We just bought a 2006 RX 330 with Navi, Prem Plus, heated seats, upgraded wheels...MSRP 44,178....paid 38,500

    lease was just under 550 incl tax for 36 months....very happy :)

    southern california (deal offered by keyes and falk)
  • Hey
    I'm looking for a 2006 RX 300 AWD with Premium plus package with additional options premium plus package. My problem is that the two dealerships in Pittsburgh are owned by the same guy. The price I was qouted was $45,000 plus tax. What do you guys think the price should be and any suggestions about what else I can do?

  • z5470z5470 Posts: 28
    what was the msrp? I was told 45753 selling for 41900 I am trying to get it for 41000.
  • the msrp was 45753. are you looking in pittsburgh?
  • How many miles per year is the $550/month lease(including tax)? If you need to buy extra miles up front what is the charge vs exceeding the miles on the back end?
  • z5470z5470 Posts: 28
    in southern nj actually we are looking at the exact same car. i did get a quote for 41900 with 655 per month 15k per year i am going to try fo 41k. are u buying or leasing and if leasing what is the payment?
  • 12k per year....$.25/mile over, but I am sure we could have done the lease at 15k per year for not that much more. Depends on the bank....
  • Did you purchase this vehicle from Lexus of Serramonte? Just checking to see what options you ended up with and if that quote worked out.

  • I'm looking to buy a fully loaded AWD RX330 for my wife for Christmas this year with the following options:

    Lexus DVD Rear-Seat Entertainment System (RSES) includes 2 Wireless Headphones, 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Mud and Snow Tires, Heated Front Seats with Rain-Sensing Wipers and Headlamp Washers, Transmission Cooler, Heavy Duty Alternator and Radiator, Navigation System w/Bluetooth/Voice-Activation/Compass & Rear Back-Up Camera, Mark Levinson Audio System, Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering with Memory, High-Intensity Discharge Headlamp (HID) with Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS), Leather Trim Interior, Roof Rails with Rack, One-Touch Open/Close Moonroof, Illuminated Entry System, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks, Tow Hitch with Ball Mount (MSRP-$48,943.00)

    So far I've received three quotes, with the best one at $43400. I see one person got a quote for nearly the same car (MSRP $48,573) at 42,279 from Lexus of Serramonte. I've sent them a quote request. Anybody have any input? Thanks to those who host this invaluable resource!

  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    What is the invoice price? You should be able to get $500 less then invoice at S CA.
  • Invoice is $42,207 but I can't get a quote anywhere near $500 below. One person reports a quote of $42,279 but my quote from the same dealer today was $42,988.

    If you can name a dealer that would do better in So Cal I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Thank goodness for this forum....based on some prices I've seen quoted here I've continued negotiations...I was all ready to settle on something far too much.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Have you tried Lexus of Riverside, Internet Sales Manager? I'm interested in knowing what kind of quote you would get there, if you haven't already checked with them. Good luck!
  • Is that price of 38,500 including tax, license and registration?

    are you in the LA area?

    Wow, that's a huge differnce in price. Thanks.
  • I'll give it a shot and let you know. I really don't want to have to drive to So Cal....but if saves me enough!

  • ckesqckesq Posts: 5
    Awesome deal. The upgraded rims are well worth the extra cash. Well-done. I wanted to do the same but they didn't have the rims with my color (onyx black).
  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    I got one for my wife at Cerrito. But you should be able to get the same from dealer near Claremont, which quoted the same price. We bought at end of May this year. It is possible the supply and demand changing a bit since. Don't remember exactly the price paid, but I recall it is the invoice - $500 + $35(?) doc fee + tax & license. The RX has rear seat ent, it equips the same trim level as you are looking for. The RX has 6 miles only so it is not a demo. Good luck,
  • z5470, Ray Catena offers that vehicle for 41K. I think there is location in central NJ. You should get in touch with their internet department, get a firm quote, and then shop it where you are. I know this has worked with other southern NJ and PA users on this forum. Good luck!
  • I've enjoyed reading this forum for the past several weeks and am now ready to buy my RX330.......

    Any truth to dealer's claims that December is a better month to buy a Lexus because of promotional campaigns for the Holidays???

    After brief negotiations, I received a Southwest Florida quote of $40,200 for front wheel drive, premium plus, navigation (without upgraded audio system), larger tires, tow prep, miscellaneous "preferred accessories", prep charges. I don't need some of the minor options, but was told that they're automatic at that particular dealership.

    Any advice from any Floridians out there??? Any advice from anybody regarding a south florida dealership and price???

    Thanks for the help........
  • Hi,
    I am confused between New Murano SL AWD and Lexus 2004 ,18,000 miles. from dealer fleet.Both I am getting in the same price range of 32K. What do you all think is a good pick?

  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    The price difference between N. CA and S. CA is about $1500 for the top trim 4WD RX. You need to figure out if 350 miles drive effort and your time worth that much. That is the difference between a $500 below invoice price and ~1000 above invoce price. If you looks for FWD, I guess the price difference is smaller. Heck, Get a LC, which is definitly better :) Cheers,
  • Hi to all members

    I am in So Ca LA area.
    Would really appreciate clarification on the following:
    I am shopping for 2006 Lexus RX 330 2WD w/ premium Plus package

    Edmund & Kelly blue book quote the same invoice price
    $32,880 base
    $2,368 premium Plus pkg
    $35,250 total

    I got quotes from 2 dealers so far. Both claim that invoice is
    $36,570. that’s $1300 difference. Who is wrong here? :confuse:
    So the best quite I got so far is $36, 570- meaning they are selling me this for invoice.

    Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

    Thanks a lot
  • I got a price quote from Dallas dealer "37,000" + ttl. Is this price good to buy? What kind of good deal do you guys get from Dallas area dealers? Thanks for your help!
  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    You can ask dealer to show you the invoice. Of cause, I've no idea if the one shown by dealer is the real one. The only way to find out is to ask different dealers to show the invoice of the same trim level RX with same MSRP (or any car you look for). In this case, the only way they can all cheat you is to fake the number from the same source. I guess there is no way we can beat this scheme, at least I haven't figure out if possible. Cheers,
  • tino8tino8 Posts: 1
    That seems like a good price depending on options. I recently paid $37,700 in the Houston area for an RX Premium Plus package, plus extras. I did hear Dallas was more competitive, but I did not want to deal with the logistics.
  • A big thanks to this forum for pricing information and negotiating tips. I've been reading the posts for 6 months.
    Bought my new RX 330 AWD with navigation yesterday at Kendall Lexus in Eugene. Worked out the deal in two days.
    Was very happy with the experience.
    I could have saved another $200 by going to Lexus of Portland, but didn't want the drive. Also, the Eugene RX was made in Japan, which was a plus for me. My RX had 11 miles on it.

    MSRP $45,753
    Paid $41,241 (plus $50 doc. fee and $168 for 4 year
    registration. No sales tax in Oregon!)
    6 CD
    18" tires
    Heated seats/rain sensing wipers
    Premium Plus
    Trans. cooler/Heavy duty alternator and radiator
    Cargo mat
    Wheel locks
  • z5470z5470 Posts: 28
    I would like to thank everyone on this post. I made the deal for a AWD with a MSRP of 45753 for 41K. The best deal I could get was for 41900. After seeing this post I told them 41K. They accepted the offer but said they are not making any money on the deal. The invoice on Edmunds was 39995, so I figure they are making a grand. the salesman said the invoice is around 41K. Anyway, this is my second RX330 and they made plenty from me from the first deal. When he told me he was not making any money I explained to him that I was in the healthcare field and with insurance plans etc. there are plenty days where we don't get what we ask for. He laughed.
    Thanks again. I will definitely use this site in the future.
  • Trust me, they wouldn't do a deal they don't make any money on. Even if you get a car for below invoice, there are dealer incentives kicked back by Lexus, so they are making money. Maybe not as much as they'd like to make, but enough to agree to the deal.

  • I've been negotiating for days now, and I think I can safely advise on what the best deals in Northern California are for the 2006 AWD in two different packages.

    2006 RX330 AWD MSRP $48,573
    Best deal: $42,297

    2006 RX330 AWD MSRP $45,753
    Best deal: $40,150

    If you can get less in the Bay Area, then congratulations. I was basically told "Good luck!" by more than one dealership when I asked if they could match these quotes. They only reason I was calling them was to find the color I wanted in stock (Breakwater Blue).

    I ended up choosing the RX330 with the Levinson package (MSRP $48,573), but I had two dealers with one of the options at each location in stock at those prices. The kicker that seemed to push the deal into place was I told each dealer I'd take whichever package met the price I wanted...and they both met it, so I had my choice of cars. Both dealers just minutes earlier were telling me there was no way they could match these offers.

    One issue that of the salesmen told me he'd swing the deal because the dealership hadn't met their numbers for the day.....I was calling late in the you might try dealing later in the evening rather than in the morning. I hadn't realized the dealership had daily goals.....I figured they were weekly or monthly.

    I'll confirm once my deal gets finalized tomorrow, but I wanted to be sure anybody in the Bay Area was negotiating with the best recent information.

  • Lexus of Riverside never replied to a price inquiry. I did get some other replies from Southern California dealers, but none of them were different enough from what I found in Northern Cal to get me to do the drive.

  • I've gotten two quotes from Broward County dealers under $39,000 for the same RX 330. The lower was $38,511 from Countyline Lexus Internet Department. JM Lexus quoted $38,999.
  • Apologies for the confusion.... I got the $40,200 quote on the PREMIUM PLUS with:

    6 CD Changer
    18" alloy wheels
    Heated front seats with rain sensing
    Voice Navigation
    Tow Package
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Locks

    I think the PREMIUM PLUS is about $1,000 more. I also am getting $600 worth of decorative wood on the interior. So, we seem to be "in line"
  • Please advise whether this sounds like a good deal. I got the following quote in MA today

    2006 RX 330 AWD,Nav,Premium Plus

    MSRP $45,753
    Quote $41,500 (+Sales tax+Registration)
    6 CD
    18" tires
    Heated seats/rain sensing wipers
    Premium Plus
    Trans. cooler/Heavy duty alternator and radiator
    Cargo mat
    Wheel locks

    After going through the forum discussions, this number seems to be in the ballpark range! :confuse:
  • I'm not sure how different MA would be from CA, but I think you should be able to knock another $1000 off of that fairly easily. Keep shopping....see what sorts of other offers you can raise!

    Remember that Lexus dealers get holdback of 2% of the Base MSRP. This is perhaps sacred money to them, but it's a good reason why so many are able to get prices at or near invoice.

  • I got the car today...MSRP of $48,573 with a price of $42,297 plus tax and lic. I dealt with Lexus of Pleasanton and they didn't even try to jack me up on extended warranties or extras. The finance guy did mention them, but we are talking zero pressure. I'm very best car buying experience ever!

    I must comment....Lexus of Serramonte and Coliseum Lexus (Oakland) were both instrumental in my receiving this deal. Lexus of Serramonte was the dealership that gave me the lowest bids and seemed to be the easiest to work with....they simply didn't have the car that I wanted in stock. Coliseum Lexus matched the price I wanted readily....and if Lexus of Pleasanton hadn't given me the price I wanted then I would have gotten a little bit less of a car from Coliseum Lexus.

    I feel comfortable recommending any of these three dealerships to anybody looking to buy in Northern California. As a matter of fact, after all my research, I'd simply concentrate on those three and you'll not waste any further legwork finding the best price.

    After driving this car to it's hiding spot for the next wife is going to freak on Christmas morning!

  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    I remember the MSRP $45083 having the invoice price of $39420. The ballpark number in the forum is NOT paying >1000 over invoice. It is more like +/- $500 from invoice depending on the region. Cheers,
  • i'm buying. i think 41K would be an incredible deal. it seems that things are cheaper out west.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
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  • Why don't you guys try to push for -$1000 under invoice. It's the 3rd year of the model, I have seen ppl getting it for 1k under now.
  • Hi Chris,

    I just popped back onto the forum. I have not bought my car yet as I have to turn in my Benz. The lease is up next month. I agree that Lexus of Serramontes has been great. They gave me the lowest price right off the bat while I had a few other dealers try to haggle. I promptly deleted their messages. I am getting the same quotes you did. I will let you know once I get my car.

    Your wife is one lucky lady! Merry Christmas!
  • kirinkirin Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum. Does anyone have experience with RX 330 pricing in the Seattle-Tacoma area? Specifically Lexus of Tacoma at Fife.
    I was quoted $46,232 for a 2006 RX 330 with the following:
    protective trim
    18" wheels
    Premium Plus Package
    6 disc CD
    cargo mat
    heated seats & rain sensing wipers
    They're offering $12,500 on my trade...2001 VolvoXC70.In reading other member's prices I am thinking I should be able to get the car for about $40,000 + Tax & License.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Kirin,

    It appears you are working on a vehicle with an MSRP of $45,753 based on the options indicated. You should be able to get that vehicle for $40,000 or slightly more...definitely not more than $41,000. Keep shopping. The best bet is to send quote requests to every dealer in your immediate area. This can be done via the Lexus website. Good luck!

  • I'm in South Florida and don't know whether prices can be compared to kirin in Washington, but this past weekend, I bought that same car as a 2 WD (I'm not familiar with "protective trim", so probably don't have that...) with the addition of a Tow Package for $39,510 -- includes everything except tax. I had spoken to 3-4 dealerships before purchasing. I'm happy with the dealer, with the bamboo pearl color, and with my purchase price. Thanks to the forum members for all the postings and information. Very helpful!
  • Kirin,

    I bought the 2006 RX 3000 last week at Lexus of Seattle with everything you stated(not the protective trim)plus Rear Seat Entertainment for $43,000.
    It seems the NW dealers are not giving the prices as I see being given in Northern California.
    I was told by the dealers that the Mark Levinson package is not available here in the Northwest.

    What is the protective trim? Is this the 3Mm bra that they put in the front?
  • Interesting take on the Levinson package not being available in the Northwest. My dealer, and several others, told me that the Rear Seat Entertainment system was linked to the Levinson couldn't get one without the other. Strange that you got the RSES without the Levinson if that's true.

  • kirinkirin Posts: 2
    Fellow Washingtonian,
    The protective trim is nothing more than a few strips of plastic adhesive around the wheelwells and door jambs coupled with a pin stripe down the side of the vehicle which Lexus charges $479 for.It just happens to be on the car I was looking at.
    I will request price quotes from Lexus.I thank everyone for their helpful advice.
  • Chris,

    The RSES system is Lexus factory installed. We have three Lexus dealers in Seattle/Tacoma area and all of them told me that Mark Levinson package is not coming over here and the system is Pioneer one.
    My 2006 RX 330 is AWD.
    It is a great SUV.
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