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    Sounds like the sticker on that vehicle is 41,540, is that right? If so, Edmunds has the invoice at 36,571. So I think 37,350 sounds like a good deal.
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    So I went into the dealership this weekend to price the vehicle. It seems Edmunds's invoice pricing and the dealer's invoice pricing is slightly off. I did not see the actual dealer invoice pricing, partly because I already had specific dollar offers from other dealers, and when my sales person came back with less than a couple hundred dollars above my best offer, I was content with that, since this sales person and dealership did all the work. So I am not sure whether higher dealer invoice price is because of the advertising fee, and I don't know for sure how much the advertising fee actually is, but like I said, after it was all said and done, I was not going to bicker about the extra couple hundred. But I still feel as though I did not "pay" the advertising fee. Silly, I know. Hahhahaa!
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    So what did you pay? What was the msrp and actual price you paid? If you bought in Texas what was your total drive out price including tt&l.
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    I am paying $43K for the $47,548 vehicle (2006 RX330 AWD, Nav and RSES packages included). I think it is similar to the deal (although not quite as good) the member above who paid $43,300 for this equipment, but plus the Mark Levinson option. I think the main difference is that my vehicle is not on the dealer's lot, and instead will have to be located and brought into inventory, while that member's vehicle was on the dealer's lot (but I commend his/her nice negotiating as well). So that accounts for the extra couple hundred in my rough estimation. I am on the Northeast, so I apologize I cannot give you more assistance.
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    69shelby1, it seems you did well. $4K off the sticker is good. Although it seems some people are getting the same deal for the 2006 model a month later. But who cares, in the end, you got what you wanted at a good price, so don't feel bad and enjoy your new vehicle!
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    Last week I began shopping for an RX for my wife. She will take her time and decide what options are best for her. If she does not go for the NAV/Levinson package then she will accept the Premium Plus with a usual package found in our area that MSRP’s for $43256.00. From Edmunds pricing this vehicle cost the dealer $38041.00. Without me saying I will buy this car today for $______, the best this dealer is offering is $1500.00 over invoice. Then they add $590.00 for advertising, $299.00 for processing papers, a $90.00 messenger fee, and another $20.00 for miscellaneous paperwork???????? That is an additional $999.00 for what? The Lexus advertising cost may not be avoided, been there with 3 new Toyota’s the past 2 years. If this extra ($409.00) over the advertising costs is usual for a Lexus dealer, I now will be looking for a RX at invoice, and no more than $500.00 over.
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    I hope this helps. I am in Texas and purchased my wife a 2006 Rx330 with premium package last Friday, MSRP $41,143. I settled on a price of $39500 over the internet. When I bought the car they itemized the invoice at $36950 for the car, $2310 for tax(6.25), and $240 for other items such as doc fees, title, and license. The Edmunds invoice is $36100, so I figure Edmunds plus $440 for advertising(Texas), and about $400 above invoice is what I paid. I maybe wrong but I think I got a good deal on the 2006 model plus it is a Japan made car.
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    Thank you mo6, this is really helpful.

    About $400.00 over invoice and another $440.00 for advertising and whatever else they lumped together sounds like an excellent price. My wife will not be ready to buy for about 3 weeks so I am doing the homework now. If I can lock in a deal like you had I most likely will give them a deposit and ask when the color/package she wants will be arriving per her time frame. Did you shop more then one dealer for this price?

    It always helps if the dealer has in stock the exact vehicle you want and you say “I will buy today for $XXXX.00 dollars.” At that point the dealership starts jumping, they do not want you to walk and will do most anything within reason to make a deal.

    With minor if any changes from 05 to 06, looks like they are dealing close to invoice on this model. So far I have only shopped Lexus of Cherry Hill (New Jersey) and Lexus of Wilmington (Delaware). Looks like they are only getting RX's from Canada, I really do prefer Japan. When I make the deal, I will advise all numbers on this forum.
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    Is it better to have a Japan made car for the 2006 model? I understand the plant in Canada is identical. Does it matter anymore? Also, do you specifically request a Japan VIN when you do your shopping?

    Highlander7, I think those fees are a bit egregious. I am getting an offer of about $1500 over Edmunds invoice, and the miscellaneous fees, including registration and title, are coming to about $130.
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    I did shop around on the internet at the local dealers around my house. I did not have much luck other than quotes of $2500 off MSRP. I gave one dealer a qoute to buy that week, he said he could do it so I then shopped around with the two dealers in my area and told them I would be buying the car the next day. The next morning I was given a better deal at the dealer closest to were I live and I purchased the car.
    As for the Japan made car, the only information I have gathered is from reading these post on this website and it seems that some people think the cars made in Japan are better. I don't know if it is true but the salesman I purchased my car from sure thinks the Japan car is a much better car, plus it comes with Michelin tires instead of Goodyears.
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    mo6, good work. so did they happen to have the Japan model on the lot for you?
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    Yes, they told me it was one of the first 2006's from Japan they received.
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    I'm ready to buy an AWD 2006 RX330 with premium package, but I'm having trouble finding what I want. In my area (Oregon / 2 Lexus dealers) the dealers only stock RXs with premium plus, plus many additional options I don't want. Does Lexus actually make RXs with "just" the premium package? If not, why bother listing it as an option? I called the Lexus 1-800 information line and was told it was up to the dealer whether they would special order or not. If I find a dealer who will order the car I want, is it still possible to negotiate a good deal? Edmunds says the invoice on the car I want is $35,791. How much over invoice is a reasonable offer on a car that must be ordered? I appreciate all help.
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    I think you should be able to get a pretty good deal if you order a vehicle because it is a guaranteed sale for them with little cost related to stocking the vehicle, etc.

    I would go into one of the dealers and offer a little over invoice for doing it, say around $500 or so, and see how that goes. It does take a few months tho, right?
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    Dealing with Lexus of Lehigh Valley. Can u tell me what u paid for your car
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    Now got an offer from a NY dealer for $1200 over Edmunds invoice on the $45,708 stickered AWD 2006 RX330 (includes the navigation package).

    Anyone doing better on the Northeast? Also, did they move the ballasts on the HIDs for 2006, I know they are coming with factory installed brackets and data dots.
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    I bought my 2004 RX330 at Lexus of the Lehigh Valley about 2 years ago shortly after the new model was introduced. I payed $1.5K under list (~$42K). They did give me above NADA average trade for my 2000 Infinity I35t). I just bought my wife a 2005 Toyota Highlander Limited from Thompson Toyota at invoice minus the rebate. Thompson has a very repsonsive internet sales department and also sells Lexus'. I closed on a price in two emails. They have a large Lexus inventory and will deal. If I were you I would check them out. They are about 25 miles south of Allentown, PA.
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    What is your out the door price without tax or doc fees?

    You quote of: Invoice + Advertising + $1200.00 over = $____.__.

    My wife is considering the same option package, MSRP at $45708.00. The best price we have is $42290.00. Dealer says invoice is $40129.00, advertising cost is $661.00 plus they add an additional $1500.00 for profit. Their documention fee is $129.00 which is not too bad. I am working with four local dealers, (NJ, DE, PA) with two of them being competitive. We have a month before purchase, if we get a price under $42,000.00, they will get a deposit.

    Documentation fees on our quotes have ranged from $129.00 to $399.00.
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    highlander7, here are the details directly off my contract, i put a deposit on a car coming into their inventory first week of Nov.

    $41,200 -- vehicle as equipped ($45,708 sticker)
    $3,450 -- state sales tax
    $167 -- fees ($10 state inspection; $45 dealer application fee; $12 state tire fee; and $100 egistration fee)
    $44,817 out the door

    They did not break out the advertising fee, it must be included in the $41,200. Not sure where in NJ you are looking, but if you want the same price, I know this dealer has a location in NJ. Give me your email.
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    Kristie...Can you tell me what has happened to the Lease Questions forum and Car Man? The forum has been read-only for about a month. Thanks!
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    newmowner, appreciate this info. I thought 6% sales tax in New Jersey was high, you are paying about 8.4%. $41,200 is a great price. This price plus sales tax and fees will have me out the door for $43851.

    I live in southern New Jersey between Cherry Hill, NJ and Wilmington, Delaware and have the choice of four dealerships between 20 and 50 miles from my home.

    I included my email on my profile, not sure how long it takes for Edmunds to update this, probably a few hours.

    Thank you again, hope to hear from you.
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    Does anybody have experiences with lexus dealers in Seattle area regarding pricing. How much more than Invoice price are the dealers ready to go. I am interseted in RX 2006 AWD with all extras like navigation system, entertainment system etc.
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    Hi. I don't know if any of ya'll will be willing to fly out of state to get your car, but i've been quoted $35,999.00 for a 2006 rx 330 premium package at the dealerships in Miami, FL. Just go to and look up the dealership name. Just thought I'd pass that along.
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    I built a car on, they only have 2 options: both are with Premium Plus, one with nav system and the other without.
    The configuration that is being often discussed on this site has MSRP of $45,708.
    I'm interested in the one without the nav.(MSRP $43,358)
    Edmunds is very confusing and doesn't have an easy way to come up with invoice for this configuration. Any idea what the invoice should be for this model?

    I'm also curious what people think is the best possible price I can get this car for. I'm based in central NJ.

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    Thanks! I did find the new forums!
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    2006 RX330 AWD Savannah Metallic from Lexus of Norwood (Mass)

    Premium Plus Package
    Heated Front Seats and Rain-Sensing Wipers
    6 Disc In-Dash CD Changer
    18" Alloy Wheels
    Towing Prep Package (I think)

    Edmunds MSRP $43,200
    Edmunds Invoice $37,874
    Our price $38,400 (not inlcuding 5% tax, $198 document prep fees, simonize (for all that lovely salt and sand))

    We had a pretty good experience at Norwood after a less than satisfying experience at Watertown. The day after we signed the contract at Norwood, the other dealer followed up on our first visit. We told them we had a better experience at Norwood and had made a purchase. Watertown then said they could give us the same car for $37,500. We thought that was a little underhanded (especially since they said the best they could do on a similar 2005 was $38,800) and refused to go back on our previous deal (we're guessing they would have padded their costs elsewhere). We should take delivery shortly.
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    ny941932, I feel your pain, it can be confusing. But here is the Edmunds configuration to get the $43,358 stickered vehicle (I was interested in this one initially, but then decided to get the Nav).

    National Base Price MSRP $37,770/invoice $33,425
    Optional Equipment $4,938/$3,894
    PT Premium Plus Package $2,960/$2,368
    HH Heated Front Seats and Rain-Sensing Wipers $665/$532
    DC 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer $500/$375
    FT 18" Alloy Wheels $495/$396
    TO Towing Prep Package $160/$128
    Z1 Preferred Accessory Package $158/$95
    Destination Charge $650/$650
    Total with Options $43,358/$37,969

    From this site, it seems people are dealing anywhere between $4000-$4800 off the MSRP, and I have negotiated $4300-$4500 off personally, one at a NJ dealership's NY branch.
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    Nice deal! And that was great to stand tall, it's not always about the bottom line price. :shades:
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    Well, here you go! I told you guys I'll be buying a car today, and so I did!

    MSRP $43,358, Premium Plus and other add. features, no nav.
    Here is the breakdown:

    $199 doc fee
    $7.5 NJ Tire Tax
    $25 transfer of old plates
    $2,337.36 Sales Tax 6%
    $41,524.86 Out the door! Coming home this Thursday!

    Dealer's invoice was actually around 38,400, not 37,969.

    Sounds like a sweet deal to me. It was the most painless and therefore the most pleasant expereince I've ever had with buying a new car. In and out within an hour, including a test drive. Initial negotiations started at around 2500 off the sticker px, fyi.
    Ray Catena in Oakhurst, NJ (near Eatontown.)

    I would like to thank people on this board for being so responsive!
    Thank you.
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    congrats on your purchase! i think you got a good deal too, $4400 off the sticker is right in line with the better deals!
  • ny941932ny941932 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks very much!
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    I picked up my Mel. Silver / blk int 2006 RX330 on 10/30/05
    This was a $44,148 MSRP ($39,037.00 invoice) configuration
    (NO ML sound & NO DVD)

    $500.00 (DC) 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer
    $495.00 (FT) 18" Alloy Wheels
    $665.00 (HH) Heated Front Seats and Rain-Sensing Wipers
    $2,350.00 ( ) Nav w/ blu tooth
    $2,960.00 (PT) Premium Plus Package
    $158.00 (Z1) Preferred Accessory Package = cargo mt + whl lks

    $7,128.00 options total
    + $36,370.00 base price
    = $43,498.00 + $650.00 fee = $44,148.00 MSRP

    I paid the following:
    $38,458.02 roll bk
    $3,541.98 CA tax & lic
    $42,000.00 out the door ($5,689.98 below MSRP / $578.98 below invoice)
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    wow, that's the best deal i have heard. nice job, but how did you do dat?
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177

    I agree with newmowner's comment and ask the same: how did you do that?

    Maybe our host can offer an explanation of how this once very popular vehicle may now be selling for almost $600.00 under invoice?

    Just a few ideas:

    > Over supply.
    > Americans do not want to buy Canadian. (prefer Japanese RX's)
    > Hidden incentive to Lexus dealers.
    > Automotive sales slowing down, dealers dumping inventory.
    > The dealer really likes you.
    > Everyone is reading Edmunds and asking the dealer - can you beat this price.

    losfelizca, please share you buying experience. How long have you been shopping, did this dealer beat another's best price, was this an easy purchase for you? Maybe other folks have been able to get deals like this, sure hope I can.

    thank you for your posting.
  • losfelizcalosfelizca Member Posts: 6
    First, I only communicated to Fleet mgrs, and then I did my test driving on smaller lots that were less likely to make the big deal. I also originally expressed interest in low mileage used vehicles. However I intentionally communicated with the dealers at the end of the month (Oct 22nd/ 23) knowing that they would be looking at quotas on 2006 units.

    Second, I targeted one dealership that I thought would most likely make an end of the month deal. (Large inventory & larger new building that will predictably need an even larger mfg allocation in the future)

    Then on Sunday Oct 24 I made an offer with the target dealer departing the dealership immediately instructing them to call me if and when the mgmt / owners approved (that number was $42.5k out the door).

    During the week I called all other area Fleet mgrs again looking for 05 models but making sure to mention that the large dealer was offering an 06 at $42.5k (two dealers said that they would better that price it and one said it would match it).

    When the original dealer called me on Saturday Oct 29 I told them about the other dealers offer to beat the 42.5k offer. They then called me back on Sunday offering the $42k out the door.
  • losfelizcalosfelizca Member Posts: 6
    My buying process is covered in my other thread but to respond to your specific questions;

    -This RX330 is a Japanese make (is that good?)
    -I always assumed that the dealer was getting a mfg rebates and now with the price that I was given I am convinced that this is true.
    -Yes the dealers and I did get along very well.
    -This was an easy purchase but it required effort, timing, and luck.

    One question to those in the know... Did I screw up in not getting the Mark Levinson sound? The FM sound quality is not up to my other car. I have not played a CD yet...
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86

    Great plan and excellent execution.

    But is there any way to confirm for the rest of us that there is or is not a mfg rebate on the 2006 RX, maybe with your sales person? I am sure s/he is more than willing to tell you now.

    By the way, there seems to be very few Japanese make RXs out there for 2006, and I think it is great if you got one. The ones I have been shopping are all Canadian make.
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    I believe that a Japanese made RX may possibly be a better vehicle, just my opinion. Having Toyota's made in Japan and the U.S. my Japan built 4Runners have been bullet proof. My dealer advised that the Northeast is no longer receiving RX's from Japan, only Canada, so I do not have that choice. As long as Toyota/Lexus sets the parts and production standards high, hopefully they will be of the same quality.

    Both dealerships that I have visited have been very easy to work with, they just want to sell me a car. You really did your homework and it has paid off, and like you said, timing and luck may have played a part. I do have plenty of time so if offered a price anywhere near yours, they will get my deposit.

    The Mark Levinson sound system is outstanding just not sure of availability in the RX. My dealer also advised that the Naviation System / Mark Levinson package is not available at this time, I have no other data (from other dealerships) to confirm this. They probably want to sell what they have in inventory rather then special order. I would prefer the Levinson if available but my wife said she is satisfied with the stock Pioneer system. The sound does improve with a CD but it is not up to the standards of even the JBL upgrades system offered in the Toyota Highlander.(again just my opinion). Why do they do this???? People are spending mid-40's for a vehicle, and like you, may want the choice of a better sound system.

    Appreciate your reply, good luck with your RX.
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    Great Price!

    I want to follow in your footsteps. I also live in CA. Can you give me the dealer and city? I want to buy a:

    -RX 330 2006 AWD Flint Mica with Black INT
    -Premium Plus Package
    -Heated seats with Rain Sensing
    -Towing Prep Package
    -Rear DVD

  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    Is your RX FWD or AWD?
  • losfelizcalosfelizca Member Posts: 6

    I will contact my sales person and ask about the 2006 RX mfg rebate and get back to you...
  • losfelizcalosfelizca Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for all of your feedback!
    My RX330 is a FWD

    Not sure about how many Japan made vehicles ended up on Los Angeles area lots but I did locate a large supply of RX330's with the Navigation System / Mark Levinson package.
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    That was really the best deal I have ever heard, fantastic job!! Coincidently I'm also living in LA area and shopping around for the exact same configuration as yours. So would you mind telling us the dealer and city you worked with? I'd really appreciate it.

  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177

    You are very welcome.

    I too would like to hear some feedback on this forum from others on the quality of the standard Pioneer sound system vs. the Levinson. I have listened to both and given a choice would prefer the Levinson. My sales consultant said that in 7 years he has not seen, other than in a RX400H from Japan, a RX330 with the Mark Levinson system at this dealership. Perhaps they are being sent from Japan or the SoCal dealers are preferencing them because of a demand.

    My wife and I visited our local Lexus dealership to make her final decision on color and interior trim. She chose Crystal White with Ivory Leather in AWD. MSRP's for $45708., includes the navigation package. We will be purchasing end of this month so I have plenty of time to e-mail and fax requests to four dealers and wait for best offers. If I am offered a price like yours, I will buy immediately.

    Anyone hear about hidden incentives to the dealers?
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    3MK & dbdream
    (My 2nd attempt to answer your question)

    The "Rules of the Road" states as follows:
    "6. Posts about dealers
    When posting about your experience with a dealership, you may post ONLY the dealership name, city, and state. You may not post a salesperson's name, phone numbers, email addresses, links to dealer web sites, etc."

    My experience with a dealership was at Glendale Lexus, Glendale CA
  • 3mk3mk Member Posts: 8

    Thank you. Your help is much appreciated.
  • snowdonsnowdon Member Posts: 38
    I haven't seen anything about a mfg rebate, is this true?
  • newmownernewmowner Member Posts: 86
    Any update on the existence of these? I am about to close my deal.
  • highlander7highlander7 Member Posts: 177
    On Friday I will be closing a deal on a RX that will arrive around December 14th. Sure would appreciate any information on a manufacturers rebate.
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