Buyer And Seller..Still Adversarial As Our Culture Changes

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I've been a sales person for about 20 yrs now; will soon be getting out of it and look forward to no longer dealing with the biggest liars on the planet; the buyer. (aka) "The Customer". Not all, but about 90% now; up 50% from just 10 years ago.

Perhaps they only lie when buying a car; not sure. I know; you feel (WE) sales people lie more. Nothing could be further from the truth. My best guess is a ratio of 10:1.

I no longer blame the car shopper as I have discovered it is the (CULTURE) we now live in where fear seems to rule 90% of the sheep. The buyer today feels everyone is trying to screw them, the cable company, the dentist, Walmart and the list goes on.

So it has nothing to do with car sales; people now believe someone OWES them something; and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Customer loyalty has dropped to near zero, manners are no more, bad credit runs rampant and everyone seems to think the dealership should pay for their car issues months down the road. It is part of the new culture of entitlement as the customer calls me on their free Obama phone demanding we fix their car for free.

I usually ask them "when did you plan on assuming ownership of YOUR purchase?"

Unless someone has sold at a large dealership for some time, (No green peas), they have no idea what really takes place behind the curtain of sales.

Ahh but we let you feel you have won...your superior intellect has beat the dealership...and I cash my fat commission check.

I am writing a book; just had to wait until I left this business to tell it all as I will be using my real name.
A publisher has already agreed to buy it.

One thing I will be doing after I leave is gathering a number of my friends, stand on the street eye balling your home and wait until you come out and inquire what we are doing?

I'll respond with, "I'm looking to buy a home like this one" which time the home owner will respond with
"..but I'm not selling"

I will answer with...




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    You sound like the kind of salesperson I'd just as soon avoid. And any more, it's getting easier to do that, what with all the online resources and dealer reviews.

    Good luck with your book.

    and btw, the "Obama" phone service has been in place since the Reagan administration (CNN)
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    Yep... while you are out front, smoking with your buddies, and calling customers names, a good salesperson will be selling them a car at the next dealership down the road.

    It's funny.. every time I need to buy a car, I don't have any trouble doing it... my success rate is 100%.

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    Most of the folks I deal with in these forums are here to collect information ... which we are only too happy to provide.

    Knowledge is power .. and the power seems to have shifted, in this internet age, to the customer. The good salespeople have adapted to the new reality. Others .... well ...

    I wish you the best of luck with your retirement and your book deal.

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    Wow. Not to pile on, but I think it's probably good for your health that you are retiring and releasing all this bitterness in your book will be cathartic. Personally, I'd be very interested in reading it as it would be a good example of historical sales attitudes and how it can hopefully be improved for the seller as well as the buyer.
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    Based on your comments, you shouldn't be leaving the business "soon", you should be leaving the business NOW!

    As far as your book, it will be one of hundreds written so good luck!
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