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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • Has anyone experienced the metallic paint finish on the dashboard peeling? At just over a year old it appears the paint finish is reacting to the oils in my fingers and disintegrating on the push door and under the radio. I brought this to the dealer who agreed to replace since I am under warranty. But the GMC regional rep overruled him. I asked to speak with him and he refused saying it was my fault. In my opinion a Yukon Denali should not have to have the dash replaced as a "normal wear & tear" issue. Either the paint specification is defective or I have a lemon. I keep my car very clean and up to date on all maintenance Has anyone had the same experience? Thanks for your time.
  • Having been a former front end alignment technician, I would suggest getting the alignment done again somewhere else. Make sure to meet the technician and find out what kind of experience he has. Looks like there is too much positive camber on the left wheel. This is the tilt angle and it needs to be brought back closer to center. It probably pulls to the left too.
  • I just bought my 02 Denali a couple months ago. 60K miles. I already had to replace the front wheel bearing (hub) assemblies. I jacked up the front end when I heard the loud scraping/grinding noise and pulled off one of the wheels and the wiggled the hub assy. and it was about to come apart it was so warn out! The ABS light on the dash was also on. I was worried that I would actually make it to the dealer to get it repaired. They replaced the hubs and ABS sensor which was damaged due to the wheel assy rubbing on it.
    NOW... a month later I am getting a vibration from the front end that corolates with the wheel speed. It seems like the AWD had kicked in and wont disengage. I am wondering what causes the AWD to kick in??? Could it be in AWD when it's not suppose to be?? Also, after reading all these problems with the front differential bearings, is my vibration actually in the differential and only evident when in AWD?? The steering feels heavy through the steering wheel which is leading me to suspect that its in AWD when it's not suppose to be. Suggestions????
  • I am getting a noise from the rear end of my 02 Denali. I only hear it when at lower speeds and sharp turns (in and our of driveways mainly). It sounds like a rusty chain dangling believe it or not!!! Any suggestions where to start???
  • Hi waiting,

    We just recently have experienced this slipping and then as of late the shift position indicator light wouldn't come on and the transmission slipped again. After that the service engine light came on.

    Did you ever find out what was wrong with your 2001. We have a 2001 Yukon XL with about 73k.

  • I had to replace one of my front hubhe same reason. Also my u joints had to be replaced. theres about 8 u joints.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    I have a 1995 GMC Suburban SLT with 145K miles on it. I have owned it since 92K miles in early 2001. I have rebuilt the front and rear ends more as prevention than need and have replaced the muffler, cat, and shocks. That is it. The only unusual repair was a leaking coolant fitting at the back of the intake manifold. I am selling it, but probably should not be!
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    I do not see how if when you switch your wheels from side to side the pulling switches can be related to anything other than the wheels and tires.
    Have you rotated the rear wheels to the front? I would guess that you have a bent wheel or very bad tire. You can live for a little while with a bent wheel / tire on the back better than on the front.
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    Do you have a Posi rear end?. This may be the clutch plates in ther rear end slipping.
  • We have a 2006 With a strange odor when the sunroof is open only or any window is cracked 1/2 or less. Almost seems like an exhuast odor or ?? carbon monoxide something odd. Service guys say it must be other cars in traffic, they can't find any leaks. Sound similar or anyone else having this problem???
  • gboygboy Posts: 3
    Got a check for $850 3 days ago.... Get the GM care folks involved and whenever you hit a roadblock just ask for the next person you need to contact. Ask them who do you contact to get arbitration rolling.... It took a while and a number of phone calls but they finally came through with about 40% of the cost.
  • gboygboy Posts: 3
    Start with the dealer and escalate to GM Cares if the dealer isn't helpful. Keep escalating it and take it to arbitration if you have to. This is not an isolated problem and I think they are willing to give something back just to keep it under the radar screen. I got about 40% of the cost refunded to me.
  • I have a 2002 Denali XL. Where can I find the fuse for the seat warmers. I looked under the dash and all I found was the block where the wires connect. Please help. Thanks, Chris
  • I have a 2002 Yukon with 28k miles. I have noticed lately that when I am at 1000 to 1500 RPM's (50 mph or under) I get this noise (sounds similar to a A/C clutch engaging) from under the truck and then it bucks. Almost like a slip in the tranny. I don't notice it any other time. Has anyone heard or have had this problem. :mad:
  • tfreetfree Posts: 1
    could someone tell me how to change the temperature display on my climate control? It's displaying celsius not fahrenheit.
  • if you find out could you please let me know. i'm still looking.
  • Had the exact problem at about 26,000 shortly after buying new. Tranny cooler is inside radiator. Mine cross contaminated both systems. The new radiator and tranny cooler were covered under warranty luckily. But, the best is yet to come as the transmission system cannot be flushed of water 100% and you will need to be extra vigilant to prevent rust damage to the transmission. I'm on my third tanny at 139,000 and going into transmision tomorrow for some horrible mis-shifts at heavy throttle (2-3 shift in particular).
  • I have my 2002 Denali scheduled for a transmision inspection for this same problem tomorrow. It also misses shifts rather badly at heavy throttle from 2nd to 3rd. I'd get it to a shop for look soon.
  • ldf3ldf3 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2004 Yukon Denali XL. The paint started peeling on the compartment between the 2 front seets first and the dealer replaced it no problem. Last week I brought it back in because the paint was now peeling from other places on the dash board and the paint on the buttons on my NAV/Radio was also wearing off. The dealer sent my NAV system off and 5 days later they re-installed what looks like a new NAV system. (This new Nav system makes a lot more noise than the initial one I had) I am now waiting for the other parts of the dash to come in so they can be replaced as well. My dealer gave me no problems at all with this. In fact, several of the service managers commented to me that they have seen this happen to several Yukons. Good Luck and tell your dealer that other dealers are in fact replacing the peeling parts!
  • I have not had that problem, but i have an 03 yukonxl denali and my problem is the "traction active" message keeps coming up. Brought to dealer and he said it needed a new module, did that, same problem, back to shop tomorrow. Any ideas?
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    We have a 2006 With a strange odor when the sunroof is open only or any window is cracked 1/2 or less. Almost seems like an exhuast odor or ?? carbon monoxide something odd. Service guys say it must be other cars in traffic, they can't find any leaks. Sound similar or anyone else having this problem???
    I find it difficult to believe that an exhaust odor is coming in from the sunroof. Do you get this odor when parked in a garage with the engine running. Do you smell it under the hood?
  • Bought new and now have a 20,000 mile denali with a semisatisfactory history. At new- had the front transfer/rear diff fluid checked- was low. Dealer stated they ship them that way.. Alighment off- aligned at prof alighment shop- not dealer. (apparently, dealer prep wasn't done even though paid for). Stabilitrac lite came on intermit- faulty steering wheel sensor. ( replaced but damaged the column cover- replaced finally). Intermediate shaft yoke clunk- replaced OK. Rain leaks on steering wheel when raining thru sunroof. Cause- left SR drain line plugged/kinked. Decided to leave it alone since dealers create more problems that fix especially with headliner R&R. Have had poor A/C cooling in summer(100+ degrees) dealer added aux elec fan, but in stop and go traffic won't cool down below 85 degrees at best. NO FIX for this (so much for professional grade) Headlights flicker/pulsate when on at night when taking turns on winding road- NO FIX (dealer aware of problem though). Muffler replaced for popping, Have a rear buzzing in rear compartment- Cause- Rear aspirator sensor bad (headliner round plastic grill that looks like a microphone) for A/C temp control- On order. (there is one in front above your head too). But the most annoying current problem is a CONSTANT WHINE THAT IS RPM RELATED. WHETHER IN NEUTRAL OR IN GEAR MOVING. Power steering pump replaced noise returned immediately the next day???? I have a feeling this is a bad tranny pump??? any fixes for this from any other member? The service dept mechanics at my local GMC/CAD dealer are a joke!!! You get a half-a..d repair that you have to return time and time again never being fixed right dirty,greasy, not clipped closed or found damaged and my service writer wants a perfect cust survey given him, and has complained to me when I've challenged a unsatisfactory repair as in NOT FIXED a repeated problem "A car is never as perfect as it is when it leaves the factory new".- that it really is true. Appreciate feedback on the rpm whine problem..thanx! Hope my post helps someone out their as this forum has helped me.
  • Did you ever get the rpm whining resolved? covered by warranty? Your buzzing was probably the rear aspirator in the headliner- I've had the same problem. Appreciate your feedback. thanx!
  • I have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • I have had similar problems. Maybe my solutions will help you. Adding axle and transfer case fluids stopped the whine, but never had whine in neutral however. Had same problem with A/C. After many attempts to fix A/C problem with no change, I accidently fixed it while doing regular maintenance. Clean the mass air flow sensor in your intake tube and also make sure filter is not clogged. A/C works perfect even at idle now. My major problem that hasn't been solved is Service Brake and ABS Brake idiot lights come on from time to time. Have been over system several times, no error codes, and everything works great. May have to replace sensors? Annoying. Hope this helps you.
  • I have an 03 denali i am having the front differential noise between 55-65 mph how did your repairs turn out and did warranty cover the repairs you mentioned
  • have you had any repairs made or major failures yet also does the above mentioned service bulletin correct any problems or complaints
  • itchy1itchy1 Posts: 1
    My 03' Denali went 34,500 miles without a single warranty claim. It's been the best GM car I've owned. Nonetheless, it has recently developed the sporadic "traction active" problem. Not only does the message pop up, but the engine management system jumps in and cutsoff the throttle for about three seconds. Luckily the problem was repeated several times by the dealer. They replaced the computer. Unfortunately, it is continuing to occur. I'm taking it back in next week. Does anyone have any guesses??
  • hitenhiten Posts: 12
    for some reason my rear heater does not seem to work. Doesn't matter how long i keep it running it will still blow cold air. I even moved the temp. to max and fan to high..nothing. Had it running for 30 min and still cold air.
    Anybody came across this issue?
  • hitenhiten Posts: 12
    I have 2004 Denali and got the same issue.
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