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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • tom_sseitom_ssei Posts: 2
    Having a very similar problem with my 01. Have you learned anything on how or what to repair - please share the knowledge!

  • bgarvbgarv Posts: 3
    Same thing 2004 Tahoe. Dealer has replaced the muffler, Right front differential, checked a/c lines to the back of truck and door panels etc. The next thing is the Torque Converter Clutch. My condition is very repeatable. Only in 5th (overdrive), at 40-45mph, light acceleration, and up small incline. Once I get to this point I lightly press and let off the gas and it will make it over and over again. If it shift back to drive will not make the noise. Many road test have made me an expert. I think they are on the right track with the TCC. Check out the following post. My symptoms to a tee.
    I will not in a week or 2 when the part comes in and is installed I will keep you posted.
  • ssbmgssbmg Posts: 7
    Read msg #282 on this post. I had the same problem and it returns every 30K miles or so. I really don't know what causes the problem but I do know that cleaning out the throttle body takes care of it - at least temporarily.
  • I have had this same problem w/ my 04 XL Denali except my finish was bubbling. My dealer re-coated the surface. No problems since with this, but loads of other problems which were covered by warranty. Transmission just went out yesterday with 43k miles on the car. So glad I spent close to 50k on this car!!!
  • same problem on my 04 DL Denali. Dealer replaced while under warranty. After talking to GM today regarding transmission failure at 43k miles, rep stated that the speedometer problem was a recall item. Never rec'd anything from GM regarding this.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    What speedometer problem did you encounter? I have a speedo problem on my '04 DXL--speedo would start reading way slower than actual...and if I drop my speed down to say, actual 30-35 mph (I can tell 'cuz I can go into diagnostic mode on the factory nav and see the speed that the VSS is reading), the speedo needle will visibly drop below zero mph! Obviously I can't get this problem to repeat on cue, but it has happened on at least two completely separate occasions.
  • rod1313rod1313 Posts: 2
    I did the throttle body clean out, which was relatively simple and it has not hesitated or had a low idle in two days. I was pretty liberal with the about amount of carburetor cleaner I used and I also used a rag to get as much of the built up out as I could. Since then the RPMs have not idled below 600 and it hasn't hesitated any. Message #400 refers to #282 which gave me the idea, thanks "ssbmg". I also changed out the air filter as a preventative measure.
  • jimwreyjimwrey Posts: 3
    The good news is the the low reading will stop.
    The bad news is it will start to always read zero or just bounce around a little.

    If it is like our '04 DXL it will just stop working.

    We were told "It has happened to almost every DXL we have seen ..." cost estimated at about $400 and TEN DAYS to fix. remove, send off fix and replace.

    Anyone have any informatin on if this is a recall or not?


  • i had just put some new 22inch rims on my 04 XL denali. after leaving the shop i notice tire pressure came on dashborad. how can i correct this problem.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    I take it the $400 cost is what you'll have to shell out in order to get it fixed? If so, then if you're one of those folks who don't mind upgrading to "snazzier"-looking stuff--you might consider ordering an Escalade Platinum Gauge cluster; much nicer looking than the Denali cluster, plus it won't cost you the arm and leg that GM is charging you to repair or replace your messed-up one.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Either the tire shop didn't take out the TPM sensors from your stock wheels and installed them in your 22" wheels, or they did and just didn't reprogram them.
  • First let me say that this is our most favorite vehicle we have ever owned and we will buy another one!
    Having said that, here is the history of the vehicle...
    Previous owner purchased it in late 2003 after vehicle was used by pro golf tournament. The vehicle was in the dealership service shop for 2 weeks during the first year. The radio (wouldn't come on until a button was pushed or the radio was turned off) seemed to be a recurring problem as did the key fob memory recall feature (it's memory would fail).

    We purchased the vehicle after 1 year at 17500 miles. We now have 35900 on it.

    We have had it in the service shop to have the radio replaced 3 times for the radio mentioned above and now the auto volume button won't stay on (our service guy advised us this is a known problem by GM but no fix as of yet);
    the key fob memory problem (also a known problem by GM with the fix being reprogramming) continued to be an issue until the vehicle suddenly began to vibrate and wanted to stall out as soon as I had to come to a stop at a light. A service light was mindlessly blinking at me as well. I managed to keep the vehicle running by giving it gas but once I drove into my driveway it died. The service advisor called and told us the computer "brain" that runs the vehicle was faulty. Once that was replaced our key fob memory problem never reared its ugly little head again; we have had several steering components lubed and or replaced and it is in the shop again for this issue; we have had the center console replaced; we had all the plugs holding in the ceiling fall out and those replaced; we have an odd thumping and surging coming from the heater system which they thought had been resolved but it's in the shop again; the sunroof rattles horribly and has been worked to a mild irritant; as well as some other issues I can't remember right now. We dropped it off last night (3rd time in 2 weeks) to have some of the issues mentioned resolved, expecting to receive a phone call sometime today that it was ready to pick up or would be ready tomorrow, but instead we got a phone call stating the service technician had backed it into the service garage wall and damaged the tail light as well as the rear end paint. They would send it out to the body shop to have that repaired and order a taillight as well as work the other issues and hopefully get that back to us later this week. Don't get me wrong, this dealership has been top notch from purchase to wrecking my "Nali" and when we do purchase another one we will go back to them.

    My questions:
    has anyone else had an experience like this?
    Has anyone else had the service shop cause damage to their vehicle?
    What does that do to the resale value?
    Do we now have the upper hand with the dealership to trade this trouble maker in?
    What is the dealer required to do when they damage our vehicle? Simply fix it? I'd think they'd want to keep us happy...
    When can we claim the vehicle is a lemon in Colorado? What constitutes a "lemon"?
    We appreciate any thoughts and advice you might have!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    2-Yes, after body shop completed repairs, could not tell where it was hit.
    3-Depending on how it was repaired, how it looks, there should be no problem on resale.
    4-Don't think you will have the upper hand on the dealership because of the problems you are encountering unless you purchased from this dealer which it seems you didn't
    5-The dealer is obligated to fix whatever it is that they damaged. Unless there was poor workmanship what more would you expect if you had gotten into an accident on your own? Your insurance company would have your vehicle repaired to your satisfaction, nothing more.
    6-You need to check the lemon law as it pertains to Colorado as each state is different. I highly doubt it would qualify based on the mileage and the type of problems. To qualify for the lemon law most states require that the vehicle be repaired three times for the same problem with no resolution and/or 30 days (working days) in the dealer for repairs in a year.

    I've purchased several Denalis through the same dealership working with the GSM. No problems with the service or sales department.

    By the time you read this you will probably be out of warranty at 36k miles. If these problems had occured earlier, you could have requested a buyback through the BBB. Of course, GM would not rollover and buyback your vehicle. They have been known to give 5/100 Majorguard extended warranties valued at about $2500 to keep some owners "happy".
  • mairemaire Posts: 1
  • cdrob1cdrob1 Posts: 1
    I think I had a similar problem at about 31.5K miles... My service order states "whine/growling sound when braking and or turning" They had to replace the power steering pump on mine. I remember that I didn't automatically relate it to a steering thing, but that fixed it. I also had a clunking problem when turning (after I was out of warranty) and some power steering fluid leaking. It turned out to be the steering gear and they replaced it... through GM Customer Care warranty, after a bit of complaining and holding firm.

    I hope this helps.
  • bgarvbgarv Posts: 3
    I had a similar problem as mentioned in my previous post. The Torque Converter did not fix the problem and after an extensive process of elimination (swapping part from on Tahoe to another) they found the cause :) . The noise was coming from the transfer case. A retaining clip had broken off inside the transfer case and was causing a rattling, resonating, moan, growl or vibration through the whole drive shaft. It does sound a lot like a heat shied rattle. This noise occurred since the truck was new so I am not sure if it was a design flaw or a faulty part but they finally did find in after alot of analysis.
  • We recently purchased a 2006 Yukon Denali. We absolutely love the truck, but the one thing we questioned before the purchase and are watching is the front seats. A co-worker has the same truck and the leather on his seats are cracked and torn, just from normal wear. You can actually see the netting underneath the leather. We do notice that the leather on our seats is worked, the way leather gets, be it a seat or a coat. Our other car has a heavy leather seat, so the creasing is not as noticeable and you know it will never tear. Has anyone experienced this problem with the leather tearing? Is there something that can be purchased to protect the seats against this happening?
  • ffultonffulton Posts: 1
    I have an 01 Denali with 123k on it now, have had it since new. It's been a phenominal ride. Sure, like any new model, it's had it's fair share of problems, all of which were addressed and fixed by my selling dealer; Capital Cadillac of MD. I have since moved to Tampa Florida burbs' and have traveled to N.VA quite a bit in the past few months. On my last trip, I thought I hit something in the road so I immediately pulled off to check for a flat. None found & air pressure was fine. My truck was all over the road for the remainder of the trip. Once home, I had the alignment checked & off a minor degree, this helped, yet there was a slip in the steering wheel just off center as if the steering wheel was loose. I was advised that my gearbox was adjustable so we gave it a shot. No help.. So I replaced the Gearbox, the Pitman arm and the Idler arm. The control arms were replaced at 110k. It drives considerably better yet still follows the road. I had the alignment re-checked post repair & again minor adjustments were done. Tires are factory Michelin Cross-Terrain with approx 43k on them now, yet still have fair tread and have been cross rotated. I'm not sure whether to replace tires or begin looking into replacing the struts. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • scrtcellscrtcell Posts: 1
    how do you get to the diagnostic mode on the nav unit i have an 04 denali and i have had my instrument cluster replaced 3 times and the same problem reading speed then reading zero and then sporadic and now my tachometer reads zero occasionally i have recently contacted GM and they have yet to give me an answer except it will cost me 440.00 dollars.
  • shaveshave Posts: 1
    I have just purchased an 02 denali with 66k on it. It has that low idle at 500 or so. I was wondering if you could briefly walk me through the throttle body fix. Thanks for your time.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    thier is no filter on Denali's, only 5.3 motor
  • I am having the same problem as many others with the peeling center console. Dealer wanted $216. for the small piece at the top with the storage unit and lighter in it. I thought that cost was ridiculous. Somewhere in this forum I noticed a link to some kind of repair kit on ebay. When I tried to check on it it was no longer there. Does any one know what this kit is and where I can purchase it.
  • psdenalipsdenali Posts: 6
    Replying to: psdenali (Dec 20, 2005 12:24 am)
    The whining noise turned out to be the replacement power steering pump which the dealer has now refused to replace. I had the resv fluid checked to find DIRTY BLACK unchanged fluid in a supposedly new replacement pump. Obviously the mechanic did a quickie pump change without flushing the system and the contaminated fluid scored the new bearing vanes in the pump. I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!
    On their- refusal (as said to me by my advisor) to repair my vehicle- The dealership has breached the manufacturers warranty contract with me and hence I have now forwarded my RO history to my California Lemon Law Attorney (with a previous proven track record) to sue GM and buy back this Lemon.
    I believe the dealership JESSUP AUTO PLAZA. to be the primary reason to why my vehicle is a lemon. They have Service advisors that provide customers lip service they can't back up and mechanics that are incompetent,only interested in slamming a job as fast as they can to move onto the next one to do the same.. doubling their commissions blowing off any quality of the service. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER AMERICAN MADE VEHICLE UNTIL THEY CHANGE THEIR MENTALITY AND CAN MATCH THE QUALITY AND RELIABILITY OF FOREIGN MADE VEHICLES THAT ARE BACKED UP WITH GREAT WARRANTIES AND SERVICE THAT PUTS THE CUSTOMER FIRST. THATS CALLED SERVICING THE CUSTOMER.... Good Luck!!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    With all the GMC dealers around, why continue to return to a dealership that provides the type of service you describe? Any GMC dealer can service your Denali under factory warranty. Some will even correct the other dealers error ;)
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    2002 Denali XL with steering wheel radio controls. Lights are out on one side. How do you get the cover off the back of the steering wheel to replace the bulbs?
    King Craig
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I hope someone can help but I'd advise that you turn off your CAPS LOCK. People tend to ignore messages typed in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    The following works only if you have the pre-'07 factory touchscreen nav--press and release the "Nav Rpt" button, then immediately (i.e., don't wait more than a second or two) press and hold the "Config" button until the diag screen appears (typically takes around 10 seconds). Once the diag screen appears, press any of the softkeys at your own risk... ;)

    $440??? Is that just to repair the cluster, or to replace it? In either case, you'd be better off ordering an Escalade Platinum instrument cluster from a GM/Delphi-authorized odometer repair facility (SOT Electronics is one place that comes to mind); it looks much better than the Denali cluster, plus it won't cost you anywhere near $400--depending on where you're located, you're probably looking at around $300 shipped. I assume that if they're telling you that it'll cost $440, your vehicle is probably out of factory warranty?
  • doglesdogles Posts: 1
    I took my 2003 Yukon to the dealer for a check engine light. They determined that the fuel pump needed to be replaced. Upon replacement, the dionogistic code showed contaminated fuel, apparently metal from the fuel pump had gotten into the gas. Of course, it was a full tank. I have an extended warranty but it won't cover the lost gas. My question is. How could the fuel pump be broken and the truck still run. I'm thinking that they broke the pump removing it and should replace the gas. Any thoughts?
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