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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • I've been trying to deal with this dash problem for waaayyy too long. I really appreciate this. Its too bad GM has to put such cheap materials in these nice trucks.
  • pme2pme2 Posts: 1
    I have a '03 denali with 55,000 miles on it. I really have not had any major problems with it until now. I took it in to the dealership because my steering wheel was vibrating at around 40-50 mph. Because I have put different wheels on the car the dealership assumed the problem was because of my tires. After being in the shop for a week, they finally decided it was the torque converter and replaced it. Since the car has 50,000 and they had to remove the transmission to fix the torque converter, I had the transmission service done and the transmission flushed, all costing $1500. Now 1500 miles later, the same vibration is occuring, there is a grinding sound in the front, and my exhaust sounds like it is shaking. Now the dealership, after having it for yet another week and a half tells me that my transmission has water in it and needs to be rebuilt and of course we need a new torque converter. Apparently the problem was caused by water intrusion coming down into the dipstick for the transmission. There is a bulletin (05-07-30-017b) to put a seal under the cowl to prevent water from going into the dipstick. When I asked the mechanic how I could have prevented this from happening, he stated I couldn't have and suggested I contact GM. When I did, GM said, Sorry, that there was not enough evidence for them to process a claim but they do know about it.
    When I questioned the dealership about my exhaust rattle, they said the heatshield was broken. Of course being a woman I really don't know much about cars but really think I am getting screwed here. Doesn't the dealership have to full with the exhaust when they pulled my transmission out. I didn't have any exhaust problems until after they had. Any suggestions on what to do. Should I continue to fight with GM to have them pay for the rebuilding of my transmission or is it a lost cause. The dealership also said they found the transfer case front output shaft seal was leaking. HELP!
  • thudakthudak Posts: 2
    I have an 04 denali. It fails to shift back into first from second gear when coming to a rolling stop. it feel like it just stays in second gear until you give a little more gas and then it shifts hard back into first.I took it to the dealership with about 4,000 miles and said there was not a problem (they just could not recreate the problm) My wife drives the vehicle so i was not aware it was continuing until i noticed it with around 35K miles. I took it in to have the issue resolved before the warranty went out. they said they had to tighten something in the transmission and carged me for a transmission service to boot. It fixed it for about 2-3K miles and i is still doing the same thing. I am thinking of dumping the vehicle before it gets worse. Does anybody know what the problem might be, or should i get rid of it? Other than that, we love the truck.

    Please help!!!
  • Own a 99 Denali and I too have nothing but problems with it. Two months ago replaced fuel pump now having problems with windows, radio and windshield wipers not working. Took in to shop but they refused to work on it because I have three TV.'s in vehicle. That was after they had in the shop for six hours. Has any one had similar problems with this suv?Checked all fuses, ignition switch. relays ,alternator everything is ok PLEASE HELP
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    By chance did any of these problems start after you installed the 3 TVs? Who installed them?
  • Ive had the tvs in for a good while now. They where installed at Ultimate Electronics. I would say its been about five months since my tvs where installed, the first thing to go was my windows and everything else followed like a chain reaction. I took the in-dash tv out and tested it works fine, when I took the truck to the shop my windows where stuck down, when I picked it up they where up they sais they ran an over ride to see if the motors where working. Like I said ive checked every possible fuse and found nothing. Thanks for any help I can get :confuse:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Since they returned the windows to the up position can rule out the window motors. Sounds like the bcm is failing as the failings are in clusters and not one at a time. I don't have a service manual for the '99. If you do or know someone who has access, try checking out the bcm and ecm seeing which one controls the equipment that's not working. It might show that all the non functioning equipment is being controlled by either of those units.
  • cdog51cdog51 Posts: 3
    I have an 03 Denali with the same idle problems (77,000 miles). My 02 Escalade EXT (same 6.0L motor with 57,000 miles) is having the same issue. I have read something about the throttle body cleaning; does this work? If so, how long does it work? Anybody have another fix? This must be something common to the 6.0L I would assume. :confuse:
  • Cluster assembly replaced 5 times fuel sensor replaced.Gps navigation and radio replaced twice. Replaced low tire pressure sensor.Battery replaced,Cup holder and compartment pealing, replaced once, painted once,still flaking.Powertrain control reprogramed. Overheating, replaced clutch assembly and fan. Left frount wheel hubs rebuilt twice,all before 25,000 miles. Power window motor replaced. Electric seats reprogramed 7 times.
    Air bag lights coming on. Said unable to dup. Overheating again. Replace thermostate.Replace with a larger radiator. Replace waterpump.Still overheating.Add large external cooling fan. Sounds terrible.GM refused to replace Vheicle. Said we drove to many miles.More issues to many to list. Please think twice before buying a denali.
  • mckele1mckele1 Posts: 5
    I have an 03 with 18500 miles and this problem started today, taking to dealer this week, did you find any other problems other than the computer
  • I have a new arising problem. My truck has 59200 miles and now all of a sudden when driving the RPMs will drop and register below zero. With an older car that usually meant a stall. It is due for its 60K mile service. And it is not a daily occurring problem. When the gas was near a quarter, i thought that was part of the problem (ok stop laughing whoever is reading this). But I had 3/4 qtr tank yesterday and it did it again. When i idle it still registered below zero and in park. I shut it off and restarted and then it was fine.

    Any suggestions
  • zbyf1zbyf1 Posts: 2
    You have to get some carburator-fuel injector cleaner and spray it into the throttle body..It works..I have a 02 Denali and once I did it the vehicle idles fine..In fact I have to do it again..You will have to do it every 3,000 miles or everytime you change the oil...I took the info from one of the guys who post a message concerning this..
  • zbyf1zbyf1 Posts: 2
    See msg #282..
  • 2003 Denali XL -- Oh my gosh, my truck memory seat is psycho and does the exact same thing! My rear gate does the exact same thing. They have tried to fix the memory seat over 10 times, not exaggerating. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Kinda like my memory I guess!
  • ObyOne Kanobe-wise one

    I have a cherry 2000 GMC Yukon, 61K miles and seems the electric windows are failing one at a time. First to go was the left rear and then right rear and then the passenger. Drivers still working. Rear getting clicks in door when you press driver controls or individual door buttons up and down. Passenger will go down from my controls but not up and will go up with passenger controls.

    Replaced driver control panel, thought it was the lock out but it was not. Speak Obyone so that we all may know.

    Ron in Katrinaland
  • jjvalenjjvalen Posts: 3
    i just had my 2000 yukon fixed, the check engine light was on when i bought it. i thought it was just a messed up light because it was running perfect. then after about 6 months it started hesitating and jumping rpms at a stop sign........i took to my fav mechanic and he cleaned the throttle body, and bam! light went out, running smooth ever since.,next the back window motors.. ?? i don't think the lady that had it before me ever rolled them down....froze up i guess. anyway hope this helps..
  • Has anyone had this issue? My son was sitting in the far back (Denali Shorty) and said water was flowing out the floor vent in the back. When I got home I looked and the carpet was soaking wet. Is this an issue of a clogged AC condenser drain? If so, how do I go about clearing it?
  • Shave mentioned they had an O3 Denali with idle problems. Has anyone else tried the throttle body cleaning fix? Did they have any issues with a battery failure because of the low RPM?
  • Got home last night and poked around under the truck and found the drain for the rear unit. I moved it around a bit and a little bit of muck fell out and then the water ran like a fountain. I couldn't believe there was that much water backed up in there. Oh well, problem solved!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    sounds like a regulator problem to me.

    BTW, that old guy played by Sir Alec Guinness as Jedi Master Ben aka ObiWan Kenobi is of no relation :P .
  • have a 99 also - same problem. Intermittently the radio, wipers, and windows cut out. Get this - if i slam the center console lid most of the time all systems cone back to life.

    Spoke to several dealers and no common fuse, relay, circuit breaker exisits and no connection in the console area is common - according to them.

    Everything is stock. Have you had any luck.
  • I have a 2001 Denali and my lowbeams do not work. My highbeams work, my fog lamps work and my parking lights work, but I have no lowbeams. I've checked all of my fuses and they seem to be fine. Also tried to replace bulbs but to no avail. Used a meter to make sure there was voltage coming from the connection. It's all good.
    Also the lights on my steering column (volume controls for radio) are out. And my 3rd brake light.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • bctbct Posts: 8
    It is possible That you had a carbon deposit in your intake plenum, it is the part between the throttle body and the block/heads. If it where blocking a passage it would have created the problem you are describing. Not sure on the warranty end of that. Your lucky it wasn't the EGR valve that clogged and they wanted to charge you for. A buddy of mine worked at a dealership and he would replace the whole part even though all you have to do is take it out and knock the carbon out of the valve seat.
  • bctbct Posts: 8
    Not sure of that particular motor but most newer cars with a tach run off a cam sensor to measure the motors RPM. It is a little device that runs off a magnetic pick up. That is most likely the prob.
  • I'm wondering if anyone has had problems with the two rear doors and hatch not locking. I have tried both manually locking from front doors as well as pushing the remote. The two front doors lock but when I go to open the two back doors and hatch, they do not lock and the alarm system goes off. Any ideas or suggestions?
  • Boogga, did your dealer ever get this issue fixed? Some people say the TXV replacement (Document ID #594045) does it and others say it's a normal whistle noise related to the unused IAC passage in the throttle body (Document ID #1580607).

    My 2004 Yukon Denali makes the exact same noise and it drives me crazy!

  • It does work. I wish I had done it before having the fuel pressure regulator replaced in a failed attempt to solve the problem. It has been good for about a year so far.
  • I used to be the happy owner of a 2005 Yukon XL that rode good, was quiet and a pleasure to drive. I traded it for a 2007 Denali and what a disappointment. At 38 mph plus there is gear noise. If you let off the gas or take it out of gear it stops. I only have 700 miles on it and the noise has been there after about 100 miles. It is loud enough to hear inside the cabin. The dealer says this is a normal noise in the AWD Denali. I drove several other Denali's and they all had the noise, mine was louder. Has anyone experienced this and if so did you get it fixed. This issue is driving me nuts.
  • Is it true on the 07 Denali that you can not use the Nav system and the rear DVD at the same time???

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