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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • I just purchased a 2002 Denali with 45k miles and have experienced two minor irritations that have got me a bit concerned.

    First, the idle. It seems just a hair rough. It will sit at around 500 rpms, but you can hear it drop down once in a while and back up. It doesn't feel like it's stalling, but a very subtle occasional interruption in the idle.

    Second, a mild knocking when i start it up. Might just be chevy, as our minivan does the same thing...noticeable in a garage at least.

    Are either of these anything to be concerned about? I'm particularly concerned about the idle. I almost bought a dodge minivan once that had a slightly rougher idle and it turned out to have a burned cylinder.

  • daveinfldaveinfl Posts: 2
    Hi. I've had the throttle body replaced twice. First under GM warranty, second under extended warranty. Both at the same dealer. The second throttle body was, I was told, an improved/updated version. My gas mileage went up about 2 mpg and it runs smoother. I had installed Gibson headers & cat-back & a K&N intake system. The Denali always had good power and adding these helped, but I've really noticed the difference since the throttle body replacement. It would be great if the transmission could handle the power when it is floored to pass another vehicle. It feels like the engine is going to jump out of the hood. I have about 83k miles on it and I love it excep for the current (ongoing/never-ending) problem. The A/C system. I've had it in for A/C problems since the first week I bought it. I set the contols on 'Auto' settings and the A/C will shut down when idling for more than 2 minutes. Later, it will just come back on and cool for awile. The dealer has replaced compressor cluth, entire compressor, cycled the coolant, replaced a couple different switches (not controls). I'ts been in FIVE times for repair and TWICE when they could not find anything wrong (it did'nt fail). I'm beginning to think it may be related to humidity as I live the SW Florida and usually don't have the frequency of failure OCT - APR. On the dash it says "COMPUTER CLIMATE CONTROL", maybe thats the problem.
  • rloaizarloaiza Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new 2005 denali black. vechicle has 23 defects overall. main concern manafacture wants to correct all. however the paint I told them that the original paint is more durable than the aftermarket they want to apply. The vehicle is brand new I should be entitle to having the original finish. Any ideas how to get them to exchange or refund on the vehicle.
  • you get a lawyer and sue
  • :confuse: when I drive about 50/70 mph.,going over the smallest bump on the highway
    ,my jeep shakes for about 5/10 seconds.I took it in the service department,
    and they said my shock was find.they rotate my tires.It stop for a few days,and started again.It feel like I'm going to loose control, that I have to press the breaks
    to slow down the truck so it could stop shaking. Have this happen to any one
    ,and how did you fix it.
  • which brand tires would you record mend buying for a 2002 265/70/17
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480
    You need to check wheel alignment I think.

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  • rstaffordrstafford Posts: 3
    Has anyone found the solution to the VERY LOUD whistle from the Denali? Mine seems to whistle from the inside while the breaks ar applied and the vehicle is stopped. I have a 2004 Denali XL model. I have taken it to the dealer and they can;t seem to identify the problem.
  • mmcdonmmcdon Posts: 1
    I searched for this topic and found no matches so here it is...

    I have an '03 Denali and the truck is great. There is a center console and covers for the lighter plug, a small compartment, and cup holders. This is a black plastic material that is painted gray, I have seen this on every Denali I have looked at so I think it's pretty standard. Anyway, the gray paint is peeling in many places exposing the black plastic base material.

    I went to the dealership last year and the advisor told me that GMC would fix this problem once in the vehicles lifetime. I was about two thousand miles out of warranty at that time (~38-39K). So I waited and the problem is worse now. I went for an unrelated service today (sunroof bracket broke on pax side) and wanted to get the peeling paint fixed. I was told it was out of warranty, was of a cosmetic nature, and would be at my expense.

    I believe that almost every Denali has this problem. While at the dealer, I looked at a new 2005 model on the lot. Guess what, paint was starting to peel just on the edges of the corners of the covers for the cup holder and lighter. I have friends with the same truck and they have peeling paint too so I believe it is a defect in materials or workmanship. I called GMC corporate to inquire and received a file number, they even called the service advisor where my truck was. Very nice and friendly but the end result was that it was cosmetic and I could complain to the NTSB if I wanted too. I don't think the NTSB is too concerned with cosmetic issues, but someone who pays $50k for a vehicle certainly is...

    Anyone else have this problem? Issue resolved by GMC? How would I launch a recall initiative if it is not a safety issue?
  • does anybody actually respond to these comments? this forum is useless.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480
    Sure people respond if they know something but it's impossible to get responses to every question. The forums aren't useless if you get an answer, as many many people have.

    This forum is for information sharing. Edmunds doesn't have technicians "on duty", so you have to rely on your fellow community members.

    If you are patient and if you ask the Hosts for help, usually you'll get a response. You might be in the wrong forum, or perhaps your question is confusing, or there isn't enough detail.....or.....sometimes without the car in front of us , it is just impossible to speculate about "a noise in the rear" or "it goes jibbidy-jibbidy".

    Diagnosis by remote control isn't easy, but most people here try to be very helpful.'s free remember....

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  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    If you really want a lot of response to a question, ask about an Odyssey minivan in any of the forums over there. Those folks are involved! ;)

    You can also often find extraordinarily detailed and extremely helpful advice about Tauruses (Tauri?) over in those forums.

    But, as far as I can tell, most of us posting in these forums or lurking around the fringes are taking our vehicles to the dealer or looking for a reliable dealer to take them to. Sorry.... :(

    I have found a (so far!) great family-owned dealer with a service department that treats me very well and fairly (and I suspect would even if I had not bought my YXL from them). I would hope that you could find such a dealer near you. And your (apparently unanswered) question about whether/not to be concerned would most likely be answered by such a service department quite well. Best of luck to you! :)
  • I have a 2004 Denali and it's a good truck, but... I have the same issue with the peeling console along with the rubber part of the console just behind the storage compartment, above the rear passenger controls. I made an appointment with the deal to see have them look at it -- I will update this post with the results.

    Also, a new problem just arose, when I turn the truck off, the fan stays on. The way I discovered there was a problem was when I went to start it in the morning, only to discover the battery was dead.

    Does anyone have an idea of what could cause the fan to stay on? Nothing has been done to the controls or ? and the owners’ manual is useless.
  • cornellpinoycornellpinoy Posts: 196
    Does this kit exactly match the grey factory trim?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yes it does.

    One thing to note. Because of the thickness of the kit, I found the lower and upper console doors stick a little when opening and sometimes requires a little help to fully open. Not a big thing to me but to some it might be. Looks great too even after two years.

    One last thing. It requires a clean surface to bond to. That means I had to remove all the old peeling stuff. Not a big deal as most of it had removed itself.
  • cornellpinoycornellpinoy Posts: 196
    Thanks for the info. My '02 doesn't really have the peeling problem, but I like the way this kit looks and will order one pretty soon. How long did it take for you to install all the pieces?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Less than an hour.
  • Its not a probelm now but will be later. The idle gets worse and worse. Then eventually your truck will stall. I replaced my part around 30K miles and I thnik I need to do it again now at 80K. I didn't know it was thr throttle body but now I do.
  • getngonegetngone Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Burb and experience the same problem. This has happened several times over the last couple of years and have yet to find the cause. Have you had any luck in locating the cause. I am presently sitting in Florida at my family home waiting for the car to decide to start. It rained yesterday and was very humid all evening. I started the car at 7:30 with no problem, an hour later it would not start. This has happened twice while here in Florida visiting from SC. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  • denxl04denxl04 Posts: 2
    I have a 3/4" scratch right in the middle of the nav screen. I have tried the plastic polish, but it didn't take it out. Any ideas on how to fix? Can you replace the screen only?

    Any help appreciated.

  • This has happened a lot but when turning on the the factory fog lights in my 02 denali it sounds like it activates the rear wiper for a second then returns to its resting position. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was the fix. thanks for any info
  • I had this with my 2001 Denali. See page 74 post 1449 on the GMC Yukon/ Yukon Denali board for the answer.
  • I have a 99 Yukon Denali with 125k miles, starts and accelerates fine although I feel a slight bucking or hesitation between 45 to 55 mph after 55mph it runs fine and below 45mph it runs fine. My service engine light came on about a month ago checked with OBD2 says emissions control system failure. Also I was on a vacation and driving down a steep hill in 4wd about 2 weeks ago and the service engine light went out, not sure if this will help in diagnosis but i thought it was interesting. Service engine light did come back on about a week ago around the time I started to feel the bucking/hesitation.
  • rlsharperlsharpe Posts: 3
    Hope you've resolved this by now. I have a '99 and not had any problems starting that I recall. Also I have a '03 and have just recently had starting problems. Turned out to be fuel filter. I had 40K miles on it and it hadn't been changed. It's bi-fuel and I found maintenance suggested schedule of changing every 25K. Fuel filter a bugger to change yourself, need a special little tool, even then must cut the nose of the old filter to remove, then tool is required to remove the cut off nose to insert new filter. THEN, a month later this '03s fuel pump goes, or at least it caused car to die 1/2 dozen times on a major trip before I could get to dealer. Fuel pressure was only 40# and is suppose to be about 55#. It didn't make sense, but replacing the fuel module (pump) corrected the problem.
  • rlsharperlsharpe Posts: 3
    Correction to that. I did have a lot of starting problems in the first year. It was a security lock out. After many trips to the dealer, they finally replaced the ignition switch wiring harness I believe and problem was fixed. Security lock out requires you to wait 30 minutes before it clears and you can then start car. It's no fun to catch you on a trip. Occurred when car was turned off, then couldn't restart.
  • I have a 2001 Denali XL that has had all the listed problems on these forums. The major ones hit after the warranty period, but luckily we bought the 100K mile warranty. I replaced the fuel pump & then the alternator after it just stalled in a turn and wouldn't start, towed twice. Replaced battery and cables all corroded, repeated dead battery and needed jump start, dealer wouldn't cover it, towed again. Horrible shuddering when turning, parking etc. thought it was steering, but my rear differential has been replaced and the transfer case replaced, and then had the fluid replaced towed twice. It was in the shop for 3 weeks waiting on parts. It would do it only when hot after about 20 miles so the dealer couldn't make it happen at first. Now it is sitting in the drive until it is towed to the dealer because it has a loud clunk when turning again after towing the jet skis and launching. Fixed the air conditioner, and whatever was causing it to rev when at a stop light, do the brakes every 18K. Also my side and rear windows don't work, except for the driver control, (no, it is not on lock) My door lock cover fell off, the buttons popped out of the ceiling, plastic covers fell off the seat rungs, the covers are coming off the headrests, the carpet is falling off the 3rd seat, the right window whistles, window seals leak into the door panel and the paint is rubbing off the console. Just cosmetic I'm told so any fixes are mine. I have 88K on it and plan to trade it after this fix. Having said all that, I am going to trade for a 2005 DenaliXL as I pull a Horse Trailer and jet skis, have kids, need the interior room for stuff and really like it when it is not broken. I like the engine power and the automatic shocks for leveling so I don't need the 3/4 ton, the tight turning ratio, the ride and handling and the nicer interior and of course the grill. So, what problems do I have to look forward to with a 2005? I'm a former 3X Suburban owner, don't like Fords, and mostly Celebs, Gang types and Casino rich Indians drive Escalades in California. OK, time to call AAA. Any comments?
  • brenda5brenda5 Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem on my '02 Denali, but for the second time. They replaced it once a year ago and told me that I needed to keep stuff off of the center section. It is now peeling again. I think that it's ridiculous for a "commercial" grade vehicle to not be able to use the center section. It is really annoying to get in your Denali and to see this. It looks awful and would definitely affect me purchasing another GMC vehicle.
  • Is there a website that provides free information on all the TSB for our denali's. I found but they want to charge you. Where can you find all the TSB and recall info? Thank You
  • g357g357 Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with the rubber peeling just above the rear controls. Took it to the dealer, and they said they would have to special order it, and they would call me when it came in. Still waiting for the call.
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