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Cadillac DTS



  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Thanks...I can never find any of those comparo topics until someone posts it like you just did...

  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    I went to drive a new DTS yesterday - and loved the car - except for one item Im wondering if any current DTS owner noticed. When I climbed in the back seat, when I put the armrest up (to see how roomy the center position was) the seat was sooooo hard and flat that it wouldnt be comfortable for 5 minutes. It was as if there was no padding at all on the underside of the fold down armrest, or on the center part of the lower cushion. When I tried the same thing in my current car (2006 Buick Lucerne) which is built in the same plant and uses a lot of the same underpinnings, the same thing happened - a very hard backrest and cushion in the center rear seat position. Anyone out there notice this, or is it just me? Other than that, the car is stunning. Has anyone ordered the car and got the hood ornament? I havent seen any DTS equipped with this option, although my dealer confirmed that indeed this is an option for factory orders only. Cadillac needs to get some new colors - what ever happened to the "classic" colors - like the pale yellow, polo green, saddle brown? How about more interior color choices, like yellow, white, red? Just a thought!
  • lanzzlanzz Posts: 75
    Never thought to sit in the center position in the back seat.

    I would have liked a non-metallic white paint choice, like the old Cotillion White - ended up with Crimson Pearl with ebony inside - I like it - you don't see too many around here in that color.
  • geezer408geezer408 Posts: 10
    Within two minutes from start up from COLD (only) I hear about 3 to 5 taps in the lower rear area, almost always at idle, in gear, brakes on at a stop light. Happens maybe 20% of the cold starts. Suspected loose baffle in muffler or resonator but GM bulletin says it is pulsing noise in the cat convertor due to aggressive spark and fuel mixtures to speed up warm up of the convertor, i.e. normal. Its rare and hard to demonstrate. Anybody else had any similar experience?
  • lanzzlanzz Posts: 75
    geezer - yes - same noise. Funny thing, both times it has happened at a stop light where a lot of people were around the car crossing the street so I assumed it was someone being a jerk and banging on the back of the car as they jay-walked past it at the light.

    It has happened exactly twice in three months - and it appears to come from the rear of the car - I was guessing maybe the compressor for the leveling suspension or something of that sort.

    Definitely not a pulsing noise to my ears, it is a hard
    metallic tap - have not been for service yet, as I only have 3,000 miles - never thought to mention it - perhaps I will when I got for service to see what they tell me.

  • geezer408geezer408 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the quick response. Now I know I'm not the only one. I have only 4000 miles and this is the only slight annoyance. I too think it is clearly a tapping sound rather than pulsing. I'm going to log my experience for a while and if I ever get a better answer I'll post it. I still think its a loose baffle at low temperatures. I too almost got out of my car and expected to find some little kid (below mirror height) but of course the proximity alarm never went off.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A new discussion has been created for DTS mechanical issues. A few posts have been moved there.

    Cadillac DTS: Problems & Solutions

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  • geezer408geezer408 Posts: 10
    Ianzz: I can make it happen from cold start (68F outside), start car and drive about quarter mile till engine temp two lines below horizontal, pull over and stop in gear, 800rpm and wait about a minute till temp gage rises to just about one mark below horizontal, and listen; it will tap about 5 times rapidly as the pointer reaches that mark. Will almost never happen if car is moving above 10 to 15 mph or rpm above 1100. Haven't taken it in yet because it took this long to get the repeatable conditions established. Good luck with yours. Car is still a dream to drive, particularly on the highway. Geezer 408
  • supercoolsupercool Posts: 31
    The CTS is done; the STS is done.

    Will there be a DTS V-series, so that there will be a big daddy on the scene?

  • Has anyone had any dealings with either adding Sirius to the original head unit in car or removing XM and replacing with Sirius? Love the car except I just want to get my Sirius in.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    For anyone interested in a new DTS, my wife and I recently rented one and took a 3200 mile, 3 week drive thru 11 eastern states. Practically lived in the car when not visiting relatives. The trip had everything from mid Manhattan traffic to long 80+ mph runs in GA and PA. We are both retired, over 60, and here are our impressions:

    Engine/trans: Stunning! Excellent power and gearing for all situations.

    MPG: 25 at a steady 80 mph, 27+ if you drive at 65 or less, all using 89 octane. City, maybe 16 or 17. All hand checked but the electronic dash numbers were very close.

    Ride: Overall very nice, good seats, met our expectations. Some body roll on the high speed interstate exit ramps that curve.

    Brakes: The weak point. Lots of brake noise and some fade in the NC mountains as you come down the steep interstate hills at speed. (Car had 10k miles on it overall.)

    Fit and Finish: First class.

    Other: The trunk is a cave and the AC works well even on 98 degree afternoons. Good headlights but overall visibility from the driver's seat can sometimes be a problem (as is typical with many new models).

    OnStar: OnStar was wonderful getting us out of Manhattan to New Jersey and in the Williamsburg/Jamestown area. Better than a NAV screen.

    Parking: This car needs a wide area to turn and park and the doors are super wide when fully opened, making them hard to reach and pull closed. (Upper end models have an auto-closer feature.)

    Summary: The car is little large for us as a daily driver but for travel, it's wonderful. The dash info center rivals an airplane on information provided to the driver. Great car...... :)
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    Nice review -thanks
    We bought an 06 a couple of months ago. Taking to Denver this coming week. Will watch brakes in mountains
  • Okay, my 1998 Sedan De Ville is just turning 100k and only a few problems. Repalced both rear knuckles with alignment and the heater blower motor. Approx. $2000.00. That's it!! I'm thinking about a 2006 or 7 DTS and I like the looks, but the interior room isn't as good as the 98. Can anyone here reinforce the build quality and dependability of the latest GM offerings? Very nice design! I checked out the BMW 5 series and I think I'd be tired of it soon. Lexus, Toyota nice but something missing. By the way, when getting a brake job, don't bother turning the rotors, just replace the whole thing. A little more money up front, but far better in the long haul.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    I purchased my DTS Lux III on July 5, 2006. Although I can't speak to long-term reliability yet, I can assure you build quality is excellent. My previous car was an '01 Chrysler Concorde LXi (which was a very good car) but this vehicle is amazing. Interior materials are first-rate, fit & finish are excellent, and the paint & body work are beautiful. We bought black with the cashmere interior, so overall the look and feel is very formal. The car is extremely quiet and the ride is very smooth. I was expecting the handling to be more sloppy after driving the Concorde for 5 years (that car's handling was very taught) but the DTS is more controlled than anticipated. It's certainly no BMW, but I didn't buy a DTS to do slalom maneuvers down the interstate. It's an excellent vehicle which gets looks everywhere we take it. I work with people who drive Lexus, BMW, VW and other imports and they all want to drive it. I would recommend checking out an '06 DTS before getting in to a might be surprised by this new generation of Cadillac.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Adding to my post #303.... We were in Los Angeles this week, had a basic rental car but got a free upgrade offer and of course took the DTS. Here is what we found as we wandered thru West LA:

    Lots of parallel parking and the DTS steering geometry makes this somewhat difficult. This rental had a backup sensor and it is both helpful and necessary. The hotel also had tight parking spaces and, as before, the wide doors and the large turning circle can be a problem to manage.

    City gas mileage was 16 mpg.

    As before, OnStar makes a nav screen obsolete. We easily found local eateries and businesses in Westwood and Santa Monica with the "turn by turn" recorded directions.

    All in all, another good rental experience and a great ride from GM. If you travel in unfamiliar places, OnStar alone is enough to make you think about a GM product. :)
  • fmoellerfmoeller Posts: 21
    This is in response to geezer408 and lanzz message regarding the tapping noise in the rear at cold start up.

    I purchased a DTS Performance on 3 Jul 06. I currently have 1600 or so miles. I just experienced the rapping noise. I read you postings prior to the noise in my car and boy was I glad. If not, it would have been spooky. Nobody around and sounded like someone knocking on the rear of the car. Thanks for the heads up.

    It is exactly as geezer408 described. It happened two days in a row and on the second day I watched the temperature gauge climb and could predict when the noise would occur.

    If anyone has a fix – let me know.

    Other problems and solutions.

    1. PING NOISE ON ACCELERATION: Sounds almost like engine ping. Try premium gas and did not help. Took to dealer two times – total of 4 days. They spent a lot of time and finally found the cause. SOLUTION: Shifter cable fell back into wrong area causing the noise. Zip strapped cable into correct position. OK now.
    2. CLOCK: Cannot read from driver seat and too shinny and too much sun glare. SOLUTION: None that I know of yet.
    3. NAV RADIO: When radio is off (at night) there is a glow that can be very annoying while driving. Poor design – it should go off when you turn it off. SOLUTION: 1-turn radio on. 2-through the menu turn the display off. 3-from the steering wheel press the mute button. Works great this way.

    Overall it is a great car and I am happy with my purchase.
    If you hear or know anything of the clock please let me know. I would be willing to purchase an aftermarket clock if one were available and it wouldn’t effect the warrenty.
  • fmoellerfmoeller Posts: 21
    lanzz: See what i posted to geezer408 - message #308 regrading rapping sound in rear of car.
  • carnutpacarnutpa Posts: 42
    The 2007 DTS will have a redesigned clock because of the exact issues you mentioned. Unfortunately, it will still be analog and not digital. However, I would think the size would be the same as the 2006 and you could buy a 2007 clock and have it installed on your 2006 DTS.
  • barryobbarryob Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 DTS III. Less than 10,000 miles. Very happy with the car. Absolutly no problems....until 10 days ago. My wife was driving the car, and it just died on the highway. She pulled over, tried to start the car, and nothing...except all kids of strange gibberish on the dashboard. She called Onstar, and they dispatched roadside assistance, which was unable to diagnose the problem.

    The car was then towed to the nearest dealer, where it has been for the past 10 days. They...and apparently lots of Cadillc zone folks....cannot figure out what's wrong.

    I have been putting lots of miles on my Enterprise DTS loaner car, but I want my car back! I'm more than halfway to the 15 business day threshold for the Massachusetts Lemon Law to kick in, so I'm patiently waiting to see what the dealer has to say. Anyone experienced anything like this?
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Thank you very much for sharing your experience at this forum! I own a 2004 Deville and have never had anything like that happen to me, also owned a 98 Deville before that with no major problems. When I read a post like yours I want to hope and believe that your experience is an isolated one. When one considers what we pay for these cars it should be an isolated experience. I assume someone from Cadillac reads these posts and my message to them is, THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE! It will be important to both yourself and other Cadillac owners to post the outcome of your experience at this site so any owner or prospective owner will know how Cadillac resolved this issue. Considering it is fifteen business days it raises serious questions in my mind as to WHATS GOING ON? Please keep us posted as to the outcome of this issue and thank you very much for alerting other Cadillac owners such as myself.
  • barryobbarryob Posts: 5
    We're not at 15 business days yet...I'm at 9 and counting. I received a call from Cadillac customer service late yesterday telling me that she talked to the dealer, and that all the tests that Cadillac required them to do have been performed, and the dealer has been authorized to install a new main computer, or whatever. She said that they should receive it "in a couple of days" and then they would let me know the status.

    The interesting thing about this is the lack of communication from the dealer, Frost Motors of Newton, MA. The only reason the car is there is because that's the closest dealer to the breakdown.

    On 3 different days last week, the service dept. did not call me, after saying they would. That's when I called Cadillac customer service, and they've been calling the dealer daily. It was Cadillac, not the dealer, that called me yesterday to tell me about the new computer.

    At this point, I'm just going to let this take it's course...until I hit the 15 business days of being out of service. After that, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    On re reading your message I did note the ten days versus the fifteen I made reference to in my initial reply. I think you are correct in coordinating your efforts to resolve the issue through Cadillac corporate. You may want to see if Cadillac has a dealer service issues department to share this experience with after the matter is resolved. In the meantime please continue to update here so we will be aware of how it is being dealt with. As a Cadillac owner it is just as important to me to know how service issues are dealt with and resolved as it is to drive and enjoy my Cadillac. Best wishes!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If this was a computer failure, I think that is an unusual problem. My last desktop computer purchase failed to work when I took it out of the box. I ended up taking it back, and ended up getting the last one they had, the store's demo model, which was fuctional. The point here is that computers can fail. The purpose of the warranty period is to give the car time for various parts to fail if they are somehow not up to the specs.

    The service department will probably not call you unless they have good news. Replacing the computer is the next step, and while it may solve the problem, it also may not. I think that it is a bit early in the game to start talking about a Lemon Law. You need to let the service department have as much time as they need to fix it. On the other hand, as they run out of ideas to fix the car, Cadillac may have to replace the whole car or you may want your money back so that you can buy brand X instead.

    At least you do have a rental to use while they work on the problem. I would call them to see what the status is, once a day is often enough. When my 2002 Seville had a solenoid fail in the transmission, my dealer did not give me a rental. Instead they gave me a ride home and then picked me up when the car was finished the next day. Since the car was drivable with the failed part, repairs could be scheduled at my convenence. However, they did goof putting the transmission back together, and I had to take it back. Then they needed more than a day to fix it and I did get a rental.
  • barryobbarryob Posts: 5
    Well, the dealer called yesterday and told me that Cadillac approved replacing the Electronic Control Module, whatever that is. So they did, I picked the car up today, and it seems to be fine. Thanks for everyone's input. I'll post again if the same problem occurs again.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Very happy for you! as a postscript it would be good if you could share any aspects of this experience with Cadillac Corporate in that the only way they will do better is if people let them know whats going on at the dealerships. If you feel strongly enough about it send a note to the Chair mans office both as a thank you and with additional suggestions as to how this could have been handled better.
    Lets hope this is the last time you will have any major problems with your DTS. Thanks again for sharing this with us and hope we were of some help to you.
  • I may have not mentioned but there is a bulletin that saya in certain warm up conditions the engine control system causes a brief series of exhaust pulses. It does not say this can cause a metal tapping sound but I suspect that a few cars may have enough flex in the muffler baffling to cause this tapping from the pulsing pressure changes. At the end of Oct I will leave my car outside over night at the dealer and expect to truly demonstrate the "tapping" is more than a pulse. Will let you know if we run this to gound.
  • Thanks for the update – it is appreciated. Would you happen to have a reference number for the bulletin? I would like to present this to my dealer’s service department. And of course keep me apprised of what the results are in October. Thanks.
  • When going down steep hills (06DTS) if my cruise is set on 45 it isn't adjusting it coasts on up to 52 or more shouldn't the cruise be catching it & keeping it from going a lot faster? I thought it did on my 03 DHS. THANKS
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The cruise control does not apply brakes to slow the car down. The only thing it can do is reduce the engine to idle and if the hill is steep, you will accelerate as you coast down the hill. If you put the car into 3rd gear you will get some engine braking.
  • I own a 2004 Deville and it does the same thing as you describe. I also own a Lincoln Town Car and both the cruise and the transmission are much more effective on down grades.
    There is a button on the gear shifter that takes the Town Car out of overdrive and into third which makes the first shift very easy, can also use the shifter to put the car in second. I have been told by several people that the Lincoln transmissions and cruise controls are more effective than Cadillac. My direct experience as an owner of both cars bears that out. I owned a 98 Deville before the 2004 and the same performance you describe applies. The Cadillac has
    some advantages over the Lincoln such as smoother power delivery and of course Onstar to name a few. The one feature of the Lincoln I like most over the Cadillac is a much more quiet ride. Both great cars, I understand Lincoln will phase out towncar after the 2007 model which I think is a mistake if they do.
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