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Suzuki Verona



  • The comments re Verona (and Epica) sales in Canada by jkobty2 were interesting. What does Suzuki expect, though? It's one thing to consider a particular product and reject it in favour of a competitor, but if you are not even aware that the product exists........? I have never seen any advertising of the Verona in Canada, either nationally or locally. Perhaps there has been some, but I've never spotted it. Our local Suzuki dealer also sells Subaru and frequently advertises the latest Subaru models but Suzuki...?

    I regularly read the motoring supplements in a national daily newspaper and again have never seen any Suzuki advertising. Nothing on TV either. Why bother to make the car if no effort is made to sell it?

    Beats me!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I am in sales and do quite a bit of local travel. It just so happens that I went by TWO SUZUKI DEALERSHIPS today. It looks like the Suzuki dealers are "Front Lining" their used cars and XL-7's. The Veronas that I saw (and there were no more than three at each dealership) were sitting in the back. I guess the ECM and the ill-mated transmission to motor issue is getting around. As nice a car (not to mention the price) I think these are-there is no-way I would take a chance on one! There are far too many issues when you look at the small number that have been sold. I see many more Forenzas around these parts in Southern California!
  • I agree with you Chuck. I also think that the Suzuki Verona is a good car but in order to break into the market and really make people choose Suzuki, it can't have issues like these because as a newcomer it will just be "creamed" for them (no matter the price because of "you get what you pay for" comments). I think Suzuki has a great product with the Verona, but GM/Suzuki needs to address these issues and give people even more than what they're expecting so that it will be a real contender. My suggestion would be a 5 speed transmission (non adapting)and maybe a slight increase in horsepower (because of the weight to power ratio. Also, spruce up the back end so it has a little more identity to it. Like Hyundai and Kia, people began buying because the word got out that these vehicles were getting better and better. The advertisements will only go so far and then the reputation kicks in.
  • The 2004 Verona got off to such a bad start I'm fearful that Suzuki may pull the plug on the car after 2005. I recently saw a Suzuki TV commercial and it appeared not to mention the Verona as it flashed up the names of the different Suzuki vehicles but I COULD be mistaken. Has anyone noticed any new commercials that mentioned the Verona? Has anyone heard from anybody with a 2005? The car holds such promise I just hope Suzuki promotes it and delivers. Anyone heard anything from inside Suzuki corporate about this car and its future?
  • On, they list the 2005 Verona and it now has tire pressure monitoring and side airbags standard for 2005. The LX now has a sunroof as standard equipment. The price has also inched up a little bit.
  • Yeah Tom,


    I started to think they would pull the plug too, but then it occurred to me that it would be a big mistake for Suzuki. The way I see it, Suzuki would be admitting defeat. Not to mention it would be distancing itself from the new Verona owners it acquired and cause these new buyers to have little faith in the company. Suzuki plans to roll out all these new vehicles in the next 5 years, and the slot for the Verona needs to be filled by something. Also, if Hyundai and Kia just gave up on their products because of poor sales and criticism, they would have been long gone. If GM/Suzuki is smart like the Korean companies have been, they will listen to the feedback and make the needed changes FAST. All the "talking heads" in the automotive industry would just be saying that Suzuki tried and failed in the family car segment.
  • Hi kimweigel, I recently brought a Verona EX 2004. I live in Maryland I purchased it in Virginia on 1/31/05. The sticker price was almost 21k. With the rebates and shopping around I was able to get it down to 16,262.00 I thought I got a hell of a deal until I read your post. I did a lot of research also before I decided to buy. I had the feeling that either I am getting a great car by taking this chance or I am getting a lemon down the road. To be honest some of the post i read before I brought the car was scary. In the end it felt right. I have only had the car for a little over 2 weeks. I am very pleased and still in shock that I got something so great for so little! I got the real pretty sapphire gray. What color did you get? I am glad we both waited to go shopping at the end and beginning of January that is when they have the best deals. Anyway are you still happy with your Verona? Have you discovered how to use all of the neat little extra features? I would love to hear from you. From one Verona EX owner to Another !! Rhonda :)
  • Hello,

    I just got a Verona EX 2004 So far I had it for 2 weeks and Yes i notice shaking between 50 and 60 mph. I didn't know what to do. You caught my interest when I read your post. What to do about this?
  • Hi back, Betty_Boop. Guess what, you still got a really good deal. We only paid about 500.00 difference, which, in the big scheme of things, is really not a lot. So be happy!

       I've had a few cars, and this is one of the better ones. Yes it isn't "perfect", but what car really is? I have over 3000 miles on it now, and it hasn't skipped a beat, through wind, rain, snow, sleet, ice, and every other kind of slop. Nothing has bent, warped, twisted, snapped off, or fallen off, and it doesn't look like it will. This is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment for a first-year model. I do enjoy the neat little features, especially the steering wheel audio controls. I also love the seat heaters. The main thing to concentrate on, though, is that this car stops, goes, and steers exactly like you would expect it to. The wheel, seat, and pedals are the right distance from each other. If you think that's a given, sit in a new Corolla (had one.) The Verona cockpit is elegant, classy, and user-friendly. If you think that's a given, sit in any Pontiac and look at the dash. What were they thinking? Yes, we could have bought Honda Accords, but not with seat heaters for 16k. Try cloth seats and a 4 cylinder for 20k. The Camry has a nice powertrain, but the interior is so relentlessly appliancelike in it's blandness, and again, no bargain.

         The other nice thing about the Suzuki is that it is easier to spot in the parking lot.

         Tell me about some of the neat little extra features you like. Maybe I have overlooked some. I'd love to learn something new.

         By the way, I also got the sapphire gray metallic. I call it light blue.

    Happy driving! Kim :)
  • The Verona isn't really a first year car, it has been sold in Korea and other countries as a Daewoo Magnus since 2000. I have the LX and now have 7800 miles on it. My prior car was a Daewoo Leganza which is why I bought the Verona. My Daewoo was great, although I totalled it in July. I paid 15,600 for the LX so you got a great deal on the EX for 16000. Hope you all enjoy yours as much as I do. BTW the shaking in mine isn't the tires, it is like the engine is cutting out. Dosen't do it all the time, it can go days without doing it then it starts to shake between 45-60. It's not really shaking, but more like chugging.
  • Hello all, its been a while since my last post. My 2004 ex has 21,500 trouble free miles,and the only thing that i have to replace is the front brake pads which i ordered from rock,for 39.98 including shipping. The dealer wanted 80.00 for the pads and 189.00 to do the whole job. Unfortunetly no auto parts store carry the pads as of yet, but rock auto has wagner pads for the verona. I think it is a great car for the money, and very sharp looking. Looking forward to reading the posts in this forum...Thanks
  • Carrino,


    What kind of fuel economy are you getting? Has the transmission adjusted or is it something you just got accustomed to? Thanks for your input.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Here's a nice feature on the Verona EX. How many of you know about this? (Not sure this feature is on the LX or S versions)


    Press gently on the driver or passenger headrest towards the windshield; it will adjust forward in three click-stop positions before the last one releases it back to the first. Nice touch. Also how about that rear-storage armrest with dual cupholders? And the height adjustment for the seat belt shoulder harness? I particularly like the electro-luminenscent lighting for the instrument panel. Overall, I find that the interior is on-par with some of the finest autos out there. True, not perfect, but a LOT of features for the money; i.e. a high value product.
  • Have just replaced the Hankook tires that was on my Chevy Epica when I bought the car and replaced them with Michelin Harmony, and what a difference,smoother quieter well worth the out lay.
  • Anybody own or test drive one? Heard from anyone how has? I wonder how they compare to the issues with the 2004 models.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hi Tom, Like the other members,I don't know what's going on with the 2005 Verona. My dealer in Baton Rouge has only two 2005s,and they are both the S model. They also put the used cars and the SUVs in the front line and the couple of Veronas in the back. On local commercials they don't even mention the Verona.How would they expect to sell them? I would truly recommend one to anyone.I love my saphire gray EX.(2004). The only consolation is if they do stop making them,we will have somewhat of a rare car since there are so few of them.More advertising would help. Talk to you guys later.
  • dougdjjs, I average about 20-22 mpg around town, and when i travel for business, its around 27mpg, due to the highway driving. The tranny has adjusted to my way of driving.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "They also put the used cars and the SUVs in the front line and the couple of Veronas in the back. On local commercials they don't even mention the Verona."

    Yes, this seems to be "standard operating procedures" to put used cars and SUV's in the "front line". I saw this at TWO So. Cal dealerships. Well, I guess we can surmise one thing, that they are not selling-or they would be in the "front line" as well. These cars (Veronas) have been a disaster for Suzuki. It's really a shame too because they are are good value and a great looking car. And I don't car what they cost-and what you get for your money. Who wants to buy a new car at any price, and have transmission and computer issues, and dealers who either don't know or are not getting full factory support to make them right. C'mon Suzuki-were are cheering for you!!!
  • I sat in the Verona at the Philly auto show last week. I have to say, they have really nailed both the exterior and interior of the car. Maybe they should just chuck the Daewoo engine and put a GM Ecotec 4-cyl in the thing. The rest of the car is fine.


    -Andrew L
  • I think they should FIX the engine problem and maybe tweak it for a little more horsepower and put in a transmission that will really work well with the engine from the start. I know a lot of owners say that the car drives much better after the break in period, but a lot of new buyers are not going to know that nor would they be willing to wait. I liked the car on the test drive, but I definitely noticed the quirky shifting and hesitation of the NEW (18 miles odo) Verona. If they correct these issues and do some heavy campaigning, they'll have a hit.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Its 7500 miles on my 2004 Verona. The Car runs fine. There are some things I have noted and I think zuki needs to improve. If you idle the car for a long period eg. when you have to keep the car running when working out in 20 F temp (for the heater),the adaptive fuzzy computer goes nuts and tries to rev up the engine. Fortunately a ride fixes that. Also when someone else drives it ( different style) the Computer again gets confused and takes a while to get OK. Also I do wish Zuki gets more QC into the parts... My brake rotors were replaced being out of round, the headlight started to allow moisture condensation and that was also replaced. My driver window switch went bad and that is being replaced..thank God for the warantee!!!. I have an S model with standard wheels. The wheel Caps are so poorly painted that they rust. I had to get them painted twice.

    Other than that no major problems. Zuki is announcing a recall....for 37000 2004 Veronas. They have a defective brake light switch that may drain your battery in 3 hours. You should get a notice..I guess. The 2005 Verona has shown a 19% drop in sales as compared to last Jan. Zuki has however increased overall sales with the Forenza doing well. There is silence as far as the Verona Ad is concerned..Are they overhauling the Car?..New Engine/trans?. I dont like the adaptive trans. if it uses fuzzy and gets confused.

    Your comments members????
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405

    I guess if you have an "S" model you probably paid about $15,000.00 give or take. You have had WAY TOO MANY PROBELMS for spending that kind of money. I believe that the best kind of warranty that you do not have to use! It's inconvenient to have one's car fixed no matter who is paying for it!
  • <<There is silence as far as the Verona Ad is concerned..Are they overhauling the Car?..New Engine/trans?. I dont like the adaptive trans. if it uses fuzzy and gets confused. Your comments members????>>


    I just did a quick search on information from GMDAT and here is what has been released in the Korean Herald:


    "The Magnus, GM Daewoo's midsize sedan, will have a successor around the end of this year. The car, code-named V-250, will be reborn with a bolder, more prestigious image."


    As most people know, the Verona is basically a rebadged Daewoo Magnus. If this car is going to be replaced then I'll bet the Verona will be as well. So right now Suzuki is just laying low and waiting for the new vehicle to be produced. No sense throwing good money after bad as far as Suzuki is concerned. The Forenza is a hit and the Verona is a miss.
  • hope2hope2 Posts: 8
    Hi. I have had a lot of problems to. My car is idling bad and trys to stall. It has stalled once. I am very disappointed with Suzuki, They are not owning up to these problems, They say that theirs nothing wrong with this car. But, there just covering there buts. This is big ,there are so many complaints on the verona it unreal. And stalling can be dangerous. Its sad that this all worked out like this I would love to say all is great, but far from it.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hope, How many miles did you have on it before the rough idle and stalling? From the beginning? I don't want to jinx myself, but I have 13,000 miles and have never had a problem. It purrs like a kitten. I can't say i drive it easy either. I have a 60 mile commute from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and I drive anywhere from 80 to 100 mph when I can get away with it,and the car seems like it wants to go even faster. I love it.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, it seems by these posts that the dealers don't even know what is wrong or how to fix it. I will tell you what I would do. In regards to the stalling issue; if it was me I would write a letter to both Suzuki America and the dealer. Please send it certified mail. I would politely but firmly say that if the car stalls and it causes an accident, then the liabilty will be on their shoulders! Short of getting a Lawyer involved (then nobody wins) I would also study the lemon law in your particular state and see what recourse you have. We know of at least one person on this Bulletin Board who got a NEW VERONA by going in to the "lemon law" process. Hope this helps!
  • hope2hope2 Posts: 8
    I have done all that. I am going to arbitration soon and I am very nerves because suzuki has there big attorneys ,ya know! But I plan to give it to them! I am so upset about all this it has keep me up at night. I dont feel save in this car and Suzuki is still allowing me to drive it, I have no choice. It sucks. You better hope you have no problems with yours because if you do, you will be put through hell and back by all the lies and papers Suzuki can throw at you. Im glad for all those who have got a good one, but bewhere, Dont hold your breath, cut your radio off and listen to it when you slow down and when you crank it in the morning. Dont take less, when you are paying someone for more. This is serious and Suzuki needs to fess up. I have mounds of proof that this car has issues. But Suzuki test the car for a few minutes and says there nothing wrong. I drive it every day I think I should know.Well we shall see. If I dont win Im going to the NEWS with this. Peace out. WEll thats a nice thought anyway.
  • hope2hope2 Posts: 8
    Yes I have that problem and I have had a ecm put in three times and and it was ok! for a day or so, and then back to its crap car self. I have had it re programed too, and not a help. Let me tell you, Suzuki has had there chances and I dont think this problem is fixable in some of these cars. Why? I have no clue. I know its a crime that they dont know how to fix this issue. And there are so many people who are going through this issue, it stinks.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    The consumer is never bound by the arbitration. You need to go to them with all your paperwork, registration fees, payments made, rental cars, etc and simply ask for a full refund under the lemon law for the car.

    You should check with your states attorney generals web site for the specifics of the lemon laws in your state. Most times all that is required is to provide them with a certified letter (the information on where to send it is in the back of the owners manual), and wait for the response. Since you are going to arbitration, simply ask them for the refund in writing and have copies of the documentation to give them. also will help to have copies of the information from your states lemon law.

    Hiring an attorney is premature at this point in most states. In most states unless and until the automaker does not comply with the lemon law buyback request (assuming the car definitely falls under your states lemon law), you cannot recover attorney fees from them until that time.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Well fellow Verona owners, it is very depressing reading some of these messages even though I may have gotten a "good one". I bought late in the 2004 model year. Is it possible that Suzuki may have gotten the problem fixed by then?
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